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The Sims 3 Late Night

Celebrity Star Levels, Gaining Celebrity points, and Becoming Famous

The Sims 3 Late Night Celebrities - Dancing with the Stars

The Sims 3 Late Night is very focused on the night life scene - getting into the hottest clubs, partying down and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. To enjoy most of the new features to their fullest, a Sim should aim for some level of Celebrity for themselves. You'll need a minimum star ranking to get into the most exclusive hangouts in town. With this guide to fame in Late Night, we'll show you how to raise your Sim's star level, become a celebrity, get special items, and make a Sim so famous they can walk right into any night club they like.

Celebrity Overview - The Advantages
Naturally, the aforementioned entry into exclusive places is a big perk to being a Celebrity in Late Night. However, there are many more good reasons to try to raise your Sim's fame level.

The Sims 3 Late Night Celebrities - Dancing with the Stars

One obvious perk is the gameplay element of being a famous Sim. You'll see Sims come up to yours looking for autographs, and they'll get star struck when your Sim enters the club, or heads to the grocery store, or tries to take a jog around town. Your Sim will be spotted everywhere, and it's very cool to see Sims get excited about your Sim's presence. When your Sim is noticed, they'll often get a +20 positive 'Got Recognized' Moodlet, which gives +20 to mood and lasts a full 8 hours. The higher your Sim's celebrity star level, the more likely this is to happen.

Sims who are famous can attract a lot of business. So, Sims will often offer your celebrity a discount when making a purchase. My Sims have had entire bills waived, when buying a drink. However it's usually about a 50% discount. This discount applies all over town. At restaurants, the book store, the grocery store. The only time it hasn't helped at all is in build and buy mode.

Another big perk to stardom is the free gifts Sims receive. Starting at Celebrity level 1, your Sim will start having free objects for the home delivered to their family inventory. If you already have something better than is given, you can sell the object and get some free cash. However, a lot of the items you'll want to keep. At Celebrity level 4 and 5, there's a chance your Sim will get some exclusive objects.

Building a Star
Your choices when creating your Sim can have a large impact on how easy it is to become a celebrity. Star Quality helps to increase celebrity level, but other traits can be even more helpful. Charismatic is a biggie, along with Friendly. These can both go a long way toward befriending celebrities. You may even make a great kisser if you want your Sim to have a better chance to marry one. Great Kissers could grab the Master of Seduction and Attractive Lifetime Rewards, both 15000 and pursue the Master Romancer Lifetime Wish, befriending celebs and having relations with them. Indeed, you can WooHoo your way to the top! Another LTW pick may be Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

The Celebrity Journal
You can access the Celebrity Journal by pressing the L key, or by clicking the star icon in the simology panel. Neither of these options will be available until you've gained at least 1 celebrity star level. It will keep track of your star level, how many celebrity points to the next level, and other statistics like how much money you've saved, how many autographs signed, and how many other Celebrities your Sim knows.

Getting Your First Celebrity Star

Ways to Get Your First Star Level
You should read the newspaper every day your Sim plans to head to the bars or lounges. If you find a hot spot at a place you can enter with a bribe, don't hesitate to do so. If you see a place anyone can enter like The Grind or Waylon's Haunt is going to be a hot spot, be sure to try to make an attendance. Watch for low level celebrities, and try to impress them.

Impressing Celebrities
Impressing celebrities early in a Sim's life can be challenging. They may not have many skills, or money on which to brag. You are given only four options to impress a Celebrity: Brag about Wealth, Brag about a Skill, Talk about a Career Type, and Name Drop.

Brag about wealth may work with not too much money on a low level celebrity, but the higher ranked celebs will chuckle and brush you aside if you brag about a puny 5 thousand simoleons. You need to have some serious dough for this line to work.

Brag about Skill works pretty well for low level celebrities. You only need a few skill levels to be impressive. Remember that a high level celebrity will want your Sim way closer to level 10 in a skill to be impressed. This works even better if a Sim is interested in the skill you're boasting about.

Talk about Careers can be a great pick. Look at what a Sim's wearing, and watch for thought bubbles about their job. You can talk about their job just a couple times to impress them from my testing.

Name Drop a higher level celebrity your Sim knows to your target and they're likely to be impressed that you know them.

You'll need to do a couple of these things, or one thing that works twice, to impress a celebrity. If you fail, you shouldn't keep bothering. You need to give it a rest, move on to a lower level celebrity or come back after gaining skills or wealth.

