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The Sims 3 Building Tutorial: Garages

by Norma Blackburn

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I'm going to show you how to build a few different garages for you Sim's car.

The first one is attaching a garage to a house built on a foundation. As you can see, I have a cosy little house already built. So let's add a garage to it.

First up, I'm going to place a car space. This isn't absolutely necessary, but it helps to give an idea of where you want walls. I like to remove the roof too, but again, you don't have to, but with the strange things that the CFE cheat does while you are building, it is easier without a roof.

Now we need to turn on the constrainfloorelevation cheat (CFE). To do this, Control + Shift + C at the same time on your keyboard. When the console comes, up type in "constrainfloorelevation false" (without the quotation marks and with a space before false) Press enter. Now we can build the walls of the garage and attach them to the house. Don't worry about the spikes in the walls, that will be fixed in a minute.

Go down to the floor level and using the level terrain tool, drag from the back wall in the house across to the front corner of the garage. This will fix the spikes in the wall and bring the garage wall down to the same level as the foundation.

We can now add walls to the top of the garage. We still have a little work to do, because if we add a garage door now, we will get the following result.

Before we fix it, to make things easier later, go up to the top level and put a floor tile on the front corners of the garage. Now we can fix the front wall. We need to remove the bottom section of wall at the front of the garage. Once it has been removed, build it again. Don't worry about the way the wall rises up, again it's easy to fix. Just use the level terrain tool on the upper level to drag from the back to the front of the garage.

Before we turn off the CFE cheat, just check that there are no spikes in walls or floor. You can see here that for some reason the floor in the house is still pulled up in the corner. If you have any spots like this, use the level terrain tool to flatter it out.

Now we can turn off the CFE cheat. Bring up the console again (Control + Shift + C at the same time) and type in "constrainfloorelevation true" then hit return. Always make sure that you turn any building cheats off before you save as they can sometimes make a lot a bit glitchy.

Now we can add a garage door to the front of the garage and if you want (and have enough space) you can add an internal door between the house and the garage. We can also finish off with wall coverings. Note, that because of the way the wall is pulled up on either side of the garage door, a lot of wall coverings will look strange. To get around this, avoid using anything with a horizontal pattern. If you really want that horizontal pattern, you could try and cover it with a tree or shrub placed to hide it.

Another thing to note is that because of the way it is built, lighting in the garage will always be a little strange. It is extremely difficult to light the lower area as you can see in the following image. I've tried adding floor lights and buydebug wall lights, but nothing really works.

Using a similar method to what we used for the previous garage, we can also build a carport on the side of a house with a foundation.

To start, we need to turn on the CFE cheat (constrainfloorelevation false) and then build our walls. I built a room that was six squares wide. Go down to floor level and flatten across the garage with the level terrain tool and then build the upper walls around the carport. To make things easier, add floor tiles on the upper level over the carport.

We now need to rerove some of the lower wall at the front, but not all. Skip the piece closest to the house and remove the next three pieces. You should have one piece next to the house and two pieces on the other side of the gap. Rebuild the piece of wall and then go up a level to flatten it out again with the level terrain tool.

Come back around to the front and remove the three full lower wall pieces plus the lower piece of the second piece from the outside corner. This produces the sloped effect on the opening.

Repeat the process on the back wall, keeping the three space gap you make closer to the house.

If you want to do the side wall as well, repeat the steps, but when you remove the lower pieces of wall, remove all two pieces from both ends. Remember to turn the CFE cheat off before you save your build (constrainfloorelevation true).

You could leave the side and back wall full, in which case, you wouldn't have to remove the lower pieces of wall. Another point with this method is that the walls are not distorted, so horizontal patterns will work on them.

The second garage we will build is in the foundation under the house with a sloped driveway. We'll start with that same cosy little house from the first lesson. It's not quite big enough to build a garage under it, so we might build an extension on the side too, but we don't really need to build all the extra foundation so instead, you can see how I've just added an outline in foundation around where the side and back wall of the garage will be. Also note that I took the foundation back an extra square from where the back of the house is, that's to allow enough room in the basement for a car space and the garage door.

For the sloping driveway to look right, there needs to be at least eleven spaces between the footpath and the garage door. Lucky for me, this house is exactly eleven spaces away.

Next we have to lower the ground inside the garage to floor level. To do this, grab some stairs and build three sets down from the ground. Remove the stairs and using the level terrain tool, level the ground from the lowest point. As well as the ground inside the garage, also level the four squares of ground in front of the garage.

Build a wall across the front of the garage (you can add the garage door now if you want) and using the floortile of your choice, add a four square wide driveway from the footpath to the front wall of the garage.

Now to make things easier to see, lower the ground beside the driveway. This isn't essential, but it makes things a lot easier to see.

Turn on the CFE cheat (constrainfloorelevation false) and select the lower terrain tool. Select the smallest brush size and move the brush softness slider all the way to the right. Now using a very light touch, click once on the corner of the second tile from the footpath (where the white cross is in the following image) This will lower the corner slightly. It may take a couple of attempts to get it right. You can see also in this image how far down it has gone and note on the next tile, I have clicked a little too hard and the ground has lowered slightly more. It's not much lower, but it will make a difference in the end, so be sure it has only lowered one click.

Once it has been lowered the correct amount, use the level terrain tool and starting at the square on the right of the dip, drag across to the far side of the driveway. This should lower those four tiles level with the low point and you should have a nice gentle slope. Sometime when you flatten across the driveway, instead of lowering it, it will raise it back up. If this happens, just hit the back button and try again. Level the higher portion of driveway on the house side to the same level as this new low section.

Move one tile in from the driveway again, lower one click and the drag across the driveway to flatten. Level the remaining driveway. You will see the nice slope continuing down.

Moving in one square each time, repeat this process until your driveway looks like the first part of the next image. Using the level terrain tool, and stating at the third row from the garage door, level two rows of driveway. This will raise the driveway immediately in front of the garage door, but don't worry.

Now we can lower the corner in the middle of the two flat rows like we did previously and then level across the driveway on the second last row. This will result in the driveway looking like the first part of the next image. All we need do from here is to level the terrain from the flat area beside the driveway across the last row that is directly in front of the garage door. Tis should pull the second last row down at the same angle as the rest of the driveway, leaving a flat area at each end of the driveway and a gentle slope from top to bottom.

Turn the CFE cheat off (constrainfllorelevation true) and level out the ground beside the driveway. All that remains is to finish the extension over the garage and do some landscaping.

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