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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack

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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise arrives June 25, and I will of course be covering the new features of the Expansion Pack. This time, I'm summarizing information from press releases to describe the biggest gameplay features of the new EP to inform visitors who'd like to know what to expect when they buy it. I'll link new articles to this page as they come. I cannot start until I've got a copy in my hands, and I don't get it any earlier than any other Sims player. As stated, I compiled this from press releases. The page combines information and screenshots that EA has released over the months since announcing the IP Expansion.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Isla Paradiso wide view
A Broad View of the New Island World - Isla Paradiso

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Isla Paradiso Sunset
Sunset in Isla Paradiso

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Water Skiing
Sims can Waterski in Island Paradise

Isla Paradiso
Island Paradise's new town is called Isla Paradiso. This new tropical world has vast seas with islands to explore and make your home. The setting provides for many new activities for Sims that involve the water, like snorkeling, house boats, lifeguards, mermaids, resorts, and beach parties. The World features Uncharted Islands that Sims can unlock to find treasure chests and collectibles, and maybe even meet Mermaids. Sims will be able to use poolside bars, sleep in bungalows and walk across hot coals at beach parties. The setting is there, and this is yet another Sims 3 World that will look great with the Seasons Expansion Pack. EA didn't disappoint in making a beautiful island setting for us, and players who preorder the limited edition through Origin will get loads of extra content, such as the Island Survival pack that lets you dress your Sims as though they're surviving a shipwreck on a desert island. Beach activities have been expanded with more ways to have fun and relax in the sunshine, like building sandcastles with the kids, sunbathing on beach towels, splashing in the ocean water, and riding in paddleboats.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - sailboat
A Sailboat cruises Isla Paradiso's Waves

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - exploring uncharted island
Sailing to an Uncharted Island, Treasure Perhaps?

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - speedboat
A Sleek Speedboat Piloted by a Sim

Island Hopping: Getting Around
The island setting of IP means boats were a necessity. All the major kinds of boats you'd expect to see are here: row boats, paddleboats, sailboats, and speedboats are all available to own and operate. Judging by the looks of the island there will be more of these going around than there are cars. Sims on House Boats may even find the pizza delivery guy pulling up on a jet ski to bring their meal. Set sail on the ocean and search for secret coves and uncharted islands with buried treasure. You may even find a new and beautiful location to set up a new Resort.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - fishing spot
Isla Paradiso's Main Island Has Beautiful Fishing Spots

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - houseboat
A Houseboat Out to Sea

New Build Options: Water Building and House Boats
With patch 1.55, The Sims 3 has been updated to allow all players to build on the water, much as Seasons' patch brought Sims the ability to swim in the ocean. Now, beautiful docks, resorts and house boats may be built out into the water. House Boats come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but allow your Sim to live on the water just as they would in a home on land. The largest available house boat size wil be 20x15.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - The Kraken Attacks
The Kraken Gets Very Angry

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Shark attacking a Sim
Sharks are Dangerous to a Sim Scuba Diving

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Diving for Treasure
Sims Can Dive for Pearls, Seashells and Sunken Treasure in Island Paradise

Diving Skill: Snorkeling and Scuba
Sims can now explore beneath the water with the new Snorkeling and Scuba skills. This means that EA has included a variety of sea life that Sims can interact with, sea shells and bottom-dwelling fish. including Be wary as Sharks may want to eat your Sim for lunch. As Sims explore new dive spots, they will level the skill and it will allow them to find sunken treasure. Down below, Sims can dive for pearls and sell seashells. Sims who wish can explore underwater caves to search for treasures, but all must be wary of the Kraken that lives in its cave beneath the ocean depths. Sims can drown, running out of air, and will not be able to dive constantly, as a moodlet will block them -- but we all know testing cheats will probably take care of that. The new Steel Lungs Lifetime Reward should help with this as well.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - a Sim lifeguard watches over the swimmers
Sims Can Play the Role of Lifeguard to Save Swimmers

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Mermaid
Mermaid is the New Occult in the Expansion

Mermaids are the new life state available to Sims, and your scuba diver may encounter one beneath the ocean. Naturally, Mermaids' tails will change to legs when they want to walk on dry land. They have a hydration motive instead of hygiene, meaning they need to encounter water once in a while to be healthy. Mermaids will make the best divers because of their natural ability to breathe underwater and that they swim faster than normal Sims. Evil Mermaids can summon a school of Sharks to attack Sims in the water. It would appear that Sims can use a Lifetime Reward to become a Mermaid.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - Building a Resort
Building a Resort with the New Patch's Build Mode Features

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - a beautiful hotel
A Luxurious Resort on the Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - a luxury resort
Another Beautiful Resort

Sims can visit Resorts in Isla Paradiso and enjoy the amenities they offer. Managing a Resort is one of the new money-making options available to players with Island Paradise. You will meet your customers' needs, set prices and design new additions to your resort to expand the business. You'll also be able to hire staff to tend to your guests and keep the place clean. Staff uniforms can be customized through CAS, which lets you set the look from casual to formal. Your Resort will gain in star rating to show its success, and your goal will be to attract visitors and rake in the Simoleons. High ranked Resorts may want to set up VIP areas for rich Sims visiting their hotel. Just don't let the place get too dirty or you'll find it infested with cockroaches. It sounds like a fun management simulation packed into the game, which reminds me of Sims 2 Open for Business.

