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The Sims 3 Island Paradise: Mermaids

Becoming a Mermaid, Special Abilities, Mermadic Kelp, and Secret Island

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: A pair of Mermaids Swimming
Mermaids in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack

Mermaids are the new Occult Life State in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. This Guide to Mermaids I will teach you how to turn your Sim into a Mermaid, and the perks to playing a Mermaid. I'll provide tips to befriending a Mermaid quickly to access Mermadic Kelp and transform your Sim, while also having the Mermaid lead you to the Uncharted Private Island, Mermaid's Secret.

Mermaid Features: Swimming and Diving
As should be expected, Mermaids grow legs when walking on land and fish tails when swimming in the water. Mermaids are immune to Drowning death thanks to their gills and Steel Lungs would be a useless Lifetime Reward for them. Naturally, they Swim much faster than normal Sims. Because of their expertise in the water, Mermaids automatically get level 10 in the Diving skill upon aging up to teen but still need to complete the Skill Challenges. As Mermaids are naturally attuned to life in the water, they do not suffer Decompression when they are done with a Dive. The 'Scuba Dive' option on Dive Spots changes to 'Dive Underwater' instead.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids
A shot showing some beautiful Adult Mermaid tails

In order to stay a Mermaid, a Sim needs to Swim at least once every 48h, else they will get an 'Adapting to Land' moodlet that lasts two days. When this expires, your Mermaid abilities disappear but you keep the diving skill. To avoid this, simply go for a Swim, Dive Underwater or Snorkel once in a while. You can also buy the 5,000 point Lifetime Reward Permanent Mermaid, which will prevent your Sim from ever losing Mermaid status to lack of Swimming.

Evil and Mean-Spirited Sims can click themselves to Summon Shark, but this doesn't really do much. Sometimes, a Shark won't even appear anywhere around you, and if it does, it may very well do nothing when it arrives. On my first try, a nearby Sim did pee himself in terror at the Shark that was already there, but that was the most I got out of it.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: An Evil Mermaid Summons a Shark
Evil and Mean-Spirited Sims can click themselves to Summon a Shark

Because of Mermaids' inherent Diving Skill, you could go ahead and open all treasure chests that are openable based on Scuba Diving skill level and even unlock a private island pretty quickly. Click here to get the locations of Dive Spots, Treasure Chests, and Caves.

At present, it's very annoying getting around Isla Paradiso as a Mermaid because they prefer to swim everywhere, even with a boat for an option. The solution to this is to own a boat and select the 'boat here' option on the water near a place you want to go. If EA corrects this pathing issue, I'll remove this notice.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: A mother and child Mermaid
Mermaid Mom and Toddler

Mermaid Genetics work the same as usual. 100% chance of a Mermaid baby if both parents are Mermaids, 50/50 chance of a Mermaid Baby if only one parent is a Mermaid. You cannot be a Mermaid and another Occult at the same time, so with two Supernatural parents, it'd be 50/50 one or the other.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Shaka bra, Child and Teen
Shaka-Bra and a Mermaid Child and Teen

Mermaids do not have the Hygiene Motive, instead Hydration. Mermaids are always squeaky clean and get a +10 bonus from this at all times. Hydration means that once every so often a Mermaid needs to get wet, either via a shower, bath, or swim in the ocean. Mermaids will dry up faster in the sun, particularly when the temperature is 90 degrees or more when you have the Seasons Expansion Pack. Keeping hydrated in a bath but never going for a SWim will eventually cause a Mermaid to transform back into a normal Sim.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Rehydrate a Mermaid or the Sim will die of Dehydration
Rehydrating a Dehydrated Mermaid Sim that was near death

When the Hydration Motive begins to decay, you'll first have a Chapped moodlet with no mood effect, but at around 10% it will change to a -40 12h Flakey moodlet. If the Mermaid still doesn't seek water, a -80 Dehydrated moodlet will kick in, and the Mermaid will go unconscious. If you have other Sims under your control, you can easily revive them with a bucket of water. Nearby Sims may also help, with Good or Friendly Sims guaranteed to help, while Evil and Meanspirited Sims will simply walk by or enjoy the show.