Gaining Celebrity Points - Raise your Star Level
Your Sim's level is represented by 1-5 stars. They gain experience by two methods. Befriending celebrities and completing celebrity opportunities. The Star Quality trait and Opportunistic reward are both very helpful. Opportunistic will double the value of Celebrity Opportunities, and Star Quality makes Celebrity Point gain higher across the board. Another Lifetime Reward to consider is the Map to the Stars.

You get some points each time your Sim makes a new relationship level with a celebrity. So, the goal is to impress them until they'll talk to your Sim, then treat them like any other Sim you'd like to befriend. Invite them over, party with them, and do anything that will help your Sims to connect.

Each rise in friendship rank with a Celebrity Sim will earn your upcoming star more points. In fact, this works so well that a level 0 Sim could work their way up to marrying a 5-star celebrity Sim and make it all the way to level 5 in a single day. If you want to be ruthless without actually getting married, you could have your Sim impress, then woo the biggest star they can find. Propose to the celebrity then break the whole thing off. Hey, I think that tactic has made a few celebrities in the real world.

The Sims 3 Late Night Celebrities - Woohoo your way to the top

For less direct routes, you simply need to socialize and keep up on the opportunities.

Throw Parties!
You can throw parties, invite celebrities, and even hire a mixologist to help improve the party rating. Taking the legendary host lifetime reward for a mere 5,000 points will ensure it's a good party. Since you get a positive to relationships from parties, having celebrities there can raise your star level as you can become friends. Party animal makes this tactic even better!

Mixology and Bands
Both the mixology skill and band features of Late Night are helpful to increasing your Sim's celebrity level. Sims can impress celebrities and improve relationships with them by demonstrating their talents at mixing drinks, or jamming out. Either way gives you a major platform from which to become famous.

The Film Career Track
Acting and Directing are both accessible through Late Night's new Film Career Track. Both rely on the relationships of your boss and fellow cast members, and you can quickly make three celebrity friends from socializing them at work. This is a guaranteed 3 stars. The boss is a 5-star celeb. You may even consider making them romantic interests to push things further. The actress can use the take headshots work tone to further increase fame, but only by a little bit.

Ambitions Brings Further Options for Attaining Fame
If you are an owner of The Sims 3 Ambitions, you can consider employing your Sim in either the Architectural Design or Stylist Professions. These two careers allow your Sim to befriend a ton of clients, a great way to get those Celebrity Points.

Celebrity Opportunities
Celebrity Opportunities are pretty simple to tackle, and they'll come your way very frequently. There's a variety of things to do, like entertain sick kids, have a cameo in a movie, attend a book signing. Every one of them is worth pursuing. They often come with a secondary reward other than just the star points.

Dive Bar, Lounge, and Dance Club Star Level Requirements

The Sims 3 Late Night Celebrities - Bribing to get into a club

Listed below are the three basic types of night clubs in The Sims 3 Late Night, in order of exclusivity. It's also an order that matches up with how likely you are to see a Sim celebrity there. Vampires generally don't go to Dive Bars. It's generally worth paying a bribe to get in to a night club if you've checked the newspaper and found it to be a hotspot. Be sure to have a look at how many Sims are at the place before you cough up the cash though, as the hot spots can be unreliable.

Dive Bars 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Waylon's Haunt and Eugi's have no entry requirements. Bridgeport Sports Zone Takes a small bribe to get in at celebrity level 0.

Dance Clubs 5:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

The Grind features free entry to all Sims, Famous or not. The Brightmore requires a $100 bribe from star levels 0-2, but full entry is easy after level 3. At Aquarius it takes a $50 tip to get into either level with 0 stars. You'll be able to get full entry by level 2.

Lounges 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

The Banzai LoungeTakes a $100 bribe to get in at the lower entrance. This won't go down until level 3. The upper entrance takes a bribe of $25 at level 0, and lets you in at level 1 with no bribe. Plasma 501 takes a $50 bribe at level 0, but offers free entry at level 1. The most exclusive establishment, The Prosper Room requires $100 to get in at levels 0-1 at the lower entrance. The upper entrance shouldn't be bothered with until level 3, as they won't even take a bribe until that level.

The Sims 3 Late Night Super Stretch Television
Super Stretch Television

Special Celebrity Items

Here I'll record special Celebrity items that the famous will get through the mail from time to time, and placed in their family inventory. Celebrity Sims begin accumulating items around Celebrity Star Level 1. The value of items increases until the 5th level. Some are exclusive, and can be found in no other way. These rare items would serve well a dynasty or legacy for generations. There's some very expensive stuff at level 5, like cars, and the grotto hot tub.

