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The Sims 3 Aging and Lifespan Guide

Stages in The Sim Lifecycle, Settings, and Aging Down or Up

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Modify the aging settings to alter the lifecycle and determine when your Sims age up

The Sims 3 features an aging system not unlike that of reality. Sims go through various states from baby, on to todder, childhood, through the teenage years, and finally young adulthood. They will age up into full adults, and finally into their Elder years. The life cycle comes to a close there, as that Sim will die of old age. We have an incredible amount of power over the aging process with The Sims 3's options menu, and gameplay offers us a few options to age Sims up, down, and even freeze them. The options available to you depend upon what expansion packs you own.


The following are the life span for each age group. This is fully customizable from the options menu.

Baby: 3 days
Toddlery: 7 days
Child: 7 days
Teenager: 14 days
Young Adult: 21 days
Adult: 21 days
Elder: 17 days

Elders don't die immediately, and may live longer than the 17 days. Some may last weeks past their expiration date, just like humans.

Modifying Aging

Adjusting Settings for Life Length
We are given the ability to set how long Sims will stay in each life state. This can go from short, medium, normal, long, to epic life span. You can shorten or extend any life stage by going to the The Sims 3's options menu (clicking ... in the bottom left) and using the sliders in the game menu. You can also disable aging entirely from this location. This is the most basic option but most powerful method of changing the aging settings. Let's now focus on the options given to us by gameplay.

Become Athletic for Longer Life
Sims who have run for many miles will naturally live a longer life. Complete Athletic skill challenges to get this perk.

Ambrosia and Life Fruit
Ambrosia is made with the cooking skill and will reset a Sim's age to the beginning of their current life state. This is available to all players but requires high cooking skill, fishing, and some gardening. One Sim doesn't have to do all of this. Others can gather the ingredients for the chef. Learn more about Ambrosia at the linked guide. It can also bring the dead back to life when fed to a ghost. Life fruit will shave a day off your Sim's age, so you may not need to go so far as to make Ambrosia. Ambrosia gives an amazing moodlet, however.

Birthday Cake
Another option available to all Sims 3 owners. You can advance the ages of your Sims by using the birthday cake. Find this in the parties section of 'Buy by function' in Buy Mode. This magical item will age up Sims to the next state. Use this if you'd like to skip earlier stages of life. Remember, if your Sim's children don't perform well you will not get to choose their traits as they age up.

Aging Up - Trigger Age Transition Cheat
Look to the cheats page to learn more about this. You need to enable testingcheatsenabled true, then shift-click your Sims. That will allow you to select trigger age transition, among other things. This isn't necessarily faster than birthday cake, but it's an instant birthday/age up if you are already cheating.

Aging Down - Young Again
The Sims 3 Generations adds several new options for manipulating age. The first is the young again potion, which will reset any Sim back to day one of being a Young Adult. This is available as a potion made from chemistry (logic skill) as well.

Locking Age - Age Freeze
Taking this potion new to Generations will freeze a Sim's current age. Everyone around will grow older, but this Sim will stay the same. Grab a death flower for true immortality.

Rediscovery Youth Through Cloning
One of the new Lifetime Rewards with Generations is the ability to buy a clone voucher. This will produce an offspring for your Sim that is effectively them as a child.

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Comments (15)

Jessie says...
I have the short life cycle it says their bday is in 2 days and 2 days past and nothing i have weeks with two days and their bday dont comr
21st April 2014 8:12pm
Serena says...
I MUST know if age settings are set PER TOWN. Could I have aging enabled on one town, and off on another?
28th May 2013 1:14pm
SCS says...
I am wondering the same thing.
The only settings that are per town are seasons.  All other settings are for every file in a Sims 3 folder.   You can have multiple Sims 3 folders with different settings as explained on our forum regarding factory resets.   It's a lot of work some times to remember to rename the folder you want to play in to Sims 3 but it's worth it to never have the wrong settings active when loading up a game.

For more info on factory resets go here,7507.msg153945.html#msg153945
5th June 2013 1:01pm
Sweek says...
Don't forget the genie wish for long life, added in Supernatural.
8th October 2012 3:14am
bubble buddy says...
genies came with show time ..... not supernatural. coz supernatural was the first expansion i got, nd showtime was the most recent soooooo yeahhhh
3rd August 2014 11:58pm
blabla says...
I have sims 3 pets expansion pack...I tried everything to change ageing settings and it changes but every time I go on sims again it is the same like I didn`t change the settings.......I save it and everything but it`s like I didn`t change it.....sorry for the gramatical mistakes but I don`t speak english very well
14th April 2014 2:01pm
Me says...
I have a sim who is aging more than one day er 24 hours in game. Can anyone help me with this issue?
14th December 2013 9:56pm
Mollie says...
Me again. I just want to let you it's all fine now. I killed her off. Yep... I'm a murderer. I killed a kid in my game. Feels like I'm grieving in real life! Weird. Hah. Thank you anyway.
21st July 2013 8:29pm
Mollie says...
I'm currently having a problem with one of my sims. Shes not growing! I have two adults who have had a set of twins, a set of triplet, and just given birth to one more. I made the twins grow up to young adults (they were already teens), and one on its own into a toddler. Then I decided to have my triplets as teenagers (they were kids), but only two have grown into teenagers and the other one just isn't growing at all! I've had her have six birthdays already, and even tried chats to trigger her age, but nothing is happening! What should I do?! I don't fancy starting all over again.
Also, she isn't showing up on my pick a town menu. And I've only got one town.
And the game is starting to lag. Especially at the beginning when it powers up. What's happening? The game was never really fast, always a bit sticky, but now it's taking the biscuit! Any help would be much appreciated.
Is the third one a werewolf or is she under some type of moodlet from the mood lamp? 

Can you control her?
21st July 2013 11:42am
Sam says...
Can you reverse a young adult back to teenager in sims 3 pets ps3 please? X
29th April 2013 11:12am
samigirl says...
I just got Generations and i can not change how long each age is all the things are just grayed over help!
24th March 2013 12:38am
MattTheKittyCat says...
You must be in the game (in the town you've chosen, but not playing as anyone) in order to change the settings.
29th May 2013 10:47pm
oisin says...
ivE got sims3 and my sim cant age up?
ive been trying for 1 year does anyone know how to help me?
Do you have aging enabled?  Have you been using birthday cake? Is it their birthday?  Do you have any other expansions?
24th July 2013 9:47am
Jasmine says...
Does the young again potion work on ghosts? I've been wondering this fr a while and I don't want to kill my sims.
1st July 2014 8:08pm
Megan says...
Late reply, but yes it does.
27th July 2014 1:10am
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