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List of Features, Objects, and Night Life in the Late Night Expansion Pack

Late Night's Bridgeport, awake and ready for the Night Life. Party Time!
Late Night's new city, Bridgeport, at night from the Overlook.

The Sims 3 Late Night was a highly anticipated expansion by Simmers who love watching Sims get down, socialize, and party. In this Guide to Late Night (remember, it's not called Night Life), I'll provide a list of new objects and gameplay features. Nothing in-depth, rather information that will help you to be sure you're experiencing everything the game has to offer. It may even help you decide whether The Sims 3 Late Night is an expansion you'll enjoy. Lastly, this guide will serve as a gateway to find other information exclusive to this expansion.

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A New Life in the City: Bridgeport
The new city in The Sims 3 is Bridgeport. Simmers who wanted an apartment life now have it, and there's sparsely available land on which to build a traditional home. Instead, we're presented with high-rise apartment buildings. Parking space is also limited, and Sims may now use mass transit in the form of a subway system to get around.

With the city, comes city life. Bridgeport's denizens and underbelly make Sunset Valley townies seem ultra-conservative. Woohoo can now be undertaken in hot tubs and elevators. Sims are more likely to head to a bar, lounge, or dance club than the park for their weekend kicks. As you'd expect, the full breadth of these features can't really be enjoyed in a town. Late Night is about club hopping and trying to find the hottest party atmosphere around.

Dancing on the Rooftop of Aquarius in The Sims 3 Late Night
Dancing on the Rooftop of Aquarius

Party Time!
Late Night's biggest feature in a nutshell is its Night Life. Bridgeport is filled with places to hang out and party. Dance Clubs, Lounges, and Bars dot the city, inviting Sims' money and beckoning them to let loose. A slew of new social interactions both on the fun and romantic sides now present themselves to allow Sims to show us just how much they're enjoying the night life.

Celebrities can be spotted in clubs, and can be wooed for your Sims to be allowed to share their company. Player-controlled Sims can even climb the ladder of fame. Celebrity Sims get occasional gifts, even some exclusive objects, on a regular basis. They can hang with celebrities and move their way up the social ladder. Paparazzi will photograph celebs. The entire scene makes Late Night feel like it's placed in the Thirty Mile Zone.

A Vampire's Ghost in The Sims 3 Late Night. Don't let your Vampire die of thirst!
Just a little drink and he could've been fine. Now he's a Vampire ghost. And yes, she did get pregnant.

Vampires visit the upper class establishments, a long-lived romantic predator that feeds on Sims' plasma. This is a fun new feature for the game and will likely be the most popular alternative Life State brought with a Sims 3 expansion pack. They come with a long list of features, and few drawbacks. The vampire is truly a new way to experience the game.

New Fashions can be seen everywhere. Sims on the scene dress hot, and some might even say a little trashy. Miniskirts and other things mom wouldn't want you to wear in public are not in short supply in Late Night. There's plenty to choose from for your Sim's night out, but you're going to see plenty of skin when hitting up the clubs. Think rock, pop star, diva, raver, groupie and you've nailed the new clothing.

Muscle Definition in Create a Sim
Muscle Definition in Create-a-Sim

New Body Types are available in Create-a-Sim thanks to the patch launched the same day as Late Night. Muscles can now be given more definition, which changes the way muscular Sims appear to quite some degree. They can get some six-pack abs this way. And of course the breast slider, which allows modification of female Sims' breast sizes. This gives a lot more diversity to the way Sims can look, but most of the ladies in Bridgeport appear to have already had cosmetic surgery.

New Skills: Mixology (Bartending), and More Music!
Sims need drinks when they're out on the town, and the Mixologist provides them. Your Sim can take up the drink mixing trade and make some killer new creations that provide different special bonuses, and can really bring a party to life. This is also a great way to make friends, even with Celebrities. Make an awesome new drink concoction and name it after a star. That'll get their attention.

Of course you're not limited to serving the celebrities to get into their good graces. The Bass, Drums, and Piano skills are out and the instruments can be played like the guitar to wow other Sims and make Simoleons. Sims can now form a band, play gigs, and have jam sessions.

Hot Tub from Late Night
A beautiful, relaxing Hot Tub. Just the thing a Sim needs after a hard week.

