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The Sims 3 Island Paradise

Finding Map Fragments from Messages in a Bottle

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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Finding Message in a Bottle which may contain a map

collecting four map fragments to assemble the buccaneer's map and unlock Plunder CoveIn order to unlock two of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack, you're required to find a map, or parts of a map from Extraordinarily Unusual Messages in a Bottle. To unlock the first Island, you'll need to find and assemble four map fragments. The second is a riddle found in a bottle that unlocks an island instantly. So that is five items, and they are rare spawns. They can be frustrating to locate given the slow nature of the Sea Shell spawners they come from. I myself had rotten luck on my first attempt at finding these bottles, so share my tips for locating the fragments for Plunder Island and the clue to Plumbob Island in this guide. I'll provide you with some collecting locations that were found by myself and Forum Moderator Ricalynn.

The Uncharted Island Map Lifetime Reward
This reward will instantly unlock Plunder Cove if you have not found all four map fragments and assembled them. It is possible that it unlocks Plumbob Island if you have not found it but have assembled the fragmented map. At 25,000 LTHP to unlock, the reward is pricey. For someone who wants to unlock everything but doesn't want to cheat or invest the time in collecting bottles, this is an option. You'll still have to collect them to get Plumbob Island, so this guide may still be helpful to you.

Cheat to Unlock All Uncharted Islands
There is a cheat to unlock all uncharted islands if you do not want to go through all the effort. Open the cheat console (Control + Shift + C) and type DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands. The fog will lift from all the islands, and you are free to build homes, gather collectibles, or start a resort as you please.

Finding Messages in a Bottle
Bottles can be found from Sea Shell spawners. Messages in a bottle are fairly easy to find, but the ones we want have a 1-5% chance of appearing based on the spawner. They can not be found from Common Sea Shell spots. Uncommon spawners will give you fragments, but provide them at about half the rate a rare would. Because there is only one known rare Sea Shell and Bottle Spawner in the world (Mermaid's Secret Island), a Sim should have the Scuba Diving skill if you are going to attempt this. It is much easier with the Collection Helper, but can be done without if you are patient, plan and check a route each Sim day using spawn points listed below.

Good Places to Find Map Fragments

Here are three places on land and three underwater that can help you to find the parts you need to assemble the map or locate Plumbob Island. Read about Dive Spots. You'll need at least level 4 Scuba Diving to go to Davy's Locker and try for one underwater spot. The good spawners can be found at levels 7 and 9 in Scuba.

Map showing Bottle Spawn Point by the Bistro in Isla Paradiso
2 Uncommon Spawners near the Bistro.
The one marked Seashells, and one across the water on the beach (not pictured)

Map showing Bottle Spawner near Hobart's Hideaway
Uncommon Spawner on beach across from Hobart's Hideaway

Rare Sea Shell and Bottle Spawner by Mermaid's Secret Island
A Rare Spawner on Mermaid's Secret Island. See the Scuba Diving Guide to Unlock this Island.

Davys Locker in Isla Paradiso has an Uncommon Spawner for Sea Shells
The central hill in the Davys Locker dive site has one spawn point. All others are Common.

The Mermaid Grotto has some great rare spawn points.
This corner of the Mermaid Grotto dive area has two Rare spawners and one Uncommon.

Pearl's Deep collectible spots
Pearl's Deep dive spot has two rare spawners in this area and an uncommon nearby.

The Rewards

Assembling the Fragments: Buccaneer's Map & Plunder Cove

Plunder Cove's Treasure Chest is hidden in the bushes and contains $1,200 Simoleons and a variety of colorful gems that should bag you at least another $1,000. The island contains a spawner that only loads silver-spotted skipper butterflies, which sell for $350-400 each when caught.

Assemble the fragments to get the Buccaneer's Map for your wall and unlock an uncharted island
The Buccaneer's Map Assembled

Plunder Cove is unlocked by assembling the Buccaneer's map from the four parts
Plunder Cove, the Uncharted Island

Extraordinarily Unusual Map in a Bottle: Plumbob Island

The reward for Plumbob Island is much greater - a Treasure Chest with $3,333, the highly valuable Evolution of the Plumbob painting below, and a Plumbob Cut Rainbow Gem.

The Evolution of a Plumbob Painting from The Sims 3 Island Paradise
Evolution of a Plumbob. This painting is worth 12k Simoleons. Part of a great reward for finding that bottle.

Plumbob Island and its Treasure Chest in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
Plumbob Island with the picture centered on the red Treasure Chest.

Comments (41)

