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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Guide

Unlocking Uncharted Islands with Maps and Hints

by Carl and Ricalynn

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
Scuba DivingResortsMermaidsDiscovering IslandsMap Fragments & BottlesLifeguard

An Uncharted Island, waiting to be discovered in The Sims 3 Island Paradise

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack features a new town, Isla Paradiso, surrounded by eight uncharted islands that can be discovered. Each has a requirement to unlock it based on a gameplay feature that comes with the Expansion Pack. You'll have to do a lot of work to unlock them all on a single save file. Of course there is cheat to discover all islands, but this guide is directed at people who would like to unlock one or all of the hidden islands themselves.

About Uncharted Islands
These are seen in the ocean around Isla Paradiso. They're covered in a fog that will bump your camera away if you attempt to zoom in. On all but one island, sailing up to it is useless and a tooltip simply informs, "I wonder what's down there". With this guide, you'll know all you need in order to find out and see for yourself. Most of these Islands are good for private homes or Resorts, while others have treasure as a reward for revealing them.

When you fill the requirements, you discover one of Isla Paradiso's Uncharted Islands, and it is instantly owned by your Sim's Household. All discovered islands automatically become private lots. You can click the Island's icon in map mode to move to your new island to start a home, or convert it to a Resort lot. It's all up to you. Many Sims 3 players will unlock them and choose a favorite to start a new home or build a massive luxurious resort with an amazing ocean view.

How to sell an Uncharted Island you have unlocked in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
You can Sell unwanted Uncharted Islands for Profit

Selling Uncharted Islands
You can sell an Uncharted Island for profit if you know that you will not be using it. After selling them, they become private lots unowned by you and you can do nothing with them. These are worth tens of thousands, so selling some of the Islands is definitely worth considering. In order to sell a discovered Island, use your Sim's Cell Phone, select Real Estate and Travel Services then Check Real Estate. Go to the Private Lots tab, select an Island, and choose Sell at the bottom. If a lot has been converted to a Resort from Private Lot, its sell value will plummet so only convert if you'll build a good resort there as you cannot change it back to a Private Lot.

Isla Paradiso Uncharted Island Map

Here is a map showing where you find all of the Uncharted Islands in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. Each picture on this page is clickable, allowing you to see the Isla Paradiso Island Map in full size. Descriptions on how to unlock each, the rewards you get when finding an island are below the map. At the bottom of the page, you can Comment and share your tips for revealing the hidden islands faster!

An Island Paradise Map marking the locations of all eight uncharted islands with their names below
Isla Paradiso Map Key
1: Beryl Shoals2: Diver's Den3: No Trouble Atoll4: Cay to the City
5: Refuge Island6: Mermaid's Secret7: Plunder Cove8: Plumbob Island

Discovery Requirements & Island Finder Rewards

Size is the size of the lot in edit town but not exactly the build area you get to work with when building a home or resort. Build Area is the estimated size of the area that is able to be used when you first receive your island. We judged the islands and categorized them into Small, Medium or Large just based on this initial look. With some extensive editing, some of the small islands could be customized to hold a larger home or resort if that is your wish.

For instance, the island of Plunder Cove rests on a 64 x 64 lot with a large hill taking up much of that space. With the creative use of certain terrain tools, you could flatten out the top to create a Pirate Lookout tower. There's the option to flatten the whole lot and then use the soften terrain tool to reform the coast line to set up your very own hidden mermaid inlet. Or maybe you'd enjoy raising the terrain on the edges to create cliffs surrounding your very own waterworld home. With any of these tools and others available in Build mode plus some planned imagination, these little islands could be any of your big dreams.

1: Beryl Shoals

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Beryl Shoals
Beryl Shoals
Build AreaSmall
To unlock this Island, simply take a boat nearby and it will be automatically discovered. It is the only island you can unlock through naval exploration.
RewardYou'll own an Island that could be your new home. Unfortunately, the only spawner is a Common Sea Shell spawner.

