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The Sims 3 Death Guide

Causes of Death, Killing Sims, and Immortality

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed.

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This list will start for vanilla Sims 3, that is The Sims 3 with no expansions, and the list will grow as we learn new ways Sims can die with the expansion packs. Yes, your Sims' causes of death will vary depending on what expansions you have installed. I'll also include information on making a Sim die in a certain way for the deviant Sim killers out there. Owners of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of The Sims 3 will find the vanilla deaths apply to their console port.

  • A Sims 3 Ghost who has died of old ageAge
    With Aging on, Sims will eventually die of old age. This is the natural cause of death in the Sims 3, all other ways seem to be accidental. The life span is determined by what you've chosen in the options menu. Sims don't die immediately once the age bar on elder is full. They'll die at a random moment at some point, but you can't be sure what day they'll die. This is a realism feature. Ghosts of Sims who've died from old age will be white in color. To "kill" a Sim this way, just turn the aging option on and nature will eventually take its course.
  • Death by Drowning
    Sims can drown in the pool when they are swimming, but it's rare unless they're extremely low on energy. These ghosts will appear blue in color. To kill a Sim by drowning reliably, you'll need to use build mode to trap them in the pool with walls. Removing the ladder no longer works, as they'll just climb out.
  • A ghost killed by electricity in the Sims 3Electrocution
    Failing repairs on electronics can cause a Sim to die from electrocution. They don't usually die from the first shock, but the second is likely a sure kill. Handy Sims are immune to this, because they never fail repairs. Sims with high level handiness are also unlikely to die this way. The more complex the device, the more likely the Sim is to die from electroction. The cheapest tv is not as likely to cause death as the transporter lifetime reward, for example. So do some studying before you send your Sim to repair the plasma TV. To trigger this cause of death, get your Sim to repair or upgrade an electronic and get shocked, then immediately jump in to try and get shocked again. It's a bit more tricky than your other options. Ghosts who die this way will be yellow in color.
  • Death by Fire
    Fire kills Sims. It can strike at any time with low level cooking. If a fire breaks out, and your Sim is in the vicinity upon the moment of combustion, there's a chance of death. There's also a chance of death when a Sim is fighting a fire. For non-brave or pyromaniac Sims, this can be a concern. It's usually better to call the fire department and take the loss rather than risk the death of the Sim. To kill a Sim with fire, you could have them stand next to a fireplace (wall them in so they have little choice on where to stand). You can also teleport them to their doom with the Sims 3's testing cheats. Sims that are killed by fire will be red in color.
  • A meteor squashes a Sim in The Sims 3 Ambitions
  • Death by Meteor Shower
    The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion brings a new way to die in the form of the Meteor Shower. The sky will grow dark, and meteors will begin to fall. You should have your Sim vacate the area or they may get squished by one of these killers from the heavens, like the poor sap under the rock above.

    A ghost Sim killed by the mummy's curse in the Sims 3 World Adventures.
  • Dying from Mummy's Curse
    Like many Sims expansions in the past, The Sims 3 World Adventures introduces a new way for Sims to die: The Mummy's Curse. Sims get cursed by mummies sometimes after they lose in a fight. The likelihood of this seems random, as sometimes your Sim will get knocked out. If you do get cursed, you'll know it. Your Sim will be hit with an onslaught of dark energy from the mummy who will then leave them alone.

    From the moment your Sim is cursed, they'll have 14 days to cure it. If they haven't done any of the available options on the mummies page, they'll die, disintegrated in a cloud of evil energy. Nothing's wrong with your graphics card -- when the curse starts to get closer to taking effect, your screen will be met with a moving dark ring around the edges that looks very sinister. There will occasionally be evil music played as well as the time draws near.

    Upon death, Sims killed by the mummy's curse have dark, black and white ghosts as seen in the screenshot above.

  • Dying of Starvation
    This hunger-specific cause of death is very rare. It takes about 48 hours Sim time for a Sim to actually die of starvation. If you can't grab a snack at the fridge in that length of time, you must intend to kill them. Killing Sims in this way is easy, just wall them up in a room (guests) or turn free will off (Sims of that household). Don't let them eat, and within a couple days they'll die and turn into a purple ghost.
  • Death Flowers
    Death Flowers will cause the Grim Reaper to take the flower instead of the Sim's soul for all causes of death. With one in the inventory, your Sim will be immune to all forms of death, including old age. With Ambrosia, this can make Sims immortal without disabling aging. You can find death flowers in cemeteries or have your Sim grow them from special seeds in his garden.

    Unlucky Sims Avoiding Death
    Unlucky Sims are immune to death by unnatural causes, such as accidents like fires. The reaper will spare the Sim's soul out of pity, so this trait is by far not useless.

    Previous: Learn about Ghosts, Hauntings, and How to Have a Ghost Baby

    Comments (95)

