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The Sims 3 Edit Town Guide

Edit Town Tutorial With Visual Help

By Norma Blackburn

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If you have ever added a player built house to your game or switched households during play, then you are familiar with Edit Town, but do you know what else can be done using this feature?

Let's take a tour of the Edit Town tool set and see just what can be done.

The first thing to remember is that any changes made in Edit Town will only affect the current game file. If you make changes in Sunset Valley in one game, it will not change Sunset Valley in any other saved games that are based in that town.

You can also use Edit Town to make changes in the World Adventures destinations. If you have WA installed, there will be icons for the destinations in the top left hand side of the screen when you enter Edit town. Just click on the destination you want to edit. Again, any changes made in the WA destinations will only affect the current game file.

The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

Getting into Edit Town
Open up the Options Menu (that's the 3 dots ... in the bottom left corner of the screen)

The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

Let's take a look at the Edit Town user interface

The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture
  1. Change Active Household While playing, you can click this button and select a different household to play. Note that the family you were playing will be subject to story progression while you are not controlling them and could do something as drastic as moving out of town.

    When you select change active household, you are given the choices you have when you start a new game. You can create a new sim/family to move in to the neighbourhood, you can select a household from the library to move into town or you can select a household already living in town.
  2. Select Use this to select a lot on the map. Once selected, you can make changes to the lot like changing the lot type or building on it.
  3. Move Using this tool, you can select any lot on the map and move it to an existing empty lot that is the same size or larger. The empty lot that you move onto must also be the same type of lot, eg. you can't move a community lot onto an empty residential lot. It's worth noting that if the lot you move to is bigger than the original lot, the game will place the original in the middle of the new lot, so it may not be close to the road. You may be better off bulldozing the bigger lot and placing a lot the same size. Of course being able to place a house on a larger lot has the advantage that you then have room to expand.
  4. Build Select this tool, then select a lot to build on or change. Alternatively, you can use the select tool to choose a lot then choose build.
  5. Bulldoze Use this to remove lots. If the lot has a building on it, you will need to bulldoze it twice, once to remove any buildings and items and again to remove the actual lot. If the lot has occupants, you will be asked if you want to evict them. If you say no, then the lot will not be bulldozed. If you say yes, you will be given a choice to move the family out or move the family out with home. If you choose to just move them out, they will be moved to the clipboard and the house will be demolished. Families on the clipboard are seen on the side of the screen and when selected can be placed on lots in the map or moved in with other households. You can also save any households on the clipboard to the library, just right click on the household and select 'save copy to library. Any families not moved into new lots when you exit or save the game will be lost.

    If you choose to move the family out with home, the residents and their house will be placed on the clipboard. From there you can place them on a new block that is either the same size or larger than their original lot. Families moved out with the house cannot be merged with another family. You can also save a copy of families with homes to the library.
  6. The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture
  7. World Editor The world editor allows us to place extra lots in our town. As well as new lots, we can add, move and delete trees, rocks and landmarks to the world. What we can't edit through this, though, are roads and the actual terrain. If you want to change those, you will have to use the Create A World (CAW) tool which you can get here. CAW can be quite challenging and so the world editor is probably a better choice for those who are not quite ready to tackle CAW, but would still like to alter the town a bit.

    To place a lot, select the lots tab, and then choose what size lot you want to place.

    The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

    Drag this lot over the map and you will see it's footprint on the terrain. If the footprint is green the lot can be placed there but if it is red, you are unable to lay it down in that position.

    The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

    While you are holding the lot, hitting the < or > keys will rotate the lot 45 degrees. If you can't place a lot somewhere, experiment with rotating it and moving it to one side slightly. Often it will allow placement with just the smallest move in direction. If you place a lot in the wrong place, simply hit the bulldoze button and demolish it.

    By default, all lots placed using the world editor are residential lots. This can be changed by clicking the select tool, clicking on the lot and choosing change lot type. From there you will be given the choice of residential or a community lot. If you choose community lot, you will then need to select what type of community lot. We'll have a look at the choices in community lot type later.

    The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

    In World Editor, we can also pick up, move or delete trees, shrubs, rocks, fencing, road signs and landmarks. These items do not need to be placed on lots.

    The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture

    An interesting thing to note with adding these items in the World Editor is that they can be placed on top of each other and blended together without the use of any cheats.
  8. The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture
  9. Households tab. Click this to bring up all possible Sim households from the library. Scroll through them to find the household you want to select to place in an existing house or on an empty lot. Households will include user created Sims that you have added to your game as well as game created Sims.
  10. Empty houses tab This brings up all the available residential properties that you can select from to place on vacant lots. Houses here will include EA made houses that were included with the game as well as any user made houses that you have installed into the game. It will also include houses that you have built yourself (as long as you hit the share button when you built it)
  11. Community lots tab This show available community lots including user made lots that you have installed as well as EA created lots. Some of these lots may be rabbit holes. To place any of these lots, make sure that the empty block you want to put it on is zoned as a community lot.
  12. Create a Household This button takes you to CAS where you can create a household of Sims to move in.
  13. Show only custom content This filters the content to show only user made Sims or lots. To show all content, just click this button again.
  14. Unhide all hidden, installed content When you view households, empty houses or community lots in the library, you have the option to hide them (note this only applies to EA created Sims and lots) Clicking this button will unhide any that you have previously hidden.
  15. The Sims 3 Edit Town Tutorial Picture
  16. Library This is where Sims or lots are displayed, depending on what tab you have open. Scroll through to find the one you want.
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Build and Edit in The Sims 3
Edit TownEdit LotsHousesHouseholdsBasements/MultistoryGaragesRooms
PoolsRoofsSlopesStairs/ElevatorsWall CurvingMovingSwitch 'hoods

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Thank you this really helped me with placing a lot they had no room for!
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