2: Diver's Den

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Diver's Den
Diver's Den
Build AreaMedium
Reach level 10 in the Scuba Diving. Go to that Guide to learn more about this and the cave you need to enter in order to find the island.
RewardTreasure Chest with $1200, gold, iron, palladium, and silver. Aside from that, there are a couple spawners.

3: No Trouble Atoll

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - No Trouble Atoll
No Trouble Atoll
Build AreaLarge
Create a Five-Star Resort to unlock this island.
RewardA huge build area to make a Mega-Resort and upgrade your business.

4: Cay to the City

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Cay to the City
Cay to the City
Build AreaMedium
Rescue 35 Sims as a Lifeguard. This will take a long time, as CPR does not count - only pulling Sims out of the water, and the job can be slow-paced to begin with.
RewardA decent Resort area. I saw no good Spawners. Shame, since this one takes one of the longer time investments.

5: Refuge Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Refuge Island
Refuge Island
Build AreaSmall
Talk to a clerk at the sparkling sands resort and check in to the cheapest room available for two days. Talk to the clerk and ask for adventure. You'll be sent on an opporunity chain to talk to an old Sim, the Science Faciity, collect 3 Kelp (grows underwater), and Firewalk. I suggested this Resort because it has a Firewalking pit. Afterward, you'll need to fight a Shark. Carry lots of fish and Watch Shark until they finally attack you. The more raw meat on you, the more likely the attack. Save just in case your Sim dies to the Shark. Finally, return to the Science Facility to unlock the Island.
RewardThere's nothing major here, just another accomplishment for completionists. The Resort building area is tiny and the only thing I saw was a lone Fishing spot that looked decent. There could be more.

6: Mermaid's Secret

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Mermaid's Secret Island
Mermaid's Secret Island
Build AreaMedium
Befriend a Mermaid. Once your Sim knows one, you can Click your Sim to do an interaction to call a Mermaid to you if they're available. Get relationship over 70% and hang out with the Mermaid - scuba diving worked for me. Do nothing, but wait for the Mermaid to decide to show you the secret entrance.
RewardMermaid's Secret Island has a couple of great Sea Shell spawners and a decent area for you to build a beautiful Resort or make your Sim a Fantasy home on the shore.

7: Plunder Cove

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Plunder Cove
Plunder Cove
Build AreaSmall
In order to gain access to Plunder Cove, you must assemble the four map pieces. Two can be found using the Scuba Diving skill, and I've got pictures to help you find those map parts in treasure chests. Trouble is, that is only two of the four you need. Afterward, you must get them from Sea Shell spawners. Given the annoyance of finding them, I created a page with information on getting the last two map pieces to unlock the island.
RewardPlunder Cove contains a Treasure Chest that holds $1,200 Simoleons and a variety of colorful gems. Look for it hidden in the bushes on the Island.

8: Plumbob Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion: Uncharted Islands - Plumbob Island
Plumbob Island
Build AreaSmall
Find a special Message in a Bottle that contains a riddle which leads to the Island. This can take a while, so I suggest you follow the link to a guide which will help you find that bottle.
RewardTreasure Chest with $3,333 in it, an Evolution of the Plumbob painting worth $12k Simoleons, and a Plumbob Cut Rainbow Gem

Isla Paradiso Map

Here is the same map from before, only with all islands revealed so you can see a full view of Island Paradise's World. Simmers who find all the Islands in IP will get many treasures, skill, and job experience along the way and unlock many spawner locations to find great collectibles.

A map of Isla Paradiso with all Uncharted Islands revealed so you can see the landscape of the entire world

Comments (94)

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private says...
Thats actually a real email address just saying and to get the refuge island you need to fight a shark. Can you still get in a shark attack if your a mermaid?
Mermaids cannot be attacked by sharks.
30th June 2013 12:27pm
AyeAye says...
For PlumBob island, I actually didn't know you had to use a riddle or a bottle...