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    G says...
    i had my sim die from eating a magic jelly bean ... and ive read somewhere vamps can die of thrist havent tried that one though
    27th September 2012 10:12pm
    Crypto38 says...
    It's true. Vampires do die from thirst. I've had my die of thirst. He just turned into dust.
    Thirst is the Vampire form of a hunger death, so it's not really exclusive. Thirst drops a lot while they are in the sun so while that doesn't kill them directly, the loss of thirst can.
    29th September 2012 8:15am
    Kaitlin says...
    Vampires can change sims into vampires if they are thirsty and there are human sims around, but it doesn't happen often ;-)
    25th May 2013 6:06pm
    abbey says...
    well i think the pets brought a warning to the game b/c my Sims supposedly got a warning about how her elder friend was not going to live forever and how this would be a good time to visit her? anyone else had this happen>?
    30th September 2012 8:05pm
    LifetimeSimmer says...
    Sure! It comes with the base game o.O
    16th November 2012 8:55pm
    ashlyn says...
    30th December 2012 2:55am
    hailey says...
    Everybody has had that happen that has played the game long enough.
    2nd February 2014 9:43pm
    Liv says...
    This is normal it has happend to me about 11 times so don't think it's bad.
    4th March 2014 3:18pm
    Ella says...
    I want my sim to die of a haunting curse [Ghost] but since we control the ghosts how do we do that? Or is it a diffrent way?
    30th September 2012 8:25pm
    turtle5243 says...
    you die that way by having a witch attempt at casting the haunting curse on someone and having it backfire. It takes the supernatural extension, and i've had my sim die this way a few times
    6th March 2013 11:28am
    erika says...
    You need a witch on sims 3 supernatural expansion pack. Level up your witch to level 5. After that use your curse on a sim have fun cursing :D
    11th December 2013 2:46pm
    Kochou1331 says...
    The "death by meteor" can be avoided--MOST of the time. I had a teenage Sim (orphaned in a fire) killed at school by a meteor shower as my game did not register my cancelling her schooling in time. Let's just say Grimmy was very busy picking up my Sim and what I assume was 1/2 of Twinbrook--it took a full game day until he got to her ghost.
    2nd October 2012 8:26pm
    Drasis says...
    I had the exact same thing happen in Sunset Valley just a few days back. I'm guessing the average age of the town just jumped by 20 years or so. So sad.
    8th March 2013 1:15am
    Jonas says...
    I had two meteors fall on my lot in one week. I just had one sim use a telescope a lot. It was a small lot so there was massive destruction of property and sims getting singed but no fatalities. ^^ ...and by selling the meteors I got around 30k simoleons :D
    16th October 2012 4:09pm
    laibah aq says...
    if u don't want your sim to die by ading u can disable aging but it will stop growing your sim it will only be a child teen or adult FOREVER!!! if u want u disable it will be on options but i tryed it on ps3 i don't know if it don't work on pc/mac and when i tryed it worked
    26th October 2012 2:28am
    mitchhh says...
    i want to move my daughter out of her elder parents home, but they live in the old landgraab house and have ALOT of money and i want her to inherit all that someday, will she get anything if they die after she moves out?
    17th November 2012 5:16pm
    Amanda says...
    No, because if she moves out, her parents will no longer be in the game, therefore, she won't get money. So if you still want to play with them, stay, and she'll have the money after they die. But if you just want the money, you can move out and she takes it all.
    25th November 2012 5:45pm
    meme-chan says...
    You can always move her out and make her the active sim thereby giving her all the money, or move her out and use my personal favorite, the motherlode cheat code :)
    2nd December 2012 7:06pm
    This is a username says...
    Mather lode sucks just use testingcheatsenabled true (family name e.g Tyler's) amount of money e.g 90000000
    7th December 2013 7:17pm
    mdeidre says...
    Just have her kick them out. She gets everything and they find new places to live.
    29th April 2013 3:46pm
    Life of the Dragons says...
    Go to town edit and save that family with a bunch of money to the library and then move them to another house/lot. They should have all of the household funds like the originals. Then select that family and press the split household button. Remove the sims that you don't want to live there and your sim(s) will still have as much money as when they moved in. Then go to the first household and split out the sim(s) that are living at the new house. Now you can have everyone alive and wealthy! The extra sims on the clipboard will be deleted when you return to your game. I don't know what this does with anything other than a computer/laptop because I have never played sims with town edit before now.(that remember)
    Hope this helps!
    31st December 2013 2:16pm
    a person says...
    I killed my sim. But, I want him to live again. What do I do?
    23rd November 2012 10:44pm
    Melissa says...
    After a while a one of you sims from the family that the sims died from will get a challenge or whatever from the science center so just put the sims grave stone it ashs in the other sims inventory then take it to the sciences center than when you have the ghost make amboisa and
    29th December 2012 11:53pm
    Faithie says...
    Is it possible to kill a sim for being tired? I made the person in my family that i want to die ( i know... harsh) and i made her swim with extremely low energy for a long long time. She eventually got fatigued and she refuses to swim even if i get rid of the moodlet through a cheat. Oh well... But i was just wondering if she refuses to drown if i can just deprive her from sleep.
    3rd December 2012 1:29am
    Milly280603 says...
    No I have tried it but it does not work but you can just box your sim up and leave it to starve if you like(I prefer to just get rid of the person from the family using edit instead of killing them)
    25th December 2012 1:29pm
    Jade says...
    Try walling her up in a pool and STARVING her, instead of making her tired.
    12th April 2013 4:13am
    Nepeta says...
    I read somewhere they can die by turning into gold. How does that work?
    3rd January 2013 1:29am
    Harry says...
    If you have supernatural installed and you have enough lifetime happiness you can buy a philosophers stone, with that you just get your sim to use it enough and eventually it will go wrong and turn them to gold, then, you can sell their statue for about 50k simoleons, so if you have a sim you hate and you need money use their lifetime happiness to kill them then sell them >:-)
    1st February 2013 2:57am
    Hi says...
    or you could just buy the Midas Touch potion at the elixir consignment store I think....
    6th April 2013 3:55am
    Jaasce says...
    Nope, Midas Touch just freezes you for about 6 sim hours I believe, it doesn't kill you.
    28th July 2013 3:55pm
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