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The Sims 3 Criminal - Become a Master Thief Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

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In this The Sims 3 Character Walkthrough, I'll write about a Kleptomaniac Sim named Steve whose lifetime wish is to become a Master Thief. Master Thief is the pinnacle of one of two Criminal career paths in The Sims 3. This guide will focus on that branch, rather than Emperor of Evil. I pick my Master Thief's traits to suit this goal as follows. I feel these are good traits for a criminal:

The kleptomaniac trait will fit my Sim's personality, and allow him to swipe objects from other Sims. It can also help him get promotions, because he can get a nice +18 mood boost (with over emotional) for returning stolen property, just before work.

The Ambitious trait will help my Sim to rise faster through the criminal career track, and he'll receive more promotions along the way and once he is a master thief.

My Sim will be great at using the work hard work ethic when on the job. His fun won't fall as fast from doing it. He'll also get a mood boost when at work and be more successful when asking for raises and promotions.

My Thief will need the athletic skill to get promotions in the criminal career. This will also help him get more out of workouts, as he won't get fatigued as fast. Additionaly, he'll raise the skill faster and it'll help by providing lots of juicy wishes to complete.

Over Emotional
Since I know this Sim is always going to be in a good mood, I choose this, one of my favorite traits, to boost all the positive moodlets he'll have.

Become a Master Thief
This Lifetime Wish is very simple: My Criminal wants to become a Master Thief by reaching level 10 in the criminal career track. It's one of the easiest lifetime wishes out there.

Steve will start poor, and in a tiny house with all basic ameneties like all my other Sims. Although he would benefit from a way to work out at home, I elect to give Steve no means of doing so. He can gain the athletic skill he needs to advance in the criminal career track at the gym, and do it faster than at home. I want Steve's fun time to be constructive, so I choose to give him a TV so he can have fun watching cookin' cable, dreaming of the day he can afford lobster thermidor every day.

Getting a Job in the Criminal Career
Steve heads immediately to the warehouse to get a job in the criminal career track, as the wish has already come up. He's now a Decoy and makes $17 simoleons per hour. Afterward, he wishes to learn the athletic skill, then to do a strength workout. I had thought of taking an aerobics class or something to learn athletics, but it doesn't seem to exist. Steve also wants to go jogging, but he's exhausted after the day's workout. I decide his free time is best spent getting into a good mood for the first day at work.

Steve watches Cookin' Cable but I discover that it doesn't allow him to learn the skill, books must be read, or food cooked, to learn the skill. So, he runs off to the library to at least unlock the first level of cooking. Afterward, he's hungry so I have him whip up some good ol' autumn salad. I tell him to go to bed, then queue up autumn salad dinner again to eat for breakfast, so he doesn't burn his kitchen down and die cooking pancakes.

He ends the day with a wish to work from home, but I cannot fulfill it as the cell phone 'check up on work' option does not count as working from home.

When Steve wakes up, he cooks the autumn salad I queued and leaves it sitting on the counter. He has several hours before work and goes through the normal routine of relieving his bladder and taking a shower. He then watches cookin' cable to get the having a blast moodlet. At around half an hour before the carpool arrives, he scarfs down the autumn salad. So using these methods I ensure he's in a great mood for his first day at work.

Steve's athletic skill still leaves something to be desired, so he's not at peak performance at work yet. He moves halfway toward the first level, and I switch to grovel to leader so he'll improve relations with his boss. This can help him to ask for raises later. He also gets his first career opportunity to read a book. I decide to put this off because it increases work performance, and I know that Steve can get the promotion the next day. Since there's no time limit, I'll use the book to boost him toward level 3 in the criminal career track, rather than level 2.

Getting the First Promotion
I make the first day after work the same as the previous day. He hits the gym, works out until fatigued, then goes home to some nice autumn salad. He doesn't need to be in a pristine mood on his second day at work, because he is already so close to a promotion. He spends the entire day groveling to his leader to boost their relationship.

He gets the promotion to Cutpurse and a pay bump to $24 an hour. He of course hits the gym. Now that he has his first days off, two in a row, he can read the career opportunity book and get a head start on the next promotion at his job. He wants to spend some money, so I buy him the nicest desk. He's going to save up for a computer next. After he pays the bills, he still has $200 left, which is quite good enough to keep him healthy.

Next: Kleptomania!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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lily says...
I just wanna say what traits would a dog have to be a great dog as partner criminal?
24th July 2014 3:57pm
The Chocolate Reaper says...
You can learn the skills by watching TV, albeit slowly, but you have to have a little 'boost', having some of the blue bar filled first. Then you can't watch TV without it appearing above your head! (As long as you're watching the right program)
14th July 2014 3:58pm
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