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Sims 3 Generations Prom Queen and King are now possible

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The Sims 3 Generations brings plenty of new content for teens. It's perhaps the best represented age group in this expansion. Like childhood, the teen years in Generations are far more fulfilling. There are new activities they can take up to fill out their time, get their driver's license, and the goal of becoming Prom King or Queen is now achievable. This guide will cover these new additions to The Sims 3's gameplay.

High School
A highlight of the teen years is High School. Of course you'll still want to have your teens do their homework, and attend school regularly, but now there are dozens of new opportunities they can take up to improve performance, and even earn cash. You'll feel more immersed in the teen experience with these upgrades alone. Like children, teens can go on field trips and sometimes get souveniers from these scholastic adventures.

After School Activities
Teens can take up After School Activities. Theirs are geared toward skill gains more so than those of a child, and can work so long as the teen is in High School. Children can graduate from their special activities very early, but Teens can go on a little longer gaining skills. They can take up to two programs on. Some conflict by day, but the Guide linked below will show you the various meeting days so you can plan what classes your Sim might take.

All the school programs you'd expect are here. There's school paper, music club, study groups, and other things your Teen can participate in. To learn more about them, check the After School Activities section.

Teen Life
Teens are social creatures most of the time, and Generations caters to that idea. There are more social interactions, such as giving flowers, and Teens are the first age group that can Date. Dates are rated like group outings, so try to take your Sim's date somewhere fun and work on building the relationship.

Teens can be cruel to one another, and sometimes best friends can even see days of conflict. Teens can snub each other, which means they won't socialize with that Sim, and interactions will be swatted away. You can snub or stop snubbing another Sim at will.

Teenagers can have mood swings, and want to do mean or otherwise different things. This is similar to an Adult's midlife crisis. You may take on the wishes, but you won't be able to cancel them until the crisis is over. However, they'll give bigger points if you can complete them.

A Teen learns to drive dad's sweet car in The Sims 3 Generations

Learning to Drive
Teens can learn to drive if the family has a car. Simply ask a parent, and the teen can be on the road. Driving is a skill (not tracked), and after gaining three levels they'll get their driver's license, and a permit to hang on the wall. At level 3, they can drive without an adult, so can use any money they earned (or dad's) to buy a car!

Party while the parents are gone!

Party While Parents are On Vacation
A new feature of Generations is the offering for parents to go on a surprise, free vacation. During this time you'll have control of just the teen and likely any other siblings. You can choose to throw a Teen Party using the cell phone. Randomly, the parents may return home in the middle of the party. You'll only have about an hour to clean up and keep from getting in trouble, which is not likely to happen if the party got messy.

Pulling Pranks
Teens find other ways to get in trouble through pranks. All teens enjoy a good prank, and will get at least +15 mood for 12 hours for successfully pulling one off. Teens get better pranks than children's simple booby traps. You can click the school to cause all sorts of different chaos on the next school day, egg houses and deploy ye olde bag of flaming poo. To do the latter, click a neighbor's house. The occupants must be home. The flaming bag doesn't always work - someone has to see it. Doorbell ditches tend to work like a charm. The egg throwing is lackluster. My Sim threw them from a foot away a wall and it wasn't very realistic at all. Too bad she didn't have better range. Another encounter led to her doing it right on the porch in front of a homeowner, as pictured above. That was a laugh.

Getting in trouble as a teen prankster

Getting caught pranking or holding a party while the 'rents are away will lead to getting in trouble. Favorite items can be restricted, and Sims can be grounded and unable to leave the house. While mom and dad are looking, that is. They can sneak out at night. It's kind of fun if you don't intentionally try to keep the parents in bed. You can learn more about Pranks and Discipline here.

Limo in GenerationsProm
High School is a popularity contest. If your Sim makes plenty of friends in High School, they may make it to Prom Queen or King. One important factor is likely going with a date you have a good relationship with. You want Prom to go well, but it can certainly turn into a disaster. Your Sim can get into random trouble. It's a wild night after all.

You'll get a few days' warning to line up a date, but your Sim certainly doesn't have to have one. If another Sim likes yours pretty well, it's likely they'll be asked out. Otherwise, you can ask someone yourself. Once the Prom date arrives, the Sim will take a limousine to school, and get a picture keepsake of the event. There's plenty of potential for chaos, but if your Sim was pretty popular, they could be crowned king or queen. During the prom, your date may ask your Sim to go steady or to have their first kiss.

The day after your Sim ages up to young adult, they will have a graduation ceremony and be free of High School and ready to pursue an adult life. The whole family will go to this ceremony if they're available. Your Sim can toss their diploma for a while, and will be dressed in cap and gown.

This should cover most of the bases when it comes to teenagers in Generations. As you can see, there are plenty more things for them to do, and of course we have the new universal activities, like new outdoor stuff, chemistry, and other things they can take up.

