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The Sims 3 Parties

Throwing a Great Teen, Birthday, or Wedding Party for Sims 3

By Tom Schlueter

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This Sims 3 Guide was originally written for the PC and Mac versions of the game, but also will help owners of the console versions - PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed. It focuses on throwing parties, and discuesses setups that work universally for any type of party. Wedding parties, teen parties, pool or birthday parties. You'll learn to make all your gatherings a success.

The Sims 3 Party Shot

Meet Your Party Host: Rage McDefcon5
ďGet off my lot and leave me alone!Ē Okay, am I insane to create an angry old man to be the main character in a party throwing tutorial? Quite the contrary. Rage is the one who is insane. Not only is he insane, but he also has the following traits: Evil, Hot-Headed, Loner, and Mean-Spirited. Of course, I went a bit over the top with Rageís personality, but I did so to illustrate the first pillar of throwing great parties: Party Pillar: #1 Your Simís traits do not matter at all. Thatís right. Choosing Party Animal is a total waste of a trait slot. Friendly, Charismatic, Good, Schmoozer...? Yes, these are all great traits, especially for the Political and Journalism careers, but you donít need these traits to throw a great party. Any traits will do because itís all about your guests.

I did use the ďtestingcheatsenabled trueĒ cheat to shift-click the mailbox and chose ďMake Me Know Everyone.Ē I did this so that everyone who showed up to Rageís party was at the same relationship level ó Acquaintance. Formerly, I had the notion that if you invite over a bunch of close friends, then your chance of throwing a great party goes up. I mean, who wouldnít think that, right? In real life, if you invite 10 of your closest friends over for a party vs. 10 people you just met, then it doesnít take a genius to figure out which party will be more successful. But, this is the Sims and not real life. Sims 3 Party pillar #2: Your relationship with your guests does not matter. There is the special case of Campaign Fundraisers. And in that special kind of party, then a host's relationship strength has a direct impact on how much a particular guest will donate at the end of the party.

So, weíve established that your Simís traits do not matter and his relationship to his guests does not matter. What does affect a successful party in the Sims 3?

Sims 3 Party pillar #3: Guest Mood
This is the whole deal. The big enchilada. And the only thing you really need to focus on for your party to be epic. How you achieve #3 runs the gamut and is only limited by your creativity.

Party Mood Management 101
Letís take a look at the 6 needs bars of any Sim: Hunger, Bladder, Energy, Social, Hygiene, and Fun. All of these feed into the main Mood Meter. If theyíre nearly all green, then a Sim will be Elated and leave your party with 2 thumbs up. Donít concern yourself with Energy or Hygiene for your guests. Those are pretty much out of your control. But, the other 4 needs you can definitely influence:

Hunger- Don't let Party Guests Starve
There are plusses and minuses to getting the buffet table for a party. The plus is that itís passive ó just set it up and let Sims eat whenever they get hungry. Another plus is it can feed an enormous quantity of Sims. If you order a pizza or fix a group serving of food, then youíre only talking about 8 servings. But, the fact that the buffet table is passive is also a downside. You canít click on the buffet table and order everyone to take something like you can with the pizza or a plate of food you prepare. So, Sims will not eat from the buffet table unless they are hungry and your goal is to give them that Nice Meal moodlet and then quickly move them to a group activity for fun (parties only last about 4 hours). Plus, the initial outlay and the per usage fee of the buffet is pretty steep. All in all, Iíd say donít use the buffet table and opt for a pizza or your own home cooked meals.

Bladder - Partygoers can't have fun with the urge to go.
This is not a big concern for you as a host. Donít ignore it, but just have a single toilet stall in a convenient location if you prefer the outdoor design style as I do, or one bathroom indoors in you go traditional design. Make sure thereís plenty of walking space around the stall/bathroom.

Social and Fun at Parties
Iíll talk about below and can be easily tackled with a group activity.

Passive mood boosts for Party Guests
Donít forget to take advantage of passive mood boosts for your guests. The simplest 3 are 1) Beautiful Vista, 2) Nicely Decorated, and 3) Enjoying Music. You can see from Rageís warm welcome picture above that he lives on one of the "Beautiful Vista" Sunset Valley lots (100 Redwood Pkwy). Itís quite cheap at only $3k, but provides a 24/7 +15 moodlet. For Loves the Outdoors Sims and Over-Emotional Sims, the Beautiful Vista moodlet gets amplified even more. And, of course, there are many nicer lots available which result in even bigger Beautiful Vista moodlets.

