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Our Sims 3 Guide features many more helpful articles related to cheating and game secrets. Here are just a few of our cheat-related offerings. To learn more about the game, use our site's search function. This will find information on the guide and our huge forum.

Cheat-Related Articles
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How to Cheat: The Sims 3 Cheat Console (PC/Mac)
To access the Sims 3 cheats console for PC or Mac, press Control + Shift + C at the same time on your keyboard. If you're using Windows Vista and for some reason the console won't come up, press Control, Windows and the Shift button along with 'C'. I'm not sure why, but some have to do this. When the console comes up, you can type one of the cheats below to give your Sim whatever you desire. When you're done cheating, press the escape key.

The Sims 3 Money Cheats

I'm putting these cheats first, as they are what most people come looking for. The other cheats you can use along with powerful testingcheats are listed below. There is also a section on Expansion-specific Cheats, like unlocking all islands for Island Paradise and changing the weather, temperature, or season for The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack.

Fast Money: Kaching and Motherlode Cheats
Typing the Kaching cheat into the console will give your Sims household an instant 1,000 Simoleons. This is a decent sum of money and may help if you don't want to go all out with your cheating.

Cheat for Money in the Millions: Familyfunds
It's unwieldy to use the kaching and motherlode cheats to give your Sim's household millions in the game's currency, Simoleons. Thankfully, EA provided a cheat to satisfy the most greedy Simmers. Use testingcheatsenabled true (see more on the testing cheats below), followed by familyfunds (familyname) (amount). For example familyfunds Smith 1000000 would give the Smith family 1,000,000 Simoleons. That's a lot of cash! Home builders will love this because of the flexibility it gives them in design without having to type motherlode repeatedly. Thanks to Swede1992 of our Sims 3 Forum for the heads up!

The Sims 3 Cheats Codes

The following are codes you can enter into the cheat console directly to get an effect, or gameplay elements that accomplish things without cheating, such as those for babies and the death flower. There is another more powerful cheating option - testingcheats, in the section below.

Infinite Life by Disabling Aging
This is not really a cheat, but many may not notice that it is present in the game so I felt it should be listed here. Go to the options menu and head to the game options tab at the top of the window. Here you can slide the Sims' lifespans bar all the way to the right to make their life last for 900 days. Additionally, if you uncheck the enable aging box, you will disable aging, your Sims will no longer age. Be careful, this is not immortality in the basic sense. You can still die from fire or electrocution. To help prevent this, be sure to install a smoke detector in your Sim's home and if you get shocked while tinkering, repairing, or upgrading an object don't go back to work for a while because the second shock can kill your Sim.

Prevent Death "Cheat"
If your Sim has a death flower in their inventory when they die, they'll give it to the grim reaper in exchange for their soul. You can usually find a death flower at the graveyard in the beginning. Harvest the plant and keep this on your Sim. If they happen to die by fire, drowning or any other preventable way, your Sim will hand over the flower and live on. Read up on Gardening to learn to grow your own.

Select your Baby's Gender
While only world renowned surgeons can actually determine the gender of your babies, you can improve the chances your Sim will have the gender of baby you're looking for. You can boost the odds of having a male by having the pregnant Sim eat apples, or increase chances for a girl by eating watermelon. This is a tried and true gender-selection method. Note this takes place after a Sim is already pregnant. So, if you really want your Sim to have a boy or girl, head to the supermarket and get them eating the produce of choice.

Gameplay Secret: Have Twins or Triplets
Since some want to have twins, and aren't aware of this, I'll write a bit about it. To increase the chances of having twins or triplets before your Sims Woohoo for baby, take the fertility treatment lifetime reward for one or both. One Sim with this will work sometimes, but if both have the treatment, you're almost guaranteed multiple babies. The secret is to have the parent listen to kids' music on the radio, and watch children's programming on television. Doing both at once a lot during the pregnancy will really boost mom's chances of multiples!

Need Help When Your Sim is Stuck? Use the Reset Sim Cheat
Sometimes Sims can get stuck in horrible predicaments they just can't get out of due to a game glitch. Some players' Sims have even died from standing around too long while their masters fumbled for a way to save the day. The answer is the ResetSim Firstname Lastname Command. Type in the Sim's full name and voila, they'll be reset to the starting point without facing a horrible death from starvation.

