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The Sims 3 Island Paradise: Resorts

Food - Quality, Buffets, and Food Stands

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Buffet Tables in Island Paradise's Resort Management
Buffet Tables are the Primary Means of Feeding your Guests

Where are Buffet Tables, Resort Towers and Other Items
Click your Resort and choose Resort Management > Improve Resort > Buy Here. Go to Sort By Function, where you may need to use the little arrow to scroll down to the resorts tab. From there, you'll be on the Resort Items tab, where you can find objects such as the Front Desk, Buffet Tables, Food Counters, Bars, Wedding Arches, and Firewalk Pits. From this menu you'll also find Resort buildings like Cottages, Bungalows, and Resort Towers.

Having food is an essential part of running your Resort, and having a large variety will boost your reviews. This page discusses the two major options for feeding your guests and the settings you can use.

Buffet Tables and Food Quality
The primary source of food for your guests is the Buffet Table, priced at around $300 with a recurring maintenance cost based on the quality of food you serve. You can access its various options by clicking the table itself. First is food quality. Low quality food ($5 upkeep) is a bad choice as you will have either bad or neutral food moodlets coming from it. There's also a 25% chance these foods will come out spoiled or burned. Medium ($10 upkeep) and High ($20 upkeep) are where it's at, giving you Nice-Great and Excellent-Perfect quality meals for your guests. Buffet Tables require no intervention on your part, as the food is refreshed every 3 Sim hours - hence the recurring maintenance cost.

Food type is another option. Certain guests come to the island for particular foods like sushi and Dim Sum. You can please them by adding these tables, but not having them will not spoil a review as much as having no breakfast, lunch, dinner, or food for the kids. Ultimately, you should make room for a big buffet that has all foods in high quality if you want your resort to be five stars. Here's a list of the types of foods that Buffet Tables can serve:

  • None - use this when you need to move a table
  • Breakfast - held 8am, important
  • Lunch - held noon, important
  • Dinner - held 6pm, important
  • Kids - important, pleases guests who are Parents
  • Dessert - somewhat important, all Sims can enjoy
  • Vegetarian - less important (specialty food)
  • Dim Sum - less important (specialty food)
  • Sushi - less important (specialty food)
A Food Stand in Island Paradise
Food Stands Provide Food and Drink to Sims walking the Resort

Food Stands
Food stands serve Sims who want a snack or drink on a whim and don't need a dining experience. They are a big asset to your Resort and do impact Star Rating, though you'll have to hire staff to serve them. You get three options on food quality - $15/day for low, $25 for medium, and $50/day for high quality food and drink. The last is the best choice, unless your Resort is really struggling financially - after all, features like this are what let you raise the price to stay at your Resort. Workers cost $25 for the day shifts and $50 to stay past Midnight. No big deal. You may want more than one of these at a bigger resort, spread out to meet your guests' needs quickly. There are two food counters, though they serve the same food. The Eco Modern Food Counter costs $1025 while the simpler looking Beachside Food Stand costs $950. Choose the one that looks best for your Resort. Here are the foods served by the stands. Both serve the same foods:

  • Chocolate Covered Pineapple Spear
  • Coconut Juice
  • Cuban Sandwich
  • Fried Plantains
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Juice
  • Pineapple Juice

It's worth noting that coolers are just scenery and don't provide drinks to guests. If you don't have Late Night for a Mixologist or room for a Pool Bar, consider using a regular juice bar so that Sims can make drinks to serve themselves. You may also consider serving your guests food that you cook yourself, which may do something for them. There are many ways to run your resort and satisfy guests, but food is a necessity.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Share your tips for managing resorts in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion here. You may also ask questions for problems you may have, but our Sims 3 Forum may be a better choice if you need a faster response.

Comments (9)

Linda says...
Interesting how EA made it so the guests are not fully satisfied eating one plate of food from the buffet. Sims get a second plate, then a third...then they're full. Seems about right from what I've heard about resorts and cruises. It's all about the food. I haven't noticed sims gaining weight after eating a few days of buffet meals, not yet anyway. My sims were satisfied eating one serving from the food carts, just like they are outside the resorts.
3rd July 2013 11:10pm
ellie says...
thank you i was a bit stuck with the buffet but when it was on here it sounded easy so thank you i think i will defiantly use this website when i,m stuck what other stuff do you do?
13th October 2013 3:32pm
bklienhart says...
Do the Pizza Oven or Teppenyaki Grill do anything if you add them to a resort?
It might take away from their use of the buffet but otherwise, there is nothing in the gamecode since those two are premium content items from the store.
4th July 2013 12:32pm
Lauren says...
Can the industrial oven be used in a resort, allowing the creation of a real restaurant?
15th September 2013 11:54pm
Bella says...
I can't find the food stand in buy or build mode. Where is it located?
28th December 2013 11:19am
Kelly says...
Do you need late night for a pool bar
18th April 2014 5:47pm
Savannah says...
20th April 2014 7:51pm
Angela says...
Where do I find the food stand???
25th July 2014 4:54pm
Jennifer says...
I build my own resorts and when I put buffet tables it will only let me serve for $250 it won't let me select food type.... What do I do? Please reply.
12th August 2014 5:07pm
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