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The Sims 3 Island Paradise: Resorts

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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Island Paradise Resorts

This guide to Resort Management in The Sims 3 Island Paradise will teach you how to start your first resort, and provide tips on getting your first Five-Star Resort. If you can do that, you'll unlock one of the best islands on which to start a huge luxury Resort that can bring in many thousands of Simoleons each day - a real money-maker. Managing Resorts is like a Profession but more of a business simulator, and my personal favorite addition to Island Paradise. With my information on hiring staff, feeding the guests, keeping them happy, managing expenses, and setting the prices for your Resort, you should be ready to make the big time. I've even included a tutorial to show how I started with a two-star Hobart's Hideaway and transformed it into a wonderful and profitable (if not beautiful) five-star resort.

The Guide is broken into several sections to help Simmers find the information they need. I'll detail what you can find in each section below, but first...

Lifetime Wish and Traits
If you want to pursue managing Resorts as a Career, use the new Resort Empire Lifetime Wish, which requires you to earn $40,000 Simoleons in profit from running Resorts and own a Five-Star Resort. Honestly, Traits do not matter so much to this money-making choice. You could manage resorts and be a self- employed inventor or take up the Journalist Career. Handy is an excellent choice, but otherwise you should choose Traits that will help your Sim whether they're socializing with guests at the Resort or taking on the Private Investigator Profession. Owning Resorts is an investment.

Starting a Resort
This Guide shows your various options for starting a Resort in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack. This page will show you the routes you can take to get started, from taking over Hobart's Hideaway, starting a Resort on an empty lot or one of Isla Paradiso's Uncharted Islands.

Resort Basics: Management Responsibilities
This guide will teach you all the concepts you need to know in order to run your resort successfully. Details on each subtopic are provided. I'll show you how to manage your expenses and gauge your Resort's pricing. You'll also learn about your Resort's Star Rating and how you can raise it to make profit.

Guest Towers & VIP Rooms
Learn about the various means of housing the guests of your Resort. You have basic cottages, special upgradeable apartments of sorts, and full-on towers for hosting dozens of guests in one building. Learn about upgrading, maintenance costs, and the maximum amount of guests that can stay at your Resort at one time.

Feeding Guests
I felt I could dedicate a full page to feeding the guests at a Resort, and I have. Learn the various types of foods served, upkeep on the buffet tables, and the role of Food Carts on the Island.

Hiring Staff and Maintenance Workers
This Guide will teach you about the various types of staff you can use to make your Resort better. Hiring Mixologists, Front Desk Workers, and details on the various types of Maintenance workers is provided here.

Star Ratings & Pleasing Guests
This guide covers raising your Star Rating specifically. It is an invaluable tool to learning the needs of your guests and how you can make your resort more popular and expand to own even more profitable Resorts. Earning five stars is necessary to unlock No Trouble Atoll, so read on.

Tutorial: Improving Hobart's Hideaway & Resort Mogul Lifetime Wish
This walkthrough focuses on Hobart's Hideaway, a run-down Resort in Isla Paradiso. Taking it over is free, and doing so is recommended for many first-time Resort Owners. Learn how I took this two-star slum and turned it into a five-star Resort people will want to revisit.

Isla Paradiso's Resorts
Learn of the Resorts you can take a week's vacation in or take over. Ricalynn has provided lists of amenities, costs to purchase, and extra information on each of the existing Resorts in IP.

No Trouble Atoll is the single best island to start a new Resort
No Trouble Atoll is the best place to Start a Resort

No Trouble Atoll: Reward for Five-Star Resort
When you create your first Five-Star Resort, you will unlock No Trouble Atoll, one of eight Uncharted Islands. It happens to be one of the best lots to build a massive Resort, so you can start a new one and rake in the profit from your first Resort to become super-rich and pass the property down through the generations.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Share your tips for managing resorts in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion here. You may also ask questions for problems you may have, but our Sims 3 Forum may be a better choice if you need a faster response.

Comments (40)