Hide Plumbob and Headlines
use hideheadlineeffects on to hide the plumbob and any speech or thought bubbles over Sims' heads. This is helpful for taking better screenshots.

Type this in the command console to get a random joke.

AgeuptoNPC on
This is a bizarre cheat. If you use this with a toddler in the house, when they age up to child, you can turn the kid into a non-playable NPC that lives in your household. I guess it's a code for people who do not want to manage children.

Testing Cheats for Needs, Lifetime Rewards, and More

How to use the Sims 3's testing cheats for PC/Mac:
To access the rest of the cheats in the Sims 3, type the console command testingcheatsenabled true. This will allow you to press shift and click various locations and items to bring up special commands. I'll list some of them here:

The Sims 3 Skills Cheats
The above link will show you how you might use these types of cheats to raise skills in The Sims 3.

Ground-Clicking Testing Cheats
This cheat will really take some travel time off your Sim's commute! Shift-click any open patch of ground with testing cheats enabled, and your Sim can instantly teleport, star trek style, to that location. Use it for collecting, to get to your favorite fishing spot, or any number of other ways. Get creative! With World Adventures you can zip to and fro without cheating, although not as quickly, by using Zeneport and Tranquil Transference. This cheat can also be used to access areas you can't go on foot.

Build/buy on this Lot
Shift-clicking the ground on a lot you do not own will allow you to build/buy on that lot. This will allow you to make changes to buildings and add features, such as extra skill objects or amenities you'd like to use while visiting. Using this Cheat uses your own household's funds to buy/build, so you are investing in that lot by either improving it, or taking some things away and raising your family funds.

Mailbox-Clicking Texting Cheats
Cheat to Make Friends in The Sims 3: Make Your Sim Know Everyone
Yep, you can shift-click the magic mailbox to allow your Sim to know every other Sim in the town you're playing. Realize that it must add all the townsfolk to your list of known Sims, so it may take a while for the cheat to finish processing.

Make Everyone Happy
Your Sims can throw some awesome parties with this cheat! When activated, every Sim at your party, or present in your house will be made very happy. Use it to fix a Sim that's in a seriously grumpy mood.

Unlimited Needs Cheat: Make Needs Static
When you use this, your Sim's needs will be locked. Your Sim's needs bar will fill up, and they will never decrease while it's enabled. To disable this, go back to the mailbox and click make needs dynamic.!

The Make Me Friends Cheat
Clicking this throws you a few random friends. Again, not that important but it could be useful as a cheat if you want to raise your charisma by reading or using the mirror, but don't want to have to satisfy the friend requirements of the skill. It'll also help with the Super Popular Lifetime Wish and the Charisma Challenges.

Career Promotion Cheat
You can change your Sim's current job and even give them a promotion to the top level in that career track. Check out the different special abilities your Sim earns for reaching the top spot. Look to the Career Guide for information on the perks your Sims gain as they climb to the top of each career ladder.

Chat to Change Your Sim's Looks: Edit in Create-A-Sim
You can now edit a Sim in create-a-sim with testingcheats enabled. This allows you to completely redesign the Sim, and as such is quite powerful for customization of a Townie or changes to a Sim you created.

Spawning Jobs and Work Events
You can trigger career events by shift-clicking a place of work. If your Sim has one of the new professions with Ambitions, you can shift-click an inhabited lot to spawn jobs. This works for jobs like firefighter. The job types available for spawn are limited by your level in the profession, of course. It's a good way to cheat and fill those lifetime wishes. It also works for rabbit hole jobs if you click the appropriate public lots.

Clicking your Sim
Modify Traits:
Clicking this will bring up the traits list for your Sim. You can then clear them all out, and have a mid-life crisis without paying all those lifetime reward points. This is very cool if you have a super Sim you want to be able to try different traits with. It's excellent for experimentation.

