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The Sims 3 Ambitions
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Carl's Guide and Review to The Sims 3 Ambitions

An Overview of New Game Features in the Ambitions Expansion Pack

Ambitions is the second expansion pack released for The Sims 3. Its core theme is professions, and makes some interesting additions to how Sims can earn money in the game. In this guide, we'll learn about what's new in Ambitions and touch on its features. The guide is meant to be a platform for getting you to other articles on the guide with more detailed information on each topic. Naturally some people are on the fence about buying Ambitions, and this guide may help them make their final decision. Typical game reviews don't usually give a nice rundown of everything that's included. Also, if you just bought it, you may discover some things you didn't notice.

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Professions Overview
Professions are the focus of the Ambitions expansion. You'll now have the ability to be much more interactive when pursuing a job with a Sim. While the originals remain untouched, there's a lot of juicy new content and ways to make money. Professions generally pay by the job, with a weekly stipend thrown in for good measure. Let's have a look at the new roles Sims can fill:

  • Architect - The Architectural Design profession will send your Sim on jobs to redecorate other Sims' homes. They may want their bathroom remodeled, or a nursery for their baby. You'll be given instructions and a set budget. A modified buy/build mode serves as your platform for serving your customers. There's more depth than meets the eye here as Sims with particular traits can be picky!
  • Doctor - The Doctor profession is not all that new, but an updated version of the medical career track from vanilla Sims 3. You'll now have the option of leaving the hospital during work hours to do side jobs such as vaccinations and clinic duty.
The Sims 3 Ambitions - A firefighter rescues a Sim
  • Firefighter - Take on this career to rescue Sims and put out fires. It's suited to athletic types. Later in the profession you can even work from home as your Sim will get a personal fire engine and fire alarm for taking emergency calls.
  • Ghost Hunter - This is one of the more unique new professions in Ambitions. During work hours, your Sim will be given jobs to eliminate hauntings from others' homes. These can range from Spirits, to Poltergeists, to full body apparitions scaring the home owners. You of course get a zapper gun in ghost buster fashion and can even collect certain types of Spirits you encounter to earn extra money.
  • Inventor - This is a self employment profession, and full-blown skill for Ambitions players. You'll be able to make all sorts of wonderul gadgets, decorations, and toys from scrap your Sim collects in the new Junk Yard. One of the cooler aspects of this is the ability to make an excavator to drill in your back yard or practically any other lot. You'll find treasures and can even travel from point A to point B using the left over tunnels. Simmers who stick it out to level 10 can even fashion their own SimBot! That's right, the mechanical companion has been brought back with Ambitions. Avoid water!
  • Private Investigator - This profession will send your Sim sleuthing for clues to solve a number of multi-step cases. The cases won't be unfamiliar to World Adventures players who've done a lot of adventuring. They're linear, but random in who's involved. Your Sim will be able to rummage through trash for clues, go on stakeouts, and even break into homes to get the information they need to solve the case.
The Sims 3 Ambitions - Sculpting a big fish statue
  • Sculptor - The second of two major skills in Ambitions, the sculptor is a very lucrative path to take. You can make all sorts of different item types, from toilets to statues. Use them to decorate your home, or even help with your Architectural Design by offering unique pieces to clients. You can fashion objects out of clay, wood, stone, ice, and even make topiaries.
  • Stylist - If you pursue the Stylist profession, your Sim will get jobs to improve the looks of Sims all over town. You can do full makeovers and wardrobes. Clients will have specific needs and it's up to you to fill them. Stylist is a hidden skill as well, so your Sim will get better and better success rates on the job as you pursue the career. Build a portfolio and impress new clients to earn even more money during work hours.
  • Teacher - This is the weakest addition in terms of gameplay. It's a simple old-school career track, and doesn't bring a lot to the game. For some reason, they didn't even add a lifetime wish for teachers. Still, it's nice to have one more path to pursue.

Self Employment
In addition to these career tracks, Sims who pursue a skill as their primary method of earning money can now register as self employed. It's as simple as gaining the first level in a skill then heading to City Hall to register. This provides another way to earn cash in the form of bonuses and your Sim will accomplish set goals that provide them with occasional rewards like decorative plaques and trophies.

The Sims 3 Ambitions - Boom goes the Dynamite!