To get a Nicely Decorated moodlet in your Party Pad, you donít have to spend thousands upon thousands of simoleans. I achieved it with only 3 items totaling around $1200 ó 2 rugs and a statue. Having a painter in your house of course is the ideal ó just hang some Masterpieces around the dancing or TV area for a great mood booster.

The Sims 3 Party Shot

The Ultimate Sims 3 Party Set Up
Everythingís ready for the party. 2 Chandelier Rugs, and one Urn of Ranco will supply guests with a Nicely Decorated moodlet. The lot will provide the Beautiful Vista moodlet. The nice stereo will provide 3rd simple passive moodlet, Enjoying Music, and the pizza is hot and ready to be eaten for a quick Nice Meal moodlet. Rage looks like heís excited to make the call and meet some new friends. Is that a smile, Rage? Well, on second thought maybe he only passed gas.

So, what Sims are on the guest list for the Party? I had to call the Goths and Agnes Crumplebotom simply because all four of them have the Grumpy trait. I figured if they would sign off on Rageís party, then anyone would. I also invited the 3 Landgraabs, and Holly and Nick Alto.

The Sims 3 Party Shot

Dancing at Parties: Vertical Woo Hoo
After everyone polished off the pizza, Rage moved to the dance floor and threw down like John Travolta. I call group dancing Vertical Woo Hoo because, like Woo Hoo, it quickly fills both Social and Fun bars. Itís just awesome. Have your Sim ďCall Over to DanceĒ every guest on the lot and itís mass fun. Group TV on a really expensive TV raises the fun bar quicker for your Sims, but for pure player enjoyment I think group dancing takes the cake. Itís just so fun to watch.

Nine Sims showed up to Rageís party. All of them were only Aquaintances, and 4 of them were Grumpy. The final result? All 9 said the party was awesome. So, throwing a great party in The Sims 3 is certainly not rocket science and doesn't take huge amounts of simoleans. If you want to grab the Legendary Host reward, go for it. Itís only 5k points and youíll be assured of everyone having a great time. But, with these simple tips, you can easily save yourself the points on spend them on other rewards. And all of these tips can be applied to any party ó a Wedding Party, a Birthday Party, or a Campaign Fundraiser. Itís all the same ó keep your guestsí mood high and everyone leaves happy.

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Comments (18)

Sims3FanConfidential says...
I think you should add the fact that you can give gifts on Sims 3 Generations.

Depending on the Sim that is aging ups age, you can give them gifts as long as you have The Sims 3 Generations and it can the gift can be placed in your inventory. Go back onto live mode and click the item in your inventory and select give gift. Then choose the sim you would like to give the gift to from the list. Otherwise, click on the sim and select give gift. I am not sure if this is in friendly or if it is with the sub-categories such as friendly, romantic, mean.

If you don't have The Sims 3 Generations or the present you want to give a sim is not able to be placed in your inventory, then just place the object in the Sim's bedroom. If the Sim doesn't live with you, go onto edit town and place the object in their house.
25th November 2012 3:45am
JenSimulacrum says...
Bummed that you can only invite a finite number of Sims to your party? Place balloons at the entrance of your party venue (Like if it's at your Sim's home put balloons at the end of your front walk.) Univited Sims will crash your party which I think is more interesting and fun.
12th December 2012 12:30am
Chad says...
The difficulty I have is that when party time comes all the guests stand outside looking confused and by the time I can get one of my active sims to invite everyone in an hour has passed. Then they fumble in the door blocking each other and complaing that they cant move. Another hour passes and finally 1 or 2 break from the herd and now most are ready to go. By hour 3.5 I have 1 or 2 left who managed to get inside the house successfully.

