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List of Schools and Skills Children and Teens will Learn

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Boarding School Graduation in The Sims 3 Generations
Graduation Robes from left to right: Smuggsworth Prep School, LeFromage Art School, School of Peace and Love, Dribbledine Sports Academy, and Fort Starch Military School

The Sims 3 Generations brings Boarding Schools. You can now send your children off to a good education and a healthy environment. For a price, they'll be whisked away by the bus and taken off to school where they'll spend all their childhood on a normal length game. After graduation from primary school, they can be re-enrolled for an additional charge and an education through their teenage years.

Each Boarding School teaches different sets of skills. Traits will be chosen automatically as well, but are generally good and related to the various fields and skills that will help them to max a career or profession later. The skills and traits they'll learn here are based on the expansions you have installed. Vanilla-only players will probably often see the same skills, but multi-expansion players may see more variety.

Sims will gain between 1-4 levels in a skill from my experience. It could go higher, and your skills may differ from mine entirely. It's also possible that a kid may not perform as well in Boarding School as another. It's hard to say with only my 5 test subjects. I expect to hear from players on the details of how their results differed, and I'll appreciate it. One reader responded to tell me that his Sim already had max painting upon going to the art school, and got more progress in sculpting instead.

Sims may be gone their entire childhood or teenage years on lower life span games. They may visit once every few weeks when you are playing a long game.

5:03 AM 6/18 "Goodbye everyone! I'm off to Fort Starch Military School! Don't forget to call me while I am gone! I'm still your kid even though I'm far away.

Here's a list of Boarding Schools, their cost, and the skills and traits my Sims developed while enrolled.

Smuggsworth Prep School $1600
Traits: Charismatic, Snob. Gained skill levels in Logic, and later Charisma, Painting, and Writing. Got better at Chess and Homework. This Sim would be great for Journalism, Business, Medicine, and anything that uses one of these skills.

Fort Starch Military School $800
My Sim gained the Neat and Ambitious traits from military boarding school. She gained skill in Logic, and in the Teen years, Athletic, Gardening, Martial Arts, and Handiness. Military school will teach your Sim to salute other Sims. This Sim would be great for the Military, Law Enforcement, and anything that can use these skills in some way.

LeFromage Art School $1200
A school for making musicians, stars, and artsy types. My Sim learned Piano, Painting, Charisma, Sculpting, and Photography. Traits earned were Virtuoso and Star Quality, although other traits like Dramatic may appear. The Sim also gained hidden skill in dancing and club dancing from Late Night.

School of Peace and Love $800
Sims that go to this school can do the peace sign to other Sims. My Sim gained the Artistic and Vegetarian traits here. Skill gains were as you'd expect from a green/hippie school: Gardening, Guitar, Nectar Making, Fishing, Cooking, and Inventing.

Dribbledine Sports Academy $1200
Sim learned Handiness, Martial Arts, Fishing, Cooking, and Athletic skills. The child became Athletic, and later gained the Loves the Outdoors trait. Great for Athletics but could also work well for the science career depending how consistent fishing and handiness are.

So, there are all five Boarding Schools for Generations and how they'll impact your Sims. Any tips for this article can be directed to

Comments (49)

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Kelsey says...
Just sent both my kids off to boarding school as children ill let you know how it turns out they are still away right now.
17th September 2012 3:12pm
Kelsey says...
Sorry it's been awhile started several new games since then, they turned out well last I played those two teens.
10th November 2012 10:39pm
Kim says...
Sent both my kids off to the art school. two taxis came to pick each one up. one kid got to the school but the other one didnt! I have no idea, it's been another 2 days and he's still home even though it says he's in boarding school. this happen to anyone else?
12th December 2012 7:14pm
Leah says...
Hi Kim,

