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Resort Management Tutorial: Improving Hobart's Hideaway

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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Hobart's Hideaway
Hobart's Hideaway could really use some work. Let's turn it into a 5-Star Resort

I chose to start my Resort Management career by improving Hobart's Hideaway. It begins with some value, yet is free - so in removing bad scenery to improve the look, and upgrading amenities, I can get a discount by selling outdated and unattractive objects. This Tutorial will share my findings with you and provide tips on taking guest reviews into consideration and raising the star level to five by making them have a great time. My goal is to get to boost the value of this place and make it a profitable five-star resort.

A Horrible Resort - Starting Profit: $177 per Day, 17/17 rooms filled.
I immediately see how ugly it is, and that the guests give it an average review of Two Stars. Reading their reviews, I see a few common problems. There are a variety of things that irritate guests, but the primary problem is the lack of food at the resort. I decide to fill this need by placing a few more Buffet Tables near the one that exists. I add a buffet table by clicking the Resort, choosing Resort Management, Improve Resort, then Build Mode. Click the little building that says Community Objects to get access to the Resort Objects section. There,you'll find a Grand Buffet for just under $400.

Where are Buffet Tables, Resort Towers and Other Items
Click your Resort and choose Resort Management > Improve Resort > Buy Here. You can also click Buy on open ground. Go to Sort By Function, where you may need to use the little arrow to scroll down to the resorts tab. From there, you'll be on the Resort Items tab, where you can find objects such as the Front Desk, Buffet Tables, Food Counters, Bars, Wedding Arches, and Firewalk Pits. From this menu you'll also find Resort buildings like Cottages, Bungalows, and Resort Towers.

The investment is fairly large, but it will hopefully improve guests' reviews of my Resort.

Adding more food to Hobart's Hideaway in Island Paradise
More Food Options will Please the Guests

Obvious Improvements
If I sink a little money into this place, I can make it much better. At the starting outdoor dining area, I add some dining tables and chairs with a positive environment factor. There didn't seem to be enough seating with only 3 seats, especially during the 6pm dinner surge. I made one grand table. Many guests complain if their kids don't have food to eat, so I make sure that a buffet table is dedicated to that. Others want specialty foods like Dim Sum. I make one table with Dinner at medium, Dim Sum at medium quality, and a Kids' table medium as well. Seeing the dirty plates pile up, I hire a medium quality maintenance worker. I'm hoping I can bump this to three stars quickly, so I make sure there are some flowers, statues, and paintings that make the place more beautiful. I expand the main room by a few tiles to the left to give more room for seating and entertainment. Because a couple of guests asked, I also added a firewalk pit. The Resort currently has a maximum occupancy of 17 Sims, so I click the Resort Towers, in this case, cottages to 'Upgrade' them for $5,000 which brings capacity up to 27 Sims. After these improvements, I wait. I write this Tutorial while taking notes for the actual guide so I want to see guests' opinions when the reviews come in the next day.

Making a Hot Tub Area for the Resort
A Hot Tub will Help Boost the Resort's Star Rating

First Three-Star Review
A couple days after my construction, I get my first three-star Review and Hobart's Hideaway's overall ranking goes to 2.5 stars. The Sim lamented the lack of a hot tub, but found having a clean guest room (room service turned on) was a perk. This is not the first complaint I've seen about the Hot Tub, so I decide to construct a special Hot Tub area for Sims to relax. I sense a theme in guests' demands and also add a food stand with high quality food, while also upgrading all buffet tables to high quality. With a Hot Tub, grill, and great food and limited room availability, I decide I can try to set the price of rooms to Moderate.

Further Improvements
I add a second Beach Resort Tower and upgrade both of them to maximum, giving me a capacity of 84 guests. A bar with Mixologist is also added, to give my guests yet another means of entertainment and service from the Resort. With all these amenities, I can definitely justify the Moderate room price, and giving the new Resort Towers the spa feature for only $50 each is worthwhile.