Age Up Cheat: Trigger Age Transition
This can make a Sim age to the next life cycle, which follows this pattern: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder. You can't go backward. The only way to Age Sims down is to use Young Again, a lifetime reward or chemistry potion from The Sims 3 Generations expansion. Otherwise, the closest you can come to saving an elder Sim is to feed them ambrosia or disable aging (see above).

Cheating to Force a Sim to Move In
If you Shift-click a Sim who's not in your house with the testing cheats on, you can take control of them and immediately have them join your household. Use this for devious reasons, or to avoid editing families. It's a fast and seamless way to add to your family.

Clicking a Work Site
Force Events and Opportunities
If you shift-click your Sim's place of work, you can force events to occur. These vary from job to job. What you're triggering is one of the random events that may happen while a Sim is at work. Additionally, you can trigger job opportunities this way. Use it to help your Sim get promotions faster by forcing the opportunities that help them advance. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way to force skill and special events. Sorry, no way to cheat to get the ability to grow the omni plant, you'll have to work for it a bit!

Non-Shift Click Testing Cheats

Remove Moodlets
If you hold control while the testing cheats are enabled, you can remove nasty moodlets. You can, in fact, remove any moodlet with this cheat. You can use it to remove the fatigued moodlet after working out, so the Sim can get back on the treadmill, or remove the frightened moodlet that appears when your Sim has been chased out of the catacombs by a zombie bear!

Max a Sim's Motives
With testingcheats enabled, you can click a Sim's needs bar to raise or lower them. Drag the bar and it should fill or deplete. This can be ultra-handy for parents of triplets trying to get all three potty trained! It's also good if you really need your Sim in top form to complete an opportunity but they're hungry, or tired and won't cook the meals that need to be delivered the next day. Its applications are many, and can be considered a lightweight version of the make needs static cheat.

Make Friends (or Enemies) through Cheating
If you go into the relationship pane with these cheats enabled, you'll also be able to drag relationship bars. You can make someone a best friend or even a nemesis this way. To make them a love interest, drag their bar to full, invite them over then have your Sim start the romantic interactions.

Cheat for Infinite Lifetime Rewards (Lifetime Happiness Points)
Make your Sim and get them into their house. Save the game once they're moved in, then head back to the main menu. Before you load your Sims 3 saved game again, open the cheat console (Control + Shift + C) and type testingcheatsenabled true. Once you load your Sims game, the testing cheats will still be on. This will allow you to go to the lifetime rewards tab, then control click in the area around the treasure chest icon. The game should be unpaused to do this, or it may appear to not be working. Each click will give your Sim an additional 500 lifetime happiness points. Click away, you've got infinite reward points to spend! Go out and snag that Food Replicator.

Free Lots
With testing cheats enabled, you can make lots free to allow a single Sim to purchase a lot that is over their budget. Simply type the console command freerealestate and all lots will be free. This is a decent time saver if you want to buy the biggest lot from the start, then skip on money cheats later.

If you for some reason need or want to turn off the Sims 3 testing cheats, type testingcheatsenabled false.

If you discover any other objects that can be shift-clicked with this cheat, or find a way to trigger skill opportunities by cheating, be sure to let me know! Do so by joining our forum

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack Cheats: Seasons, Unlocking Islands and More

World Adventures Tomb Building Cheats
While teleporting, making needs always green, and giving your Sims cash is nice while traveling, the Sims 3's World Adventures expansion patch added one new cheat to the game. To use it, first enable "god mode" by typing testingcheatsenabled true followed by buydebug. This cheat allows your Sim to purchase all the new items in the expansion pack and enables you to partake in Tomb Building. This can be useful for fixing broken merchants in the new destinations' marketplaces. If a vendor isn't there you can enable this mode, delete their cash register and place another one of the same kind in its place. Purchasing Pangu's Axe and other unique items can also be helpful for people who don't mind cheating their way through.

Edit Lots in Foreign Lands (WA)
Type EnableLotLocking on. When you click the lot in the travel spot that you want to edit, there will now be a lock that you can enable/disable to allow construction there.

Cheat for Ambitions Profession Experience
You can click and drag the Ambitions profession experience bars with testingcheatsenabled true. This doesn't work for regular careers. Rather, you'd shift-click the mailbox and select a career track/specific job to get promoted quickly. This cheat is helpful for professions when your Sim has already maxed the primary skill associated with that profession.