New Stuff: Objects Galore!
Late Night gives us tons of new décor, furniture and interactive objects all with a party feel. Neon lights, black lights, and strobes all add to the atmosphere. The furniture gives off a relaxed vibe that fits perfect in a party animal's penthouse.

Bubbles! From the Bubble Bar, of course!
A Bubble Bar. Your Sim can even get better at this!

But not everything is cosmetic. There are hot tubs, bubble bars, arcade machines, shuffleboard tables, dartboards, and effects machines that give Sims a ton of new ways to play when they're not at the bar or shaking it on the dance floor. If you wanted new stuff, you've got it. It's a feature that really stands out. There are new objects in most categories.

New Traits are in short supply. The only new offerings are Shy and Star Quality. Shy Sims prefer to only be around friends. Sims with that special Star Quality will succeed more when trying to talk to celebrities, and find themselves more likely to gain fame. Since a Sim's celebrity rating is so important in Late Night, this is going to be a trait that's very often picked. Especially since the Patch that comes with Late Night eliminates the necessity to select certain traits to spawn a Lifetime Wish selection. We still get five random LTWs when the trait selection phase of Create-a-Sim is over, but a sixth option presents itself – allowing the selection of any LTW.

New Moodlets are all over the place. Mixed Drinks naturally give moodlets, much as nectar did. Sims may feel creeped out by a nearby vampire wishing for a snack. New social interactions bring happiness and embarrassment to Sims, and celebrities feel the delights and occasional crushing burden of fame trying to lead everyday lives in the public eye.

New Lifetime Rewards are always welcome to Simmers. It's fun to save up those points to give a Sim a powerful new ability or bonus. Late Night does not disappoint in this category. All are centered on socializing or living the party lifestyle. Simple rewards like discounts at clubs, and better odds of winning pub games may not be very tempting to some Simmers. However, powerful LTRs like always being on the list at lounges, finding the home of every celebrity to be a world class stalker, or always succeeding as a seducer can really improve the gaming experience.

A Sim playing a Grand Piano in Late Night
A striking grand piano. Its beauty adds to the Environment score.

Lifetime Wishes come in a variety of flavors. There are two career oriented ones to choose for the Film Career Track: Distinguished Director and Superstar Actor, both to climb to the top of their respected career branches. One Sim band sets Sims on a mission to master all four available instruments (the three new ones, plus guitar). Master Mixologists want to own a bar and master Mixology, and Sims looking for the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous want $100,000 Simoleons and top-notch fame.

Perhaps the most interesting of the new choices shines a huge spotlight on the WooHoo interaction. The Master Romancer Lifetime Wish brings out the playboy side of Sims, sending them on a quest to WooHoo with five different Sims in five different places.

Last, but not least.. with all the other changes, there are of course minor tweaks to other areas of the game. Some of the new objects can be upgraded, and there are a few more fish to catch in Bridgeport. Vampires can eat plasma fruit to satisfy their thirst. Sims can also be given an astrological sign, which doesn't do much but can be another way to make a friend if your Sim's sign is compatible with others.

The Sims 3 Late Night is an excellent expansion to the already fun game. It provides plenty of different gameplay, and Bridgeport is the first city or town added to the game that feels quite different from the others. Living in an apartment, using the subway to get around, and partying with Sims in the night clubs are all welcome additions to the formula. While the skills sort of fell flat in this expansion, it added a lot more variety to the recreation of Sims. I hope this guide has informed you of new things you can do, or helped you make a decision on whether to own this expansion or not.

Late Night Problems & How to Solve Them

There is no Mixologist on Duty!
If one of the night clubs in Late Night loses their mixologist, you can fix it. Open the cheat console with Control + Shift + C, type testingcheatsenabled true, then shift-click the bar. Select delete object, then shift-click the floor and select buy on this lot. Head to the dining room tab, and select bars. Replace the bar with one of the two professional bars. A Mixologist should arrive soon to fill the position.

How Do You Fix a Stuck Elevator
Sometimes Elevators in the High-rise buildings in Bridgeport can get stuck. When this happens, Sims can get stuck inside a building, and may even stand there until they die because they're trying to leave.

