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The Sims 3 Create-a-Sim Guide

by Norma Blackburn

The Sims 3 Create-a-Sim

This guide will teach you about all of the functions in The Sims 3 Create-a-Sim (CAS) utility from the original Sims 3 all the way to the fifth expansion pack. It may help you find where to change a specific part of your Sim's body or look and give you a feel for how powerful Sim creation is in The Sims 3 era. There are a couple of other guides here on the site that compliment this one:

Editing Sims

When we create a Sim, we have the ability to create a huge variation in how our Sims look and behave using the many features of Create A Sim (CAS). We can change their appearance, the clothes they wear, their personality and even how they sound when they talk.

Do you accept the stock Sims that the game provides or do you change a few features here and there? Let's jump in to the Sims gene pool and mix it up a bit.

First we need to open up CAS.

When we first open up CAS, the program will give us a random Sim. Once we have a Sim here, we can change just about anything to do with that Sim.

The first screen we are presented with is the basics. Anyone that has ever created a Sim will be familiar with this screen. Let's have a quick look at this tab and the other common choice tabs before we move on to the more advanced editing tools.

1. Basics tab selection button.

2. Hair tab selection button.

3. Looks tab selection button.

4. Clothing tab selection button.

5. Personality tab selection button.

6. Randomize button. Hitting this button will give you a new random Sim.

Basics tab

The first choice screen we get is basics. From this we choose:

1. Our Sim's name.

2. Randomize Name. If you can't decide on a name hit this button and CAS will generate a name for you.

3. Gender.

4. Age.

5. Skin tone. As well as a slider for how light or dark the skin is, there is a drop down box to select color.

6. Body weight. This is available for all Sims from children up.

7. Muscle size. This is available for all Sims from teens up.

8. Muscle definition. Available for all Sims from teens up.

9. Breast size. This is only available for female Sims from teens up.

Play with each slider to see what they do. For the muscle definition, the best way to see the difference is to have a male dressed in swimwear without a shirt.

In this picture you can see the difference on the same skinny body without muscle, then the muscle slider at full and then with the muscle tone at full.

A Note on Color Changing - You can change the color of many things in Create-A-Sim. For most items the user interface is the same. For this reason, rather than repeat the information unnecessarily, we will look at changing color in detail for hair only. All other items that can have the color changed use the same methods.

6. Library: Here you will see the various hair available for the section of body you have selected. The top left option is used to remove all hair from that section of body.

6a. Show custom content only: If you have custom body hair installed, selecting this will display just the custom content.

7. Match root color: Check this to make the body hair the same color as the roots of the head hair.

8. Color choices: Here you will see basic color selections for body hair. You can only select a color from here if the match root color box is unchecked. Any saved facial hair colors will also be displayed here.

9. Delete: Deletes a saved body hair color when selected. This feature is only available for saved colors.

10. Share: Exports a saved body hair color. This feature is only available for saved colors.

11. Change color: Clicking this will bring up the color swatches as it does for hair color.

The Sims 3 Create-a-Sim

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