Common Celebrity Gifts
Giraffe Family Portrait: Worth $83 Simoleons
Deluxe Agile Grill: Worth $1200 Simoleons
Festus 44 Oven: Worth $1425 Simoleons
Sturdy Shelf: Worth $1650 Simoleons
The Fresher Refrigerator: Worth $1800 Simoleons
Sleep Slave Double Bed: Worth $3500 Simoleons
Ultimate Bungalow Bed: Worth $4000 Simoleons
XS 4258 Laptop: Worth $4,000 Simoleons
The Maelstrom Hot Tub: Worth $6,500 Simoleons
Wallvu Standard TV: Worth $8,000 Simoleons

Unique Celebrity Gifts
Iconic Jam Guitar: Worth 2,000 Simoleons
The Majestic Grotto Hot Tub: Worth 12,000 Simoleons
Super Stretch Television Experience: Worth 5,000
Extravagator 5000: Worth 15,000 Simoleons

List of Addresses to the Stars

It will be fun to add this. I welcome someone to submit these, obtained from using the map to the stars lifetime reward.

Raised Eyebrows
186 Windsor Drive

Air Spray
152 Windsor Drive

Cliff Cottage
200 Windsor Drive

302 Silvertone Way

The Eaves
332 Silvertone Way

Still Water
64 Queensbury Road

Old and New Glam
Celluloid Heights
12 Bogaard Lane

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Comments (14)

Jack says...
I got the 105,000 worth car as a gift when my Sim was only celeb. level 2 or 3. It was def. below 4 so yeah... you can get the most expensive car at any celeb. level I think.
17th March 2014 8:21am
Joe Fenlon says...
Great wiki/guide. The trait for co-workers to love spending time with you is very helpful in the film career
28th November 2012 10:27pm
Chaoton says...
I found that being a witch is a very easy way to be star

the formula is [befriend more stars = become higher rank] so love charm and some introduction is very handy
7th April 2014 5:33pm
Peach says...
I got a schnadahupfl virtuoso grand piano valued at $3,000 used (didn't check price just put it in my house)
16th March 2014 4:08pm
Arturo Lopez says...
Btw Celebrities also get Blingaboo the Magical Hip-Hop Gnome i think.
21st January 2014 9:30pm
Melnai says...
I would like to add that using Jar of friendship can make gain a star very easy. Jusy find a celeb and throw it at them and boom you a star or two.
2nd July 2013 8:14am
Jessica says...
How do you fix public disgrace w/ university??? Help!?

Happy Easter!!!

31st March 2013 4:28pm
Kristen says...
My two sims are 4 star and 5 star celebrities, and they received the most expensive car there is available for purchase (at least with the expansions I have, which is most). It's worth roughly 105,000 Simoleons. Might want to add it to the list because I consider that a pretty unique and awesome gift!
11th February 2013 1:08pm
Miffsy says...
I've heard rumors that your sim's exciting celebrity stories can be read in the newspaper, does that actually happen?
23rd December 2012 2:51pm
SYDNEYP50 says...
i think being famous is great
16th December 2012 12:01am
skye says...
This was very helpful thank you. I'm thinking about buying the sims 3 deluxe pack which includes ambitions and I wanted to buy Late Night bc u can be a celeb. I didn't want to be an actress thought I actually wanted to be a stylist so now that I know you can be a celeb from being a stylist that's 4x better
27th January 2013 3:02am
Isabella says...
Can you cheat by Control-Shift clicking the mailbox and setting career to 5 star celeb??? And can you cheat , click the Control-Shift click the mailbox and press make friends for me or make me know everyone? Will you be friends with a Celeb?
7th July 2014 2:05pm
you're welcome says...
Turn on testingcheatsenabled, shift click on sim, choose 'set celebrity level', enter 5. You're a 5-star celebrity. You can't do it with the mailbox, celebrity is not a career.
'Make me know everyone' makes every sim in town your aquaintance. 'Make friends for me' gives you a few random friends, not nesassarily celebrities.
15th August 2014 10:57pm
claire says...
5star cleb press shift crtl c then type in (testingcheatsenabled true) then hold shift and click on your sim at same time then click on celebrity then choose bottom option first the repete the shift and click on sim and go to celebrity again then chose the top option and type in 10,000 and to become friends with all sims in town hold shift and click on mailbox at same time and there u will find new options
23rd July 2014 2:57pm
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