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The Sims 3 Island Paradise: Lifeguards

Profession Guide for Rescues and Job Performance

A lifeguard swimming to rescue a Sim in The Sims 3 Island Paradise

Lifeguard is the new Profession introduced with The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. The job requires both the Athletic and Charisma skills, along with Rescuing drowning Sims.

Becoming a Lifeguard
Head to City Hall and click the building to join the Lifeguard Profession. Like other Professions, you are paid by the job, not the hour, and given a weekly stipend to ensure your income. The stipend is paid out every Sunday at noon. You'll earn money when you rescue a victim, and a little bonus when you have to perform CPR. The money starts small, but climbs to decent levels as you gain levels.

Sometimes more than one Sim will be drowning at once
Sometimes, more than one Sim may be in trouble.
Try to get to them in the order they went under.

Take the Athletic Trait to speed up career gains along with Athletic skill gains. Charismatic would be good, as well as any other trait that boosts social interactions. You may want to bring a portable stereo to the beach to keep your Lifeguard's mood up for LTHP purposes, but remember to pack it up when you leave. The Profession Simoleon Booster LTR would work for this, giving an increase in earnings from rescues and CPR.

Getting Promoted
Show up at work and rescue victims. In your off time, hit the gym and raise your Athletic skill level to watch the performance meter rise. You will meet many people on the beach, and that will help you with Charisma, though you'll need to take the time to make more friends if you want to get it really high. Thankfully, level 10 in Athletics and a bit of Charisma is enough to see you to the 10th job level.

Island Paradise Lifeguard Job Levels
LvlJob NameScheduleStipendNotes
1CPR DummyMWFSu 10AM-6PM$276-
2Mouth BreatherMWFSu 10AM-6PM$340-
3Floatation DeviceMWFSu 10AM-6PM$400-
4Beach ProtectorMWFSu 10AM-6PM$520-
5Rapid RescuerMWFSu 10AM-6PM$640Special Lifeguard Beach Towel
6Buoyancy VirtuosoMWFSu 10AM-6PM$840Wade and Swim Faster
7Professional Life-SaverMWFSu 10AM-6PM $1132Demonstrate mouth to mouth
8Eagle EyeMWFSu 10AM-6PM$1480Slow-motion Run
9The Old GuardMWFSu 10AM-6PM$1840-
10The Bay WatcherMWFSu 10AM-6PM$2480-
Sims 3 Island Paradise Lifeguard Uniform 1Sims 3 Island Paradise Lifeguard Uniform 2

Typical day on the job for a Sims 3 Lifeguard - lying on his towel waiting for someone to drown.
If you're paying attention to swimmers, your Lifeguard can relax or read a book.

A Typical Day on the Job
You will be assigned to patrol a random beach to ensure the safety of swimmers and others enjoying the water. Some days, no one drowns and the Lifeguard - and you - will sit bored waiting on someone to have a bad day. You should always use the Survey command to keep the Lifeguard watching for people who need help. This can be done by clicking the beach or a Lifeguard chair. You may also want to zoom the camera out so you can look for the symbol indicating that a Sim is in trouble, so you can make the Lifeguard react faster.

A Lifeguard rescues a drowning Sim
Swimming to a Sim's rescue

Sims in the Ocean need you to give them a floatation device to get to safety, and some will need CPR despite making it to the beach on their own power. Sometimes Sims will collapse on the beach and need help. Sims will talk to the Lifeguard after a rescue, which may distract them. You can let them talk and make friends if you pay attention to the beach with a wide view so you, the player, can react to issues that need the Lifeguard's attention.

A Lifeguard performs CPR on a drowned Sim
A Lifeguard performs CPR on a Sim

Sims who are not rescued do not necessarily die, so there's a chance they'll live if you do nothing. They'll complain to the Lifeguard and you'll take a relationship hit - better luck next time. You need those rescues to make money, so don't laze on the job. Sims may even prank you and pretend they need help. There will be entire work days with 0 rescues and other times where there are 3 Sims in trouble at once, it's all random and a little boring without some guaranteed drownings on a work day.