For some reason, I assuumed like some of the islands, that if you can naval navigate close enough near the island and then somehow click and zoom carefully, my Sim would be able to find the island.

Lo and behold it worked. I clicked as much as I could (boat here, or go here) but it's tricky as you can't use your mouse to move around otherwise it'll kick you off viewing your Sim, and end up looking at the ocean.

So just a note that you can reach this island without solving the riddle. But that sounded a bit more!

Thanks for this page again!
Do you have mods or anything? Do you know for sure it was Plumbob Island? I tried doing exactly what you just said.  My Sim was practically sitting in his boat on the shore and I cannot discover this island this way. I also can't get the camera that close to the island because the fog is pushing me back no matter what I try.
30th June 2013 7:55pm
ClumsyBlond says...
I asked the front desk at my resort about the adventure but it didn't do anything. Is that a bug or do I need to go to a different resort to ask?
10th March 2014 9:37am
Kaitlyn says...
whats the cheat to unlock all this island >:(
discoverAllUnchartedIslands. Make sure that testingcheats are enabled
30th June 2013 9:11pm
David says...
I unlocked two islands so far and want to build a resort, how do I go about that?
Actually working on getting that guide out tonight. Check back on tomorrow and hopefully we'll have your answer for you.
1st July 2013 2:13am
Bubblegumsimmer says...
Can children become mermaids
Children can be born mermaids but they cannot be turned into one until they are a teenager.
1st July 2013 9:52am
Olivia says...
How do you make a sim become a mermaid?
Is it at the menu - create a sim
Please help me!
27th November 2013 2:13pm
Evelinne says...
Make a sim and choose at lifetime wish "Living in the lap of Luxury" . Then put this sim a household with 100.000 funds and you earn 32.000 lifetime happines , with these 32.000 you can buy a mermaid kelp (or kelpt , sorry for my english )from lifetime happines rewards (it will cost you 25.000). Put your sim to eat it (when is wearing swimwear) and she or he will become a mermaid !
21st December 2013 7:31am
ciara says...
Check mermaid page
6th March 2014 3:28pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I have opportunity Firewalk from the Science Lab. I have crossed over and walked the Firewalk now more than ten times but it still is saying I didn't complete everything? I completed the Firewalk Lifetime Happiness wish so, I'm wondering what else do I have to do??:( I'm stuck in this quest at the Firewalk level.
Trying buying one that you own and see if that makes a difference.
1st July 2013 10:09am
Rinda says...
the firewalk has to be on scorching hot.
I've been able to complete it on hot at least three times now.
1st July 2013 3:39pm
Naomi says...
I set my firewalk to cool, and still completed the opportunity over multiple games. So maybe it is a case of the firepit being too hot and your sim failing at it, and if you set it to cool, you could walk straight across successfully.
5th March 2014 7:04pm
Bonnie says...
Im stuck on this too! its annoying me so much, ive even tried to fight the shark after ive firewalked and nothings working :(
16th July 2013 5:06pm
Nikola says...
happened to me to,make sure when your sim firwalks he does it propely, sometimes they fail at it, but if that doesnt work cancel the quest and start it again,it worked for me..:)
19th July 2013 12:11pm
Ramon says...
Make sure you have lots of fish on you. Then the shark will attack
5th December 2013 1:27am
Nora says...
can you discover the mermaid's secret island like that if your sim is a mermaid?
1st July 2013 12:37pm
Gp says...
How do you find the mermaid island if you are a mermaid??
You still have to talk to a mermaid outside of your household to find the island.
5th August 2013 6:54pm
Tamika says...
So, how does it happen, do you have to have a high friendship with the other mermaid? Is there a special interaction?
12th December 2013 12:15am
Anonymous says...
If one of your Sims has the Grand Explorer LTW, will it still be completed if another Sim in the household owns the 5 star resort or was the lifeguard who rescued enough Sims?
I don't know. As far as I can tell an entire household owns the property, so no one Sim actually owns the resort, the whole family does.
1st July 2013 4:57pm
Krysee says...
Grand Explorer completes simply by unlocking all eight of the islands, and it doesn't matter how you do it or who in your family does it.

