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The Sims 3 Chess Grand Master Guide - Playing and Winning Games

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

Becoming Chess Grand Master in the Sims 3 can be a great way to teach logic and chess skills to another Sim. Additionally, your Sim will be able to satisfy the requirements for the Chess Legend lifetime wish, associated with the Genius trait. You won't likely earn any money playing chess, but chess is a great way to make have fun while making friends.

Choosing the Right Traits
With the right traits, your Sim won't have a lot of trouble ascending to Grand Master. You should definitely pick the Genius trait, because it benefits your Sim's Logical pursuits in every way. Your Sim will enjoy chess more, and they will get better at logic faster overall.

A master of logic will be needed to truly succeed in chess in the Sims 3.Lucky will help you win more matches. For day to day use, it provides a small 'feeling lucky' moodlet you can frequently get with a good night's rest.

Computer Whiz will also help a lot with raising logic and practicing chess. With a more expensive computer, Sims can play chess against the computer and raise the skill. If you don't see the option, buy a better computer!

How to Play Against Others and become Grand Master

First, to really climb the ranks as a chess Grand Master, you'll need to practice chess and get your Logic skill up. Level 2 generally won't cut it, unless your Sim is in a great mood. Aim for something like level five logic. Practice against the computer to do this even faster. Taking a job that requires logic, like Law or Medicine also makes sense as your Sims' logical pursuits will be doubly beneficial.

Win against other Sims to make it to the rank of Chess Grand Master in the Sims 3Challenging Others to Chess
Some people have trouble figuring out how to challenge others to a game of chess, and win at it. To play a game of against another Sim, use the cell phone in your inventory to select 'Call Sim..'. The options will change, and you can then select 'Invite Over Next Ranked Chess Opponent'. When it asks you if you want to invite them over, choose yes. Wait a while and your opponent should arrive.

Playing Matches
Once you've invited a ranked chess Sim into your Sim's home, select your Chess table and choose Challenge X to a Game of Chess. Your Sim should call out to the challenged, and invite them to play. They'll accept and your Sim will have it out. With a good mood, and a sturdy investment in the logic skill, winning should not be hard for your Sim. Keep winning matches, and improving the logic skill, to eventually reach level 5 in chess. You can check your progress in the skill journal by pressing 'J'.

Comments (10)

Brian says...
quick question i have all the sims 3 and when i try to play chess in my family house and when its starts to snow outside and the snow is getting deeper. im not aloud to play chess and i quote "the snow is to deep" why does this happen???
15th December 2012 1:36pm
king says...
"the snow is to deep"
check if you had your roof built..
16th February 2014 4:23am
Tiffany says...
HELP!!! I made a sim and I moved in with a friend now there husband and wife but I cant interact with anything what! am I'm in the house hold but it wont let me interact with anything HELP!!! I tried resetting my pc but that made it worse :(
5th October 2013 7:55am
Nower says...
My sim had two household members watching her chess match, and surprisingly she won the match which she was losing for three days a row. (Without the lucky trait) Does this work? Can u please check it?
Sims get better at chess the more they play. It's a hidden skill of sorts.
22nd November 2012 10:09am
Jay says...
Is there a certain age before you can compete in the chess circuit? I have a child who is level 5 logic but do not have the option to invite over the next ranked opponent. Any idea?
2nd December 2012 8:05pm
Jenna says...
I am having the same trouble as Jay, Is there a certain age for "Chess Legend" to be done? I have tried the same thing except I have a child at logic 10, always beats her parents at chess. I invite someone over for a ranked chess match, but I can't challenge them as an option. In the lifetime wishes they should state if a Sim has to be an adult.
21st December 2012 1:58pm
Ken says...
Well, since a child cannot have a Lifetime Wish, it is a moot point for a Lifetime Wish to call out that it requires the Sim to be an adult.
23rd January 2013 7:33pm
Rose says...
That is incorrect. Children can get life time wishes, and Chess Legend is one of them. It comes up like any other wish but it has a gold ring around it - if you promise it then it becomes their LTW.
27th January 2013 8:11pm
Tori says...
So what are the best 5 traits?
-computer whiz

My baby,who I want to become a chess master is a genius, and loves the outdoors, her next trait will be bookworm... I think I just answered my own qestion...

3rd February 2013 8:41am
John says...
9th March 2014 6:33pm
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