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The Sims 3 Ghost Hunting in Ambitions

Traits, Spirit Collecting, and Jobs for Ghost Hunter Sims

The Sims 3 Ambitions Ghost Hunter Career Guide

Ghost Hunting is a profession introduced with the Ambitions expansion for the Sims 3. It has a lot of profit potential, and you get to play with a few gadgets out of the ghost buster arsenal. The career has you ridding the neighborhood of haunts in various forms, and earning a fee doing so. You can also collect spirits from around the world, and even get a ghost hunting device similar to the collection helper to help you do so.

Getting Started as a Ghost Buster - Where to Join Up
Head to the Science lab to begin your Sim's career as a Ghost Hunter. There you can also take a class in Logic. Ghost Hunting always has the same hours and work days: Monday-Friday 5:00PM - 3:00AM. Ghost Busters have to work late hours, because the haunts come out at night right?

Good Traits for Ghost Hunters in The Sims 3
The metrics to watch for in ghost hunting are investigations, collecting spirits, and logic. You can gain up to seven profession levels from logic alone, so the genius trait is a big help for making money faster. The Eccentric trait is the only one that will guarantee the Paranormal Profiteer Lifetime Wish to make it to level 10 in Ghost Hunting. Your Sim may branch off and be an inventor if they take Eccentric as well, as it helps a lot with that particular skill.

Busting a Ghost in the Sims 3 AmbitionsTaking on a Job
During work hours, your Sim will have a random selection of jobs to perform, somewhat based on their level in the Ghost Hunter career track. At first, you'll get Spirit Invasions, which allow you to collect spirits, and community investigations, which are non-interactive rabbit hole missions.

Making Money as a Ghost Hunter
You'll get a weekly stipend, delivered Sundays at noon. Additionally, your Sim will get half their stipend amount for each job completed. When you exorcise poltergeists or collect spirits, your Sim will earn extra money as they can be turned in to the science lab for a profit. Note that spirits devalue a bit for the first four days you hold them, and fall to about 60% value. Sell them quickly to earn the most money.

For those interested, after level 10 in the career, you'll get an increase to the amount you receive per job with each filling of the Ghost Hunter profession experience bar, about $100 a filling. It's an amount that adds up fast, so there's incentive to keep going.

At level 5 in the career, you get the Spook-o-Meter, which will let you scan around for hidden spirits. It enables a new job type, but also lets you find spirits out in the world. They're hidden, and this will reveal them on the lot where you use it. This won't see a lot of use until the tenth level, when your Sim gets the Spirit Positioning Device, which will show you the location of all spirits on the map. Yet another way to make money, and you can raise the experience bar as you do so!

Haunting Types (Jobs)

A Lost Spirit in the Sims 3 AmbitionsSpirit Invasion
These jobs allow you to get extra profit from capturing spirits with the Banshee Banisher. A bread and butter job for a Ghost Hunter. I pursue these over other types, except poltergeists.

Community Investigation
A non-interactive way to make a quick buck. It's not as bad as it seems that your Sim goes into a rabbit hole. It gives you a little breather with some guaranteed cash and job experience.

Poltergeist Invasion
I prefer these over Spirit Invasions, but they can be harder to spot at times. Any piece of property could be floating in place. It seems like sometimes you get better spirits from this type, but I can't be sure.

A Ghostly Presence. Try to talk the Sim's ghost into moving on.

Ghostly Presence
Unlocked at level 5, when your Sim gets access to the Spook-o-Meter. You'll need to play a hot-cold game running around the property (note it can be outside) looking for ghosts. Once you've revealed them, you can converse them with regular chatty actions or head straight for talking about their full life, putting them at ease about their loved ones, and asking them to move on. Those options raise the friendship bar fastest, and have a big positive boost to charisma. Befriending the ghosts will help with raising charisma and its challenges. Of course there's the other option, blasting with the banshee banisher. I usually prefer option 2. At level 10 with a lot of experience in ghost hunting, it rarely fails.

