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Island Paradise Resort Management Strategy Guide

Guests, Star Ratings, and Profit Information

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Resort Management Options
Accessing the Island Paradise Resort Management Options

Resort Management Options
Access Resort Management Options by clicking on a building or the front desk of your Resort. From there, you can open/close the Resort, set the price level, access build options (improve resort), hire maintenance workers, and view your finances and guest reviews which will show your Resort's Star Rating out of 5

This Guide will teach you the basics of running a Resort in The Sims 3 Island Paradise. We'll learn about the various Resort Towers and Bungalows that you can purchase to house your guests and their various upgrade levels. I'll also explain Star Rating and Guest Reviews and the minimum requirements to have a five-star Resort. Information on making profit, and the various types of employees you can hire is also included here.

Booking Guests - Resort Profits and Expenses

Checking a Guest into the Resort in The Sims 3 Island Paradise
A Guest Checks Into the Resort

Your job as a Resort Owner is to manage a Resort and improve it. Ideally, you goal will be to increase its Star Rating and add amenities to justify a higher price while earning a bigger profit. On the Resort Finances screen, you can see how your Resort is doing, including profits, expenses, and how many guests are staying in the beds you have available. Revenue minus Expense equals the Profit you will get each day, which is given at 7AM. You're required to collect it, just like other Real Estate. Owning a Resort is a bit like Real Estate Proprietorship, for you own it, collect resources, and when it's upgraded and running smoothly you simply return daily to collect the profit. Like other businesses you may own, you are free to enjoy all the benefits your Resort has to offer.

Guests and Price
Set stay prices by clicking your Resort's Front Desk, Resort Management, then Resort Stay Pricing. Your three choices are Affordable, Moderate, and Expensive. Prices vary by the percentage of rooms filled and the Star Rating of the Resort. You can gauge how well your price is set by whether or not your beds are full (finance screen). You should lower the price or add new amenities if beds are empty. The maximum amount of guests a Resort can hold is around 1000. In testing, I was able to get a guest capacity of 490 using towers on No Trouble Atoll. There would be little room for amenities, landscaping, and pools that guests like, so I imagine the max capacity most Five-Star Resort owners will utilize is around 2-300. That will give them the building space necessary to justify a high price at the front desk.

Forum member Vinyl posted on the max number of guests and was able to come up with that average of around 1000 using the beach resort version, eco-modern in testing with basements to hold amenities. Daily profit was 81k for the resort. See the post, pics, and results here.

Star Rating

A Five-Star Rating for a Resort
The Reviews Screen lets you see your Resort's Star Rating and Guest Comments

Star Ratings and Upgrading the Resort
It is your job to upgrade the Resort and meet certain requirements if you intend to raise its star level. There are certain things that raise star levels - having landscaping, vip rooms, more guest capacity, and pools. You can tell that you've made an essential improvement if you see a blue plus sign indicating it's been improved. Meeting the needs of your Guests will also help here, by feeding them foods they like in high quality and making sure that they have all they need to have a good, relaxing stay at your facility.

If you need to make extensive upgrades, you can click the front desk to close your Resort, which will cost you some money due to the downtime, but you'll be able to move buildings. If you'd like, you can accomplish some of this without shutting down by using the moveobjects on cheat.

Improving a Resort by adding gym equipment
You'll see this Plus when an Object Improves your Resort

Even if you make sweeping changes to your Resort, the game is coded to only allow you to go up about 1 star level each day. So, if you're interested in saving money, wait after adding a lot of extras to your Resort until star rating levels out so you can add the bare minimum. That is only for those interested in maximizing profit - if you want to make the resort of your dreams and don't care if it has too much, go for it - just keep your revenue above expenses.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Share your tips for managing resorts in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion here. You may also ask questions for problems you may have, but our Sims 3 Forum may be a better choice if you need a faster response.

Comments (17)

Cal says...
<i>That is only for those interested in maximizing profit - if you want to make the resort of your dreams and don't care if it has too much, go for it.</i>

That won't really work though, as if you lose money the resort will shut down automatically in a few days. I think it was 3 days for me, but it might depend on the amount it's losing.
If you keep revenue above expenses, you won't have the problem of shutting down.
3rd July 2013 5:20am
Sbenja says...
I can't reply what I want without getting flagged that I am spamming. How do I get rid of that.
It depends on what is in your reply. Obviously something in it is the reason or you've tried to respond so many times so quickly that the forum thinks you're just randomly posting.
6th July 2013 1:24pm
Mly says...
When I was checking how much people paid it said 0 never though I have the pricing set to expensive
4th February 2014 3:22pm
M. says...
I have built a resort in the Sims 3 but apart from the resorttower, I myself have made several houses as a stay but will they be used? I have made on all the 4 houses a VIP-lock. Is that it that you have to do for making it able to stay in? And can I adjust the prices of those rooms?
Thank you
28th December 2013 4:23am
Maze says...
How do I transfer resort ownership? I want my Sim to finally move out his parents home and want to take 1 of my resort with him, thinking like the parent's gift for him or something.
9th September 2013 5:12am
TheSimmingSimmer says...
how do u change the name of your resort?
Try using Check Real Estate.
10th August 2013 9:43pm
Niamh says...
31st July 2013 9:38am
ME says...
this is kindof off topic but the cheat for unlocking islands never works for me, is there another or can it not be done
Make sure you have testingcheats on and it should work.
28th July 2013 2:27pm
Millan says...
How do you Close a resort? I cant Close my stupid resort but I want to! I want to start a new on the Hotelisland.
If you don't want it, Sell it. Otherwise when you do resort management there should be an option to close it.
28th July 2013 6:25am
Echo says...
i used a cheat that let my discover all the islands with smoke around them, then i made a cute little resort. For the first 15 mins i had it nobody's coming to it :( my resort is open! but nobody is coming c: could anyone help? did people come to your guys resort in that short time? I need help!
29th July 2013 2:40pm
Amy says...
Where do yu find a resort!!
19th July 2013 11:27am
Kay says...
Go to your computer and select "Real Estate". The option for "Become a Resort Owner" will come up. Select it.
29th July 2013 10:44am
ME says...
assumning u have island paradise there r a few already there. in map mode they have palm tree icons, but u can start one on either a comunity lot via edit town and then buy it or start on on a found island by going to map veiw and clicking on the icon, then selecting convert to resort or whatever it says there.
31st July 2013 9:52am
Simeon says...
I. Manage d to get a 5 star resort on No Trouble Atoll that will accommodate 649 guests. I did this by using the beach towers as they have the smallest footprint, and filling most of the property with them. I still have a gym, bar, 4 spas and a pool with slide, diving board and 4 in pool bars. I make over $40000 a day from it.
4th July 2013 3:27am
Sbenja says...
My keeps shutting down. Says I am -162.00. I have done everything I can but it won't open back up; any suggestions.
Why is it negative?
6th July 2013 1:20pm
Kidd says...
You have to get rid of some things like spa services or decrease the shifts for the front desk, bars, etc.
9th July 2013 7:05pm
Fran says...
One of my reviews talked about roaches. But when I went to my resort I didn't see any. Any recommendations? My resort has five stars.
18th May 2014 5:17am
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