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An unruly Sim laughs in the face of the victim of their prank

The Sims 3 Generations brings Pranks and Booby Traps for your Sims. These will allow them to have fun at another's expense. It's a great mood booster, but that fun wouldn't come without risk. Kids can get caught and in trouble by the parents, leading to time-outs and groundings. This guide will go over the various types of prank that Sims can pull and the drawbacks of getting caught.

A successful prank will give your youngster a +15 mood boost for about 12 hours. Rebellious Sims get more out of pranks. They'll get a moodlet for a few hours that enhances this effect for sticking it to the man. I'm not sure how rigging a sink to blow into Geoffrey Landgraab's face is fighting the power, but it makes the rebellious Sim happy regardless. Wishes can lead to some lifetime happiness points, as the kids are fulfilling their desires. They may get wishes to 'Set x Booby Traps' around the house or out in town (public toilets and sinks). They may want to prank someone specific as well.

Children and Teens - Traps
Children can only take part in these simple tricks. You can set a trap that will spring the next time a Sim uses an object, or set it and call that Sim over. Like, "Hey, come wash your hands!". The trap is sprung, and there's a chance the one pranked will discipline the kid if they're in a position to.

Computers can be programmed to scare a Sim as they're playing a game.

Showers can be rigged with dye ala a shampoo swap.

Sinks can spray Sims in the face, while toilets will overflow.

The Treehouse can be used for a prank. Call a Sim over and dump a bucket of water on their head!

Couches and other seats can be rigged with whoopee cushions.

The old blazing bag of poo trick.Teens - Riskier, Full-Blown Pranks
Teens can pull off much more interesting pranks. By clicking another Sim household, they can egg it, lay down a flaming bag of poo and run off, hoping someone sees it to 'put it out'. They can also pull off the classic doorbell ditch.

Teens can prank the school, but you won't get to see much of anything as it's executed rabbit-hole style. They can flood the school, steal tests, toilet paper the principal's office, release the frogs from science class, and deface the mascot. The messages here are funny despite not being able to see the mayhem.

The last trick up a teen's sleeve is the crank call, which can be pulled off from the cell phone. All they need are some friends to call to satisfy the itch to get someone good.

Punishment System
Generations provides a punishment system for kids getting into trouble. Getting caught doing pranks, being out after curfew, and partying while the parents are gone can all lead to trouble. The more severe the crime, the bigger the punishment. It starts off simple, the teen or child is on the parent's bad side. If they do something else before sucking up or cleaning up the house, they're likely to get sent to a time out, which is hilarious and reminiscent of my own childhood. It gets worse. They can have the best entertainment taken away, or even get grounded and unable to leave the home. They can sneak out, but getting caught could have worse consequences. It's as yet unknown if unruly kids can get sent to Boarding School for misbehavior through Sim Free Will.

Comments (21)