New Skills
As mentioned previously, the Inventing and Sculpting skills are new to Ambitions. There's also a new hidden skill, Tattoo Art. Your Sim can buy a chair and do tattoos at home, or do this at the Salon in town. Doing more tattoos will gradually improve their earnings and success rate when using the machine.

The Consignment Shop
New to each town is a Consignment Store where Sims can sell their creations. This is much better as opposed to selling paintings and inventions through the inventory. Now, you can put objects up for sale and expect them to be sold at a high mark up, boosting your profit. Almost anything Sims can create can be sold here, and you'll be encouraged to do so as there's a consignment tab in the skill journal which tracks your Sim's ability to sell objects.

Real Estate & Property Ownership
While vanilla Sims 3 enables players to invest in properties and become business partners to earn weekly cash from their holdings, Ambitions improves on this. Now, almost every public place in town can be purchased and improved. Any place your Sim can enter that's not a rabbit hole can be upgraded with new infrastructure after purchasing its deed, such as placing a picnic table by a lake, or adding new washing machines to the laundromat. Fulfilling certain requirements for each property will up its value and lead to greater returns. The original properties will be the same, and require you to buy out ownership in order to get those juicy pay checks.

The Sims 3 Ambitions -

New Traits and Lifetime Wishes
As a Sims expansion, of course Ambitions offers a healthy dose of new traits and wishes for Simmers. Most every new profession has something strongly tied to it, such as the savvy sculptor trait and Descendant of da Vinci Lifetime Wish. Many of these exist only to synergize with the new gameplay options, and that's fine. Something new and unrelated to other expansion content is the Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law lifetime wish, suited for Kleptomaniacs.

On the trait front, there are a number of interesting new additions such as the eco-friendly trait, which makes Sims 'go green' and get happy when they help save the planet. The dramatic trait is one of those neat ones for making your Sims more entertaining. They'll respond over-dramatically to life events much like a real life drama queen. Born Salesperson is strongly tied to the consignment shop and will help your Sim to be more business minded and improve their success there.

New Lifetime Rewards
The only truly major addition to the Sims 3's lifetime reward offerings brought by Ambitions is 'My Best Friend' at 40,000 happiness points. This gives your Sim a SimBot helper, which is much like a regular Sim. They're naturally attuned to handiness and inventing, and start with some skill in both. Of course, you can create your own with the Inventing skill as well, and choose between male or female SimBots.

The Sims 3 Ambitions - Inventing

The entrepreneurial mindset and profession simoleon booster are directly tied to the new professions and boost the experience gained and money earned, respectively. Suave sellers make more cash from their sales at the consignment store. Inventors and metal Sculptors will be interested in the Fireproof Homestead reward for 30,000 which will stop fires from breaking out on their home lot all together.

In short, if you're after the expansion for the rewards, there's not a lot that will help your Sim in day to day life, But, if you like the other additions to the game, the rewards with Ambitions work very well with what's included.

The Sims 3 Ambitions - A Sim on the new Trampoline

New Objects and Items
There are tons of new objects included with Ambitions. Of course many of them are new versions of what's already out there, such as new table styles, chairs and other miscellaneous decor, totaling probably 100 new objects of that variety alone. Some are more important for gameplay, however.

Naturally you'll find skill and profession related items such as the sculpting station, stylist chair, tattoo applicator, drafting table, and inventor's table. These are all expected, but what's truly new?

The Sims 3 Ambitions - Sim doing Laundry

Perhaps the biggest addition is Laundry equipment. Hampers, Washing Machines, and Dryers can all be purchased. When a Sim takes a shower, they'll leave behind some clothes. Use the hamper to collect them, then put them in the wash. Do something while the washer runs, and move them to the dryer. It's an easy process and owning the equipment at home, as opposed to going to the new laundromat, is a good goal to shoot for. When wearing fresh clothes, Sims will get a wonderful +25 moodlet that lasts for 16 full hours, enough to see them through the entire day!

If you wonder where to buy the laundry equipment in buy mode's sort by function, let me give you a hand: Look on the bathroom tab. Next to the sink is a hamper. There lies everything associated with Laundry.

The Sims 3 Ambitions - Sim Playing a Game of Gnubb

Portable Gnubb equipment can be bought from the outdoor activites tab. It's a sport Sims can get better at, much as they improve in chess. Ther goal is to knock down all the pins with a baton. As a group activity, it's great. Sims build relationships and have fun at the same time. Winning also bestows a positive moodlet. Another outdoor activity is the trampoline, and Sims will also improve in their skills on this fun device. It can be joined by another Sim, so it's a neat way to interact and get some exercise.