A Lifeguard performs CPR on a drowned Sim
Surveying the beach from a Lifeguard's Chair

Lifeguard Career Perks
There are not many big perks to being a Lifeguard. There are a few social interactions - boast about being a lifeguard, talk about beach safety, tell a rescue story - but that's it. At level 6 Lifeguards learn to wade and swim faster, so no more tiptoeing to the drowning victim and a much faster stroke. Many players will take up the Lifeguard Profession simply because it is required to unlock one of the eight Uncharted Islands around Isla Paradiso.

Unlocking the Uncharted Island, Cay to the City, requires you to rescue 35 victims as a Lifeguard

Lifeguard's Uncharted Island: Cay to the City
In order to unlock this Uncharted Island, you need to rescue 35 victims as a Lifeguard. Unfortunately, CPR does not count - only rescues from the water. It will take a very long time, at a minimum several weeks, because of the inconsistent work flow. There doesn't seem to be anything special about the island itself, just another accomplishment for a dedicated Simmer.

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Comments (34)

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Joy says...
Don't know if you noticed but I love the guy swimming in the sand in the "Surveying the beach from a Lifeguard's Chair" pic. Just priceless.
22nd July 2013 3:39pm
Catie says...
If my lifeguard is reading or relaxing whilst on shift, can I not notice somebody drowning? Or will my sim automatically get up and save them still?
31st July 2013 9:03pm
Vy says...
So I didn't take the job from the city hall, I got the life gaurd job by going to a beach and clicking on the life gaurd chair and it says fake the job so I did. And for some reason, only 1-3 people come and they don't even swim .... How can I save them if they don't swim and how come only a little people come ?
Faking the job probably isn't going to get them to come unless you do the actual job.
10th August 2013 2:18pm
Dakota says...
I'm dying at the "slow motion run" part. Did they really run slow motion in the job level? omg need to try that once I got the EP XDDD
23rd September 2013 10:54pm
Ash says...
Can a mermaid be a lifeguard???? Someone PLEASE tell me!!!!
29th November 2013 12:54am
Cat says...
Yes a mermaid can be a lifeguard :) My sim was a mermaid and then became a lifeguard. HOWEVER, if you are working on the Discover all uncharted islands ambition, I advise you to think twice about being a mermaid ;) I am currently in the process of looking into how to make my sim a human again after doing some research on the ambition for one of the steps I can NOT be a mermaid ;)(
22nd December 2013 6:14pm
Rory says...
Hey! All you hve to do to turn your mermaid human is not let her/him swim, they'll get a dehydrated moodlet, just keep them wet but don't let them swim in the ocean. They'll get the moodlet "adapting to land" which will last for two sim days, after that, they'll lose their scales and become human again, but they won't lose their diving skill.

Hope this helps :)
4th January 2014 8:51pm
sam says...
but i have a 5 star resort and in the pool there were 2 Sims who downed .. I want to hire a lifeguard .. can I do that and how ?
8th February 2014 11:06am
Catherine says...
My lifeguard hasn't had ONE sim drown.... I'm at level 10 of the profession just due to gaining athletic and charisma.. I've sat on the beach everyday and not one person has needed my help.. is my game broken???!! I wasn't assigned a certain beach to go to, and I cannot do the Survey command on any beach/lifeguard chair?
Do you have mods installed? When was the last time your job panel said you were on the clock? remember lifeguards only work every other day so going to the beach every day won't help. It has to be when you have a job assignment. Are you in Isla Paradiso? If not, Does your town actually have beaches?
29th June 2013 2:27pm
Michelle says...
Have you been checking into a resort? I was living on my own resort for a while and decided to check into a VIP room for a few days. When I did, I got the same amount days off and no jobs to perform. It took me a couple of Sim days to notice it.
29th June 2013 8:40pm
Venusara says...
My sim isn't getting assigned to any beach. I'm not even sure what to look for. Is it a popup message or a map icon? This is her third day "on the clock" with no where to go. The only mod I have is story progression. Please help!
14th September 2013 9:43pm
simmer says...
I am kinda bummed you sprang a picture of the island on me without warning, I was wanting to discover it myself and only wanted to read about the lifeguard job.

