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The Sims 3 Medical Career Track

This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Medical Career Track in the Sims 3To get your Sim a job in the medical career track, have them apply at the hospital. This career track is very logic-intensive and will require your Sim to read medical journals most every day to maintain a high level of job performance. Doctors make a lot of money, but high level ones will be on call and may have their day interrupted by an emergency at the hospital.

Sims that reach the World Renowned Surgeon job will find they are able to determine the gender of a baby, and see if it's a boy or girl. It's not that useful however, because once Mom is pregnant the baby's gender is locked and you can't use fruit to change it. Note that they can only use the determine gender action when the Sim is visibly pregnant. Follow that link to learn about how to select your baby's gender.

Some believe that Logic grants this ability, but it is not so. The role of logic in determining a baby's gender is its contribution to the doctor's rise to world renowned surgeon.

The Sims 3 Medical Career Track: Pay Rate, Hours Worked and Skill Reqs

Career Track
Job TitleWork HoursSalary/Pay Rate
Wages Earned/Day
Job Promotion &
Work Promotion Factors
1Organ DonorMon-Fri
Logic, Mood
2Bed Pan CleanerMon-Fri
Logic, Mood
Logic, Mood
4Medical InternMon-Fri
Logic, Mood, Research
Logic, Mood, Research
6Trauma SurgeonMon-Fri
Logic, Mood, Research
7Gene TherapistMon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Logic, Mood, Research
8Infectious Disease
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Logic, Mood, Research
9NeurosurgeonMon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Logic, Mood, Research
10World Renowned SurgeonMon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Logic, Mood, Research

Medical Career Track Events

There are a number of different events that can pop up while your Sim is climbing the medicine career ladder. Early on, bad things like getting pushed into a laundry cart and having hygiene plummet can occur. Later, only positive events happen. When the stranger comes in, it doesn't seem to matter if you Accept or Decline. Also, it's always Bloatyheaditis. World Renowned Surgeons may occasionally sink a record breaking putt and earn a quick $1,000 bonus. All other events will raise job performance or relations with co-workers. Some also give an instant raise, such as in the case of Bloatyheaditis.

Medical Career Opportunities

To the Rescue
A high level doctor Sim may be asked to rush to city hall to save a politician's life. It will be due by the next work shift. Do this to receive a $2,000 cash bonus.

Donate Your Sim's Heart
Another opportunity for high level doctors, this will likely present itself at World Renowned Surgeon. Your Sim will be asked to donate their heart and receive an artificial one in exchange. This will give them not only a $4,000 bonus but a raise of around $67.

Good Traits for The Sims 3's Medical Career Track

The Genius trait will help with the logic skill, which the medical track requires heavily. Your Sim will also be better at chess, giving them another outlet for their brilliance.

Later in the career track, your Sim will need to begin reading medical research journals. Bookworm can help them to breeze through them quickly. It will also help them to enjoy reading, and they'll have a good way to gain lifetime happiness by reading books. Of course this can also help raise the logic skill, especially if your Sim reads the skill books in the library.

Look to Good Traits For Every Career for more ideas.

The Sims 3 Medical Career Track Uniforms
Sims 3 Bed Pan Cleaner Uniform
Bed Pan Cleaner Uniform
Sims 3 Paramedic Uniform
Paramedic Uniform
Sims 3 Medical Intern Uniform
Medical Intern Uniform
Sims 3 Resident Uniform
Resident Uniform
Sims 3 Trauma Surgeon Uniform
Trauma Surgeon Uniform
Sims 3 Infectious Disease Researcher Uniform
Infectious Disease Researcher Uniform
Sims 3 Neurosurgeon Uniform
Neurosurgeon Uniform
Sims 3 World Renowned Surgeon Uniform
World Renowned Surgeon Uniform
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Comments (16)

Sims26 says...
My sims is a doctor and when his wife was pregnant he was level 7 and he could determine the gender of his baby.
15th December 2012 4:28am
SmellyThang says...
My pregnant sim is a world reknowned surgeon. Can she determine the gender of her own baby?
9th March 2013 12:22am
Devon says...
You could just have her eat apples (3) to make it a boy or watermelon (3) to make it a girl. Works like a charm! - Just don't try it in real life :D
3rd April 2013 11:18pm
Unipig says...
I have a girl doctor and I want to know the gender of my baby what do I do?
8th May 2014 1:19am
SHASH says...
you can have a friend doctor ivite her over and ask gender of baby the bubble will show the gender girl boy
23rd April 2014 5:20pm
stacey says...
my sim would not get pregnant I don't no what do I do
23rd October 2013 11:08am
ShinigamiGurl says...
Why is it that I cannot boost my research to max? I've read all the books he came home with, I've reread them as well, I've used the skeleton, I've reread all the books I got from University, I've read books that sounded like they were medical related and it's never risen above 'great'.
4th August 2014 1:08pm
Trinity says...
I want to know the gender of my baby but can't figure out how to ask this guy his level in this career. Help!
24th November 2013 5:11pm
Annette says...
My sim wants to start a medical clinic. How do I go by doing that.
12th July 2014 8:43am
TDRinfinity says...
Great advice! :)
8th October 2012 3:50pm
MonkeyBro says...
Thanks i want to create new sim but i'm confused about the career this helps a lot
21st April 2013 11:05am
EmilyIsUltraKeen says...
My sim is a medical intern, and she came home with a "beeper"...? What do I do with that?
5th April 2013 2:13am
Dogger5150 says...
The beeper is for when you are on call. You will get a message pop-up to go to work and if you don't go its like missing a normal day of work. The beeper doesn't actually require any interaction, it just needs to be in your inventory.
28th April 2013 1:17am
CaitlinTheAwesome says...
I wanted to know what the carreer means by "Research". Do you just read the books they give you or what? Please answer, and thank you for helping fellow simmers all around with your guide! :)
19th January 2013 8:07pm
MrsDoily says...
Sometimes when your sim comes home from a shift, there will be a white book with some blue stuff on it in his or her inventory. If you click on it, it will usually say their name followed by something like "Organ Donation Diary" or yada yada. You can read it and it counts as the research!
16th February 2013 12:15pm
shameca williams says...
Hello, my sims had gotten married. So i decide it was t9ime for them to have a baby. Well now that shes pregnant she wont leave the bed and revokes every action I do. What do I do
17th August 2014 11:04pm
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