All Mermaids' favorite foods change to Kelp, and they are capable of eating raw fish on the go - so can simply catch them underwater for a snack later. Mermaids are 25% less satisfied by normal Sims' foods. Kelp can be found underwater or at the grocery store.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Giving a Mermaid a Ride to the Sim's House in a Speedboat
King Triton gets a ride to hang out with the Sim on dry land

Meeting and Befriending Mermaids
You can meet Mermaids while Diving, or out in the world. You can tell if a Sim is a Mermaid if their legs have scales while walking on land. Mermaids frequently visit Diving Spots that are used by the Scuba Diving Skill. Once you've met a Mermaid, they will appear in your relationship panel and you'll build a relationship with them.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Signal a Mermaid to come visit
Signaling a Mermaid to come visit a Sim at the Town Beach

Once you've got a Mermaid in your relationship panel, you can click them and use the option Signal Mermaid to blow a sea shell horn and get them to come visit you if they're available. This is only possible on land, unfortunately. Another way to befriend them is to build up relationship high enough and use the underwater conversation option 'Invite to Land'. If your relationship is high enough, they'll even come to your home so that you can perform better social options and boost the friendship faster. Both of these options are preferable to meeting many Mermen underwater and talking to them as they come, hoping to build a relationship. Focusing your effort is the fastest way.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Getting Mermadic Kelp to Transform into a Mermaid
A Mermaid gives a Sim Mermadic Kelp

Becoming a Mermaid: Mermadic Kelp
When your friendship with the Mermaid is at 70% or higher, you can use the underwater conversation option 'Ask about Fish Parts' which cannot be done on land. If successful, the Mermaid will give you some Mermaidic Kelp, which will transform the Sim that eats it into a Mermaid. You can ask for these repeatedly, just make sure the conversation doesn't get boring. That way, your one Sim can use his Mermaid buddy to help you turn the entire family into Mermaids.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: A Sim Changes into a Mermaid
A Sim Eats Mermadic Kelp to Change into a Mermaid

If you don't feel like befriending a Mermaid, you can get Mermaidic Kelp as a LTR for 25,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. This kelp will be placed in your inventory and is transferable between Sims.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: A preview of the Mermaids' Secret Island
Mermaid's Secret Island is Revealed

Mermaid's Secret Island
One of the eight uncharted islands you can unlock are found through Mermaids. You need to get a Mermaid to be your Best Friend, then hang out with them. Simply idle, and eventually the Mermaid will come up and offer to show you the location of the Mermaid Secret Island. When you arrive, your Sim will claim ownership. There is no treasure chest on the island, but there is a nice 30x30 plot of land on which to build a lovely home. Most of the island is blocked off by mountain, so there's not much to explore.

Changing Back to Normal
If you no longer wish to be a Mermaid, simply avoid swimming for about four days. A couple days in, a moodlet will appear telling you that the Sim is 'Adaping to Land'. When this expires, the Sim will revert back to a normal Sim. Potent Cure Elixir will also work to return a Sim to normal. When your Sim loses his or her Mermaid abilities, they will still keep the level 10 Scuba Diving skill experience they earned during the transformation.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Mermaids: Changing a Mermaid's Scale Colors
Changing a Mermaid's Tail Scales Color

Changing Tail and Shell Colors for Mermaids
You cannot edit a Mermaid's tail in normal Create-a-Sim. Instead, you need to buy or find a mirror and click it to choose the 'Change Scale Color' option. This will let you change what little you can about your Mermaids, but the scale colors are fully customizable so you can pick a color that you like.

Comments (231)

