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Moving Households in the Sims 3

Changing a Sim's Home from Sunset Valley to Riverview

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If you want to move within the same neighborhood, see How to Move. If building a home from scratch, see the Home Design Ideas Guide. Get more Sims 3 Info.

Download and Install Riverview
Riverview is located on this page of the Official Sims 3 site. You'll require an account with Electronic Arts to do this. If you haven't already, sign up but note that you'll need a legit code proving you own the game. Opening the link will automatically give you the option to open the Sims 3 game launcher, where Riverview will be downloaded. It should automatically install, but if it doesn't select the box and choose install. It will take a moment to update the game.

With Riverview installed, you'll now have the option to start all your new games there on the town selection screen. But what if you want to move an existing Sim to Riverview? Worse yet, you hate Riverview and want to move back -- read on.

Moving Sims within the Same Town
To move a Sim from one household to another part of town is a cinch. Do this if your Sim has become wealthy and wants a new home, or to remove a Sim like a teen who's reached adulthood out of the household.

  1. First, use your Sim's cell phone to select the move option. The Sims who will be moving should be placed in the right box. You'll be given the option to sell the home and whether or not to pack or sell the family's assets. The change active household button is important as well because you may want to kick a Sim out, or leave some behind during the move.
  2. Choose whether you want them to move to an existing house in the neighborhood or start with an empty lot. The game will then transfer any Sims and any funding to the new family and you'll be able to play as usual.

Switching Neighborhoods - Moving From Sunset Valley to Riverview in The Sims 3
This process is done entirely differently, and is not as intuitive as one might hope. There are three ways this can be done, but all begin the same way: Save the game and enter edit town mode. From there, click the household you want to move to another neighborhood. There are multiple options here, but the one you want is save household to library. Select the option you desire then move on to the final step.

Option 1: Moving the Entire House
Selecting to save the Household with house will save an exact copy of that entire famiy and its belongings, including the very home they live in. If it's a big lot, your options will be limited when placing the building in the new town.

Option 2: Moving the Household
Saving the household only will save a perfect copy of all family members. What's more, the family inventory will be preserved. If you only have a few lavish items your Sims would like to keep, move them into the family inventory and bring them along. The rest will be sold and go toward the family's starting cash balance in the new town.

Option 3: Saving every Possession but the Home
If you want to save everything your Sim owns without placing it all into the family inventory manually, consider using the cell phone to move them to an empty lot before beginning the process. The house will be sold but their valuables can be automatically placed into the family inventory where they can be accessed later. You can then repeat the steps and use Option 2.

Settling In to your Sim's New Home
Finishing the process is simple: Head to the Sims 3 main menu and create a new game, then choose Sunset Valley or Riverview as your Sim's starting neighborhood. Once at the move-in screen, choose Move-in Household. Your family should appear in the list in the right hand corner of the screen, under their family name. The lot size required for their home (if applicable) and wealth will be displayed so you can differentiate them. Once done, pick your lot and start playing in the new 'hood. The family inventory is found in buy mode for those confused as to the location of their household items.

If you don't want to start a new Sims 3 game but would rather move your saved household in with another family in yet another saved game, that's simple. Do the above process to get the family saved then load the saved file where you'd want them to move in. Head to edit town and from there, you'll be able to move in the saved household and take over control or resume your game by choosing your normal active household.

If you want to move within the same neighborhood, see How to Move. If building a home from scratch, see the Home Design Ideas Guide
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Comments (30)

Nikola says...
My current household is on the 4th generation, but the town that i am in is rather boring but i don't want to move just incase i loose all the other relatives that have passed away, is there any way that i can move, but still have my family tree? If i put the grave stones in the sims inventory would that save them? I really don't want to start a new game.
24th April 2014 8:58am
Desiree says...
Just a warning, it is possible to lose your job when you move to another town. I had two adults at level ten jobs, one in business and the other in film. The one in business kept her job, but the one in film showed up unemployed. I don't know if it has anything to do with WHICH job she had, or if it was just a fluke. But either way, a bit disappointing.
2nd October 2012 4:29am
Duncan says...
I think this has to do with the lack of a film lot in Riverview, or whatever town you are using. Most towns will only have basegame objects, or will come with the EP's objects that they were included in.
3rd October 2012 5:42pm
Alexis says...
Thank you very much. This really helped me out. Riverview is just to boring, but it took me a while to do all steps but still made it, now I'm very happy! :)
18th July 2013 3:54am
Sam says...
Okay, im confused... when I clicked the household, the only options that came up where evict, merge with..., and split up. am i missing something?
7th December 2012 10:52pm
Amber says...
It's evict. When you evict your family will move to the clipboard with or without your home then you can save to library, where you can then switch towns.
21st December 2012 9:46pm
Ismena says...
Hello !!
I have one family, two female adults and a male adult., I split the households up because I didn't want to play with that many sims st once. Is there a way I can' save as' one household so I can flip back and forth??! Is changing the active household and turning story progression off the only way??
14th May 2014 7:46pm
Dan says...
Err... quick point, this might be entirely wrong, but can't you just use the cell phone, click move and then select to new neighbourhood? Seemed to work when I did it...
20th April 2014 7:09pm
Aejay says...
This is a relatively new addition to the game, being added in latest patches. This guide was written at the time when the option wasn't there.
21st April 2014 4:26am
ssaff7 says...
This is really helpful - Thanks to Carl and Family :D
I'm guessing that Sims' attributes (e.g. career achievements and skills) remain with them when they move.
In this case, I edited (the Goth household) in 'Edit Town'; saved the game under a different name; popped upgraded items into the family inventory and, thanks to you, am now aware that the Actual Move is executed via the phone (who'd-a-thunk-it) Thank You
28th September 2012 6:10pm
CC says...
If i move to a new town whilst my sim is pregnant (Like shes got morning sickness but she doesn't know shes pregnant yet) will she still be pregnant? Shes having an alien baby and i really want it!
27th October 2013 6:46am
Keighley says...
Hey can someone please help me??
I was playing my sims family in Bridgeport, I decided to move them to pleasant vile and then I moved them back to Bridgeport but all the town has changed, like it is when u start a fresh game? I've saved the game loads of time, all my customize buildings have gone :( and family have gone
27th November 2013 8:23pm
TripEight says...
I want to move the house I have into a different lot in the same town to have more room in the yard. Can I still Move the Entire House? If so, how?
20th April 2014 10:06pm
Moriah says...
Hey I was wondering if I could get some help??!? I just got the update to get a new town- and I did. But I want to go back to the other town, where my other sims are. Can I do that? If so how? Thank you in advance
30th May 2014 7:34pm
Ani says...
I have been keeping two households that I switch back and forth between as active. (i have freezed aging and story progression for the time being) The two different people have a romantic relationship, and now I want the girl to move in with the boy. They are the only sims in their respective households. how do i get the girl (and her pet) to move into the boys house, and take all her furniture with her? first i placed everything in her family inventory, then switched active house to his, and he invited her to move in. but when she got there, nothing from her inventory came with her. so then i tried to just select the move option from her cell phone when actively playing her house, but you can only move into an empty house. Help! How can i get her to move in with him and take everything with her!!!
4th September 2013 8:49pm
Dove says...
Try this: place her furniture into the family inventory again. Then, go to Edit Town. Keep her the active household for now, and choose to evict her family. Once they're evicted, they'll go into the clipboard, and they can be be merged into his household.

