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The Sims 3 Ambitions
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The Sims 3 Ambitions Teacher Career Track

By Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Of all the new content available with the release of the Ambitions expansion pack, the Education career is arguably towards the bottom of the heap in terms of the fun factor. The whole set up is modeled after the original rabbithole careers where your Sim shows up to a workplace and you then twiddle your thumbs until they return home. That said, it's still new content and deserves a page on the Guide. And here's an interesting tidbit on the Education career the leap from level 9 (Principal) to level 10 (District Superintendent) is totally unique in terms of a pay hike compared to other careers more than triple the hourly rate when you hit the cap.

Join the Education Career Track by clicking the school in town in map view, or seeking it out in the newspaper or computer. Naturally, the direct route is best.

Lifetime Wishes Associated with This Career:
None. So, which Lifetime Wish makes the most sense? Super Popular. This career has just as hefty Charisma requirements as the Political career, so gaining friends and increasing Charisma skill will naturally advance your educator towards completing this LTW. Most of the other LTW that will fire if you choose the suggested traits below are all associated with other careers, so that's another reason to go with Super Popular.

Other suggested Lifetime Wishes to try with teacher are any kinds that don't have a career associated with them, such as Chess Legend, and Renaissance Sim. World Adventures players may consider this career to fund their explorations and take up the seasoned traveler or great explorer lifetime wishes.

Good Traits for the Sims 3 Education Career Track

If you want to rise from Playground Monitor to District Superintendent in the span of 3 weeks, you need to be Ambitious! This is such an awesome trait for all Sims fulfilled wishes earn 15% more happiness points, plus the trait feeds the career performance meter faster to assist with promotions.

You want to knock out your first Charisma skill quickly, so this will help if you send your educator to the library on day 1. The Logic skill is another huge hurdle to constantly jump over, so this trait does double duty there as well.

A very key trait to assist with the ever increasing Charisma demands as you rise in the career ranks.

Just as Charismatic speeds Charisma learning, giving your educator the Genius trait greatly increases the rate they will pick up Logic.

This makes the most sense as the 5th trait since it compliments a Super Popular Lifetime Wish nicely. Other smart choices could be Schmoozer, Over-Emotional, and maybe Handy, Natural Cook, or Green Thumb if your educator is single.

The Sims 3 Career Track: Pay Rate, Hours Worked and Skill Reqs

Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
BonusJob Promotion &
Work Promotion Factors
1Playground MonitorMon-Fri
8AM - 2PM
2Teacher's AideMon-Fri
8AM - 2PM
3Substitute TeacherMon-Fri
8AM - 2PM
$288Mood, Charisma
4Elementary School TeacherMon-Fri
8AM - 2PM
$348Mood, Charisma, Logic
5Middle School TeacherMon-Fri
8AM - 3PM
$420Mood, Charisma, Logic
6High School TeacherMon-Fri
8AM - 3PM
$432Mood, Charisma, Logic, Give Lectures*
7Department HeadMon-Fri
8AM - 3PM
$516Mood, Charisma, Logic, Give Lectures
8Assistant PrincipalMon-Thu
8AM - 2PM
$924Mood, Charisma, Logic, Give Lectures
8AM - 2PM
$1500Mood, Charisma, Logic, Give Lectures
10District SuperintendentMon, Tue, Thu
$2172Mood, Charisma, Logic, Give Lectures

*At Level 6, Give Lectures is a new work metric. These are 90 minute rabbithole endeavors done at the school between the hours of 7 AM - 6 PM. You're paid a flat fee of $200/lecture. You'll also receive a new work tone, Give Lecture, at Level 6 which helps raise that particular metric.

Giving Lectures can also give other Sims a +20 moodlet for 3 hours, just for being near the teacher.

Education Career Uniforms

First Uniform

Playground Monitor - Substitute Teacher

Elementary School Teacher Uniform

Elementary and Middle School Teacher

Sims 3 Education - High School Teacher Uniform

High School Teacher and Department Head

Sims 3 Education - Superintendent Uniform

Principal and Superintendent

The Sims 3 Careers
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Comments (15)

Andrea says...
This has helped me alot, thanks. I had sims 3 ambitions and my plan was to become a teacher. However, I did not know which career it would be. Thanks again.
19th November 2012 6:10pm
Cassady says...
I have a family that has a guy and a pregnant woman. It's pretty much placed back then when there were no electronics, lights, etc.There's barely any money, No fridge, and nothing really comfortable. So I love this career for my male sim because it doesn't really pay too much!
22nd May 2014 5:53pm
grace says...
i didn't know that!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd March 2013 4:59pm
Megan says...
There isn't one for ps3?
23rd January 2013 4:15am
BvBArmy says...
Can I also be a teacher in university?
22nd March 2013 12:08pm
Flower1552 says...
No, you cannot. Mainly because the University is for learning, and there isn't everything a town would need there, and most of the time a sim at university has a limited time there, and cannot obtain any jobs.
7th April 2013 3:09am
Graveyjones says...
What does the assistant principal wear?
17th May 2013 6:50pm
Tatiana M. says...
I've clicked on the school before but nothing about getting a career there ever shows up?
The Education Career is only available if you have the Ambitions Expansion Pack. Do you have it?
19th June 2013 12:33am
Chickie says...
I also have that ambitions expansion pack and it doesn't give me the option of becoming a teacher when I click on the school. I even made sure my adult sim was unemployed, and it still wasn't an option.
What other expansions do you have? Is it a combo school or one by itself?
18th July 2013 1:04pm
Chickie says...
I have university life, ambitions, and generations. It's not a combo school I don't think.
This sounds strange.  I know that the education career came with Ambitions as I've been one several times. Does it happen in every save?  Do you use mods or CC of any kind?
18th July 2013 8:44pm
Wiz says...
What is the reward for achieving level 10 in teaching career?
5th September 2013 7:32am
SazzyB says...
My sim got an opportunity to read College papers and i accepted but i cannot figure out how to complete it.... can someone help please i play supernatural and my sim is an Assistant Principal if that helps.
7th September 2013 12:28am
Autumn says...
I'm at the top of the green bar for recess monitor, and I won't get a promotion! I'm getting a bunch of raises and bff's with my Boss. How do I get a promotion?
27th October 2013 5:52pm
Emily says...
You can try asking your boss for a promotion, but you may be at the highest you can be. I'd be happy enough with getting a raise.
3rd February 2014 5:15pm
Megan says...
Okay, I have had ambitions installed since it first came out and I have never had the option of becoming a teacher...ever. At any school....did I do something wrong? I don't have any mods downloaded or anything like that. Just all of the expansions minus island paradise. I haven't gotten that one yet.
When you click on the school it doesn't give you the option to join the Education career?
3rd July 2013 6:24pm
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