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Kasey says...
My resort was shut down due to being unprofitable, how do I get it open again?
There is an option under resort management that should say Open Resort.
5th July 2013 3:16pm
ellyse says...
same here, the open resort button can't be clicked anymore, it says, it should be more profitable to reopen
Try removing maintenance staff and other things that cost money until you have a profit.
8th July 2013 5:53am
oLO says...
I have yet to find a way of placing more than 9 towers on a 64x64 lot. Any pointers ? :)
PS: the 9 tower solution rakes in up to 60k/day and is instantly profitable (think mass tourism).
PSS: a 64x64 can be created anywhere in the ocean- use a section of land to align your lot in edit town, then place it in the ocean (avoid hitting the designated dive spots !)
cheers and thanks for all the fab guides
Vinyl on our forum actually managed 12 eco-modern towers. You can see her findings over here:,16584.msg318838.html#msg318838
6th July 2013 7:25am
joann says...
How do you plan a wedding at a resort?
6th July 2013 9:38pm
Arctica says...
Hi. I haven't gotten this EP yet, but probably will tomorrow. The resort management feature is about the only reason I want to install it, but I was wondering: Can you have resorts in other worlds? Like Sunset Valley, or Aurora Skies from the shop?
8th July 2013 3:59pm
ipikachu says...
How? I've tried to star resorts in other towns but I never see any option to create one.
11th January 2014 7:40pm
Caitlyn says...
i want my sims to check into a hotel, but every time I try to check in my game freezes??
Are they self-employed? Self-employed Sims are currently unable to visit resorts due to a bug.
10th July 2013 11:20am
Luke says...
Can your sim be a lifeguard in another town?
Yes as long as there is a beach.
11th July 2013 10:48am
juliana says...
I can not open my resort because there should be minimum one tower resort on it. land resort is so tiny, even to build the tower itself is not enough. What should I do?
You don't build a tower, you buy it from community objects. Would it be possible to build another floor or something to get it on there? Otherwise your land may not be suitable for a resort.
12th July 2013 2:14pm
teresa says...
I have this weird problem in my resort...Some of my guests seems to be complaining about the roaches,but there isn't any as far as i searched the resort... Its a 5 star resort with high maintenance,and because of this my rating is going down :( is it a bug? or is there something i can do about it?
Check under the resort in the basement areas.  This seems to be a common problem where the bugs are spawning in places no one can see them. I would suggest turning on testingcheats and buydebug to see where the spawners might be located. You can then use MoveObjects to move the spawners so you squash them or you can just delete it.
15th July 2013 12:49am
Michael says...
I have annoying bug at the resort desk. kind of hoping one of you can figure it out. When ever a guest tries to check in or i try to check in they just stand there till they have a no route trantrum. I have moved the desk every which way , closed and reopened resort everything I can think of and cant get it to work. So no one can check into my VIP rooms :( no income from those.
Is there someone working at the desk and they are available when you try to check in?
17th July 2013 7:31am
Bluejeans says...
Try checking the routing around your VIP areas. If the rooms aren't accessible, no one can check into them.
22nd July 2013 2:08pm
Jake says...
My resort won't let me open cause it's unprofitable and I'm unsure on how to make it profitable, could someone please explain, sets on how to do it would be so much help!
You need to reduce the spending of your resort until the money coming in is more than the money going out.  Then slowly add things back to your resort.
20th July 2013 12:02am
Mark says...
I found messing around with resort pricing resets how many sims are staying at the resort. Sometimes pricing/star rating combos that don't really make sense can make your resort profitable. I have also seen my two star resort have 50 guests of 300 possible at low pricing. So change to medium pricing and I have 150 or so guests. Change back to low pricing and I am almost full to the 300. It doesn't really make sense, but sure made my resort profitable. Lol.
28th July 2013 2:20pm
Oliver says...
Hi, i know this discussion is a couple months old by i would really like help in andwering a question :)

Is it possible to create my own room (penthhouse or seperate building) and live right on the lot of my reaort? I think it would be really cool to live in my resort and it would make management a lot easier! Thanks for your help in advance :)
You can create the building but you'd never be able to lock it to just you and it would never be considered your home lot.
11th August 2013 12:20am
Emily says...
I created a resort on no trouble atoll island but no guests seem to be coming, it's been about two days.. What can I do to bring in more guests?
Check your occupancy. The resort system claims there are dozens of Sims at a Resort, but will only show a few depending on the volume. This allows you to continue to profit, but the game throttles back Sim activity if your System can't handle having too many around at once. If you have a full staff, you could test this by firing some to see if more Sims appear at the Resort.
30th August 2013 9:45pm
Lyn says...
All my staff show up for work but don't actually go to their stations so the front desk and bars are un-manned while some of the bathrooms have flooded from a broken whatevers. Mt rating is still going up though, is that normal or a weird glitch?
1st September 2013 10:40pm
Swifterp says...
Island Paradise is second on my list of EPs to get! I really want Generations at the moment :D
2nd September 2013 12:26am
NO says...
Hi! I built a resort and I have two VIP rooms. I also built 2 normal rooms in the hotel itself, how do I use this two rooms for people to check into.

-If i want to check in, there's no pricing for any of the rooms, why?

6th September 2013 9:32am
Lozza says...

I have a 4 star resort and everything is good, I have full occupancy, but the problem is, none of my guests are actually showing up in my resort. I am getting reviews and profit, but the only Sims I can see in my resort are the workers. Help?
7th September 2013 2:37pm
Thomas says...
The game won't show all the sims in your resort if your computer can't handle it. Firing some staff would make them appear, but you don't have to worry about it :)
27th September 2013 8:27am
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I have a very weird bug going on and I don't see it yet posted so I will share. I just started playing a family in Moonlight Falls. Bought nice property and wanted to make a Haunted Hotel:) When I went into the blue print mode and set down my rooms and so on. But when I went back to my lot the entire ground was blue yes on my home lot!!! As if I was in blue print mode on my home lot!?!?!? I didn't save and am going to try going back again. I really want to make this haunted resort. Anyone heard of this or know a way my home lot won't go into the blueprint mode when I am building on a totally separate lot?? :/ Building this from scratch is gonna be very hard and I need a resort tower no? Any advice would be great /frustrated!
12th September 2013 2:39pm
Lauzwtp says...
I already have one resort but I want to own more than 1. Is this possible?
12th September 2013 10:50pm
Lola says...
Yes Owning more than one resort is possible.
21st October 2013 1:05am
Lauzwtp says...

Is there are way to expand the actual resort grounds as I would like to make the beach resort better I just need the room. Is there a way to do this?
12th September 2013 11:05pm
Rosie says...
How do you see how many people are staying in your resort?:)
6th October 2013 1:33pm
Lauzwtp says...
you can look on the page where u see the profits for your resort and at the top it will say something like 20/20 meaning 20 out of 20 people are staying
10th October 2013 11:44am
abidoang says...
I have a question

can you put the sims 3 showtime stage in a resort? I want some entertainment in my resort
19th October 2013 3:10am
Lena says...
Is there any way to make your visitors show at your resort? I'm getting profits and reviews and everything. I know that my computor doesn't show everyone, but it's bugging me.
20th October 2013 6:20pm
Lauzwtp says...
Very good question, mines the same no one is showing up. Are your staff showing up?
22nd October 2013 3:32pm
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