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The Sims 3 Ambitions
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The Sims 3 Ambitions

Simbot - Its Features, How to Get One and Finding Materials

Dancing with Simbot

SimBot makes an appearance in the Sims franchise with The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack. This helpful robot is a lot like Servo from The Sims 2, as well as the original, but is more interactive. In fact, you can control them like any other family member. To some folks, who just want an automaton to clean for them, this is not ideal, but SimBots are a cool life form to add to most households. While a fully automated SimBot would be useful in a number of ways, the new 'Servo' is not without its merits. Making a Simbot, along with mummies are the means of accomplishing Ambitions' Monster Maker Lifetime Wish.

How to Get a SimBot
There are two ways to get a Simbot in The Sims 3. First, there is the My Best Friend Lifetime Reward for 40,000 happiness points. It's quite a lot to spend, but a SimBot can save your main Sim a lot of time, so it may be worth it. There's no telling if you'll get a male or female.

Inventors can craft them once they've reached the tenth level and completed the associated Ultimate Invention opportunity chain. If you have trouble getting this to come up make sure your skill opportunity slot is open. You'll have to come up with 1 palladium, 10 life fruit, 1 heart-cut pink diamond, and 100 scrap in order to make one.

Simbot Smashes it up
Nice laptop

Finding the Material for a SimBot (invention)
Sunset Valley Simmers are in luck when it comes to finding the materials for Simbot. Have a look at the Map Here.

In the future we may release maps for Twinbrook, Riverview, and Bridgeport that will help you to find the pink diamonds, palladium, and life fruit you need to complete a SimBot. Upgrades to the Collecting Maps guide, along with the Finding Seeds (for Gardening) articles are in progress. Either one will give you a little more info than you'd have without a collection helper in its current state, however. Note that you need to find 10 unique Gems to unlock the heart-shaped cut. A big problem for users without World Adventures is that they need all gems, and that includes the pink diamond. Owners of World Adventures can simply head to one of the travel spots, pick up a few unique gems there, and have a much easier time unlocking the cut. Sorry, but those gems found with the miner don't count toward the total at this time. Pink diamonds are rare, and meant to be hard to get. Remember that making a Simbot is meant to be a big accomplishment.

Palladium, life fruit, and pink diamonds can all be found through adventuring. I can confirm that pink diamonds, palladium and other goodies can be picked up with the miner as well. In fact, in my experience, my Sim was more likely to find a pink diamond using the miner and drilling in his own back yard than heading out into the world! Another option is to dig through trash. Head to the shops in travel destions and see if they're selling any, along with the consignment store in your sim's home town. Both have a chance of selling pink diamonds or palladium. Better have some cash handy!

Well, if you really want to cheat...
Cheating your way to a Simbot is a cinch. Press Control + Shift + C and open the cheat console. From there type testingcheatsenabled true, then buydebug. This cheat unlocks the ability to buy spawners from the (?) page of sort by function.

Head to Rock/Metal/Gem spawners tab under the buydebug menu in buy mode to locate the Gem Spawner - Epic item. Place it on your lot and wait. Eventually a pink diamond will spawn. Multiple spawners work, too. So if you're going to cheat, don't just make one of them. Collecting the other types that spawn will also help you to gather the 10 gems for the heart shaped cut. Throwing in a World Adventures gem spawner will make that even easier. Life plants can be found in the appropriate category, and sometimes even start with fruit ready for harvest. I know that the High versions of the spawners in France, China, and Egypt can all spawn Palladium. As for the Ambitions without World Adventures, I'm unsure. Of course scrap is not challenging.

Simbots have feelings, too.
Simbots have feelings, too!

Simbot Features
Simbots from a gameplay perspective are just like normal Sims, and come with four random traits along with Hydrophobic. They have no need to shower (they'll short out), and all other needs are re-labeled, but function the same, except the food need, or scrap reserves. This is filled by eating a single piece of scrap, which they view as a great meal and receive the appropriate moodlet.

Unlike normal Sims, they can talk to the appliances in your Sim's home to regenerate their human interaction (social) need. This combined with an easy to fill food need makes them very easy to take care of. They're great as utility Sims for that reason. They often come with a high level of handiness, and are great at upgrading household items, to boot.

They can also smash things, which isn't always a nice thing to do to another Sim's possessions. They can collect scrap from smashed objects.

Shorting Out Simbot
If you want to tailor your SimBot to one family's needs, send it in to a shower or have it play in the sprinklers. This will short them out and allow a Sim to select them and program them. You'll then be able to pick their traits. Sorry, the water problem doesn't disappear if you remove hydrophobic, but at least you know you can reprogram them at any time. This is the equivalent of having a free mid-life crisis lifetime reward. You'll just need to have him repaired afterward.

The inventor reprogramming his Simbot
The inventor reprogramming his Simbot

SimBot Skills
SimBots start with some aptitude in Handiness and Inventing. They can learn any skill in the game, but are good at these from the beginning. I recommend you use your SimBots at the least for cooking, cleaning, and handiness upgrades around the house. They'll see some value then. If you feel an inclination to role play, maybe you can consider them a thing that you don't care about, if you want to treat it as a soulless robot. Otherwise, they'll find a spot in the family and provide some entertainment for the player along the way.

SimBot Life Span
SimBots are treated like elders. That said, they have only one life cycle. The bar you see is their life span and they can die at any point when that is full, like an elder. They do respond to the effects of Life Fruit and Ambrosia, however, so they can live indefinitely like any other Sim without technically aging. With that in mind, the My Best Friend lifetime reward is the only finite one in the game. If your SimBot dies it leaves a tombstone like any other Sim and will haunt the household just the same.

Do the Robot!
Do the Robot!

