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The Sims 3 Guide to Raising Kids

Ambitions Bake Sales for Children by Diane Green

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
TeenagersBirthdaysBake SalesTraits by Age

With the installation of The Sims 3 Ambitions comes a new way for youths to have fun, make money, and give their culinary skills a boost: bake sales. They can reach level 3 of their cooking skill on the children's oven. If culinary is the the path you choose for your sim, this is an excellent start, although any type of Sim will benefit from improved cooking.

Here is a list of the baked goods and at which skill level kids can bake them.

Sims 3 Children's Cooking Recipes
Cooking LevelUnlocksServing Size
0 (Start)Blueberry or Vanilla MuffinsSingle, Plate
1Chocolate or Sugar CookiesSingle, Plate
2Chocolate or Caramel BrowniesSingle, Plate
3Chocolate or Vanilla CupcakesSingle, Plate
3Chocolate or Vanilla CakeSingle

You start by purchasing the Bakers Half Dozen Table and children's oven. The child needs to read the newpaper before they bake to find out what flavor is the most popular. Bake a few plates of desserts and move them to the kid's inventory along with the table. You can either go to a community lot or set up shop in your front yard. I prefer the park myself. Your yard will fill up with all of your neighbors and no one buys anything. There's more foot traffic at the park.

When you get to the place where you want to sell, go to the inventory and click on the table and place it where you want to set it up. Click on the table, click on "set prices" and choose the price you want for your desserts. If the vanilla is the most popular, set that particular price a little higher and you can adjust it accordingly. Click on the table again and click on "place goods", then click the table again and choose "tend table".

Not long after your child sets up, people will start to show up and look over the goods. Some will buy, while others will say they're "on a diet". When you are finished, click on the table and click "collect money". Place the table back in the inventory and a pop up should tell you how much money you collected. Make sure to place the baked goods from your inventory in the refrigerator when you get home or they will spoil pretty quickly. It also stocks your fridge with extra food. Just a note, your eco-friendly youths will have organic desserts.

To read more about kids in the Sims 3, head to the children's section of the parenting guide.

Raising Kids in the Sims 3
TeenagersBirthdaysBake SalesTraits by Age

Comments (20)

Sophia says...
Do the cooking levels for the kids stay the same when they become teens or is back to zero?
14th June 2014 2:10pm
Simmylala says...
Some objects or interactions only have up to skill 3, like building blocks that children play with, which makes them "handy" around the house when they are older, or helping teens drive. When children reach level 3 of the cooking skill using the toy stove, they've mastered the cooking skill, but you cannot see these skills in the skill list, like the building blocks skill. When they age into teens, they have to cook with a stove, not a children's stove. And instead of the building blocks skill, they have to learn the handiness skill. This is the same with Young Adults, Adults and Elders.
15th July 2014 6:19am
Selemene says...
I have an kid and its only one tipe of muffin ;( Anyone can help me?
27th October 2012 10:45am
Autumn-Robyn says...
This happened to me, just keep baking and it should come in time. I think its maybe different stages of level 0? Not sure.
24th July 2013 8:52pm
Sarah says...
Which ep should I get? generations island paradise university seasons pets ambitions Showtime late night. Which has more things for kids to do?
30th June 2014 9:43pm
A says...
Generations has tons of stuff for all life stages. Some stuff you can do: receive an Imaginary Friend, which only your Sim can see and even turn into a human, throw bachelor/ette parties, cut the wedding cake, have teen parties, graduate, take afterschool classes, elders can use canes, own their own daycare and Generations is PACKED with clothes and objects for all ages.
2nd July 2014 8:48am
Lily says...
No one comes to my child's bake sale even if there is people in the park
8th December 2012 6:11pm
dreezle says...
Your kid has to have 10 friends to be able to have a sucessful back sale.
10th January 2013 9:19pm
joyce says...
I don't knw there are games like this,I was so happy wen I got to knw of virtual families 2,I didn't knw there something like this,but can I play this Sims 3 in my Android phone?but I don't knw if is the ram or the Rom is 512mb,so I can I still play it on my phone?
27th March 2014 7:27am
Taylor says...
The sims 3 is a computer game for your mac or PC.
21st June 2014 9:54am
ChloeNJas says...
actually, They do have the Sims 3 for Mobile devices. I played it on my android device, but i dwnloaded it thru 4shared because i didnt see it on google play at the time (this was about 2 yrs ago.)Also, I enjoy Virtual Familes too!
8th July 2014 8:09pm
Matilda says...
I had no idea you could do this and I've had ambitions for a year now!
Thank's Carl!!!!
4th May 2014 4:59am
Ava says...
Where do you find the baker's half dozen table? Or do you need an expansion pack for it? I have Supernatural, University Life and Into the Future.
23rd November 2013 5:19am
Simsimmer. says...
You need ambitions to get the table
18th January 2014 8:43pm
Brandon says...
Your child has to have the cooking skill...I think😅
20th October 2013 2:03am
Chyna says...
I LOve the kids on generations i used to hate their little tiny guts but now since their are more suggestions i have the child and teen life bar ALL the way up. GOOD JOB EA
25th June 2013 7:20pm
Emma says...
Where do you get the table from? and can you get it on Sims 3 seasons? I want a bake sale now! SERIOUSLY I'm being serious. oh and the seasons expansion pack is awsome
13th April 2013 3:35pm
Ella says...
You can only get it with ambitions.
17th May 2013 4:46pm
liz says...
You'll need Generations to have the different types :) And, their cooking skill needs to be about 3 to get all of them.
27th November 2012 3:53pm
shamaurybro says...
how do you even have a bake sale !
5th August 2014 4:09pm
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