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Mrs Tragic Clown says...
Does the gathering trait help with finding all this or is the gathering trait only good for gems, seeds and such??
16th September 2013 3:27pm
Kelly says...
city hall asked me to get 2 messages in a bottle and I cant find any. Can you help? Oh and I've asked this question before and never got an answer back.
You asked 9 minutes before asking this question. I'm sorry but I had some family things that needed to be handled before I could get to this. As I said before, they spawn in the same spots as seashells. It's random but you can find them on beaches and in diving spots.
14th July 2013 1:47pm
Laylah says...
My one sim has one piece of the map and my other sim has two pieces of the map, but I can't make them give them to each other, what am I doing wrong?
They are not transferrable between Sims unless you kick one out.
26th July 2013 7:56am
Hawk says...
You could do it an easier way instead of kicking them out. Go into edit town. Split up the household (just pick the sim you want to have given the map pieces), and move them into another household temporarily. Go back in game, have the other sim with the other pieces visit that lot, give the pieces to the sim. Go back into edit town. Split that household by taking the sim out and then merge them back into the main household. I do this stuff all the time when I need to.
16th September 2013 5:15pm
Ricalynn says...
There is also a spawner that does bottles on Plumbob Island right at the front of the picture you've taken near the two tall rocks
28th June 2013 10:36pm
Bonnie says...
I am getting bottles and shells but they are just saying odd things. What are the little yellow keys on the icons? I figured they mean collectibles but they don't say or collect for me. I have 2 maps but nothing else in the chests but regular stuff.
Any ideas?
The little icon actually means that you can send a friend the seashells and bottles as gifts using the player wall.
21st July 2013 4:35pm
jason says...
I dont know if its mentiond but i went on a date with a mermaid sim who took me to an uncharted island seemed much easyer then putting a map together the island she took my sim to was Mermaid's Secret Island hope it helps it also let me buy/build on the lot there no map required
29th July 2013 4:47am
Slambo says...
There's a spawner on Diver's Den that generated a bottle for me.
6th September 2013 11:04pm
Sim Bob says...
there is another way to spawn the bottles, turn on the cheat Testingcheatsenabled true and then put in "buydebug on". This is a powerful cheat in its own right, but for this you will then go to the buy mode and notice a new box with a ? in it. In here, go to the Rock/Gem/Metal Spawners tab and scroll to the bottom of the list. Just place a ton of the seashell and bottle land spawner - rare all over your normal land lot and play the game as usual ^_^ and have fun
13th November 2013 10:46pm
Lizzy says...
Once you assemble the four map fragments the island map lifetime reward disappears. :( I've put that map together three times now and still no riddle for Plumbob Island.
29th November 2013 10:32pm
Jessica says...
What are the little yellow key looking things on certain items in my inventory?
24th December 2013 7:10pm
Ocean Lover says...

Okay this probably has nothing really to do with the game...or maybe I don't know. I just bought sims island paradise. I already have world adventures,pets and seasons installed. When I installed Island paradise an error message came up saying "error loading setup, please see log for more details" I tried uninstalling the games and re installing them again. I even reinstalled Orgigin again. Any advise??
11th February 2014 9:17am
jellysbeanslol says...
I contact the sims3 people at EA via the main website. They dead helpful, they gave a new code to a game when I lost the original code and they help when cache mess my game script up. So I talk to them am sure they can help.
18th February 2014 11:10pm
Eleanor says...
I've done the DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands cheat on sims and it worked however does nyone know how you can undo this? I have tried by making a new family on sims however they are all still there! HELP!
5th March 2014 1:29pm
Danno says...
from what I understand, you cannot. Sorry!
10th June 2014 7:54am
hAPPY says...
This worked thanks!
15th April 2014 10:38am
Small Boy On Her Bike says...
Wow this helps a lot! Thanks!

btw-whoever knows where I got my username from, YOU ARE AWESOME! <3

PS. Its from a novel :)
20th April 2014 4:17pm
Jenna says...
Yes. Thats my favourite novel!!
11th August 2014 4:14pm
Annoymous says...
Very good! Do you need a lifetime reward to find shells?
No.  They're just like finding seeds or metals.  The Collection Helper makes it easier but it's not required.
21st July 2013 6:08am
Jeffrey says...
I can't find the treasure chest on Plunder Cove anywhere? I thought I deleted all the bushes and looks. But I used dragging, just across the ground so would it delete the chest?
Yes you probably deleted the chest when you deleted the bushes.
16th July 2013 11:31am
Andrea says...
I found a chest at plunder cove in the bushes...pretty much in the middle of the pictured island.
29th June 2013 11:41am
vicaboo says...
This is a brilliant guide, but the Ctrl+shift+c cheat (DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands) doesn't work. I am familiar with cheats, and i wrote it as it is written here, but it didnt find anything for that cheat.
Did you have testingcheats on?
29th June 2013 11:48am
Isa says...
The code works fine for me. I was using the code "Testingcheatsenabled true" at the same time as "DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands", and now i have all islands.
1st July 2013 3:00pm
Rex says...
you have to use the testingcheats control true and enter it then the
29th March 2014 1:31pm
Amber says...
It worked for me and my best friend with the testingcheatsenabled true on! Try it again, STEP BY STEP! You should get it working. Good luck!!!!
14th July 2013 5:13pm
Cynaka says...
but when I try it, it didn't work. Do you have to be connected? or you have to have the cheat all together? Can you show me how to you do it??? I need help.
You have to make sure you follow the steps as explained: 
Open the cheats panel to input each line: Ctrl+Shift+C

testingcheatsenabled true
16th July 2013 10:59am
Will says...
Use capitals as shown, no spaces, just did it and it worked
16th July 2013 2:52pm
Cynaka says...
Do I have to put TRUE after ISLANDS??? It still not working...
Testing cheats have to be on and then all you need is the islands cheat.  Make sure you're typing everything out correctly.. if it says unknown command - type in help and it should be on the list.
23rd July 2013 11:29am
Bonnie says...
How do I search for shells? I went to the beach pictures but when I clicked on the sand nothing happened. thanks
Seashells actually spawn on the ground like other collectibles - gems, metals, wildflowers, seeds,etc. If there is one available, you will see it.
29th June 2013 10:28pm
Me says...
I had one island left to discover after doing everything else that is required to get them unlocked. It was the one you get from finding the riddle in the bottle, plumbob island. I just read about the cheat, so I typed it in and it unlocked the island, like you said it would. But my life time wish was to own all uncharted islands, grand explorer... Well I guess since I cheated on the last one it didn't get completed. This really isn't a question I guess, it may just be my game, but it woulda been nice to know that it would leave my life time wish forever unfinished :(
There is always the option to go back to the previous save. When I used this cheat on a Sim fresh from CAS, it gave him his LTW. This also worked using it on a premade townie so I'm not sure why yours did not complete.
29th June 2013 10:45pm
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