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List of Program Times, Meeting Days, and Benefits for Children and Teens

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Child Scouts and Ballet Dancer in Generations

Whether your Sim is in grade school, or high school, they can join after school activities that will provide them some benefits which can steer the direction of their life. Little boys and girls can join scouts or ballet, while teens can join one of the many standard school clubs and special programs we see in actual high schools. You can do this by clicking the school or computer. Parents can also forcibly sign their children up for, and take them out of, afterschool activities.

Children - Scouts and Ballet
The Scouts and Ballet both meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 3-5PM. Scouts will give your child the ability to tie a knot, salute, and show off their scout badges. This pursuit will also give them fishing skill, from learning about the great outdoors.

Ballet teaches your Sim multiple dance moves, which, like above, mainly serve to be cute and to impress other Sims. Continuing in either will result in levels gained, and new abilities unlocked. At the end of level 3, they will graduate and may earn a participation or best-in-class trophy. These will help to decorate their home and commemorate their accomplishments.

Scouting is probably the best, given it can easily see your little scout to level 4 in fishing before finishing school. Either way, these will result in a happier child with a better foundation for later. The extra time spent is worth the payoff, given it's only 6 hours per week.

High School Activities
Afterschool activities for High Schoolers last from 2-4pm. All but one will boost a skill. If you want to be the best there is, take on the skill of choice outside the school in order to get a better trophy. All of these have a participation trophy, and the top gun trophy. Toward the end of high school, you will get an opportunity to go to an awards ceremony. The reward says none, but you'll get trophies appropriate for your Sim's activities and be judged on how well you did in that field.

The difference between the big and little trophies is fairly insignificant, but if you select an appropriate lifetime wish this hard work will pay off quickly. The teens who worked hard in afterschool programs are going to advance faster in careers, and master trades earlier in adulthood thanks to this head start. Note that with the exception of music, these all boost a single skill that is found in Vanilla Sims 3. Each runs from 2-4 PM and meets two days a week. You can only select two, due to there being only 5 school days a week. Let's look at your options so you can ponder the combination for your teen:

Art Club Monday, Thursday - raises Painting, and possibly sculpting. Kids coming home from this activity will have drawings.

Debate Club Monday, Wednesday - raises Logic.

Drama Club Tuesday, Friday - raises Charisma

Music Club Monday, Wednesday - raises Guitar. Late Night owners will find it also raises Bass, Drums and Piano.

School Newspaper Wednesday, Friday - raises Writing, Photography

Shop Class Tuesday, Wednesday - raises Handiness

Sports Club Thursday, Friday - raises Athletic skill.

Study Class Tuesday, Thursday - raises rate Sim does homework. Not as useful as other after school classes.

So, you could pick Drama Club and Music Club, but not Newspaper and Sports as those have conflicting days. This guide should have given you a good idea what afterschool classes you'd like your Sims to participate in. Send me an email to if you have any suggestions for this page.

Comments (44)

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jk says...
Art club definitely raises sculpting - my teen got three levels in it from scratch and only two in painting. She never brought home sculptures though.
29th March 2013 10:27am
Aquabella says...
Usually they're in your family inventory, they were for my child, but I don't go anymore because she's got skill level 10 in every skill she does, so I got her a self employed writer job instead!!
29th October 2013 2:14pm
Duh says...
well they would not bring them home, would they? WELL DUH!
29th June 2014 10:06am
sarah says...
how do u get your sim to dance in ballet because i dont even know how to do that.
29th March 2013 11:34pm
Lizzy says...
If you have a computer, send a family member to it and select 'sign child up for afterschool class' then click 'ballet' or any other class you want. If you don't have a computer, you can sign them up by clicking on the school.

After they're signed up, that child will automatically go to ballet after school. =)