Comments (55)

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Gaynell says...
I just added Generations and World Adventures at the same time. While in France I discovered that my boyfriend is in HIGH SCHOOL! How did this happen?? My character is a young adult. Thankfully, they haven't 'woohoo-ed', but the 'make a baby' option came up. What the heck?
16th November 2013 1:13pm
simmer101 says...
it must be a glitch
12th June 2014 5:04pm
chloe says...
Well that must be a glitch then XD
23rd July 2014 8:03am
Urbanliner says...
It seems that sims starts accumulating driving skills only after the interaction, but before they actually drives the car. Confirmed with Late Night installed as well.
24th November 2013 7:59pm
Jordan says...
Has anybody else had a problem with their teens coming back from boarding school to go to prom? Mine did and now there's no option to send them back or take them out, and it says they're still enrolled. They're just sitting at home going about their day, and I don't know how to fix it.
30th December 2012 3:32am
goekchae says...
The car should come take them if you wait a while.At least thats how i heard it works.
4th January 2014 8:51am
Aliya says...
I went into CAS made teens and I did not get notifications for prom or even occur.. Is there a way I could fix this
16th February 2014 11:41pm
Rose says...
I really want to go to the boarding school with sim but i can't they said we can...... :(
16th December 2013 3:27am
aleahSiMs says...
I don't understand my sim never got a limo (it Never even came) and she had at date to the prom and everything
4th January 2014 1:02am
Christianpea says...
So my teenage sim went to prom. I saved and quit the game before she came home and all of the sudden it says "sim Vespa sold a use of sim death". WTF HAPPENED?! Is there a way I can go back in time or something?
10th January 2014 10:35pm
Purplesimmer says...
I can't get prom but I have generations . How??
4th March 2014 11:49am
simmer101 says...
click on the school and it will say go to prom it is on Monday 6:00.
12th June 2014 5:01pm
Boo says...
For some reason my sim keeps aging up without going to prom or getting a notification... What do I do?
8th April 2014 5:30am
Corine says...
So my teenager went to go driving in her car to get to school that morning, and then it says she's in the school..but whenever schools over, she doesn't come out. But her bladder and hygiene decreases a lot... She's just like stuck in the school. In the rabbit hole, and it can't even see her. WHAT??!!
5th May 2014 9:59pm
M says...
Try resetsim
23rd July 2014 12:28pm
lindsay says...
Why does my teen keep getting scorched after she does her homework? Is it because she gets it done really quick? The sim in question has the discipline, bookworm, family-oriented and friendly traits. Her 3 siblings have a couple of the same traits and it doesn't happen to them.
31st May 2014 3:37am
Em says...
My sims parents went on a free vacation and were on the side grayed off like usual, but when I got the notification they were coming back the dad stayed gray and the mom disappeared?? Help?
31st May 2014 9:37pm
Jess says...
Try resetSim Firstname Surname
17th June 2014 3:06pm
lourien mae says...
3rd July 2014 6:25am
Jayy says...
Hmmm.. I tryed many things but my teens never get told when prom happens. So they go promless an end up growing up...
23rd July 2014 9:38pm
Jan says...
For whatever reason, my teen got the title of Prom King even though he had no date and also knew only one person from school.
3rd August 2014 11:36am
Kim says...
My sim went on vacation the first time with no problems, but then the option came up again to go on vacation and I clicked ok, though my sim never actually left to go on vacation. To every other sim, she has... there's no way to click on her icon to call/text her, and the whole household can't travel because it says that someone is already traveling. I've googled the problem, but nothing really comes up. Any suggestions?
6th August 2014 4:30pm
Baymac says...
Did you know you can chose your teens dreams
22nd September 2012 6:12pm
lulu says...
28th January 2013 7:43pm
saltpastillen says...
You click them when they are sleeping, there is an option to choose what to dream about.
10th February 2013 4:42pm
simmer101 says...
he did not completely show you how and he was wrong you click on the bed they are sleeping in
12th June 2014 5:11pm
Tash says...
when living on a island (island paradise expansion pack) the option to teach teenagers to drive is not coming is this a bug?
20th November 2013 7:21pm
Sims3Lover says...
I have a question about Prom. When does it happen?
10th October 2012 1:06am
EmilyTehCookieBear says...
Usually in the last week of them being a teenager! Or if you have a long life span for you Teenagers, every few weeks! It's really fun!
13th October 2012 10:38am
Simmy says...
Whenever, actually. Its a total suprise but I found it happens quite regularly. You find out a couple days before so that you have a chance to find a date if you want to go with one. If you go with a date, make sure you actually like them because the chances are they'll ask to go steady or take your relationship to the next level. Dont think you can just go with a mate. Also, make sure your ready on that day because otherwise you will miss the limo and have to ride in a cab or not go at all.
10th November 2012 10:44am
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