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Making It With a Band in Sims 3 Late Night

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

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Forming a Band
First of all, let's state the obvious: you can't ask another Sim to form a band until your Sim has one skill point in a instrument:

Metro: "Let's form a band."
Carl: "What instrument do you play?"
Metro: "Nothing. I'll just move my hands around in the air and hope Sims will pay to see that."

No. Homey don't play that. So, as soon as a Sim does have a skill point in an instrument, then they have the option to Ask to Form Band (in the Friendly tab). If a Sim accepts, you then give the band a name. A band can have up to 4 Sims, so to bring in additional band members, any existing member clicks on another Sim and you'll see the new Band social. Click Band > Ask to Join (band name).

One thing I was curious about is if it matters who is asked to Form/Join a band. The small manual that comes with Sims 3 Late Night says, "Forming a band is as simple as talking to other musically-inclined Sims." When I first read that, I'm thinking...musically-inclined? Does that mean they need to have an instrument or be Artistic and/or Virtuoso Sims? So, it was time for a little testing. Let's meet the Bandman household. Left to right we've got Mark, Harold, Marsha, and Hannah. They're housemates, but they're only acquaintances.

The Sims 3 Late Night

I kick started things with Mark grabbing a point in guitar. He then promptly formed The Bandmans with Marsha. Harold and Hannah were happy to quickly join as well. But, all of these Sims were unemployed and were Artistic/Virtuoso Sims. Does that make a difference in a Sim's willingness to join a band? No. I turned on testingcheats and gave the other Sims different traits as well as level 10 jobs and they were all still willing to join The Bandmans. I even made one Sim Shy, Loner, Can't Stand Art, Loser, and Grumpy, but it didn't matter. But, one thing I did discover while working through the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW Walkthrough was celebrity level DOES matter when asking another celebrity to join your band: the Sim doing the asking should be within one celebrity level of the other Sim.

As soon as a band is formed you get a new Band tab in the Skill Journal that lists band members and the Statistics (total gigs played). The sole Band challenge is Gig Master which grants a gig pay boost after the band has completed 15 gigs. Good luck in completing that challenge!

Getting the Gigs
Gigs in Late Night come via a phone call opportunity from your agent. You should get your first phone call very shortly (a day or two) after forming your band. While you're waiting for gig day to arrive that's a good time for your Sim to register at the Courthouse as a self-employed band. If multiple band members are under your control, have them all register. Just click City Hall > Register as Self-Employed...> Band. It's nice to track progress and fulfilling career wishes earns more happiness.

I've run through the first few four or five gigs with a couple different bands and there's definitely a progression in the opportunities. Random opportunities are not thrown at you— it's a chain of ops like the Omni Plant chain or the Ultimate Invention chain and it always starts with Ensemblely Challenged. There's a huge benefit in having multiple Sims in the band under your control and in the same household — all members can then accept gig opportunities. The more band members you have in your household, the more chance of those phone calls to land more gigs.

When gig day came and it was 12 PM I had Harold click the venue (Waylon's Haunt) and selected Go to Gig. It's a sweet mechanic that EA built into this whole deal—every band member automatically gets to the venue with nothing else from you needing to be done. All the band members were in the same apartment, but it does not matter—your band members could be scattered throughout the city. Work schedules do not figure into the equation. There's a 4-hour window which is good because it does take a chunk of time to get everyone collected at the venue. If you're playing in Bridgeport and the venue is a place like Waylon's Haunt, then everyone just shuffles in the front door and the stage will be right there. But, if the venue is like Eugi's, which is in a tall building, then after you click Go to Gig, your band will congregate at the front door and the cue will cancel...

...a little annoying, but all you need to do is have them all pile into the elevator and click the available floor. Once everyone is at the venue you have the Sim who received the opportunity click his instrument and the other members will automatically go up and begin playing their instruments.

A Sims band performing music

Show Me the Money
When band members begin playing their set, a 2-hour timer begins. When the timer is finished, you'll get the Get Paid notification. Everyone will stop playing soon after the timer expires and the Sim who received the opportunity can then get paid.

The Bandmans got paid $1265 for their first gig. I did various tests and to the best of my knowledge, musicians' skill levels and numbers of patrons do not affect gig pay at all. Kind of bizarre, I know. But, the one thing that does affect gig pay is making sure one band member has grabbed The Next Big Thing Lifetime Happiness Reward. Gig payments seem to steadily rise over time which is nice. The 2nd gig paid $1495 and the 4th one more than doubled to $3105. So, we're not talking about a huge amount of money here. I did not play the Bandmans long enough to obtain the Gig Master challenge, but if the pay boost for completing that challenge is comparable to what the Star challenges do for individual instruments, then you're talking about a significant bump in profit. What really surprised me is that the Opportunistic reward did not increase gig payments.

