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2011 Challenge Tournament Season

2011 Tournament Closed - See you Soon in 2012
This year's tournament winner was Claymask. Below, you can see the final standing of anyone who played enough to earn a world rank. Cheers to all the participants!

The next, and final, tournament season is upon us. The first opening is January 2. A lot has changed in regards to rules and how the challenges are approached. Please be sure to read the 2012 Sims 3 Tournament Overview. From there, you are good to go starting January 2 and throughout the year. Remember, it requires three entries in order to achieve a world ranking.

Special Challenges:
Tom Schlueter, aka Metropolis Man, has created many challenges for our forum. He has made two stand-alone multi-generational events for The Sims 3. These are the Immortal Dynasty and Townie DecaDynasty challenges. Click to learn more and get the rules for these non-tournament events.

About our Challenges and Tournament
Although this page covers our Challenge tournament, players looking for Sims 3 Challenges may pursue those that were created for the tournament for their casual play. You can also run a search for challenges with our custom Sims 3 search to see the many challenges that have been created for our site.

Our Sims 3 Challenge Tournament is back for 2011. Our tournament spans 13 challenges, from January to November. Participants will be ranked according to how many other players they beat in a given challenge. Each person you outrank in an event counts as a victory. The scoring component is 65% wins and 35% participation, meaning competing in more events can raise your score. For in-depth information on how this will work, read the official 2011 World Ranking page.

Our Sims 3 Challenge Tournament Coordinator, Metropolis Man, has decided to allow participants to state intent to participate just one time for the entire year. This means if you sign up for the tournament, you're free to jump into any events you'd like to play throughout the season. For information on how to do so, read the Tournament Roster and General Rules page. There you'll find guidelines for how the tournament is conducted and the all-important Honor System.

This page will be kept updated with the latest challenges available to players, and as events close the World Ranking will be mirrored here. To see the results of the 2010 tournament, click here.

The Sims 3 2011 Challenge Tournament World Ranking (Final)
PlayerWorld Ranking
Metropolis Man.920
Largo The Stampede.811
Sim Posey Yum.175
Mocha Java.105

Challenges in the Sims 3 2011 Tournament Season

Remember, just because it's closed, doesn't mean you can't try to play and follow the rules and complete the challenge. You can compare your score with that of our Sims 3 tournament players, but it should not be submitted unless you've entered into the tournament.

January 3 - March 13. My Garden of Eatin' Smells Fishy!
The 2011 Tournament season kicks off with a reworking of last year's Perfectly Happy Challenge. Your single Sim has 12 weeks to amass as much wealth as possible from gardening, cooking/Culinary career, and fishing. Obtaining Perfect varieties of different plants, recipes, and fish as well as completing many different gardening, cooking/Culinary career, and fishing opportunities will also figure heavily into the final score.

January 24 - February 13. Bishop Takes Head Kick: Grandmaster Quan's Grandmaster Challenge
Put on your gi and ponder your lethal opening chess move. It's an all-out race to see who can be the first to achieve Grandmaster rank in chess and Grandmaster rank in the Martial Arts Tournament—a test of wits and spinning back kicks. Who says you can't apply a rear naked choke hold to a chess table?

February 14 - April 24. Stop the Presses! Write Here, Write Now.
Calling all bookworms. Pull up to the computer and start crankin' out those novels to make your fortune. Reading as many books as you can will also weigh heavily into your score.

March 7 - March 27. Flight of the Starship Crescent Wrench: the Upgrade Quadrant
You're in the Captain's chair for the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Crescent Wrench. Your mission is to hand pick 4 worthy engineering Sims and go back in time to visit 4 primitive worlds. Your Starfleet CO has set up a grand challenge for you and other competing Captains to upgrade all public facility objects on these 4 worlds as quickly as possible. Engage!

March 28 - June 5. Peter and Jack's Rabbit Hole Adventures
Peter and Jack Rabbit have dug a lot of career rabbit-holes in your neighborhood. How many can you explore in 12 weeks? It's time to dive in and tackle those careers like rabbits.

April 18 - May 8. Ghost Hunter Bingo!
Ready to get slimed and take on a giant Pillsbury Doughboy? Well, that probably won't happen, but you'll still scare up plenty of fun in this short Ghost Hunter challenge. Score will be based on finding various "type" and "age" spirits to complete bingos. Plus, earning as much money from the Ghost Hunter career will be important. Scare up some fun here.

May 9 - July 17. Baby Boomer III: How Big is Your Family Tree?
Baby Boomer is back! One of the most popular challenges gets some new twists this year. Players can now make interesting strategy decisions geared towards aging toddlers, children, and teens up early to ultimately kick out the Young Adults and allow the mom to bring in even more babies. After approximately 12 weeks of game time you may never want to see a Noo Boo again! Try For Baby here.

May 30 - June 19. A Photography Challenge? Oh Snap!
Yes, a photography challenge is finally on tap and it's long overdue. 4 game weeks is all you'll have to amass as much money as possible from photography. The real challenge will be completing as many collections in the skill journal as possible — those will act as a big score multiplier. Finally, don't just think you can take an unlimited number of photographs in the 4're also restricted by total number of photographs allowed. This is going to be a tough one, shutterbugs.

June 20 - August 28. Random Wishmasters II: Foster Parent Frenzy
Like last year's Wishmasters event, the focus will be on ramping up the happiness points and dealing with the randomness the game throws at you. But, this year, the randomness is kicked up a notch with your 2 starting Sims playing foster parents. Beginning at Week 7, your Sims will be adopting one child every week until your household is capped. Whew! Let's get random!

July 11 - August 14. Here's a Tip: Party Like a Rock Star!
During this event you'll have multiple scoring components to juggle — receiving large tips, having big concert paydays, and having profitable autograph sessions. On top of it all, you'll need to host as many parties as the rules allow. It's going to be Epic and it might get loud. So, crank it up to 11 here.

August 1 - October 9. Mad Max Skillz Marathon: Cheaters Welcome.
How many skills could you max with a single Sim if you could grind them 24/7 with static needs on? That's what we're going to find out in this event. Completing Skill Challenges will significantly increase your score, so you'll have to do some mental gymnastics to decide if the extra time spent on pursuing those is worth it.

August 22 - September 11. The Hobos to Heroes Race.
Start with two Sims with awful traits and little money. Hammer them into the ground by becoming enemies and starving them over the first two days. Then, pick them up by their bootstraps, get them to marry each other, as well as achieve the Firefighter Hero LTW as quickly as possible. Simple, right? Ready to become a Hero?

September 12 - November 27. Tournament Finale: The 4 x 4 Golden Opportunity
4 Sims are responsible for supplying a score based on total money received from 4 different named opportunities. All 16 opportunities scored must be unique. When opportunity knocks...will you answer?

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