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How to Move to a New Home in The Sims 3

Moving Sims Out, and Changing their House in Town

By Tom Schlueter

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Moving in the Sims 3

Hi. My name is Bunny Rabbit, and this is my husband Jack. You probably recognize me from the Rabbit Realty TV commercials where I always say "No bunny will sell your hole-in-the-ground quicker." Hold on for just a second....

Whew. A Rabbit's work is never done. Okay, Jack and I just conceived a great ideaówe're going to explain to everyone the basics of moving in Sims 3. It's not complicated at all, but there are still a few steps to cover. So, let's hop on over to the Move screen so you can reproduce these results for yourself.

Moving in the Sims 3

Open your Sim's Inventory and click and the phone, then the Move button (computers also have a Move interaction). The Move screen has 2 sides. Whoever makes the call will automatically get thrown on the right. So, we need to double-click Jack and move him to the right side...

Moving in the Sims 3

At the bottom left we now have the option to Pack or Sell our furniture. Toggle between the two and you'll see the available Household funds change at the top right. We're choosing the Sell option. We have no desire to take our furniture with us because it was damaged a couple weeks ago when our house was overrun by a giant lawnmower.

Next comes your choice of a new home. Click the House button on the bottom right....

Moving in the Sims 3

After you click on the House button in the Move screen, you'll go to Map view to choose your new home. Homes you can afford will have a light blue icon. Homes you cannot afford will have a gray icon. Our young Rabbit family can only afford 2 homes at the moment and since the home at 58 Water Lily Lane is the only one with 2 bedrooms, that's our choice.

Moving in the Sims 3

After we make our house selection we briefly go back to the Move screen to see that our new choice is listed on the right side. We click the checkmark, go to a final acceptance screen, click okay, and before we could say "hasenpfeffer" the game automatically took us into an animation to quickly get us to our new home. Typically, you'd go to your new home via taxi, but our new home happened to be right across the street from our old home, so the game just had us hop across the street. It was touch and go for a minute because some of the neighbors forgot to chain up their dogs. I hate dogs. They make my hare stand on edge. And from past experience I know for a fact that dogs do not like the Rabbit family either.

Moving in the Sims 3

So, that's it. Jack and I settled into our new home like Rabbits. The 2nd bedroom will be perfect for our soon-to-be-exploding family size. How long we remain in our new home all depends on dogs and the frequency of giant lawnmowers. But, I'm feeling hopeful, even luckyómy cousin Brer passed away recently and I inherited his foot.

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Comments (25)

Maranda says...
So, I tried moving my family out of their house to a nicer house across the street. And instead of doing it the normal way through the phone, I just clicked on the lot and clicked purchase. I thought it would do the same thing, but instead I now have two properties. How do I go about selling my old house? Or is it possible to rent out?
22nd October 2013 2:54am
Andrea says...
okay say you want a house that a sim has already living in can you some how buy it from them??
No but you can go into Edit Town and evict them to put them in a new house so you can get that one.  Or if there is enough room you can have someone in your family marry someone in their family and everyone move into their house.
8th June 2013 11:36pm
Stephanie says...
I tried moving my family to another house.. I have 4 kids in the game and when they moved to a different t house, one kid was left behind in the old house and I couldn't get him I had to move back into the old house... Anyone know why?? :/
1st April 2014 8:05pm
Anjanette.N says...
Nice! Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work on . Wonderful!
9th November 2012 8:23am
ssaff says...
Wabbits - Your post is really well-produced. Screenshots, then info regarding phone and computer. I'd forgotten how to move and just love the fun you're sharing (especially the screenshot of the Rabbits in their new digs - where your description matches the activities of the movees. (*chuckle* at entire script of your post)
16th January 2013 4:24pm
Freddy Ware says...
I had this problem so what I did was moved all sims except for main character to another lot. I was then able to move with just my single sim. Once I moved to new town I invited the household over that I moved out. And using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, I simply shift+clicked them all and added to active household. Good luck
28th June 2013 8:16pm
Kylie says...
12th July 2013 6:09pm
Ronnie says...
Have tried everything you guys have said about moving and the move is still being cancelled. does it matter where you move? I don't know what else to try. Please help.
5th October 2013 1:59pm
Cassidy says...
I am thinking about moving my family, from Sunset Valley, to Bridgeport and I have some questions. I the Sims 3 pet and Showtime and I was wondering If you will sill have gigs and everything for a singer and pets. I also herd that Bridgeport lags and I was wondering if this was true. Thank you for your help!
6th October 2013 5:11pm
Victoria says...
Whenever I try to move one person, I do the move thing ect ect this screen doesn't even pop up and it just moves the ENTIRE family to the new house. How do I get to this move screen?!
10th February 2014 5:15pm
Anne says...
I don't know whether this should be on here or under tech support but for this one particular family, I can't move anyone out or in!