Comments (30)

Maya says...
How do you get the cool inventor costume?
13th June 2014 4:52pm
Pickle Pickle says...
Can your sim bots have babies with sims or other bots?
6th November 2013 10:46pm
Susan says...
The Simbot pictured here is one that has been created with the opportunity that comes with maxing out the inventing level, as described in the guide.
If one purchases a Simbot with the LTR, the Simbot appears "used". Rust and grease stains are apparent. I don't think there is any way to clean the Simbot up.
Perhaps a photo showing the difference would be useful for the guide?

Also, does creating a Simbot with the elixir provided in the Supernatural expansion create a different Simbot, or is it one of the two I already mentioned?
22nd October 2013 11:53am
Trinity says...
Hey, do all the SimBots look the same, and is there any way of changing what they look like?
16th May 2014 6:41am
Sim bot says...
no theres only 2 looks the used look by getting it through the LTR

or theres the one in the pictures
24th July 2014 9:24am
Moo says...
When I bought the bot it was all rusty and not nice looking. How can I fix that/is that supposed to happen?
23rd January 2014 6:50am
Sand Castle says...
Can teens make simbots? my sim has been a level 10 inventor since she was a child and still hasn't gotten the call...
8th November 2013 3:52pm
aki says...
How to do all opertuneties and then what to do
23rd October 2013 1:44pm
Caff says...
My sim has had the inventing skill mastered for a while (she mastered it whilst still a teen), and though I've kept the opportunities clear, she's not received the opp to make a simbot. Any ideas why, guys?

It's been so long I actually HAVE the life fruit, the palladium and the sodding heart-cut pink diamond. It's so irritating!
10th October 2013 9:50pm
Bubblegus says...
You can also go in testingcheatsenabled before going into your save file, but at MM (main menu) and click the control key once in game and click in between the treasure cheat and number for lifetime and click the left click button and that at the same time, and you will get Lifetime rewards five hundres at a time each time you control - left click.
23rd July 2013 11:11am
Bella says...
Is there any way to make a simbot into sim, without mods?
2nd April 2013 9:25pm
Lizzy says...
You open the cheat box (ctrl+shift+c) and type in "testingcheatsenabled true" and hit enter. Then reopen the cheat box and type in "unlockoutfits on" and go to either a dresser and hit "plan outfit" or shift click on your sim and click "Edit Sim In Create A Sim". Go to outfits and scroll way down. It should be there. (For the head, I believe you need to go to hair, so you will need to use a mirror or edit sim.) Please note that I do not have the Sims 3 Ambitions, but I have Supernatural and this works to make your sim into Bonehilda. Hope this helps!
27th May 2013 1:35pm
Ferryn says...
After Seasons-expansion, simbots will short out if they're out when it's raining.
30th March 2013 5:20pm
Sarah says...
This makes them nearly unplayable! Does anyone know of a work-around for this, other than turning off rain? (I love rain).
23rd September 2013 2:15pm
Joy says...
Use an umbrella.
13th October 2013 1:03pm
Aurora says...
Yea I wanted that to but my parents won't let me get world adventures, and I really want the skills and stuff from that. I've already got pets, ambitions and generations but sadly no world adventures.
8th July 2013 2:28am
Lizzy says...
I don't have Sims 3 Ambitions, but I really want to make a Simbot. My parents won't let me get the expansion, and downloading something is out of the question. Please help... how can I get a Simbot without the expansion or a mod? Is it possible??? :(
27th May 2013 1:29pm
Pop Candy Rulez says...
Oh I'm sorry, but sadly it's not possible. :( I wish it was because i need to stop buying expansion packs. :P I, also want a simbot, but EA didn't make it that way. :( I'm sorry
7th June 2013 10:49am
Sw764 says...
I just figured this out by accident, creating a simbot contributes to the Surrounded by Family LTW
4th April 2013 10:30pm
Pop Candy Rulez says...
It does? I've completed that LTW once and I choose it a lot. Thanks for the tip! <3
This is because Simbots are considered children to their creators.
7th June 2013 6:31pm
Jack says...
I'm trying to make a Simbot, with a Sim that has 10 in the inventing skill, and who's gathered all the necessary materials and got the life core, but the option to make a Simbot doesn't appear when I go to the inventor's bench. Could someone help me?
23rd February 2013 4:41am
Serimort says...
You need to wait for a chain of oppertunities, the final one being to make the simbot, hope this helps :)
3rd March 2013 2:28am
Mable says...
I have been having the same problem. I went through all of the opportunities, got the life core, and when I got the SimBot opportunity, and I go to the Inventing table, I am unable to make the SimBot.
9th March 2013 8:49pm
Lola says...
Do you have a full household? It might not be able to be made because there's no space in your household for it.
24th March 2013 7:57pm
Zandyr says...
If you are playing in the city of Bridgeport (Late Night) there is a bug that prevents the simbot from being created.
2nd April 2013 12:08am
Mckenzie says...
how do you get a inventions table please i really really want to make the simbot but i cant because i do not have the inventions table so please i been searching every where but i cant find it so please help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20th January 2013 10:09pm
Mina says...
@McKenzie it is under the "hobbies" section in buy mode!
30th January 2013 9:43pm
John says...
it's in buy mode, called scrapotronic something, name escapes me. It's found under Studies > Hobbies and skills
31st January 2013 10:00am
Megan says...
You buy it in the skills area of the study room. Just scroll until you see it. It's right beside he sculpting set up.
2nd February 2013 9:10pm
Omega prime says...
Mckenzie go the entertainment section in build and buy mode,from there go to the "skill" entertainment category and it should be the item at the bottem called "Scrapotronic Workbench" Yes that name DOES escape alot of people,and is hard to pronounce. I hope this information helped you
24th February 2014 12:03pm
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