Moving Up
Hobart's is bringing in nearly $3,000 a day with a Moderate price and full guest capacity. Because there isn't much room, it's hard to fill guests' need for a pool. I am hoping to please them other ways, so that I can avoid the headache of deciding a position for one. This will also teach me what pleases guests most. One complained there were too many using the fire pit, so I created a second on the other side of the Resort. I also added more shrubbery and trees - the type you find in build mode. While it doesn't make the beach beautifully decorated, guests expect a tropical feel.

Upgrading objects as a Resort Owner in The Sims 3
Upgrading Objects will make the Resort Better and Your Owner has Time

At 3.5 Stars and Upgrading the Resort
My Resort Owner can basically do what she wants while the staff handle things at the Resort. I have her learn the Handiness skill so that she can upgrade the all-in-one bathroom to unbreakable, wire the house with speakers, and give anything else, like the hot tub, upgrades to make them better.

Hobart's Hideaway as a Five-Star Resort
Hobart's Hideaway the Five Star Resort, completing the Resort Mogul Lifetime Wish

Hobart's Hideaway at 5 stars
I learn how Resorts can only grow by one star rating per day, and finally understand just what it takes to make a resort 5 stars. I skip the pool, but expand my gym equipment to four pieces, provide a second hot tub, and turn the water temperature up on each. Hiring 3 quality maintenance workers will keep the resort free of trash and all objects repaired. This also gives me a boost, as they provide room service. Within a few days, I hit 5 stars and unlock No Trouble Atoll which can hold a much larger Resort. I can hold 84 occupants and pull in about $5600 per day in profit on the resort. Turning around Hobart's Hideaway was a major success.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack Resorts Guide
Starting a Resort  |  Resort Ownership  |  Guest Towers & VIP Rooms  |  Buffets & Food Stands
Staff & Maintenance  |  Star Ratings & Guest Reviews  |  Example Tutorial  |  Resorts in Isla Paradiso

Share your tips for managing resorts in The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion here. You may also ask questions for problems you may have, but our Sims 3 Forum may be a better choice if you need a faster response.

Comments (20)

VictoriaR says...
After I started with Hobert's Hideaway, I started another resort from scratch. At first I was losing money with this resort. The first time I was informed of this the game told me if it didn't start making money soon it would be shut down. I was wondering if you knew how many days of losing money the game would allow before shutting it down.
Someone told us it would be 3 days.
3rd July 2013 9:42pm
AllieKat says...
Once, I had an unprofitable resort. A message told me at the beginning of a day that if I didn't start making profit soon, my resort would be shut down. The very next day, my resort was still losing money, and it shut down. By my experience, the resort shuts down in one day. There is no need to worry, though. Once you fix any problems your resort has, you can immediately reopen your resort with the same star level, staff, and everything.
30th July 2013 11:40pm
Rach says...
I have a really bad cockroach problem and I have no clue how to fix this. Please help.
You need to find the roaches and stomp on them. Do you know where they are? Look under the resort.
9th July 2013 3:50am
Susan says...
okay i found them by looking down a level (underground). but even after i moved everything away from where they were, my sim would still throw a fit. i tried lowering the ground level over them n he still couldn't get to them. i had to cheat with "testingcheatsenabled true" & "buydebug" on go down underground where i could see them n shift click them to delete. i have only game disks and store items installed no mods, cc, or exchange items.
To delete them I think you need moveObjects on as well but don't forget to turn it off if you're not used to that cheat.
16th July 2013 6:36am
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
There is a EZ planted cockroach bug spawner under the rooms I was able to delete the box using Nraas mod object delete. Even with my employees set at high people were still complaining. Find the white bug box spawner under the rooms and try to delete it and that will stop the cockroaches.
18th July 2013 5:42pm
Rob says...
There is a roach problem / glitch in the game. Try using "testingCheatsEnabled true" and "buyDebug" and you may see a cockroach spawner by the pool especially.


