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The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion
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The Sims 3 Late Night: Actor and Director

A Career Track Guide for Film's Acting and Directing Branches

The Sims 3 Late Night Distinguished Director Uniform
The Distinguished Director's Uniform

Requires The Sims 3 Late NightAbout the Actor and Director Jobs
The Film Career is one of the deeper rabbit hole careers. Sims are able to take special job opportunities in town while on the clock, giving a variety of tasks that can be performed to make money and increase performance. Either branch, Acting or Directing, relies heavily on Late Night's new Celebrity rank system. So, Sims who take up these pursuits will end up with a lot of fame and experience the ups and downs of being a star.

Be Prepared to be a Celebrity
Since your Celebrity rank will be heavily relied upon in the upper levels of this career, you'll want to make a Sim that has some potential. Because of the short work days in the upper levels, the Ambitious trait may be helpful, as it will make better use of the short time you have to work toward a promotion. It is hard to get beyond Celebrity level 4, so the Star Quality trait is highly recommended. Both Director and Actors will benefit from the Film level 4 perk, which raises Celebrity point gains. The Superstar Actor, Distinguished Director and Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTWs all go well with this career choice.

The Sims 3 Film Career Track: Pay Rate, Hours Worked and Skill Reqs
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
1Background Extra1-7PM M-F$21/hour, $126/dayMood
2Best Boy1-7PM M-F$25/hour, $150/dayMood, Cast
3Key Grip1-6PM M-F$36/hour, $150/dayMood, Cast
4Personal Assistant1-6PM M-F$52/hour, $260/dayMood, Cast, Celebrity
5Production Manager1-6PM M-F$62/hour, $310/dayMood, Cast, Celebrity
Actor Branch
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
6TV Actor2PM-7PM M-Th$97/hour, $485/dayMood, Cast, Charisma, Celebrity
7Featured Actor2PM-7PM M-Th$105/hour, $530/dayMood, Charisma, Celebrity
8Supporting Actor2PM-7PM M-Th$146/hour, $730/dayMood, Charisma, Celebrity
9Lead Actor3PM-6PM M, W, Th$306/hour, 918/dayMood, Charisma, Celebrity
10Superstar Actor3PM-6PM M, W, Th$752/hour, $2256/dayMood, Charisma, Celebrity
Director Branch
Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion Factors
6Storyboardist1-6PM M-Th$93/hour, $465/dayMood, Writing, Celebrity, Cast
72ND Unit Director1-6PM M-Th$122/hour, $610/dayMood, Writing, Celebrity
8Script Writer1-6PM M-Th$159/hour, $795/dayMood, Writing, Celebrity
9Assistant Director1-5PM M-Th$257/hour, $1028/dayMood, Writing, Celebrity
10Distinguished Director1-5PM M-Th$605/hour, $2420/dayMood, Writing, Celebrity
Bridgeport's Movie Studio, home of the Film Career
Bridgeport's Movie Studio

Actor Specials
At level 6, Actors gain a permanent bonus, reducing entry requirements to clubs by 1 celebrity level, so they can enter any club easily as a level 4 celeb. At 7, they start riding a limo to work. At level 10, they get a professional Actor's trailer, which is a bit like a tent/dresser combination. It allows your Sim to change clothes and sleep anywhere it can be placed. Actors can also win awards, such as the Simmy Best Actor award.

Actors don't have set uniforms, and will sometimes come home with a different outfit which can be accessed via dresser as 'Miscellaneous 1', but seems to change, as the movie they're filming changes. Share the spotlight with another actor in the event to gain respect from co-workers. Lastly, Actors can use the photo shoot work tone to improve their Celebrity level a little. Everything helps, as it's very time consuming to reach level 5 as a Celebrity.

Sims 3 Late Night Director's Seat of Power and Actor's Star Trailer

Director Specials
Directors get the same -1 celebrity level bonus to entry requirements as Actors, and ride a limo to work at level 7. They really differ at level 8, where they'll gain the ability to write screenplays. Screenplays can be drama, sci-fi, indie, romantic comedy, and action. The times to complete a screenplay seem to vary, but you'll generally make a good sum of money from a single one. The least I've seen averaged is about $250 an hour, but I've seen $500 an hour as well.

At level 10, Directors get the Director's Seat of Power. They can also win awards like the Best Director Simmy. Above, you can see a shot of the Director's Seat of Power (just a seat) and the star's trailer. Thanks to Andrew for passing that along to me.

The Sims 3 Careers
Career Paths A-LM-ZCareer TipsCareer TraitsMoney MakingPart Time Jobs List
Real EstateAcrobatActing/DirectorArchitectArt AppraiserAstronomer
Bot ArenaBusinessCriminalCulinaryDaycareFirefighter
Fortune TellerGhost HunterHorsemanInventorJournalismLaw Enforcement
Private InvestigatorProfessional SportsScienceSculptorSingerSports Agent
StylistTeacherVideo Game Developer

Comments (25)

