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The Sims 3 Challenge
Baby Boomer

By Pam Marsden

This is my walkthrough for the Sims 3 Baby Boomer Challenge co-written by Carl and me. Click here to see the rules for the challenge and current leader board. Register and post your score to join the competition.

I created two Young Adult Sims who are married to each other, named Donny and Debby Osmond.

Donny's traits: Workaholic, Schmoozer, Ambitious, Lucky, and Family Oriented. The first four traits will help Donny be successful in his Business career, and the final trait will help ensure that the family will always grow and the children's needs will be met.

Debby's traits: Family Oriented (required for this challenge), Green Thumb, Handy, Natural Cook, Neat. All of these traits will help Debby maintain the home and raise the children. She's not allowed to work outside the home.

Donny and Debby bought a lot on the beach in Sunset Valley and built a very modest two bedroom, one bath house. According to the rules of the challenge, Donny immediately got a job as a Coffee Courier in the Business career track.

Debby immediately became pregnant with their first child, which was a girl named January. As soon as January was born, they tried for their next child and had triplet girls named February, March, and April. Both Donny and Debby had the Lifetime Reward of Fertility Treatment, which brought them the triplets. Again, they tried again immediately after the birth and had twin girls named May and June. No watermelon was eaten during any of the pregnancies. The girls are all natural.

Their family grew large very quickly and the necessary expansions of the house and purchases of 6 cribs, 2 high chairs, 2 potty chairs, and various toys brought the family down to only $30. Debby's gardening project took a back seat to taking care of 4 toddlers and 2 infants. Even sleep became a luxury and keeping meals cooked was a challenge.

Donny worked diligently at his job and had reached level 5 when the house reached its maximum capacity and the money virtually disappeared. He was offered $7,000 if he would take the blame for some serious mistakes inside the company and allow himself to be fired. It was a difficult decision, but $7,000 will go a long way toward taking care of his family and he can hopefully find another job somewhere else. So, Donny took the money and was fired. After taking a couple of days to catch his breath and see 4 of his daughters aged into children, Donny took a job in the Medical career as a level 1 Organ Donor.

Now that there are only 2 toddlers, Debby might be able to make some progress on her garden. She's also got a wish to have 10 children total (worth 15,000 happiness points), so as soon as the oldest ones move out, she'll be getting pregnant again. Best to enjoy the lull while it lasts.

When the oldest 4 girls became children, they were able to assist with cleaning chores, which is very helpful to their mother. It's challenging to keep all of them on track with school and homework, though. They don't normally think about eating or showering before they go to bed or leave for school and they'll have a very bad day if they are hungry and smelly. It's also a challenge to keep their social and fun meters high. The family is poor, so there's no money for toys or gadgets. They have a cheap television and nothing else. It's not much fun for a kid to just go to school, do homework, eat, and sleep. There's not as much at stake in this challenge because once the kids grow into Young Adults, they will get kicked out. It doesn't matter what their traits are or whether I get to choose them, but I still want them to basically do well because they were such darling little toddlers.

To help counter balance all the chaos in the house when the girls are getting ready for school or doing their homework and getting ready for bed, the parents retreat to the park with their two young toddlers, May and June, while the older kids are at school. They are able to find some special quiet time for just the youngest twins while they learn to walk and talk.

The teenage years for the first six kids are uneventful for the most part. No fires, burglaries, or drama. Half of them had part time jobs while in high school. Their grades were decent, except for one so far that I didn't get to choose her final trait. All six of the girls are teenagers at the same time and go to school together. Debby has been gardening, cooking, and fishing while she waits for the first one to move out.

January became a Young Adult first. I let her get a full time job before kicking her out. It matches her Lifetime Wish, so hopefully she will do alright. I feared that she wouldn't have a place to live when I kicked her out, but it turns out that they do just fine. I followed her when she left the house. She walked down the street and took possession of a house only a few doors down. Within a few days, she was married and pregnant. Donny and Debby now have a granddaughter named Monika. The triplets, February, March, and April, moved out on schedule, as well. I followed the same course and let them get jobs first. They also took possession of empty houses in town.

Debby got pregnant right away after January moved out. She gave birth to her first boy named July. The triplets moved out on the day July was born and Debby was able to get pregnant again right away. Another set of triplets this time. Boys named August, September, and October. Debby got her wish to have 10 children. She's pregnant again and her doctor husband says it's a girl. If it's another set of twins, the house will be completely full again.

Donny didn't have any trouble finding another job after taking the hush money and being fired from his job in the Business career at level 5. He joined the Medical field and has already made his way to level 10, World Renowned Surgeon. He was able to tell the gender of Debby's baby when he was at level 7. He got an unusual opportunity to donate his heart and have it replaced by an artificial one. For this, he got a bonus of $4,000 and a permanent raise of $67, which puts him at a salary of $586 per hour as the challenge nears its end. He's able to provide for his family with no problem.

As their second batch of kids takes shape, Donny and Debby are able to provide nicer things for the family. No expense is spared on the new nursery for the young ones. They will be very comfortable and entertained. There's also a new television, a video game, upgraded appliances, and pretty new bedroom furniture. The house is still small and gets crowded when everyone is up and about, but the family manages nicely for the most part.

Debby did indeed give birth to twins. Another set of girls named November and December. Donny stopped on the way home from the hospital to age up to elderly. Poor little newborn December was laying on the sidewalk while her dad went through the change. Afterward, a gray long haired Donny walked the rest of the way home carrying his daughter.

Debby aged up the next day, which brought an end to this challenge. The final count was 12 children for Donny and Debby Osmond: 6 Young Adults, 4 Toddlers, and 2 Infants with a total score of 10,600 for the challenge.

Although the challenge is technically over, I'll go back and play this family again and again. I really enjoyed it a great deal and it will be fun to play the kids as adults and see where this exceedingly large and wonderful family goes next.

Post your stats for this challenge on the Baby Boomer thread on our Sims 3 Forum.

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