Like Admin said, resort/property ownership is across the entire household, not any one individual member, and the same holds true for uncharted island lots.

The wish is simply to be in possession of these properties, though the actions that work toward it (lifeguarding, running a resort, opening sunken chests, etc) are worth more lifetime happiness, and exist somewhat as clues that tell you what might unlock the next island.

If you're having problems, or just want to cheat, the console code DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands will put you in possession of all the islands and complete the wish all in one shot.
19th September 2013 2:00pm
thats not important says...
is there a specific riddle for plumbob island?
The riddle is in the bottle when you find it.
1st July 2013 9:48pm
Bobbi says...
I found 2 messages in a bottle with riddles, but i don't understand what i have to do, one bottle says "if you find this bottle DO NOT DRINK CONTENTS" and the other one says "three hour tour my eye" what do they mean, or are they just completly random?
please help
4th March 2014 5:36pm
David says...
While I was looking for the four map pieces, I found three of the four in chests at the diving locations. I found the first one at the Davey Jones' Locker diving spot, the second at the Mermaid Grotto, or where ever the second one is found. After giving up in looking for the third and fourth map pieces (at the time I assumed they were all found in chests) I saved and quit. The next day, I went back to Davey Jones' Locker and opened up the chest to find the third map piece. I'm assuming this is a glitch as I have no custom content/mods installed. Maybe it's possible for others to get three map pieces like this...
I got four map pieces that way but we were unable to reproduce the resetting of the chests in more than one file. I don't know if it's a glitch or the result of something else that was happening in game. Thanks for mentioning it though.
2nd July 2013 1:36am
MissionarySPE says...
I found 4 map pieces in dive spot chests (don't remember which ones, two possibly from the same chest) and was able to assemble the map. I don't know if I glitched it somehow, but I was able to assemble it without any pieces from bottles. I just assumed you only needed 4 pieces from anywhere.
19th December 2013 4:43pm
bklienhart says...
My sim got sent to one of the undiscovered islands by a teleporter pad malfunction. It was still fog-covered and I couldn't zoom in to see what they were doing. All I could do was Teleport Home.
2nd July 2013 12:46pm
Izzy says...
For Refuge Island, I clicked on the clerk after checking in for two nights and pressed "Ask For Adventure" and nothing popped up on my screen. No oppurtunities or anything.How do I find the oppurtunity?
Do you already have opportunities in the available slots?
2nd July 2013 9:31pm
Stormi says...
I already have one of the islands(im not sure which one) but i was wondering if i could build on the entire thing?
You can only build on the lot that is given to you there. The size of the lot is the little white squares. To do more than that you would have to go into Edit Town and make the lot bigger or place a new one which will remove all vegetation and spawners.
3rd July 2013 12:59pm
Emma says...
I'm currently trying to unlock the Mermaid's Secret uncharted island. I have gone scuba diving with 3 different mermaids and they are all my sim's best friends (higher than 70%). And I have waited with each of them underwater for up to 7-8 hrs but nothing happens. Is there something that I'm missing?
Try taking them to your house and chatting with them then letting them be the ones to handle the conversation.
3rd July 2013 1:59pm
emmaoc says...
I'm currently on the 'fight a shark' part of the refuge island opportunities, but as a mermaid, will I be able to fight a shark?, since I read they don't get attacked by sharks
Mermaids don't get attacked by sharks so you'll have to become a human or have a non mermaid household member do it instead.
3rd July 2013 3:52pm
knazzer says...
Beryl Shoals also as the message in the bottle spawner too
It does not have the ability to spawn the ones that might contain a map fragment or island riddle.
3rd July 2013 3:58pm
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