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The Sims 3 Generations Boarding School

List of Schools and Skills Children and Teens will Learn

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Boarding School Graduation in The Sims 3 Generations
Graduation Robes from left to right: Smuggsworth Prep School, LeFromage Art School, School of Peace and Love, Dribbledine Sports Academy, and Fort Starch Military School

The Sims 3 Generations brings Boarding Schools. You can now send your children off to a good education and a healthy environment. For a price, they'll be whisked away by the bus and taken off to school where they'll spend all their childhood on a normal length game. After graduation from primary school, they can be re-enrolled for an additional charge and an education through their teenage years.

Each Boarding School teaches different sets of skills. Traits will be chosen automatically as well, but are generally good and related to the various fields and skills that will help them to max a career or profession later. The skills and traits they'll learn here are based on the expansions you have installed. Vanilla-only players will probably often see the same skills, but multi-expansion players may see more variety.

Sims will gain between 1-4 levels in a skill from my experience. It could go higher, and your skills may differ from mine entirely. It's also possible that a kid may not perform as well in Boarding School as another. It's hard to say with only my 5 test subjects. I expect to hear from players on the details of how their results differed, and I'll appreciate it. One reader responded to tell me that his Sim already had max painting upon going to the art school, and got more progress in sculpting instead.

Sims may be gone their entire childhood or teenage years on lower life span games. They may visit once every few weeks when you are playing a long game.

5:03 AM 6/18 "Goodbye everyone! I'm off to Fort Starch Military School! Don't forget to call me while I am gone! I'm still your kid even though I'm far away.

Here's a list of Boarding Schools, their cost, and the skills and traits my Sims developed while enrolled.

Smuggsworth Prep School $1600
Traits: Charismatic, Snob. Gained skill levels in Logic, and later Charisma, Painting, and Writing. Got better at Chess and Homework. This Sim would be great for Journalism, Business, Medicine, and anything that uses one of these skills.

Fort Starch Military School $800
My Sim gained the Neat and Ambitious traits from military boarding school. She gained skill in Logic, and in the Teen years, Athletic, Gardening, Martial Arts, and Handiness. Military school will teach your Sim to salute other Sims. This Sim would be great for the Military, Law Enforcement, and anything that can use these skills in some way.

LeFromage Art School $1200
A school for making musicians, stars, and artsy types. My Sim learned Piano, Painting, Charisma, Sculpting, and Photography. Traits earned were Virtuoso and Star Quality, although other traits like Dramatic may appear. The Sim also gained hidden skill in dancing and club dancing from Late Night.

School of Peace and Love $800
Sims that go to this school can do the peace sign to other Sims. My Sim gained the Artistic and Vegetarian traits here. Skill gains were as you'd expect from a green/hippie school: Gardening, Guitar, Nectar Making, Fishing, Cooking, and Inventing.

Dribbledine Sports Academy $1200
Sim learned Handiness, Martial Arts, Fishing, Cooking, and Athletic skills. The child became Athletic, and later gained the Loves the Outdoors trait. Great for Athletics but could also work well for the science career depending how consistent fishing and handiness are.

So, there are all five Boarding Schools for Generations and how they'll impact your Sims. Any tips for this article can be directed to

Comments (58)