The first thing you can do is turn on testingcheatsenabled true through the cheat console (Ctrl + Shift + C). Type resetsim (firstname) (lastname) and it will send the stuck Sims home. The elevator may begin working again. The next step is more involved.

If resetting the Sims stuck waiting on the elevator doesn't work, you'll need to replace the elevator. Be sure testingcheats are on, then use the cheat console and enter the commands: buydebug and RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings off. Now head to buy mode and go to the ? icon in sort by type. From there, find the elevators, select the broken elevator, delete it, and replace it with a new one. Be sure you make the new elevator face the same way as the old one. This is the only known fix for the stuck elevator problem that came with Late Night.

Comments (69)

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Joas Rozenbroek says...
Dear carl, I have a question. Why they aren't so much people in the clubs? (Late Night). Is there a way to solve the problem. I think you are the best person to help me. Thanks, Joas (The Netherlands)
It's a common problem. You can find info about non-mod fixes here. To summarize one suggestion, you might try removing a couple of clubs in edit town so that Sims are more likely to go to the ones you want.

This is evidently related to the power of your processor, as the game thinks it can't handle a high number of Sims on a lot at once. If you want to go the mod route, check here
17th September 2012 5:46pm
Diana says...
You can try to remove some ofthe clubs, as the admin said, also you can go in Edit Town and make lots of random Sims. Then place them in some of the spare houses in Bridgeport that you don't need, then there'll be more people in your clubs. Repeat until satisfied!! This worked for me, and I hope it works for you too!
12th April 2013 5:57pm
Phoenix says...
that's good to know. I just got the game today and want to know what's in it.
22nd March 2014 6:05pm
Carl Frederick says...
Hi carl, i've been reading your whole site for months now and stuck with LN problem. Like the comment above, people in my town goes at one location only (Plumbob Pictures Backlot)until the time died, so the result are empty clubs and ghost town. I try different fixes from the forum community but no good results so far. You're an expert on sims, mind if you can help. Thanks!
The game makes determinations about how many Sims can be on a lot based on your computer's processor. Have a look at for a possible fix.
22nd September 2012 12:12pm
Anna-Maria says...
I have installed Late Night, but for some reason, the furniture, haircuts, also instruments, wishes of Late Night don't display, they make my game crush.
28th October 2012 8:20am
alexis says...
try uninstalling it and reinstalling it
20th November 2012 6:08am
enchantress says...
I had called EA Games when I had this sort of trouble. The problem was that I didn't update the original Sims 3 before I installed Late Night.

Once I updated the first program, I then had to update Late Night right away. After this was done, everything works absolutely perfectly.

I do have to keep up the maintenance on my computer; deleting temporary files, emptying the system restore folder often and keeping the computer entirely up to date for optimal overall performance and getting the game to function well.
14th November 2013 10:10pm
Bella says...
Hi! I have a question for carl. I use a lenovo for sims (dont know what kind) and its kinda old, and slow. Im getting a bunch of new expansion packs for my sims game, and want to know if it will make the computer worse, and if it will work. (Im getting about 4-5 and currently only have one.) And if its not good to use this computer, whats a good brand of computer thats not expensive for sims?
All brands that are modern should do OK at playing Sims, dependent on how much memory (4gb+) and a new processor. Look for dedicated graphics for best performance.