If you want your musicians to make the really big money in hopes of hitting the Band career cap, then Jam Sessions in front of the Theatre are the way to go. Spectators will toss Jam Session tips into the jars of whatever musician they happen to be eyeballing. Have each member try and get their skill journal composition number to at least 100. This isn't too difficult when you employ the exploit of bringing up 8 Perform cues, and canceling each one as you hear the first notes. You'll make far more as a band during Jam Sessions than you ever will from playing gigs. But, gigs are fun too and are the icing on the cake. So, go out there...form a band and crank it up to 11!

Sims 3 Music-Related Guides: Guitar  |  Bass, Drums & Piano  |  Bands  |  Guitar Star  |  One Sim Band
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Comments (22)

Mary says...
My sims are both friends and one is mastered in guitar and the other in bass but there isn't an option to form a band?

PLEASE HELP! I tried restarting the game and it's still not there!

My sims are both young adults.
18th June 2014 7:01am
akamarsha says...
I have had several bands, but they never get gigs. anyone know why this happens?
28th October 2012 6:55pm
mattrweeks says...
I'd like to know this too, because I started a band on one of my games and they haven't gotten their first gig yet. It IS in Starlight Shores rather than Bridgeport, but I edited the town and placed in one each of the locations that you get gigs from in Bridgeport.
9th January 2013 8:33pm
justme says...
Same. I had two gigs and then I've never had another (it's been quite a while, but I have vampires so they're aging very slowly through multiple generations. Same original band members, still no calls.) I make a point to answer every phone call, but it's always either an opportunity not related to my band or someone asking to chat/go on a date. I've just been playing for tips in the subway, and so far I've racked up enough points for my Sim to be considered a Headliner. Still no gigs.
12th January 2013 11:19pm
von says...
Same here. I created my band in midnight Hollow, them moved them to Bridgeport... it is now week 6, and I still haven't gotten a single gig, despite playing in many venues.

My Sim has maxed guitar level, max # of bandmates, plus the virtuoso and artistic traits. What am I doing wrong?
7th February 2014 1:46am
Emma says...
There are no stages in midnight hollows
I'm sorry for your lose
19th April 2014 5:37am
Hamster Girl says...
My current game with 3 sims had been performing 8 gigs and invited a new member to join the band. Now that I'm using the new member after switching active households I had him register as self-employed then band.

Not too long he received a call to perform a gig at Waylon's. I clicked yes and had the opportunity. However, I received another opportunity call something like entertaining the sick kids in the hospital I also clicked yes. Then later on as the game progresses I noticed that the blue green star (indicating opportunity) above Waylon's has disappeared. I already checked the schedule of the gig which was on a Friday around 12pm but it's not yet Friday in Sim days. Then I checked the opportunities of this Sim and realized that the gig opportunity has disappeared. COuld it be that the 2nd opportunity that I clicked removed the gig opportunity?
6th June 2014 6:53am
Hamster Girl says...
My current game with 3 sims had been performing 8 gigs and invited a new member to join the band. Now that I'm using the new member after switching active households I had him register as self-employed then band.

Not too long he received a call to perform a gig at Waylon's. I clicked yes and had the opportunity. However, I received another opportunity call something like entertaining the sick kids in the hospital I also clicked yes. Then later on as the game progresses I noticed that the blue green star (indicating opportunity) above Waylon's has disappeared. I already checked the schedule of the gig which was on a Friday around 12pm but it's not yet Friday in Sim days. Then I checked the opportunities of this Sim and realized that the gig opportunity has disappeared. COuld it be that the 2nd opportunity that I clicked removed the gig opportunity?
6th June 2014 1:14am
emily says...
Okay so I have a band in bridgeport and there's four two are self employed as a band and the other two are criminal and film. I've been waiting for approximately two Sim weeks. The self employed ones have no opportunities and I answer every call. They all have at least two celebrity stars, but no matter what I do they just can't seem to get a gig, help!
27th April 2014 1:30pm
maddie says...
Anybody help please, My sim has level 8 in guitar and level 4 in bass he is a 3 star celeb and has befriended all mixologists i am in bridgeport and i can't seem to register as self employed in a band my band members aren't living with me but ill get them to and i really would like help on why i cant self employ and an easier less time consuming way to get gigs thanks
24th April 2014 8:44am
yugicat says...
If you have Ambitions installed then you can go to the city hall.

Click the city hall then register as self-employed then band. That goes also with your band members, they need to all register as self-employed.