Same thing happened to me. I deleted my sim and that made everything work correctly. She came back after high school was done. I suggest saving first and use this advice at your own risk. Worked for me.
6th January 2013 6:17am
AppleTangoMonkey says...
dont delete your sim just do ctrl + alt + c and type resetsim [sim name] that shoud work
22nd February 2014 2:54pm
bali babe says...
no this did not happen to me????
31st January 2013 9:13am
Ashwini says...
Same thing happened here. However, I waited a few days, and the taxi ended up coming for the second child. Just have to wait.
22nd February 2013 8:58pm
Youngblood says...
i once sent 5 kids and it never happened to me :?
11th May 2013 6:07am
Kye says...
I wish they'd added a Hogwartsy one that upped magic skills and traits with Supernatural!
2nd January 2013 10:12am
Bianca says...
Well they can not do that since the boarding schools came with generations and some simmers out there do not have Supernatural though that would be awesome
14th December 2013 8:31am
kittenalive says...
I could see them doing it as a Generations thing, but only if the Supernatural EP was installed as well, kinda like how you need Showtime in order to get Genies, but they're still under the Life State options. Just not selectable.
12th January 2014 8:39pm
Sabrina says...
Omg, that would be so awesome :)!!!!
15th December 2013 3:09am
Strange says...
My sim just got back from Smuggsworth Prep School and got the trait Ambitious.
4th January 2013 4:19am
Miroche says...
Does lefromage art school increase guitar skill by anychance?
7th January 2013 9:12pm
ams says...
I've never had my Sim level up the guitar skill in LeFromage Art School; however, the guide does say that this skill can be gained at the School of Peace and Love.
4th November 2013 1:37pm
Amber says...
How do I enroll/send my kid to boarding school
11th January 2013 9:40pm
Sarah says...
You do it via a computer, then choose 'Enroll in boarding school...'
17th January 2013 10:00am
Sadie says...
You can do it by handphone/smartphone/home landline phone. You click on it and click on 'enroll in boarding school...' and your sim will walk over to the phone, call the boarding school, and you can choose which child, and which school to send them to.
7th June 2013 2:12am
Call me Bailiee says...
My sim moved , while having my chil at boarding schoool,and then she came back, But now she won't leave and it says she's still enrolled there . Is she just visiting for that week or no ? How do I send her back ?
22nd January 2013 7:57am
didi says...
Use "resetsim" then the child's first and last name in the cheat console (ctrl and C)
9th March 2013 2:54pm
Rowan says...
It's actually ctrl + shift + c = cheat console then you type "Resetsim Amy Smith" for example
14th April 2014 8:23pm
Ty says...
I just got this and it is awseome yet my teenager just burnt down the house with chemistry can that happen
27th January 2013 10:17am
Simmer says...
I guess so since it happened to you
28th April 2013 8:44pm
Lala says...
In my experience, sims can do three things with the chemistry set: Stare at it like an idiot, make a potion, or set their own butt on fire. I've never had a house fire start.
30th May 2013 12:34am
bali babe says...
when dose my child come and vist or do they not????
31st January 2013 4:28am
Adam says...
No one's mentioned this yet, I guess. One of my kids (Insane and Virtuoso) decided he didn't like art school and asked to come home. I enrolled him in hippie school, and he didn't like that either. You get a choice as to whether to let them come home. I gave up and am raising him at home now.
11th February 2013 2:55am
Leahe09 says...
My impression when I first sent my adotped kid to boarding school was that she'd come home for the the weekends but the only form of communication is calling for a chat,what a bummer
19th February 2013 7:38am
Billie says...
I sent my children to boarding school,if I keep them there when they are teenagers will they come back home when they turn in to young adults?
23rd February 2013 4:18pm
Kajmir says...
Send 5 teens to boarding school.
I am sorry to say that my memory is not what I wish it was.

With that said, they DID all gain a lots of skills, 15-22 in various skills.

I think players should know that potentially they can come back with their life time wish already choosen (didn't like that, as I had my own plans)

They went off in taxi's, except for the prep school which was limo's.

I found that the final trait they gained wasn't terrible useful in all 5 cases, they made a vague sense but I ended up cusing cheats to change it.

Next time i'll be more prepared, but it cetainly is interesting.

2nd March 2013 10:55pm
Phae says...
I sent two kids to boarding school, both already had their lifetime wishes set. When they graduated it reset their lifetime wish, one of them it asked me to choose, the other it just decided on its own. I'd saved the game not long before they got home so I just decided to quit without saving.
28th April 2013 11:42am
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