SinJC says...
Duuhhh use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat and hold shift down while clicking the mail box. then go to set career and click what your sim wants to be.
4th May 2013 1:05pm
Zoe says...
Thanks for your help. Also I was wondering what the quickest way to become a celebrity is. Thank you.
22nd July 2013 3:15am
Peace Mistwallow says...
I added Charismatic for my actress Sim since every level from 6 on requires high Charisma. Star Quality, Virtuoso, Party Animal and Lucky are her other traits. These seem to open doors for her. Leveling up her Guitar gave her something to brag about to other stars to impress them. "Everyone attends" her parties, which also helps. Lucky is just lucky. After NO BILLS (which I always get as soon as possible or I forget to pay them), the next reward I chose was ATTRACTIVE. Even stars are almost immediate friends with this one.
25th July 2013 6:55pm
Whitney says...
Find a celebrity and type in crtl+shift+c then type in testingcheatsenabled true and go to the relashinship icon and click on the celebrity icon and below it will be a bar click on it and move it to the rights till half of the bar is green now your best friends with the celebrity then just date it or marry it and you will gain celebrity points
30th July 2013 5:01pm
you're welcome says...
testingcheatsenabled true, shift click on sim, celebrity, set celebrity level, 5.
18th August 2014 4:59am
Travis says...
if you date/go steady/marry an actor/actress with high celebrity, you get a huge celebrity boost. Even going on dates with them will help.
20th December 2013 10:41am
Becca says...
If you're planning on having a career in Film, as a teen you should definitely get the Film part time job. You get done extra Simoleons and you start the regular Film career at a higher level when you age up! My teenage sim reached Level 3 (Teen Star I'm pretty sure it was) part time, and then automatically joined the Film career at Level 3 when she aged up.
7th January 2014 7:07pm
MrsNoquinha says...
I don't understand, one of my Sims is in this career and her work hours are in the morning... I can't do some opportunities because of this...
12th December 2012 5:37pm
Zoe says...
I was wondering if anyone could tell me a set of traits perfect for the directing branch. Here's what I've got.
Ambitious - promotions come quicker
Workaholic- no stress and quicker raises
Star Quality - helps with being a celeb
Book Worm - helps with writing skill
And I'm unsure about the last one, please help!
The last one could really be whatever you wanted it to be.  You could make the sim artistic or childish or perfectionist.
20th July 2013 3:09am
yoloswag says...
lucky, because of the lucky days it's easier to get a promotion then.
7th April 2014 1:22am
SupernaturalFan says...
Hi I'm kinda new to the Sims, but my question is my Sims Hiro wants to be a superstar actor. But the problem is I have never played this LTW so I have never actually found out where he needs to go to get the job?

Please can someone tell me? I'm sure it's really obvious in the end, but I really need to know.....

As always have a very Merry Simming LOL!
13th March 2014 8:21pm
Victoria says...
So, for this lifetime wish you simply apply for a job in the film career at plumbob pictures backlot. This is a lot that is already placed in Bridgeport as a career option but if you're playing in another town you'll have to edit your town and place the lot. Then have your sim work their way through the career, and choose acting branch when given the option. I hope this clears things up!
6th August 2014 2:38pm
Zoe says...
Thanks, I just went with friendly and I have two other sims in other careers, here's their traits
Medical career
Genius, bookworm, ambitious, workaholic and friendly.
Theif Career
Athletic, Kleptomatic, ambitious, workaholic and computer whiz.
21st July 2013 3:47pm
Peace Mistwallow says...
But...what actually brought me here is that I'm looking to find out if Researching Roles does any good. When she does this instead of working on the lot, it seems her progress is slower. Any experience?
25th July 2013 6:58pm
Tara says...
Hi, I just have a question because my wants to be an actor, so I've been waiting several days (close to a week now) and the Film Career has yet to show up. Is there a glitch or something that needs to be fixed? because I've never had to wait this long for a career path to show and its really starting to get annoying. Help would be much appreciated!
26th September 2013 2:30am
smartburn says...
Go to the Film Studio and apply directly (if you don't have it in your town, you'll need to go to Edit Town and put it in manually).
19th October 2013 2:24pm
Angelshaman says...
Are there particular towns that only support certain careers or professions?
27th October 2013 4:14am
Zoe says...
Yes there is. I've only got the pets and night life expansion pack but in night life, you can become and actor or a director. If you didnt have thjs expansion pack, these jobs would be unavailable to you. Same with the pets, except you can be becoke a jockey. Hope this helps.
15th December 2013 2:34am
Annamc1999 says...
My Sim is now production manager in the Film Career track and she now wants to be in the acting branch. How can she become an actor and get on to that branch?
27th March 2013 5:34am
zoe says...
you'll have to quit and work your way up again
2nd June 2013 5:31am
Lawlietismine says...
Sometimes (thankfully) if you are high up on the work branch when you quit, you can sometimes start again at a higher level. For example, my level 10 chef quit, then re-applied and started again at level 4 (instead of level 1 as usual)
21st July 2013 7:57pm
rosabella says...
there's a cheat you can do by pressing ctrl shift c, typing testingcheatsenabled true, then you shift click the mail box with the sim you want to have the career in, click set career, film, acting branch and then superstar actress/actor
4th March 2014 3:27pm
Anonymous Simmer says...
Simply put, keep working until you get a promotion. Then, they'll let you select your branch; acting or directing. Select acting, and the wish will be fulfilled.
6th July 2014 1:00pm
Bree says...
Do you have to play in Bridgeport to have these careers?
28th March 2013 4:57pm
sigildagger says...
Any world that has the room for the Movie Studio will work, as it just needs the right rabbit whole to get to said career.
19th April 2013 7:32am
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