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The Sims 3 Fertility Treatment Lifetime Reward

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Fertility Treatment
Lifetime Happiness Points: 10,000
If you want to have a huge family, insist on one of your adult Sims taking this lifetime reward. It will boost the odds that your female Sims get pregnant when using WooHoo. Additionally, your Sims will be more likely to have twins or triplets. So, if you want to experience two or three babies at once in the game, this is the easiest way to accomplish that.

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Comments (19)

luna says...
i love the sims and i want to have triplets and yes i own the sims 3 for ps3 but how do i but this i look everywhere for the treatment but cant find it help someone please? c:
11th January 2013 6:35am
anonomous says...
if you are on about ps3 version click square go along to life time rewards and click x and you can get the stuff depending on the points you have hope i helped
10th February 2013 6:56am
Gelli says...
18th October 2013 3:25am
holl says...
how do you do it on ps3 it still dont make sence on life tome rewords then what
20th March 2014 2:13pm
lexi says...
how to get to get rid of it though because I acdentily click onit and I don't want to have twins or triplets
You can't really get rid of a LTR once you've chosen it.   You can use the Edit in CAS cheat and change something with the traits to remove all of your LTRs and get none of the happiness points back but you can't remove an LTR once it's chosen.

There may be a mod that does this or you could just go back to a previous save.
10th June 2013 11:12pm
Brandi says...
I have the pc version and I can not find this fertility award anywhere. Can you help me?
23rd March 2013 10:25pm
Captain Ame says...
While playing the game, click the triangular arrow that says sim panel when you move your mouse over it. Then click on the tab that looks like a treasure box and says Lifetime Happiness when you move your mouse over it. Click on the lifetime rewards button. Scroll down until you see Fertility Treatment. It should cost about 10,000 points. If you don't have enough, there's a cheat available to increase your points :)
1st April 2013 2:35pm
Chenee says...
Captain Ame , do u know the cheat for fertility treatment ?
18th March 2014 6:37pm
Kerrie says...
what about for xbox????
8th April 2013 7:08pm
Tiff says...
Hit X go to sim info at the very bottom it says lifetime reward hit A and find it.
12th April 2013 1:23am
Ashley says...
You press the X button, when you get to the page that lists the traits and favorite things you move your courser to the right and click the A button, then you just pick which ones you want to use.
19th April 2013 12:03am
Zoe says...
How do you get the fertility treatment I looked for it but it never showed up???
12th May 2013 3:59pm
Lala says...
Is your sim a young adult or older? Do they still have the ability to produce babies? If so, follow the instructions Captain Ame posted above.
8th June 2013 11:37am
Priscilla says...
Does Wii have this?? I'm starting to think that Sims 3 for Wii is lacking alot of the features.....
I can't answer your question but perhaps someone else can.  This guide is mostly centered around what is available in the PC version of Sims 3.
12th June 2013 1:41pm
Inoshisu says...
Is there a cheat to get the fertility treatment more then once for a sim?
No. Did you lose it or just wanted to double it? If a LTR shows a picture in the box next to the rewards button, then it's unable to be purchased more than once.
4th July 2013 12:03am
Julia says...
I have it on my iPad and I want twins how do I do it
15th December 2013 5:03pm
Galaxy says...
This isn't for freeplay. It's for the sims 3 though. You can't get it because you don't have Lifetime wishes and rewards :p. Sorry, I hope you understand
6th July 2014 4:31pm
moyin says...
please is their any treatment to get pregnant apart from God.i have spent a lot of money in the hospital but no answer please i need baby that is why am looking for treatment to get pregnant fast help me.
26th March 2014 8:08am
Simmer says...
Is there this for wii.
14th April 2014 3:59pm
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