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The Sims 3 Astrology

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart
by Norma Blackburn aka Twinmum from our Forum

The Sims 3 Late Night has introduced astrological star signs for Sims. While the Zodiac does not appear to influence personality, it can impact on relationships between Sims.

Choosing your Sim's Star Sign
Pre-existing Sims and babies born to your Sims will have a random star sign appointed with no way to change it, but you can select astrological signs for any new Sims you make in Create-A-Sim.

In CAS, there is now an extra tab in the personality section for star signs. When you create a new Sim, they will be assigned one of the Zodiac signs, but you can change this to whatever sign you want. Star signs are not affected by traits (or vice versa) so once you select a sign, it will stay that sign even if you later change the traits of your Sim.

Star Sign Compatibility Chart
Each star sign has six compatible signs. Sims with compatible star signs will find it easier to advance romantically. Don't worry if your Sims don't have compatible signs, they can still advance romantically and even marry most times. The game, however, sometimes throws a wrench into the works and makes a pair of star signs somewhat incompatible. These Sims will still have access to all the relevant romantic interactions, but in testing I was not able to marry a pair off - the propose marriage option was there, but more times than not, the Sim who was asked simply broke into laughter before saying no. This incompatibility seems to be random from game to game and is not determined by traits (all my test subjects were identical except for where they fell in the Zodiac).

The Sims 3 Astrological Signs Compatibility List

Star Sign
Compatible With These Zodiac Signs

Comments (31)

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AngelGamer says...
OMG thank u soooo much I have been wondering about that while playing. Thx XD
1st November 2012 6:19am
Nat says...
Another quick note - that star sign is most compatible with its own element as well. For example, Earth Water Fire and Air are the elements and Libra is an Air Sign. Well, Libra is compatible with both the Fire and the Air signs but MORE compatible with Air than Fire. So, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra (all Air) DEFINITELY, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries YES, the rest..maybe but probably not.

That is the one difference between actual astrology and Sims astrology I noticed. In actual astrology, signs under compatible element Fire might even be better than signs under same element Air because they bring new things to the table but Sims is a lot colder/harsher that way.
1st September 2013 1:15am
Tori says...
My sims have a cancer and a Pisces sign, but it does not show that they are comparable during play like it does when they are around other sims they are "compatable" with. Why is that?
11th February 2013 10:02pm
binah06 says...
It is confusing. Sometimes, compatibility does not show up.
9th March 2013 10:26am
Maggie says...
Your sim would have to find out what sign the other sim is to discover whether or not they are compatible
12th January 2014 9:26am
Spudfuzz says...
It's not just the masculinity/ femininity polarity- they're paired based on their element associations too. Fire and Air signs are all compatible with each other as are Earth and Water signs.
17th May 2013 10:27am
tammy says...
I have never had a problem with starsigns that are supposedly not good together. For instance, I have a sim couple who is Gemini Scorpio and I have married them and had 5 kids no problems. Sure, sparks dont fly when they are on dates and I get less wishes for romantic actions but its still all there.. Their relationship bar drops fast if I dont work on it though, but its not impossible to keep them together.
2nd November 2013 2:15am
SimsGirlLol says...
lol no reason im getting late night in the next few weeks is it worth it cuz ive heard rumers of band not getting any gigs its a glitch some have
Yes that can be a glitch. You can't guarantee that it will happen to you or not happen to you.
30th June 2013 2:01pm
Jean Renee says...
I brought my sim back to life after eating Ambrosia. He was already engaged to his ex wife but they wont get married. Is there a fix for this I have searched.
1st December 2013 6:20pm
Simmylala says...
Hey Carl,
Is Capricorn compatible with a Scorpio??
8th July 2014 9:34pm
topsy kret says...
I'm not Carl, as you can see, but yes Capricorn is compatible with Scorpio and same with Scorpio to Capricorn. It's written in the chart up there so all you had to do was look.
16th July 2014 1:09pm
Leana says...
The Sims Is An Amazing Game!!!
21st June 2014 1:55am
MissAhoy says...
I had twins and they dont have the same sign.... (sorry for my English)
3rd November 2013 7:50pm
Trinity says...
I have noticed that as well, i have noticed that zodiac sign don't have an assigned time period, like in real life, they are randomly selected
Your English is better than some people i go to school with! :D
12th January 2014 11:22am
Reb says...
Well actually twins WOULD have the same star sign. Star signs are not random and fall under certain dates (although some people are "cusp signs", meaning they fall between two and are a unique blend, but astrology aside). My birthday is Aug no matter what I am always a Leo, if I had a twin they would also be a Leo. The only potential way twins or triplets etc could have different star signs is if they were born technically a day apart (one before midnight and the other after) on a day that went from one zodiac sign to another. Although TECHNICALLY one would be a sign and the other a cusp sign, but that's getting really picky.
31st May 2014 11:40am
Astrid The Simmer says...
well, i think they ment in sims they are random, unlike real life.
2nd June 2014 8:00pm
Katia says...
can i change my zodiac after using a sim?
18th September 2013 5:44pm
Melanie says...
18th October 2013 11:16pm
Cleo says...
Actually, using cheats you can. Just bring up the cheat bar, type in:

testingcheatsenabled true

Then, hold shift and click on your sim and select "Edit in Create-A-Sim" and you can change it there.
20th October 2013 8:14am
DMa says...
There's a reason why those signs match up like that. Apparently, these people know more about astrology than I thought. They're paired up with signs that have the same polarity (masculine or feminine). So that's why Capricorns and Geminis have entirely different tastes. Capricorn is feminine and Gemini is masculine.
10th November 2012 7:12am
carollin says...
the girl is rich because ur dad rich the girl love boy the boy donot love girl but he need this girl to be rich because the boy is poor
26th June 2013 5:28pm
Pendrake says...
Take your novel ideas somewhere else, please. The amount of money a sim has has no linking with who they can fall in love with.
5th January 2014 8:38pm
Reb says... flash sometimes your sim wants to marry a rich sim!! Totally viable desire, dude.
31st May 2014 12:44pm
Rowena Ravenclaw says...
I can't understand a word your saying, could you please try to use proper grammar? If not could someone translate for me?
28th June 2014 3:20pm
topsy kret says...
she is saying the the girl is rich because her dad is rich, and she loves the boy but the boy doesn't love her, but needs to marry her because he is poor.
16th July 2014 1:03pm
godkillergod says...
How do I get my sim a good mood from my other sim?
13th May 2013 1:24am
SimsAddict94 says...
Another thing too, I have figured out that if your Sims are incompatible it will be almost impossible for them to have children. And unfortunately I noticed this AFTER I gave both of my sims the lifetime reward of the fertility treatment and she popped about three kids :P.
6th December 2012 2:51am
bloop says...
Wait I could have sworn Sagittarius and Virgo were compatible??? Idk :P
24th November 2013 5:30pm
Kaydda says...
hmm..i has a capricorn and a peices meet and didnt see the compatable notification...maybe a glitch...
11th May 2014 8:51pm
Ria says...
I lovethisgame
21st June 2014 1:58am
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