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The Sims 3 Monster Maker Lifetime Wish

Featuring Alberto Frankenstino, by Leto Kersten (Leto85)

I'd like to introduce you to Alberto and Igor Frankenstino, two friends living in a brand new home in Sunset Valley at 72 Water Lily Lane. Taking a first look at Alberto, you might doubt that he's a young adult. But yes, he is. These are his early gray years. After studying science, math and physics at high school day and night, his hair has started to lose his color at a young age and therefore he's gone gray.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

This are the traits for Alberto:

This one doesn't need an explanation I assume. It speaks for itself that this one unlocks new inventions faster, and it also shortens the production times of all inventions. Besides that, it also boosts the skill gain rate of inventing.

Let's face it, if you want to create life you're gonna need to be smart. And although you actually can fullfill this lifetime wish without it, I decided to make Alberto a Genius. He can use a computer to get more fun playing chess, and having the ability to solve the unsolvable at the computer will help him to earn money and support his inventing pursuits.

Although it isn't really necessary for creating life, the handy trait will provide the owner with a boost to the rate he learns handiness. This comes in handy in the later parts of the guide, when Alberto needs to upgrade his sprinklers to auto-water so he doesn't need to water them himself. This gives him more time to devote to creating inventions. Learning the handiness skill faster will let him start working in the garden earlier.

Because Alberto is mostly on his own, inventing or gardening, he doesn't really need to be surrounded by anyone else except for his inventions and his plants, so this will go well with the green thumb trait. Being a loner will provide him with the enjoying solitude moodlet. Besides that, the negative 'surounded by too many people' moodlet will hurt him when he's out in public. To fulfill his lifetime wish he can live totally alone, except for his monsters.

Green Thumb
For creating life, Alberto will need to produce ten life fruit in his garden. This will help him raise gardening faster, and give him the ability to talk to his plants to fulfill his social need.

His favorite food is waffles, because you don't need a high cooking skill to make them and his favorite music is classical, because it it mostly mine too. Not that it matters, but his favorite collor is gray.


Igor may look like a slave here, looking at his traits below, and to be honest, that is exactly what he is made for:

  • Natural Cook: To provide Frankenstino with good food.
  • Bookworm: to read the recipes he needs to learn faster.
  • Neat: Because he is sort of the housewife here.
  • Perfectionist: so his meals are going to be better than the normal stuff.
  • Born salesman: Igor is the one that is going to sell Alberto's stuff at the consignment shop, so Alberto has more time for important stuff.

His favorite music and food are the same as those of Alberto. Igor's lifetime wish is to learn all the recipes in town (that said: all the base recipes, because those from World Adventures are not really required, but can work as a replacement). So in the rare free time I will bestow him, he can work on accomplishing that.

The first thing I did when Alberto and Igor entered the house was upgrade the bed. I have to sell the two standard chairs (and the two person bed) to be able to afford two Iconic Ionic Twin beds, which are great, because of their ability to provide Sims with a +9 energy level, which reduces time spent sleeping for a relatively cheap price. I also needed to sell a lot of the kitchen stuff, including the wardrobe in the master bedroom to be able to buy the Scraptronic Workbench, which required to start inventing.

Now my family funds are only $80. After doing that I followed up with a nice starting tactic that Metro (a moderator on the forum) uses when he is first starting with a new family: letting the Sims sleep untill they've received the Well Rested Moodlet. And in the meantime, they can come up with wishes that are helpful for getting started earning happiness points.

After that, I let Igor start the School teacher job, because he wanted that so bad (and then let him retire immediatly so he still got the lifetime points) and Alberto started inventing. Igor is learning the cooking skill at the library.

In the first week, Alberto has started the Inventing career, invented a lot of toys and works himself up several levels in inventing. In the meantime, Igor has taken care of the house, has improved his cooking skill substantially, and is selling the stuff Alberto invented. He became very good at it. For this reason he has the inventor job himself, but only so the more inventions he sells, the more money he can make out of it. He is not going to invent his own stuff. That is Alberto's job. Alberto had his first challenge: sending 10 self-made toy inventions to the local school. This can take a while though, because the family really needs the money to pay their bills. So, the first few electronic dogs are going to be sold for immediate cash.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

In the second week all that Alberto and Igor did was improve their skills and sell the stuff Alberto made. They can barely pay the bills though, so it remains a hard life for them right now. Not really much time to invent new stuff, because all their precious time goes into making money.

Igor got an opportunity to collect 10 pieces of scrap and deliver them to the warehouse, which he got $75 for and a good relationship with the criminal Sims, which is a good thing, because now he has someone to call when he needs people to talk to. Alberto is busy most of the time. At the consignment shop more stuff has been sold for a good price and the household funds are now $533, which is very good for a first week. Alberto gets lucky and creates a special Inventor's gnome.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

At that point, I discover that Igor getting a higher skill level in Inventing is helping his profits. While selling more and more things at the consignment shop is important, he is inventing level helps with the value of goods, so I set him to reading inventing books, along with working on cooking and keeping the house tidy.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

In a horrible accident at the lab, Igor has died in a fire. Alberto misses him so much, if only there was a way to communicate with him in death, or even better, revive him.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Eureka! At Monday of week two Alberto has succesfully made a Miner! Now he can finally make more money as an Inventor. And, the Miner is a great way to find the Palladium and Pink Diamonds needed to make a Simbot. But obviously, some neighbors don't like Alberto Mining for gems at 1:30 in the morning.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker
One of the neighbors telling Alberto to shove his Miner into the place where the Sun doesn't shine. Unfortunately, Alberto doesn't have a basement yet.