The Sims 3 Late Night Skyscrapers
If you have buydebug on, you can access skyscraper shells. Typing restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off will allow you to make edits to these and customize your apartments and other aspects of the building.

Sims 3 Late Night Cheats for Club Entry
With testing cheats enabled, if you shift-click a barrier in a Late Night club, you can change the entry requirements such as star level, bribe amount etc. This cheat can help your Sim to get into lounges and night clubs they couldn't without some actual work.

The Sims 3 Seasons: Weather Cheats
Simmers who have The Sims 3 Seasons can use a new type of cheat - weather control! To do this, use testingcheatsenabled true and shift-click any patch of ground. The cheat menu will appear, where you can access the Seasons interface, which lets you control the current seasons, weather, wind, and temperature of the world.

Note that you are able to disable certain Seasons, change the length of Seasons, and the types of weather that may occur through the Sims 3's options menu.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise: Unlock Uncharted Islands Cheat
If you want to cheat to avoid all the various tasks you need to do in order to unlock all the Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise, first type testingcheatsenabled true, then use the DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands Cheat, which will instantly take the fog off all islands and allow you to build a resort there. If you want to do it the honest way and have trouble collecting bottles with map parts, read Finding Map Fragments and follow the other guides to Island Paradise to see the means of unlocking other Uncharted Islands.

The Sims 3 Building Cheats - More Build Mode Options

These cheats are in a separate section as they are mainly useful for builders. The Moveobjects on cheat can help you at times when you need to relocate something and the game won't let you. These cheat codes will allow you to modify your Sim's home or lot, making it more unique. In creative hands, these can be powerful tools.

Moveobjects On/Off
Type this cheat in to the console to give yourself the ability to place items anywhere. You can do silly things with this, or use it to your advantage to help you decorate your Sim's house. With it, there won't be restrictions as to where you can place certain items, like cars. To disable the cheat, type moveobjects off

RestrictBuildBuyinBuildings Off/On
Use this if you get the error message that the Homeowner's Association won't allow construction. The code must be input after testingcheatsenabled true. This eliminates the restriction and lets you make changes to such lots.

AlwaysAllowBuildBuy On/Off
This prevents you from ever being restricted from building or buying because of events like a house fire or burglary.

ConstrainFloorElevation False/True
This cheat turns off the constraints on elevation. With the limitations disabled, you can change the height of walls and terrain as high as you'd like.

PlaceFriezes On/Off
Allows you to place foundations on top of tiled floors.

disableSnappingToSlotson Alt On/Off
This stops objects from snapping into a slot when placing them.

Hold Alt While Placing Objects
This isn't necessarily a cheat, but my be unknown to some Simmers. Holding Alt while placing an object will allow you to freely rotate it, offering more placement options.