Adding Expansion Packs does seem to slow down the game, so if it's slow now it will likely get even slower especially when it comes to load times and game slowdown in the later weeks of play.
22nd November 2012 6:46pm
Bern says...
Hi Carl I just have one Qeustion I have The sims 3 late night and just got showtime I would like to know how to add the showtime veneus in Brigeport and its feathers?
Use  Edit Town.
25th December 2012 2:32pm
Liz says...
Does anyone else realize that the vampire that is listed in one of the pictures above..with the red hair above the muscle tone section can light fire if he wants too?! When I controlled him I could click on anything and he'd light a fire mentally I guess. Is that only for my game or does anyone else have that too!?
28th December 2012 6:23pm
binah06 says...
He has the pyromaniac hidden trait. I never knew you could create sims that had hidden traits! How did you do that?
15th January 2013 1:31am
Lala says...
1. I don't think he was created if other people can use him in their games (unless Carl put him up for download).
2. There's a section on hidden traits in this blog, but it says that the only way to get a hidden trait is to have a kid with a service sim or burglar.
3rd May 2013 11:04pm
Sammie says...
Hey, I recently got sims 3 and I really enjoy it and want to get an expansion pack. Ive looked at all of them but can't choose. I want to get one that really makes a difference in the game, which one would you recommend? Thx
4th January 2013 1:26pm
Henry says...
Get generations it adds a lot of stuff
22nd January 2013 12:58am
Sim Lover says...
I know it is kind of late, but I recommend Genarations, Seasons, Island Paridise, and then get Ambitions and University Life. (I like the realistic expansion packs). i would not get Supernatural because zombies always attack you or werewolfs eat your babies ( my friend has it).
12th January 2014 2:56pm
Tasha says...
In order:
Late Night
Island Paradise
Into the Future
3rd February 2014 1:59am
Courteney says...
Hi Carl! I really like your guides.
I was just wondering, do you know which lots have the beautiful vista moodlet? I wanna build a mansion for my sims but it would be a shame if I spent hours building it, only for it to not have the moodlet. Thanks!
Here is a page where members report lots in Bridgeport and a few other towns. Our forum has that kind of info and you may find more with the search function:
3rd February 2013 2:47am
Dannii says...
Question for Carl:
How do you convince your parents to buy you The Sims 3: Late Night when it's one day until school starts again?
24th February 2013 12:58pm
Kk says...
Well,maybe you could annoy them until they buy it. It works for me.
28th February 2013 7:30pm
no me gusta escuela says...
Tell them you'll be nice and get your homework done before playing. You can also say that you won't beg for other things for a while, or that you're already doing unenjoyable things and an ep will make you happier.
3rd March 2013 4:22am
Lou says...
Hey Carl,

My sims got stuck in an elevator and I did the Ctrl+Shift+C business but nothing comes up. My computer looks like it freezes (I can still move the mouse around but nothing else) What else can I do, he eventually died...I did not save that file but he will if he remains stuck.

What can I do?
The game acts like it freezes, but no typing works hmm... if you have Vista, you may need to use control + shift + windows + C
1st March 2013 5:02pm
nadine says...
Hey I have the late night sims I was just wondering if you build an Apartmint can other people come and life there then you hire it out to them with out you controlling them
4th March 2013 10:19am
Kiki says...
If you get sims 3 University you can get roommates and choose which rooms they can go in and what not.
12th April 2013 5:34pm
Tamas says...
A quick question. If you have this expansion, will you have bars and attractions in Sunset Valley? If i add the expansion, I'd like to use my current sims... Is that possible?
10th March 2013 11:11pm
Ferretz says...
Well of course it is! Once you have downloaded an EP it's features will be available for any world/neighborhood and yes, you can still use your current sims.
24th March 2013 11:36pm
Kelsey says...
Hi I was wondering do you need another expansion pack to get this one and also I just got the sims3 seasons and its not working for my mac and I have everything needed to run the game. Help!
2nd April 2013 12:04am
Tessa says...
Hi! I was wondering if you had any cheats or ways on getting expansion packs for free? I've tried a bunch of cheats on getting Sims 3 Supernatural, but they don't work. Also can you possibly put up a page on whether or not it is possible for your sim to kill another sim.
8th April 2013 3:34am
Mystery-Girl says...
First of all, if you're going to get Sims 3 Supernatural, PLEASE just buy it from your closest games store. There are no cheats to get free expansion packs, so there's absolutely no point in trying to find one. However, there are some torrents that you can download on the internet which include free EP's, but beware piracy is crime.Also, a sim killing another sim? Ha, maybe you should suggest that to the makers of sims 3. You never know, your Sim COULD be the next murderer.;)
11th April 2013 9:26pm
nonamer says...
I'm not going to lie. I'm certainly not rich (at least not in real life) but i saved up money and bought the game LEGALLY. And if you cant do the same then you dont need the game. If people continue to illigally download these games then the company is never going to make money and then the games will stop being made. And im sure that every person on here can agree with me and has purchased this came with there hard earned money!!
6th August 2013 3:00pm
Anna says...
I may not have sims but I see stuff like that with Minecraft and it is most likely a virus I really want sims and I am saving money to buy it
2nd September 2013 11:20am
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