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Kelsey says...
Just sent both my kids off to boarding school as children ill let you know how it turns out they are still away right now.
17th September 2012 3:12pm
Grace says...
Do vampire children have any advantage to going to boarding school? I know they gain skills super fast regularly... Does this happen in boarding school as well?
As far as I know vampire children don't get special treatment at boarding schools.  I've never known them to max a skill while at boarding school like they can at home.
24th July 2013 7:50pm
Samm says...
Can a child at boarding school get on the honor roll? I have three kids, and both the parents have the wish to see them get on the honor roll. I don't want to cancel the wishes because of the amount of lifetime happiness points I would gain but if its not possible then there is no point.
7th January 2014 1:11am
Ruby says...
NO they can not get on the honor roll to make this happen you have to put them in pubic school! (from my experience)
30th May 2014 3:59pm
Whitey says...
Wowza!! My grandson is the son of a vampire ghost. I sent him to art school and when he came back for a visit, he went from zero to ten painting before he finished the first painting. All of his artsy skills maxed out in less than five minutes. Every instrument, writing, painting, photography and charisma. It was awesome.
31st August 2013 1:26pm
Emma says...
Answers to questions:
yes you can get them back, just use the phone or computer and take them out (you have to pay again if you want to put them back into boarding school)
yes they will come back as young adults (unless theres a bug, but I haven't heard of one)
They won't visit on normal lifespan (I don't think) I don't know how long their lifespan has to be, but they visit with aging off.
8th April 2013 2:32pm
Sharane says...
My problem is that the kid/teen will go to boarding school, and learn nothing but better Homework "skills." It's frustrating to send them away, and spend all the money, for them to not learn a thing. I've tried several different times, with different families, and that's the only thing they learn.
22nd June 2013 2:12am
SomeSimmerGirl says...
Have you tried learning the skills? Sometimes it just glitches like that and you have to make them do it to get the skills magicly.
8th June 2014 6:25pm
manson says...
When will they come?
When will who come?
7th July 2013 7:08pm
nathang says...
i think they meant when will they come home i would also like to know when please
18th June 2014 6:08pm
nathang says...
i think they meant when will they come home i would also like to know when please
18th June 2014 6:12pm
Wickedgypsy says...
I have noticed that my adult sims from CAS when started multiple times with exactly the same personality want to follow different careers and learn different skills. Today it occurred to me to check on the Alma Mater, which the game chooses for CAS adult sims, and it seems to me that is the only quality the sim possesses that could make their choices different. In most cases the sim has a boarding school as the Alma Mater.
26th March 2013 9:59am
Victoria says...
I sent my Child {boy} Guhen {he's named that because he's an oc chara from DBZ} to Starch Military boarding school.
I threw him a farewell party.
After he left,I felt a little regretful and sad...but I want him to grow up and be a family man.
Should I remove him from the school or let him stay in?
I sorta miss him.
If you want him back, bring him back. It's really up to you and how you want to play. He can be a family man without going to boarding school.
11th July 2013 7:39pm
Rebecca says...
I just sent my female teen to the boarding school. I am a bit torn in between making plans for her (lifetime wish, prom) and keeping her in the boarding school. Anyone help with my decision please?
30th July 2013 10:46am
Ruby says...
well if you are not rich ($75,000+) i would keep them in boarding school because it costs money but if you are rich you could just remove them until you have made up your mind but its your would go with your gut! Hope this helped... Happy gaming!
30th May 2014 4:05pm
Agnes says...
Please help, I dont understand - when my teens will come back after boarding school? When teens become in young adult, or I have to take them from there? Please someone explain me :(
Teens come back the night of their Young Adult birthday. They will arrive in town wearing graduation robes as a young adult.
30th June 2013 6:14am
Jessica says...
How to I get my children off from boarding school
8th June 2014 5:22pm
WOWconfused says...
my sim went to the art boarding school as a child and a teen and came back a day before aging up in to a YA and learned photogrophy guitar art skills and handiness and charisma skill is that right
That sounds right.
25th June 2013 5:03am
Anouk says...
I send my teen to the school of peace and love, but when does she comes back?
23rd September 2013 6:41am
Ruby says...
the day before becoming a young adult
30th May 2014 4:00pm
Ryan says...
Which school is best for Law Enforcement?
28th April 2013 9:10pm
Bernard says...
Fort Starch Military School
28th June 2013 4:57pm
Hania says...
Can I send a kid to boarding school and have the adults go travel abroad (like, to China, using World Adventures)?
20th April 2014 10:26am
tia says...
That's an interesting comment but I don't think so I don't think it's very realistic so I don't think EA would have put that into the game.
15th August 2014 9:05pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
This is all very confusing and I'm scared to death to do this with my kids. Where is the guide EA???
31st March 2013 6:33pm
Me123 says...
I'm thinking about getting Generations, but is it possible to change a child back to doing normal school and brong them home after they're in boarding school?
29th March 2013 6:01am
Siobhan says...
6th April 2013 7:55am
sunnybbsilly says...
Yes, You go to the computer or phone and select boarding school: Bring Back child: <Sim name here> Hope that helped xD
18th January 2014 10:50pm
Amber says...
How do I enroll/send my kid to boarding school
11th January 2013 9:40pm
Sarah says...
You do it via a computer, then choose 'Enroll in boarding school...'
17th January 2013 10:00am
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