Children can now make profit from Bake Sales using the Baker's Half Dozen Table. While kids could already cook, now they'll be able to make more items and sell them for a profit. Learn about Bake Sales.

New Moodlets and Wishes
All the new activies offered by Ambitions have associated wishes that can be completed for Lifetime Happiness Points. There's a nice variety of offerings, and they work well with what's already in the game to keep you interested and seeking new goals all the time.

New Moodlets are somewhat sparse, most of which are tied to the Eco-Friendly trait. There are probably 10 varieties for them alone. The rest are directed at Dramatic Sims. Existing traits will also see a little more activity, such as the Snob not wanting to buy second-hand from the consignment shop. Stylist Sims get the Stylin' moodlet at level 10 in their profession, which is a permanent boost to mood. Laundry and Gnubb round out the rest of the additions.

The Sims 3 Ambitions -

New Clothes
I'm not big on dress up, so I couldn't tell you how many new additions there are, but there's plenty of stuff to spiff up your Sim's wardrobe. Naturally, I'd say, considering there's a stylist profession now. The Time Machine, created by inventors offers several new outfits that can be found randomly from the past and future for males and females.

New Cause of Death
There's a new way to die in Ambitions, and it ain't pretty, but it is preventable if you're on the ball. Unless you want your Sim to get smashed, run away because a meteorite may fall on them. You can see where the thing is going to land by its shadow, so get your Sim a scootin if the shadow's on them.

The Sims 3 Ambitions - A meteor crashes down in Sunset Valley

Closing Thoughts
So much content. As you can see, there's a lot more to this expansion than meets the eye. If you were debating getting it, I hope this clears things up for you. Eventually this page will be littered with links to subpages about all the new content. Check the home page for our latest additions as our Ambitions coverage continues.

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Jasmine says...
hi. i am on the fence of getting Ambitions it seems fun but i really would like to avoid having eathquakes and meteors from falling and other natural disasters. is there a way i can stop them or turn them off in anyway?
24th September 2012 1:25pm
Jay says...
Jasmine, I realize that this is late, and you may know this by now, but here it is anyway.
There's a mod for the meteors, I can't remember from who, but it lowers your chances or raises your chances, depending on which one you install. It's from ModTheSims.
Earthquakes (to my knowledge) won't happen unless you're in the firefighter profession. They aren't that drastic. Stuff falls, Pipes break, Sims get trapped, etc.
30th October 2012 10:06pm
pri fernando says...
yeah i know
10th December 2012 8:03pm
Ellie says...
hey i have had ambitions for ages as soon as it came out and never had a earthquakes or a meteors. Just normal unharmfulness weather.
22nd February 2013 5:15pm
SimsChick says...
I love The Sims 3! Thanks to your amzing "Review!" I've decided to order Ambitionsl


29th October 2012 7:31pm
Shakira says...
Someone told me you could be a murder, is that true, because for Christmas I am getting Ambitions and I really want to know. Please Reply.

Love Shakira, THANKS!!!!
No. You can be a criminal but not a murderer. Players kill Sims by starving them and getting them caught on fire etc. but this is a nonviolent game.
18th December 2012 11:54am
Sparkie88 says...
Hey i got this problem with the sims 3 ambitions, when i go and style and young/adult sim i cAn change everything but the clothing, but with kids and teen sims i am able too change the clochting can someone tell me this may be?
27th December 2012 12:50pm
simlover123 says...
who are able to with a cheat code.
testingcheatsenabled true

Hold down shift on a sim and it should say edit in cas. also try the mailbox and other items.