20th April 2013 7:48pm
ASimmer says...
A have glitch where for 2 of my sims out of 3 it wont raise the balletand scounting levels and they never get recital opputunities
2nd September 2013 8:27pm
Mary says...
Same problem here, she goes to the ballet-classes but she never gets any better at it. HELP!
2nd March 2014 10:18am
Nicki says...
Hey guys i got generations for 2 years now and i had a chIld boy going scouting and a child girl going ballet so u need to click onthe computer with a adult sim and there will be a optian to sign up for ballet or scouting so if u dont have a comupter click on the school and the same optian will come out
27th April 2013 2:32pm
Sarah says...
How do I send my kid to the ballet recitals? It comes up telling me the recital is on a certain day but nothing else comes up she misses it everytime. I can't figure out how to make her go. The same with my teenage sims in art and newspaper class, they wanted her to come to an art-a-thon I couldn't figure out how to make her go. Please help.
14th September 2012 12:29am
Me says...
Hi Sarah. One of my sims had a ballet recital a while back, and I think you have to click on the school and select 'attend recital'. I can't be sure though.
30th September 2012 9:57am
kittenalive says...
When your child has a recital or something like that to go to, you do have to click on the school to make them go. Otherwise, as previously noted, they will miss it. The rest of the family will automatically attend if able to, like stated in the game.
29th July 2013 9:51pm
Zipity says...
Hello, I too have had problems with not being able to attend events related to after school activities. I haven't tested it but I have a theory that if you have a school without the Sports center attached that it might work. I didn't have any problems until I started playing in worlds with the two combined so I wonder if it will work if they are seperate. Could be a glitch with the lot itself.
17th November 2012 6:34am
Missjayelle says...
I was having the same problem when I was playing in the worlds where the school is attached to something else. I have the pets and generations expansion packs and when I play on Sunset Valley, the "attend recital" option shows, but when I play in Appaloosa plains, there is no "attend recital" option. I think EA just needs to make a new patch for this.
4th January 2013 2:57am
Mimi says...
I decided to copy the Sunset Valley school into the worlds where the school is attatched to something and then delet the attatched school. it worked!
I did it in, per example, the world of the island
1st July 2013 9:56am
sarah says...
The little opportunity button comes up it says school or stadium but neithet say attend I have tried all the way to the point of the time it ends and nothing. It says she misses it everytime.
14th November 2012 6:21am
Jada says...
yes @HEY you can go to the computer, or just click on the computer. :)
8th December 2012 6:58pm
Hana says...
how do you get a ballet barre, i know you have to get it from the sims 3 store but can you get it for free?

Please Help:
1st June 2014 3:28am
Sarah says...
So if you don't play with aging, how do the teens finish their activities for trophies and stuff? I played one game where it just happened eventually but it seems to be taking forever for this one.
30th May 2014 3:54am
Beth says...
My teenage sim has signed up for an after school activity, but he comes home straight after school without going to the activity. I try to get him to go but it won't allow him to go. Please help!
7th May 2014 5:48pm
Chloe says...
Hi, My 2 Daughters are in Ballet and my other daughter wanted to go to Boarding school, But my daughter wants to join scouts now can they join scouts too ?
12th April 2014 3:04pm
Claire says...
I need help with my afterschool activities! I have 3 children and two teens, and all of them are signed up for after school activities. The three children automatically go to their activities after school, but the teens don't. And whenever I try clicking on the school to go to the activities I get a message that says "Your sim must be in class prior to attending" Even though both my teens were in class all day. Also, I though maybe it was because of her job, but my other teen has no job and she still won't go to her class. I am not getting any opportunities to go to ballet recitals or anything and I don't even think my teens have gone to any of their afterschool classes. Someone help please?
8th April 2014 8:58pm
HEY says...
Can you have your "child(teen)'' quit their after school class when ever they want and sign up for an other one????
20th November 2012 4:55am
Zipity says...
Yes you can you just use the computer or click on the school to do so.
9th December 2012 1:17am
simkid says...
I suppose so. If not, you may have to wait until they are a teen/young adult
9th December 2012 7:36am
Rochelle says...
My sim is in the study program and she got the opportunity to get a part time job to raise school performance but the option of get part time job won't appear anywhere! Help please!!!
You can't be in an afterschool activity and have a job at the same time.  Have the Sim quite their after school program and then look for a job on the computer.
23rd June 2013 6:16pm
Rhiannon says...
Actually you can have 2 afterschool activities and a job at the mausoleum as a teenager, the hours are 6-9pm at level 1, so there is no conflict with the activities
1st June 2014 2:49am
Jacoba says...
I am having the same problem with sending my Sim to an activity related to the afterschool activities. My child sim had a scouts award ceremony at the school that I was supposed to attend but there was no interaction button to make my sim attend the ceremony. Now I have a presidential debate and a sports competition coming up for my teenage sims (there's 2 of them) and there still is no interaction button! Please help!
18th October 2012 4:52am
Sindocat says...
What town are you playing in, and does the school share space with another facility? I do know that in Moonlight Falls, where the school and stadium are one building, this interferes with opportunities and events of this kind.

If you are in a town with a school that shares space with other facilities, you'll want to go to Edit Town and delete that building, replacing it with a school that is only a school. You'll want to place a stadium as well.
20th February 2014 11:03pm
Dantei says...
I noticed that my sim who took ballet got some atletic skill once she became a teenager, not shure trough. I was able to attend award ceremonies till I updated to supernatural.
20th October 2012 10:58am
Gianna says...
Hi I have Sims 3 pets and I'm very confused on how to sign the child up for ballet. Please help!
29th March 2013 7:12pm
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