Follow the link to see our massive nine-page guide to managing Resorts in Island Paradise.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - manage your own resort
Managing a Huge Resort is Going to be a Fun New Money-Making Option

The Sims 3 Island Paradise - the island's statue in the distance
A Huge Houseboat with the Island's Statue in the Distance

Uncharted Islands
Isla Paradiso features 8 Uncharted Islands that have to be unlocked. One can be accessed simply by sailing up to it, but others require you to complete an objective of some sort. There is an opportunity chain you can get from resort desk clerks by asking for an adventure, making a five-star resort of your own, or finding a message in a bottle that unlocks an island instantly. Divers get great access to these, being able to unlock two Islands easily - one for them by going through a cave, and another through befriending a mermaid.

The Expansion Pack's new Profession is the Lifeguard. You'll be paid to rescue Sims from the sea and give them CPR if necessary. While the Profession isn't a big money-maker, it is required for completionists because 35 rescues unlocks and Uncharted Island.

In Closing
That's obviously not all that Island Paradise will offer, but I won't go beyond the information I've seen with my own eyes in creating this summary. You can expect us to have all the information on Island Paradise published within 2 weeks of release, with new information added to the guide as it comes. If you like what you see in this Expansion, you can buy it from EA Origin to support the Guide. Comments for this page will be opened on the day the EP launches.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack - Official Trailer

Comments (119)

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Courtney says...
Can sims living in Sunset Valley somehow vacation to Isla Paradiso?
You can move to Isla Paradiso but it's not a travel destination.
29th June 2013 3:04pm
Rachael says...
Really havingttrouble with the rubbish and subsequent cockroahes too! Maintenance workers max is 3 and on high. Don't know what else to do to deal with rubbish. It hasn't been from right away either, probably about 50 sim
I days in. I do go around cleaning the piles of rubbish up too but still got the problem :-\
2nd July 2013 4:14pm
tips says...
I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS sorry caps lock was on and my questions are how do i get the kracken to attack other boats and how do i get my sims to water ski i have know idea how to do these things
Not sure about the Kraken right now but I know to waterski you need at least two Sims in a boat. Then just click on the boat and the option will come up.
2nd July 2013 7:22pm
tips says...
3rd July 2013 11:36pm
Alice says...
Do you know how to control your employees in the resort? I was trying to check-in to Sparkling Sands and waited at the desk for like 8 hours while the desk girl stood outside doing nothing. So in my (rich) sim's frustration she just bought the resort and fired the girl and hired new staff. Same thing at the pool bar. The mixologist was just hanging around and I had to make my own drink after waiting forever. So I fired her and hired someone else. But how do I get the people to just do what they're paid to do in the first place? Thanks! It's frustrating to me and probably to guests too.
2nd July 2013 8:17pm
Matt says...
I dont know if its me or what, but when i try and check into a Resort, my game freezes, and it becomes unplayable. I dont know what i am doing wrong but it freezes.
What profession is the Sim that is doing it?
4th July 2013 5:30am
Matt says...
He's in the Painting Career, at level 10.
There is currently a glitch with self-employed Sims and checking into a resort.
4th July 2013 1:51pm
Matt says...
Thanks, i quit the job and now it works
4th July 2013 3:06pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
It's freezing for me also and I noticed that it does this for awhile after every new expansion pack then after a few patches it goes away. I know it's not my comp or speed I have Alienware and play many games on here. It will go away when EA gets around to patching it I bet! It World Of Warcraft doesn't freeze on me then why should this game and why after patches does it always go away??
Because Sims is accumulative and the more expansions you have the more it memory leaks and causes issues.  World of Warcraft doesn't do that and trust me I play the game too so I can see the difference.  WoW will never be as graphics intensive as parts of Sims 3.  I would recommend lowering some settings to at least try.  Reflections being turned off and Shadows being turned down can help wonders.
17th July 2013 4:30pm
RACHAEL says...
You remembered to have a tower and a front desk and to open the resort right?
6th July 2013 12:39pm
Kat says...
You can tell a sim is a mermaid whike they're out of the water by looking at their legs. The legs have blue and green scales. You're sim will recieve the option to 'ask about scales' which is in the friendly options when they talk to one.
7th July 2013 12:19pm
Linnea says...
There's one thing I've thought about so many times while playing with this EP. In the trailer (if I remember it correctly) your sim could jump straight from the platform into the water, but my sims are just running away off to the "beach" and swims around the whole house, if you get what I mean.