killerbrainbow says...
i love it!
but you said crank calls instead of prank calls
25th October 2012 9:46pm
Awesome says...
Crank calls is another way to say prank calls. I pointed that out to my mom when I thought there was a typo when the game is loading and it gives you some tips, it said 'Teens can pull Crank Calls on their friend right from their cell phone!' and my mom said i was just another way.
24th December 2012 10:30am
Arielle says...
it is crank calls
29th June 2013 11:11pm
Alexandra says...
I like the punishment system (unlike Sims 2 where kids were only yelled at if something got broken) but the problem with the grounding is, the kids are not allowed to go to school. Only choice is to let them off the hook, or have the parents off the lot.
20th December 2013 11:36am
Dark Bloom says...
Yeah. Here's what I found out about the old sims 2 lecture:
In The Sims 2, Children and Teens who do a deviant behavior such as breaking the computer or sneaking out will be lectured by their parents. The only penalty of this punishment is a drop in their relationships. Neighbors who are caught smashing the Will Lloyd Wright Dollhouse will also be lectured, regardless of age. Oddly, sometimes when a Baby or Toddler pees themselves in the crib, they will be lectured too.
25th December 2013 3:09am
SimsAddict says...
I have a super rebellious female teen who is always sneaking out after curfew, skipping school and she is now a nemesis with everyone in her family. I find that if she gets in a fight with her sisters, the sister is on her parents bad side, but the rebellious teen gets grounded (again)! I think the worst punishment you can get is grounding the child, because my parents always re-ground the teen despite her already being grounded. However, my parents have expressed an interest in her going to boarding school, both mother and father now have a (very good - lots of points) wish to send the rebellious teen to ANY boarding school...
23rd December 2012 11:33am
Heather says...
I've got sims 3 for xbox 360, it's ok, but my teen sim stays out past curfew all the time and gets picked up by the cops, and brought home, no consequences for her. And my two teen sims (sisters) beat up each other in front of their parents and no one says anything. It would be nice if they were grounded for what they did.
I'm wanting to get Sims 3 Generations game for Xbox 360, they said it had been released last year for xbox 360, but I'm not able to find it. If anyone has advice or information where I can get it, please respond

16th June 2014 12:45pm
Meghan says...
My teen has a wish to sneak out. But how do I do it? If he just goes out after curfew it doesnt work, and I cant seem to find a sneak out interaction anywhere? How do I fulfill his wish?
5th May 2014 5:18pm
Tiahna says...
just send ur sim to a lot when they get caught by the cops the cops will drop u off the parents will wake up for a BIG lecture ..... HOPE THIS HELPED!
25th June 2014 5:08pm
tana says...
I have not go my game yet but it sounds fun
28th March 2014 3:46am
clairecollision says...
when my sim gets caught i always let her off the hook it's not fair because she always gets caught
5th January 2014 3:49pm
Sammy Cat says...
I'm going to make my sim child to take the computer with him at school, then after school I'll send him to the park so he can do the prank there and not get caught! xD
23rd December 2013 1:28pm
Agamegnom says...
Is there a way to turn off the automatic punishment system? It's annoying that my adult sim will stop everything and go punish my teenage sim...
26th October 2012 2:40pm
A smart uninformed idiot says...
Just keep on canceling the Dad's action.

If the Mom notices, Pause time as well.

Pausing time allows the teen to run away quickly as well as stop the dad too, so keep that in mind.
24th July 2014 3:32pm
CantBelieveImDoingThis says...
Ok so I have a toddler that is bad like it cry for no reason and stuff so is there like a way to but toddlers in timeout
Toddlers will cry if no one has really played with them in a while. You need to make sure their needs are met but that there is still interaction with them. Otherwise I suggest making the toddler a child.
22nd July 2013 12:31am
Average Girl says...
I love doing pranks and stuff, but anytime I have them prank the school they get caught. How can I get them not be caught?
15th April 2013 6:25pm
lunchbox says...
Try to make sure no one is there, then right afterwards have her head straight home, I do that and my sims don't get caught. The daughter on mine has flooded the school and released the frogs and has yet to get caught.
6th May 2013 3:22pm
Emyiah says...
Or maybe you can just teleport! It's coool when my sims prank then run and teleport like "run, bit*h, run!"
8th May 2014 5:53am
BreatheCarolina says...
I love this game. i have a rebellious sim and she is always doing crazy stuff. the punishment was HARSH! she had no gaming system, stuck in the house, and all kids of things. i sneaked her out of the house but the dad was outside and she got triple the punishment. But then finally she stopped being in trouble. and then i made her get in trouble and it was funny
1st April 2013 8:33pm
Emily says...
I have a family where two youbg adults try for a baby and succeed and get the teen but the dad dies a day before the arrival and the mother and daugther are alone but the daugther is a pain in the butt for the mother since she does pranks and gets in trouble and gets grouded.
22nd July 2014 8:06am
Emily says...
22nd July 2014 8:08am
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