Now there's no point to working hard to get it. jerk!
2nd February 2014 6:42pm
Naetharu says...
I'm getting a little confused about how to make lifeguards work. I placed a beach in Sunset Valley and added a life-guards chair to it. However, when I go into my game there is no option to join the career.
28th March 2014 11:34am
Brynn says...
You have to change the lot type to beach in the town edit mode.
13th May 2014 5:18pm
Scarlet says...
On the picture captioned Surveying a Beach From a Lifeguard Chair, WHAT is that guy doing in the background? XD
On another note, this is probably a dumb question, but do sims actually die if you don't save them?
3rd June 2014 1:02am
Seven of Nine says...
I have maxed out the lifeguard career and I wanted to try my luck with another job. However, when I changed job (band), I lost all the skill I gained as lifeguard, ie fast swimming. This is so stupid really. I really hate it. Is there any way to retain the lifeguard skills when changing career?
You generally don't keep the bonuses for any career when you quit the job. There may be a mod out there but there is no way in game to quit a job and keep the non-physical career rewards.
5th August 2013 12:27pm
Suzie says...
Can you lifeguard in seasons other than summer? Like winter? How does that work? I want to make a sim lifeguard, but want to know what I'm in for.
25th July 2013 6:04pm
Michelle says...
Can you post pics of any uniform changes? I've been playing the lifeguard, then for some reason my sim showed up with jeans and her lifeguard shirt. Don't know if it's a bug or the real outfit!
I can honestly say none of my lifeguards have turned up in jeans as of yet. Did your Sim recently age up?
28th June 2013 7:37pm
Michelle says...
She became an adult, but I'm pretty sure she had been to work in her regular clothes since then.
You could always just make a career outfit of your own using the dresser or styling station.
29th June 2013 10:05am
Beatrix says...
Hi! My sim's outfit too is a lifeguard shirt and a jeans. I think that is the uniform in that position/level of job.
9th July 2013 10:18am
Bonnie says...
What is a LTW? I wish they would do a counter letting you know how many sims you have saved. My sim is at level 9. She had 3 sims drowing at same time and every time she rescued one another drowner popped up. It was crazy for a bit trying to save and do cpr. Till it came to 6:00 and suddenly everyone was ok since she was off the clock. lol Do you think rescue is more important then the cpr in sims?
LTW stands for Lifetime Wish. Not sure which one is more important to be honest.  I think they all help the career.
22nd July 2013 11:17am
bklienhart says...
Slow-motion run reward? I demand a video!
There is one on our forums under the Screenshots thread of the IP board.  It was made by me - Ricalynn.
29th June 2013 2:54pm
Stacy DeWeese says...
My Sim just rescued a ghost from drowning, and said ghost needs CPR.

This seems like a stupid question, but -can- you give a ghost CPR in this game?
As a lifeguard, I think it's possible.
30th June 2013 6:00pm
coolgirl says...
yeah its possible my sim had to give a ghost CPR it is very weird.
22nd September 2013 8:50pm
Marge says...
How do i hire lifeguard for my resort? A man died on my pool because no lifeguard is available haha
Did the game actually tell you that that's why he died? As far as I know the only lifeguards in game are the Sim professions.
30th June 2013 6:11pm
Sucey says...
In my game clark work on the resort so i can't talk to him! The only thing i can do is ask for the island but it sais that i must be better friends with him! How can i be better friends with someone that is impossible to talk to? And yes, i thought about cheats but it sais that my sim doesn't know him! What shall i do?
ResetSim on the clerk? If you own the resort, fire the clerk and hire someone new. Don't forget to try a friendly introduction with them.
3rd July 2013 9:23am
Sam says...
a quick tip for people: Don't enter this job with maxed Athletic and Charisma. Rescues hardly increase the experience bar from level 6 onwards.
Also, if you have Supernatural, get Job booster potions. They help get levels really quickly.
5th July 2013 4:37am
Tigerskin says...
My sim has to rescue 50 sims to complete his lifetime wish?

He did get the Cay to the City after he rescued 29 sims though.
Yeah the lifetime wish is 50 Sims.
8th July 2013 1:55pm
Tigerskin says...
Whoops, didn't read it properly obviously.

It's a long hard slog to rescue 50, he's been at it for about 4 weeks or so, been to every job and he's still only saved 35! Shame CPR doesn't contribute towards it.
9th July 2013 5:38am
Abby says...
Hi,I have the same problem as Catherine. I have a lifeguard and I'm on my 6th level yet I haven't saved a single sim. I never get a certain beach to watch over when I am on the clock. I'm not quiet sure what I'm missing. Pls help. thanks.
Are you checking into resorts? Do you always seem to have time off?
8th July 2013 5:49pm
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