Why is it like this? :(
It might be because your houseboat is docked.
10th July 2013 10:37am
Sasha says...
Hey there can i make my cheats work again. I always use my testingcheatsenabled true (then i shift click mailbox) cheat but it doesnt work anymore. How can i get it to work again please?
It should still work. Have you tried clearing your caches? Does it happen in every game or just one? In a new game too?
12th July 2013 5:48pm
Sasha says...
thanks but how do i empty my caches? should i go into my Sims 3 folder and delete the file that says DCCache? or should i clear my browser cache files?
You can find a tutorial on clearing the Sims 3 cache files here. Hope it helps.
13th July 2013 11:44am
kelleydn says...
My resort is five stars, full occupancy (120 people) and there are no sims to be found anymore. After 4 sim days they all dissappeared. I don't have any mods or CC, but I do have most of the EP's. Is it b/c the resort is too big now?
Most of those occupying the resort won't be seen but you should at least still see your employees and maybe one or two.
2nd July 2013 1:08pm
Christie says...
I noticed you can buy more than one residential property. can anyone tell me what you can do with the extra ones?
The extra ones are private lots that you can choose to move to depending on what season it is or just have household members stay somewhere else for a while. If you own Island Paradise, these extra lots can be turned into resorts.
1st July 2013 7:33pm
Lauren says...
I want to use the move world function but i want to sell the resort i've built in my current town so i can buy a new house. How do i sell my resort?
Use your phone or computer to "Check Real Estate", make sure you are viewing owned properties. Highlight your resort and choose the sell button at the bottom. It looks like a coin.
1st July 2013 9:28am
James says...
Are we able to build resorts in Sunset Valley or other towns that came with Sims3 (Apaloosa plains etc)? I'd really like to build a city resort on Sunset Valley
Yes of course. Any private lot you own can be converted to a resort then you can build it up yourself. Or you can copy one of the resorts out of Isla Paradiso and place it.
29th June 2013 4:28pm
martha g says...
Ok, I built a resort in Appaloosa Springs and had my sim purchase it. He could do everything but hire a maintenance crew. Is this a glitch or have others had a similar problem ?
2nd July 2013 6:30pm
Erika says...
so uncontrolled sims will randomly turn into mermaids and you have the option to turn that off in settings just like with the supernatural life states?
No. There is no way to stop people from turning into mermaids.
29th June 2013 5:36pm
Janine says...
I can't save my game. Everytime I try to save, edit town, or even quit my game, the pop up only says:

"You cannot save the game or use Edit Town mode while your family is travelling."

But no one is travelling. It's my 1sst time to play in Isla Paradiso. So please, can you help me?

I've got all the EPs except for Showtime and Supernatural and all the stuffed packs.

Thank you so much.
This sounds like a glitch. Did you move your family in using the new moving to a new town interaction? Are there any people in the family on their way to University or boarding school? Did you try a "resetSim*" without the quotation marks? If none of this works, I recommend joining us on the forum and posting in our help board so you can get help from various sources.
30th June 2013 4:37am
Laura says...
I am having the same problem!! Did you happen to find a solution? Please let me know asap! :) Thanks!
6th July 2013 1:16am
Tonia says...
The cheat to unlock the islands is not working, Please advise.
Make sure that testingcheats are on and you're spelling it correctly.
30th June 2013 11:13am
Shadowlynxbehr says...
Has anyone figured out what that rumbling noise is during the full moon on Island Paradise (there's also plenty of wolves howling too)? I was curious to see if I could find out what it is and went to Map View, but I can't pinpoint it. Just curious.
30th June 2013 10:03pm
Mila says...
How do I make the kraken attack other boats. I have the" friend of the kraken " life time reward thing.
1st July 2013 12:49am
The Addiction says...
Hey! Do you know how to get rid of cockroaches of my resort. I have a four star resort and I have the maximum number of the highest staff. How exactly do I get rid of them?
I stomped on them to get rid of most of them.
1st July 2013 1:32am
Mello says...
Hello and thanks Carl and team!

I just downloaded the game last night, but didn't get a chance to play much. Could someone help me out on a question?

I decided to live on a houseboat, but I wanted to have the option of having a speedboat or jetski as well (to get around instead of using the ocean taxi)...I couldn't figure out how to make this work. Many thanks!

Look for a mooring post near all the docks. Click on it and you can now purchase a water vehicle. Once purchased, it will go straight into your Sim's inventory for use around the island. You can also buy a trailer to place a boat in your houseboat basement or something.
1st July 2013 8:58am
SimoneForbo says...
Your sim just needs a higher skill. Then you'll get a notification saying that you can go to a dive spot. Only in a world with dive spots of course.
19th February 2014 11:25pm
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