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Jennifer says...
How can you build a bridge? I have looked all over and I cant find anything about how to do it.
11th September 2012 5:27am
Melissa says...
Try some video's on youtube, I find them to be verry helpfull.
14th September 2012 3:39pm
simsaddict says...
First put down the path/ foundation then surround it with the lake/pool:)
Hope I helped!:)
21st January 2013 10:04am
macapaca says...
Go to the sims supply on YouTube!! they have a tutorial
21st March 2013 2:42pm
Krysee says...
On completely flat land, build a foundation on either end of where the bridge will be with stairs going up, and additional 2x2 foundations just far enough out that you can build floor tiles between them. Knock out the foundations you don't want and rebuild the floor decks, then use the water tool to build the lake around the bridge.
9th May 2013 3:25pm
pandalover58 says...
use the moveobjects on cheat to put pillars in the water and then put tiles on top
17th May 2013 11:01am
karlo says...
place foundation then place the water its not actually bridge but alike
18th May 2013 8:17am
azteka says...
use beckng at bother sides of pool or river then use tiles on the decking and over the water (wont work ove too wide a gap)
20th July 2013 1:21pm
xandriennne says...
21st January 2014 4:37am
emily says...
you just put pillars then floor
20th March 2014 9:22am
Christian says...
For the Infinate Lifetime Rewards points the game doesn't not need to be unpaused. It will work when it is paused.
21st September 2012 8:16pm
Victoria Hulp says...
How do you know?
1st March 2013 4:33pm
Cometstarling says...
because it just does and I ndo it even though the clicking is absolutely annoying and you can use the right mouse button and left mouse button at the same time which makes it go a little bit faster
2nd April 2013 4:57pm
Levi is awesome says...
Ummm he could have the game and tried it>
1st December 2013 8:33am
Lea says...
Do anyone know, if there is a code for unlock the wish reward?
30th September 2012 3:24pm
Krysee says...
There isn't a cheat for completing your lifetime wish in the base game, but there are mods that facilitate that kind of cheat. It's easier and far less likely to mess things up if you just complete the lifetime wish normally. Most can actually be accomplished in under two sim-weeks. Check the "Lifetime Wishes" tab just to the left of the screen here; the tips are short and sweet, with links to other guides that help with specific parts of each wish.
5th October 2013 10:10pm
Becca says...
Hey Lea... Use cheats having to do with the LTW. For super popular, use make friends for me. For the skill ones, use make needs static so you can skill nonstop. For the career, set your career to level 10 by clicking on the mailbox.
1st March 2014 12:36am
E says...
What about the sims mod thing you could do in the sims 2 to age a sim backwards? it looked like a little sim infant standing up. or is it completely gone because that was great. it gave a memory of aging up for some reason though. also you could use it to gain things like more want boxes and level your skills in an instint. if thats gone then thats sad because you could do anything and be anything with that.
1st October 2012 3:27pm
Dave says...
The only way I have figured out to age backwars is do edit via CAS, with occult lifestates ie vampire or unicorn you need Nraas, and to change their life stage. You can alos change their sex :)
4th November 2012 8:28am
Lachie's says...
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true

Is a good sims 2 cheat that you can do lots with
1st January 2013 10:41pm
cj says...
yes E u can just go testingcheatsenabled true and shift-click the sim u want to and click edit sim in create-a-sim then u can change whatever you want.
8th February 2013 10:57pm
RauX says...
A way you can enter someone's house after midnight! Command to look through the window of the desired house. When the walls come down, teleport in. :) sometimes the sim may ask u to leave but to prevent that, ask that sim if u can sleep over before the sim can ask u to leave.
6th October 2012 12:46pm
Rose says...
You can cheat the omni plant! :)


buydebug on

it's in the plants under the question mark.
6th October 2012 3:51pm
Delarae says...
true needs to be spaced from the rest of the command
21st April 2014 9:20pm
E says...
I would like to point out that if you use the fruits in recipes then it doesn't work. you have to eat the fruit by itself not in a faved recipe.
11th October 2012 3:21pm
Sims lover says...
In the sims2 you can be abducted by aliens using TestingCheatsEnabled true but not in the sims3 does anyone know how I can get abducted or have a ghost baby in the sims 3???
Check the ghosts guide for info on ghost babies. Aliens will be available when Sims 3 Seasons comes out in mid-November.
13th October 2012 3:24pm
KingFireRider says...
sims 3 seasons if you use buydebug you can aduct anyone if you get the space car.
17th December 2012 7:55am
JLReischl says...
The infinate Lifetime Rewards didn't work for me! Does anyone know any other ways?! I want to get this really cool one the age youth thingy one, but I don't have enough! Please help!
18th October 2012 12:48am
Crystal says...
there are 2 ways you can get it to work. First way is to start from scratch and create your sims, move them into a house, and then save and quit to the main menu where you can open the cheat console and type in "testingcheatsenabled true" or if you already have a game that you plan to play, put the code in before you start loading it. Also make sure your game is unpaused. Good luck and if you still need help let me know!
23rd October 2012 12:44am
AtlantaSexySIMS says...
I am NOT able to get the infinite lifetime rewards to work on an already created game/family. It takes so long to create a sim, build a house, get them a job, & decorate a house. I do NOT want to start over. Is there a way to still achieve "Infinite Lifetime Rewards"?
Head to the main menu, type in the cheat, load your game - there's no need to start over :)
31st October 2012 11:40am
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