15th February 2013 5:35pm
nora says...
I was wondering if you could hire an architect for your house on the phone?
21st January 2013 2:46am
Cerys says...
No, you can't I have tried. :(
20th November 2013 4:40am
Emma says...
how do you buy a vacation home?
23rd February 2013 4:42pm
Katie says...
hi emma! im sorry that this is terribly late, but vacation homes come with world adventures, not ambitions!
2nd December 2013 6:43pm
Leah17 says...
My sim is an architect,compeleted 2jobs but still didn't get paid why may this be?
10th March 2013 5:21am
Paige says...
I'm so getting this game now! Was unsure at first, but now I really want to! Thanks for the review! But one question-do your Sim's clothes get dirtier as time goes by, like the Sims 2 Castaway (but not torn up, just dirty)
22nd March 2013 1:33am
Cat says...
Yes they do
23rd June 2013 5:38pm
Mikky says...
No they don't but because of the new laundry item your sims do take off their clothing when they change. But they do not become visibly dirty.
9th July 2013 4:55pm
AmberS says...
I have ambitions that came with the sims 3. When I download sims 3 it works fine but once I install the ambitions EP it says there was an error during setup. See log for more detail. How do I fix this problem? I already updated when I installed sims 3.
27th May 2013 8:15pm
Simmy says...
1st June 2013 3:22pm
Tannaz says...
Hi :) I was just wondering if you can see inside the classrooms of University and resort buildings of Island Paradise without having the Ambitions expansion. This also entails controlling your sims' actions while in class and at work in the resort w/o sed exp pack. Oh, and if you know where to find a reliable, compatible, safe, and sturdy mod for disabling aliens and unicorns from Seasons and Pets, PLEASE let me know! Thank you so much!!! (btw, great reviews - very helpful =D)
Ambitions is not required for University or Island Paradise. But there are some parts of the game that are rabbit holes. Some of your classes are in a lecture hall which you can see and some are in rabbit holes just like the base game careers.   Same goes for resorts with IP.  Parts of the resort are open and there is at least one part that is a rabbit hole.
24th June 2013 12:13pm
mikky says...
How does a metor shower occur? I've had ambitions for alwhile and not once have i experianced a metor shower. Does it take awhile to occur?
It's a very low and random chance. Some people on the forums always say they've never experienced one, whereas I have experienced more than my fair share.
9th July 2013 4:18pm
Lightning says...
WOW. Glad I skipped over this for Late Night. LOL I'll get this eventually but I JUST now found out about the natural disasters. :P
23rd September 2013 4:28pm
Kryssa says...
When a sim dies what happens to their leftover happiness points that were not used ?? Do they just disappear or are they divided evenly within the household ??
2nd November 2013 5:59am
macaire says...
Hello, i realize this is really late (Your post says 2013, so like a year?) Anyways When your sims die their happiness points determine how big their gravestone is.

Hope i helped. And sorry for late response.You may of found out by now but just thought i'd try.
Yesterday 9:34pm
Mike says...
i was making a metal sculpture and i caught fire and i didn't have enough time to put it on and i died so if you use metal watch out if you get caught because i was just at the top of the highest sculpture which took me a week and it sucks know im making a new one to become a architect
19th November 2013 4:03pm
Gracefulclutz says...
A meteor fell on my Sims work in Island Paradise... The school. 5 people died, two adults and 3 kids. It was so somber, but it was hilarious watching the reaper run back and forth from the front of the school to the back of the school.
12th February 2014 9:30pm
Mathilde says...
Hi there! My sims is a doctor, and sometimes she gets a wish that says she wants to do free check ups for the poor people - but I don't know how to do that. Can you help me?
13th February 2014 2:19pm
MRRR says...
When you get this request, go to the zoomed out town map, you will see orange/yellow bubbles with medical equipment in it. Click there and send your Sim to work on the request.
28th March 2014 2:40pm
Yaz says...
I remember the meteor I had. I had NRAAS story progression and I lost like 12 sims since it hit the business building right as everyone was leaving. It was CRAZY. But that was the first and last time I ever had a problem.
16th February 2014 7:36pm
MoonForCake says...
Hi, I'm considering getting Ambitions now, but I also really want to get University, Island Paradise, Seasons, or Into the Future.I can't decide which to get first! What's your opinion?
Ambitions is great, so it's my top pick for anyone who asks. After that, it really depends what you want in your game. Seasons doesn't add a lot of mechanics and gameplay elements, but the weather and festivals are a recommended addition, as are those of Generations which expand gameplay for each age group. You're going to have to browse those pages and see which features are most appealing.
31st March 2014 1:14pm
yannahpistachios says...
I have installed sims 3 and showtime, and now I have just installed ambitions. When i click play on the launcher, it says to put in the show time disc, so i do so, i click play and it works up until clicking onto my saved game, and an authentication failure message pops up, it is so annoying because i really want to play ambitions for the first time!!! help please!!
1st April 2014 11:43pm
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