Hope this helps.
6th June 2014 6:48am
Shane says...
I have not been able to get them to play for tips in subways how do you do this?
1st December 2013 10:51am
Aaron says...

Your Sim needs to be at skill level 5 in the instrument that you want to play with.
6th April 2014 10:08am
Sakari says...
I cannot get my band to self register with the courthouse. Help?
Do you use mods? Do you have ambitions?
17th July 2013 10:47am
Sakari says...
No, I don't. I recently uninstalled Sims 3 plus EPs. I only have Late Night and Showtime installed. Ambitions is the key? I'll have to install it.
22nd July 2013 9:34am
INeedHelp says...
I need some help. I created a band with four people, all in the same household and all with the lifetime reward of "The Next Big Thing" but accidentally stopped in the middle of my first concert and it failed it for me. Since then, it's been a week (in sim days) and I haven't got any more gigs. I have been to nightclubs and just got my band to play together there but no requests have came in. Is there anything I can do? I might just unemploy them all and split the band up then put it back together again. Will this work? Thanks.
Splitting them up could very well work. Getting gigs can be completely random. I had a band that only ever got two gigs once in over 30 Sim weeks.
19th June 2013 3:47pm
mike says...
I have not yet received a call. got 4 sims in my band and living in household as well have not went to city hall yet but am working on celebrity status and working on making them all ranked in 10 on the instruments i c hoose for them i guess i will have to test it out but none the less i should have got a call by now i mean for crist sake i have the lead band member at level 10 hit movie composer that alone should raise a eyebrow from someone
12th May 2013 3:37am
James says...
I've been testing this in detail all day, and I've come to the conclusion that there's a perfect storm of minimum requirements that must be met before gig opportunities come up.
1.) Celebrity - Must be 1 or higher.
2.) Tips - You have to have made a fair amount of cash. "Perform" about 15 times then hop in a Subway to rake cash in (build one in your town if there isn't one).
3.) Skill - All band members must have 1 skill point in any instrument.
4.) People - Band must have at least 2 people in it.
5a.) Correctly zoned Venue with all 4 late night instruments, a stage, and a Mixologist.
6b.) The right venue - The first gig you get will be at a Dive Bar. Next 2 at a dive bar. Next 4 at Local Watering Hole. Next at Sports Bar. Next 3 at Fusion Lounge. Next 2 at Vampire Lounge. Then 2 at Exclusive Lounge. Make sure you have all those.

Unknowns - Whether or not you need to have met the Mixologist or be friends with them. Whether or not.
11th February 2013 8:27pm
SquareEyedJak says...
What happens if you have a Dive Bar without s stage? Does it just skip, because my sims got their first gig at Eugi's which is a Local Watering Hole.
2nd March 2013 4:55pm
Big Mike says...
I made a band, started out like this: I created a household, made four sims and they all have the same traits. Then, I used the 'testingcheatsenabled true' at the loadup screen, then did 'moviemakercheatsenabled true' at loadup. Loaded the game up again and did the lifetime points cheat. I use a autoclicker to aid me in that. xD Then I get the 'Next big thing' and 'Fast learner' perks. I made needs 'Static' and just kept my sims practicing and then I formed a band when they were all level 5. One sim is guitar, one sim is piano, one sim is bass, last sim is drums.

It works best I think when you make all members be in the same household. Since you can control them.

However, lately I just reinstalled the game. Updated it, now I can't even make the band go from, 'part-time' to Full Time Band. My band name is Krush. xD

I will make another post to tell you what you need to do.
1st July 2014 2:54pm
Big Mike says...
What I believe you need to be successful:

1. Have four members with at least level five in their music field.
2. Go to in Bridgeport, have one member go to 'Hogans Deep Fried Diner'. One member go to the Stadium. One member go to a park, the last member go to a different park. Then play for tips. This way you'll show as many people your sims talent, and they will take notice in your band.
3. Go home!
4. Practice and practice, within 5-6 sim days you should get a ring on one of your 4 sims. Answer it!
5. If your a 'celeb' then that will boost up your chances.
6. When you do get a gig, go to the location early.
7. When you're invited to a party, play at the party.
1st July 2014 3:02pm
Big Mike says...
I used to not use cheats on sims 3. Then I was like, "I hate working so hard just for one job!" So I looked around. Found this, I liked it. So, since it helped me I'm helping others. Anyway, this works since a hour ago, I got ingame a gig. My band 'Krush' had there first gig. After it, I got another gig the SAME DAY! The first was on Wednesday, they notify you two days prier to the gig. My next gig is on Friday. TWO GIGS in ONE week. Trust me, it is easy once your band makes it successful.
1st July 2014 3:11pm
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