Finally, on Sunday week 3 Alberto reaches level 10 in the Inventing skill. If only Igor were there to see this.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

On tuesdeay, week four, Alberto gets a nice wish after inventing the Miner. He wants to drill up some gems. And by some, he means 50. It's worth 15,000 lifetime happiness. He fulfills it as he waits on the science lab opportunity to revive Igor.

Love from beyond the grave! On Tuesday, week 5 Alberto can't resist flirting with his old companion igor. So it turns out that love is even stronger than death.
The Sims 3 Monster Maker
Or one's bladder

Wednesday, week five. Alberto has fulfilled the scrap collector challenge by collecting 1,027 total scrap! From now on he will find more scrap in a shorter period of time.

And at last, Alberto gets the opportunity to bring the remains of a dead loved one to the science lab for experiments. Of course, he will do it! He accepts the opportunity. That night while sleeping, a burglar attempts to break in and gets caught by a police officer. But according to her, she was just coming over to take a bath.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Alberto takes the remains of Igor to the science lab for some experimentation. He comes back as a playable ghost, but doesn't count as one of the monsters for Alberto's Lifetime Wish. Too bad, but at least he has his friend back.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

On Sunday, week 5, Alberto finally gets the opportunity from the science lab to begin work on a secret invention.

That wednesday, he invents a time machine and now has a rabbit hole to help find the components needed to make his monsters. And what's the first time you do when you have the power to use a time machine? Exactly! Woohoo with a lover from the past.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Alberto can finally afford a vacation with the $41,000 Simoleons he's saved up. After so many days working on his inventions, he deserves this right. So, he heads off on vacation in Egypt.

The three vacation days have come and gone and all Igor and Alberto did while there was explore tombs searching for treasure. They find some good stuff, like five canopic jars, but Igor encounters a mummy. After losing the battle, he's cursed by the mummy, an occurrence I was secretly hoping for.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

On Tuesday, week 6 Igor fulfills his Culinary Librarian Lifetime Wish. Too bad Alberto couldn't be that fast. He finally reaches level 10 in handiness by repairing their broken shower. On Monday of the following week, Igor is finally hit by the Mummy's Curse, but doesn't die (as he's already a ghost). He instead gets the Evil trait, probably due to the fact that he was already undead.

The next week, while time travelling, a boy returns with Alberto from the time machine, claiming to be his son.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Igor's gardening had been paying off, and he was able to harvest the first Life Fruit that the'll need for making a Simbot. He's one step closer to making his first monster.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Igor's cooking is also paying off, and with the life fruit he's able to restore himself back into a living Sim by cooking Ambrosia.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

Eureka 1!
With the 5 canopic jars they gathered from Egypt, they are able to place them into a sarcophagus and a lovely female mummy named Mjedkare Kinglor stumbles out! Alberto finally creates his first monster!

Poor Mjedkare. Why must you play with fire. Just why?
The Sims 3 Monster Maker

On Tuesday week 10, Alberto's finally able to deliver the 10 life fruit, heart cut pink diamond, palladium, and 100 scrap to the science lab and get his package, a mysterious invention.

Eureka part deux
Finally, on Wednesday, week 10 Alberto finishes the mysterious invention, a Simbot. He's finally made his second monster!

On Saturday, to avoid gathering all the necessary components to make a Simbot, Alberto decides to buy one with the My Best Friend Lifetime Reward. With that, he's finally finished the Monster Maker Lifetime Wish.

The Sims 3 Monster Maker

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (8)

Hechicera says...
Plumbots do not count. Nor does a simbot made with a converter potion. More fun with potions also fails. If you make a simbot that counts the first time, then if you "cure" it to be human and then reconvert it to simbot, that does not count for two.

These are thing you find out when an evil witch gets this LTW!
16th February 2014 10:44pm
Lisa says...
Do PlantSims count?
4th June 2014 12:18pm
aicarli says...
es te juego se be dibertido lo feo esque lo intenta aser y no funciona
7th June 2013 8:31pm
nana says...
so is this supposed to tell us how to make a monster or how this dude lover has died and he maid a monster
This is a walkthrough of one way to complete the Monster Maker Lifetime Wish that came with Ambitions.
11th July 2013 12:27pm
Dingo says...
You say you had Igor sell the stuff Alberto made, but how do you transfer items between them? I know you could just put them down and have Igor collect them, but when I'm making dozens of things to sell, I'd really like to not manually drop and pick up every single one.
23rd September 2013 8:58pm
laurne says...
You can click and drag the tiny blue triangle in your inventory and drag it over the other sim's picture and let go of the mouse. This moves the *entire* stack in one go.
25th October 2013 4:13pm
Sonshine says...
Dingo, you can just open the inventory of the sim who has all the stuff, click and drag each item you want to transfer and drag it over the profile pic of the sim you want on the left. Release the mouse button and it will be in that sim's inventory.
16th October 2013 1:01am
Tori says...
Do Plumbots count?
17th November 2013 7:01am
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