It may be underground
7th September 2013 9:50am
Ella says...
I have all lvl 3 people, however, they can't go anywhere! They get stuck and even when I use the resetsim cheat, they are still stuck! Help!
26th December 2013 3:43pm
Pavs says...
Same here. I really need help with this issue.
30th April 2014 2:13pm
Alexandra says...
I manage hobarts hideaway. I just made a new resort from scratch. And I don't know what's going on with the VIP rooms. I go to check in and it says the cost to check in to one of my vip rooms is 0$ . What should I do
That's because you own it.
17th July 2013 10:53pm
Resort Mogul says...
I am having a problem with resort trash. I have 3 hired 3 of the most expensive staff, yet I go there and find trash still. Any tips? Thank you
14th October 2013 11:21pm
des says...
Apparently my resort has roaches; I cannot locate the spawned :( I even looked underground. I have no idea what to do.
20th March 2014 10:48pm
Megan says...
9th February 2014 4:51pm
Mia Mya says...
i found out that if you buy horburts hidaway and sell every thing on/in it you get thousands of dollars!
19th September 2013 8:39am
kithri says...
I can't seem to upgrade my resort without triggering this notice: "The <name> property was modified in Edit Town and it has been sold on your sim's behalf." And then Hobart's Hideaway is sold (I haven't tried any other resort yet). I *never* go to edit town, I always use the bellhop's desk and choose from the resort management menu, and this happens every time. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I tried closing the resort before upgrading, but got the same result. Any suggestions?
31st July 2013 7:13am
Loeka says...
My guests aren' t visible, I van see maybe 2 or 3? And that would Be a good day.. It's weird because My resort (51 places or so) is completely occupied, so that would not Be it. Is this normal? I' d really love to see them enjoying My resort. If It's not normal and you should see them, any way I could fix it? Thanks!
I don't see more than a handful at best including employees even with 82 occupants. I think this is normal.
14th July 2013 4:42pm
Rach says...
I heard about that but when I went under and made a basement I couldn't attach stairs from the basement to the first level. Help again please
10th July 2013 5:51pm
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
I was able to fit in stairs just to the right of where you check in. In between the little house where you check in and dinner area. If I could I'd include a pic. Just that small space in between you can fit in 2 and that's where I added my pool and workout room. I figure if it's raining they can use the indoor pool and still have fun.
18th July 2013 5:50pm
DhiyaI says...
My new resort has been asked to closed until it becomes profitable. How to make it profitable when no one can check in? Help me.
Reduce your expenses until it's below your revenue and then reopen it.
4th July 2013 3:57am
Mrs Tragic Clown says...
What I did was clicked onto Resort Management & the view resort reviews and if people complained I just fixed what turned them off. Now I have it at 5 stars. I am guessing other Sims read these reviews? And the more good things said the more people wanted to stay!?
18th July 2013 5:46pm
I wanna build paradise resort says...
I EVEN wonder why? try imagine the picture. I'm trying to improve resort to 5 stars but look like NOBODY comment anything good. they comment i need to do everything better like prepare breakfast vetgettarian meals kids meals lunch on buffet and they also need me to paid more hot tub firepit walk gym and etc. then i'm a bit headache so i decidded to sell a resort. (and that was Hobart's Hideaway now resort price is now 189,000)
Oh man i feel very sad. Now here is my question.
1.could you tell me a resort lot or island that pretty cool for me?
3.My concept is have VIP Room out to the beach.
Use blueprint swap with self build and have a very high chance to go to 5 star resort by the good way so can you tell me that lot AND explain why do you tell me that lot please?
That all,sir.
Once you have met all those needs, it'll keep going up.Really, doing the things customers want is what it takes to get to 5-stars, along with the factors listed in the Guide. Most of what I have to say on it is listed here. I have not been actively playing since the last Expansion, and i'm a bit forgetful. At times, I reference my own work here...
7th June 2014 6:44am
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