If the active household can't be evicted, make his household active, and then try it again. I'm not sure if it will bypass whatever glitch is doing this, but it's worth trying.

Or move him in with her first, if you don't care about his furniture. Then move everyone back into his old house.
24th September 2013 1:15am
JJ says...
how to move different family into the same town, i have move the first family, than i create another family to move into the same town. but the recent family was not there.
2nd September 2013 3:25am
diana says...
Remember to sell real estates as they wont come with you and you ll lose money
19th July 2013 10:57am
Taylor says...
How does this change due to the latest patch?
The latest patch added the ability to change towns within the game. Your Sim can now use the phone or computer to move to a new town and the game does most of the work for you.
24th June 2013 1:57pm
Matthew says...
This might be a glitch with my game, but I moved some sims from one town to another and they stopped registering as being related to each other. They were siblings and they were all in one house, but they had been born in game and their parents were both dead.

When I loaded them they individually recognize the parents as being their parents - The tombstones for the parents were in the family inventory, so those transferred to the new town along with the parent's appearance and trait data. They even show up as ghosts - however the sisters/brothers don't show up on the family tree or register as family in the relationship panel.

12th April 2013 1:24am
M.A says...
I have the same problme too. waht can I do?
20th November 2013 5:47pm
kiwimon says...
I tried to do it but their relationships are all set to zero and my sims are not related any more. did i do it wrong or is it supposed to go like that?
25th February 2013 9:47am
CarlyM says...
This happened to me as well. When you move a family into a new town, it's a separate world, so they no longer know the people from your old town. Your sims relationships with those old town people are now gone. Also, any children or relatives that were not saved together into one household will not longer be related (again, lose all relationships/family history). Thus if I ever want to move a family, I save the entire family by combining the grandparent, parents, and children into one household max of 8) and move them together so they remember each other and are still "related" in the family history.
6th April 2013 3:47pm
Kara says...
I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem or knows how to help me!
I recently moved a family (a couple a two horses) into a new home. The husband was at work while they moved, and I save and quit before he showed up at the new house. Now when I open the game I can see both people on the menu but when I open their household the husband is not there and neither is his icon to control the character.
When I select the wife and go to her relationship panel her husband is there under household, but she cannot click him to call and invite over etc.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
14th January 2013 5:49pm
laila says...
type ctrl alt c and type resetsim and his name make sure resetsim and all that are together no spaces except mmaybe for his name if it doesnt work
17th February 2013 10:08am
jo says...
Can you move to/from Bridgport?
13th January 2013 4:45pm
keni says...
by any chance when a teen turns into a young adult can i just move that person not the whole family
30th December 2012 6:02pm
Stein says...
Go to the edit own mode, click on the family and choose the 'split household' option.
18th March 2013 12:21am
Kristen says...
Ok I had a problem with my game stalling so I saved the house and household and started a new file and placed said household but now my level 10 gardener is glitching. I have him 'tend garden' but he stops once he goes to a second plant. It's happened to me before in another game save when I moved the household too. I hope this makes sense. Any suggestions?
18th November 2012 2:47am
Maxine says...
I'm not sure where to ask this question. My problem is my bin of households is completely empty - I don't have default families or any I've saved anymore (and over the past two years I've saved a lot of households). I did remove my EA folder from Documents to let the game regen the folder when it refused to update and I couldn't install anything else from the store - but that was a while ago. I haven't noticed anything until now. Do you know what I can do to fix this? Or where I should go to ask about this?
21st July 2014 8:08pm
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