In the Sims 2 it seemed easier. You invited them over and people showed up, hung out, chatted alot and typically over-stayed. Now its a battle to manage 4 or 5 of them at once just to get them in the door.
17th December 2012 5:24pm
Adrianne says...
I have this same issue! It's soooo annoying. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this issue? It's almost not worth throwing parties, cause they end before anyone can even get through my front door.
27th January 2013 9:55pm
Shell says...
Do you have your door locked. I have my front door locked to stop paps coming in (not sure if this is necessary). When I threw a party everyone just stood outside until I unlocked it. I seem to have the same problem with the cleaner.
12th February 2013 12:18am
Isobel says...
I've never had that problem, but what I would do is just remove the door and part of the wall to leave a huge gap for the guests to come in, then replace it afterwards. It's harder to do, but it should work.
14th February 2013 11:49am
ssaff says...
- I have a door that is two-person wide and expanded staircases so that more than one sim can walk down/up. Hope this helps with 'blocking' issues.
21st April 2013 7:06am
Alice says...
I did chose party animal and mood like that, it makes it a lot easier. Also using the cheat to make everyone know you helps a lot too, it means you don't have to spend half your time getting to know people before you have a party, unless you want to of course (:
19th January 2013 6:53pm
Cassie says...
When I throw a party at a venue with a bar it has the option to open tab and close tab. My question is does this only apply to just my sims who threw the party or does it apply to my party guest too when they order food at the bar? I can't tell if it does or not. Has anyone tested this out yet because I'm really curious. Thanks for any help on this.
16th February 2013 5:37pm
Faithie says...
You're awesome! I could never figure out why my pool party didn't work... I always had a dance floor, a pool (obviously), music, a dance floor, a buffet table, AND a bar. I just kinda let everyone swim around and didn't really interact that much besides yelling at people who misbehaved (because I have the proper trait and when people act improperly my sim gets really mad). I wonder why it kinda... Sucked?
16th February 2013 8:37pm
Vincent says...
Excellent guide. I agree traits matter very little. Just a few things:

- The traits of sims you invite do matter a little, because one evil, mean-spirited or inappropriate sim can cause a lot of negative moodlets on other guests.

- Skinny dipping in a hot tub is just too much Fun for any sim (even without the Inappropriate trait) to resist, and leads to a lot of negative moodlets and reactions. Install a mod that disables it as an autonomous action (found at or just don't install a hot tub.

- If you're rich, set up a buffet table before the party. If you're poor, order a pizza. If money is no issue, do both.

- The Legendary Host LTR seems to make even really lame parties legendary.

20th March 2013 2:43pm
Lex says...
I threw a pool party at my house and it rocked. I served 3 servings of homemade meals and people all took some . I also bought a buffet table but it was mostly ignored. I bought a few toilet stalls and a stereo to have some group dancing.
25th March 2013 8:35am
Me says...
Thanks to this guide I threw the BEST party ever! I did an outdoors one with three pizzas (just in case), the best stereo, 2 toilet stalls, three masterpieces from my super-maxed in painting and sculpting creative artistic sim, and the same lot you used. I didn't have the Legendary Host LTR, and I invited pretty much half the town, and nothing went wrong!
17th May 2013 7:37am
Maiken Carina says...
A good tip: Make sure your sim has some points in mixology, so they can make party drinks and serve to the guests. It gives them positive moodlets, plus makes the party more interesting because people will start dancing on counter-tops and such.
2nd June 2013 3:29pm
Ella says...
Can i have ideas for toddler birthdays?
22nd December 2013 6:26am
Jessika De Lair says...
I threw a perfect wedding! It was beautiful! I created a community lot using 100 Redwood Parkway that had everything I needed. I have 3 buffet tables surrounding a dancefloor with flowers in the gaps. I had a few hottubs installed and a massive eating area (Three high chairs 'cause they had triplets before getting married.) Of course I had a wedding arch and water slides too! It was held on a warm sunny sunday in summer. I was also able to squeeze in a quick birthday because the broom's Mom still lived there and she was turning Elder! It left the guests elated. Thanks, Carl!
19th February 2014 11:01pm
Skip says...
During the winter in Seasons, there is option for gift-giving party. However, each time I try to do that, I get the message that there isn't enough room - despite me clearing alot of space. Can someone help me solve this issue? Thanks.
22nd February 2014 10:37am
Christina Isley says...
Try moving to a bigger lot.
2nd March 2014 6:06pm
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