I must have saved it while the moving process was still happening (I got back into playing that family after a long time of not playing). I can't get into buy or build mode and yeah it's pretty annoying. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
16th March 2014 1:47pm
Ann says...
I updated the new patch with the move to a new town option..when I selected to move my family did not move and now it won't let m save edit or anything because it says my family is traveling but they are not. Help please
Did you save as or did you rewrite your save with the new game? I would open your backup and try again but instead of saying Yes when the game starts - say No to moving and then use your phone.
23rd June 2013 5:41pm
Sara says...
im having the same exact problem as mariah ^

none of my sims are on vacation, working/in class, or in boarding school

its really bothering me cause i keep trying to move them but they just end up on a different location in the same town, plz let me know if anyone has a solution
This sounds like one of the new bugs of the patch. Several people are reporting this on the official forums.

The only advice I can give you is to make sure everyone is at their home and that you are choosing the right interaction which is to move to a new neighborhood. Make sure all mods and CC aren't effecting your ability since we got a new patch. Make sure to save as so you don't lose your last save and the family progress. Also, it might be best to sell all the furniture.
19th June 2013 2:08pm
Mariah says...
I Just Updated The Sims 3 Game And It Lets U Transfer / Move 2 Different Towns . But Wen I Try 2 Move To Different Towns It Says "Due To Unexpected Circumstances Your Move Has Been Canceled" I Want To Move To A Different Town But I Can't !! Can U Guys Plez Help!!!!!!
This is a brand new feature from the patch that came out today.   Do you know what circumstances are in the way of making you move?  Double check all of the Sims you're trying to move.  Make sure they are all available and not in the middle of class/work/etc.  Make sure no one is away at boarding school, on a free vacation or anything like that. You might want to get rid of any roommates as well.
18th June 2013 9:07pm
Becky says...
I've also noticed that it will come up with the "Due to unexpected circumstance" error when you are in the middle of a sim transformation (I came across the issue when undergoing the vampire transformation).
17th January 2014 5:51pm
Stacey says...
I've tried to move house twice now and each time the process has taken at least half an hour... I had to shut my game down and try again.
29th April 2013 7:55am
violet says...
how do i get my sims to move into a different town ???? will anyone help ??
12th April 2013 12:30pm
Lina says...
With Seasons you can move directly via the smartphone to a new neighbourhood.
This thread has a good guide pre seasons on how to do it OR you can use nraas Porter mod to move multiple families.
That didn't come with seasons.  That came with Patch 1.55 the patch we got just prior to Island Paradise.
19th July 2013 11:34am
bob says...
how do i get onto that 'Move' box? anyone help???
3rd March 2013 6:39am
Charlotte says...
is there any way i can move a person out but be able to play on the original family and new one???? help
14th February 2013 11:54am
Tiffany says...
no. The only way you can play on both families is AFTER you move, make one person move into the other fam's house. Play on that for awhile, then make your person move back into your old fam! It's a hassle, but yeah. You must really want to visit both families!
20th March 2013 9:29am
ssaff says...
HaHa - Wallace and Grommit and the Curse of the Were(Ware)Rabbit vaguely comes to mind. Luv Your Post - Very Punny :D - and Fulle of Tips -
Thank You(se)
16th January 2013 11:13am
Annie says...
Is there any way to move a person out(ex: teen just turned to young adult and you want them to move out) but still be able to control them? Help!
14th January 2013 9:37pm
Harriet says...
Thanks this really helped me but on this all of the furniture looks really old so I'm a bit confused about the looks of your home.
6th October 2012 8:40am
Ldia says...
i see the bed do you see the bed?
I think when Tom wrote this, he just used some pre-furnished homes in his example. Some of them are decorated rather poorly.
25th August 2013 12:24pm
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