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Rianna says...
I turned my sim into a mermaid and let her marry a merman. They had a baby. But now, when my mermaid swims in the ocean,pool,ext. her tail wont appear. I'm just hoping that ea will come out with a patch for that. Also my game laggs and freezes quite frequently too. Again hoping for a patch. But just in case...can you help???
30th July 2013 2:49pm
Tiffany says...
That happens to me too :( it sucks! I only got it today!
31st December 2013 10:06am
Angel ashling says...
kids won't have tails..they will just have have to become a teen to have tails
10th June 2014 2:34am
Babs says...
I discovered a little while ago that it's possible to exit Origin while the game is starting up. When I've exited Origin, the game doesn't crash any more. One time I forgot to do it and I got the "low on memory" warning, so I know Origin is causing the problem.
10th June 2014 3:12pm
akii says...
My teen sim tried eating mermaidic kelp from LTR and even from other good mermaids but she still won't transform? It just says it's tastes good but I don't feel any different. She's human. What am I doing wroing? I took out all the mods that might be interfering.
17th May 2014 8:21am
Pikachuren says...
Is your Sim a supernatural beast? If so, then it doesnt work but dont worry! You need a potion to turn the sim into back to human OR then with other sim ask them to be not anymore (Whatever they are) and your done :3
25th June 2014 12:21pm
Maria says...
"salt water deficiency" mood let showed up on my sim. what does this mean ? will she change back in to a human if I don't treat it ? what will happen ?
29th September 2013 10:35am
Rebecca says...
Maria, a Mermaid Sim needs to swim in the ocean at least once every 48 hours, otherwise they'll get a "Salt Water Deficiency" moodlet. Within a day this will turn into "Adapting to Land" and when this moodlet expires, the mermaid will turn into a normal Sim. Hope this helps :)
22nd May 2014 9:29am
Alex says...
When does the mermaid child gets it tail
The scales arrive as a toddler and the tail happens as soon as they are a teenager.
12th August 2013 9:30pm
Indira says...
Thanks! I read through some of this, and now I know you cant make one in CAS. When I get Island Paradise, I'll just do testingcheatsenabled and meet all mermaids and befriend them. (And maybe even kill Salty. Or just make him good again. And get the kelp from Maya, because it was in iHasCupquake's LP. XD)
12th November 2013 5:12am
Aria says...
My mermaids kids have the scales and everything but act like a normal sim. they don't even change when they go in the water.
4th November 2013 12:07pm
Lara says...
Mermaid's legs don't turn into tails until they are teens. Hope that helped out! :)
9th June 2014 6:47pm
Gillian says...
My mermaids can't hydrate using swimming in the ocean. I'm not sure what went wrong but it only hydrates them when they have a bath or shower not when they swim in the ocean. How do I fix this, can anyone help?
27th October 2013 5:52pm
kasey says...
how can you find king triton? Ive got my girl a mermaid ( by befriending another and them giving me the kelp) but I cannot find him. Ive looked everywhere.
30th March 2014 11:47pm
Lolly Popper says...
Is there a way to get rid of the scales on land?
1st December 2013 7:48am
Steve says...
If you have supernatural installed can you make mermaids in CAS
6th April 2014 8:04pm
Sim Life says...
Actually that isn't true, I have all of them downloaded for a little stress relief. . . Anyway, that's never been an option to be able to do.
19th April 2014 4:37am
Hayden says...
If you become a mermaid will the mermaid island unlock?
28th March 2014 10:21pm
LovelySimmer97 says...
What diving spot are mermaids more common? I went to The Mermaid Grotto for obvious reasons, but didn't spot any. Is there a specific time to go. I dived at night because my sim is a vampire.
5th June 2014 3:40pm
Layla says...
I had two children with king trition and he constantly at my house why won't trition just give me the mermaid kelp plus he won't let my sim be he girlfriend even though they've already had two kids why is that?
9th November 2013 12:24pm
Ameria says...
How can I find a mermaid ?
28th July 2014 11:16pm
Rosie says...
If you want good kelp, go to the babes on the beach household. One of them is a mermaid and she gives good kelp. But sometimes there all human, it changes all the time for me :( Has anyone tried the siren household? Its on a island in the middle of the ocean.
11th March 2014 12:52pm
Jessica says...
My sims just turned into a mermaid but I still can't get on the island and no mermaid will take me. What's up???
15th November 2013 9:47pm
I want Mermaids Secret Island says...
Same here. I just don't get it...
16th August 2014 11:37pm
Mermaid Lover says...
I've found that having a pregnant mermaid (by a human sim) eat kelp makes it more likely for the baby to be a mermaid. I haven't tested intensely though.
27th December 2013 11:03pm
Rebecca says...
The same thing is happening to me! She wont become a mermaid! Shes just getting ill, and runs to the wc :( i have tried to eat the mermaidic kelt like 10 times! I got it from my mermaid boyfriend ( without cheat)
27th June 2013 3:42pm
Nikka says...
Yes! I just got mine from my mermaid boyfriend. I asked Mia Azul (aka Ariel) if she would give me kelp and she did. But this time the message was different and she said if you want to be like me eat this kelp. But my sim's boyfriend said my legs are too superior and i'm more attractive than you. Maybe they gave us ***** kelp so we don't became mermaids?
Maybe?  Does this mean it finally worked?

Are you eating this on your home lot or trying on a community lot?
27th June 2013 3:50pm
Nikka says...
I tried on both a community lot and my home lot with my sims's boyfriend kelp. I tried Ariel's kelp on the beach and it finally worked the first time around
27th June 2013 4:06pm
plummy says...
my mermaids in my sim game have suddenly stopped having fishtails, i haven;t really done much with them which makes its weird i don't know how to rectify this also when my sim goes diving in the retro suit all she has is a bald head and no body help!!
30th November 2013 4:26pm
demetrius says...
cool game ever
26th December 2013 4:12pm
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