Angry Ghost Invasion
Much like Ghostly Presence above, but the ghosts are all running about causing chaos. Have your ghost hunter talk them down, or teach them to annoy the living and give them a taste of the buster's wrath.

Collectible Spirits

Sims 3 Ambitions Spirit Type/Age Value List
Spirit TypeYoungOldAncientColor
Using the Banshee Banisher to Bust
Sims 3 Ambitions Ghost Hunter Job Level List
Job TitleStipend
Tarot Card Reader$280
Ectoplasm Cleaner$344
Spooky Noise Silencer$400
Spirit Sweeper$520
Seance Holder$640
Ghost Grabber$840
Creep Seeker$1140
Rare Medium$1480
Outstanding Occultist$1840
Paranormal Expert$2480

The Profession Simoleon Booster Lifetime Reward will raise these by 20%. Works for individual job completion rates as well.

Rewards and Unlocks
You'll get various Honor Trophies as a Ghost Hunter. Doing things like taking out a poltergeist, capturing a high number of spirits, and generally advancing along will all nab you these cool decorative items.

At level 8 (Rare Medium), the Banshee Banisher gets an upgrade and zaps spirits and ghosts faster, and rarely fails. Supposedly, it can hit multiple targets but I've never had success with this feature.

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Comments (13)

Jaymie says...
call the winchesters
1st January 2014 9:31pm
Hannah says...
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
23rd January 2014 8:34pm
BlueMoon says...
In the Ghost Hunter profession I have surpassed Level 5 & am able to find/evict ghosts. I have been able to find them, but I can not see them to evict them... what am I doing wrong? Or, what am I missing? Aren't they supposed to appear as a ghost person that you can converse with?
29th November 2012 10:59am
Dingo says...
Sometimes I've noticed the ghosts have issues rendering. When it says you've found them, just pause the game and wait until they manifest. Then you can go about completing the job.
21st September 2013 3:15pm
JohnK says...
I like the ghosthunting addition to the game. I just wish they'd made it a bit more exciting. The job is too much of a routine without much surprise or danger to it if you don't do the job right.
24th September 2013 4:45pm
BlueMoon says...
In the Ghost Hunter profession I have surpassed Level 5 & am able to find/evict ghosts. I have been able to find them, but I can not see them to evict them... what am I doing wrong? Or, what am I missing? Aren't they supposed to appear as a ghost person that you can converse with?
29th November 2012 8:48pm
Joni says...
Good Info but what if the Banshee Buster is missing?
1st April 2013 2:59pm
CahosRahneVeloza says...
As of Patch 1.38 (the one that updates the base game in preparation for "Supernatural") the Ghost Hunter Career has been broken....

Due to how playable Ghosts where added in "Supernatural" the "Ghostly Presence" & "Angry Ghost Invasion" jobs no longer work properly. Once you've sensed the presence of a Ghost (or Ghosts) in a room using the Ghost scanner they will not spawn as they're supposed to and render the job impossible to complete.

And, as of patch 1.42 it seems this issue is still not fixed, so do your best to avoid these two tasks. Either wait for the other three jobs to appear, or use testingcheatsenabled true to generate your own Ghost Hunter jobs on another lot to earn the needed job experience to get promoted.
29th November 2012 11:53am
BlueMoon says...
Well, that certainly explains things! Thank you so much... I have been trying in vain to figure it out. No wonder it wasn't working.
3rd December 2012 1:59am
LagunaL says...
Sometimes poltergeists possess items that my Sim can't reach (ex. roof decoration stuff). Is there any way to capture them and complete the task?
4th May 2014 9:35am
Stana Watson says...
This is awesome but cant download please help me to download without any virus, Regards, Stana
4th July 2014 2:16pm
Emily says...
During ghost hunting, my sim became frozen and he cannot move... Anything I can do???
14th July 2014 12:32pm
The True Legend says...
If u look under cheats there is a cheat to reset ur sim
13th August 2014 12:13am
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