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The Sims 3: Military/Become an Astronaut Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this The The Sims 3 Character Walkthrough, I'll be playing a Sim pursuing the become an astronaut lifetime wish. He'll try to gun for this top job in the military career track as quickly as possible. To facilitate this desire to rise swiftly through the career ranks, I've elected to give my Sim the following traits:

The athletic trait will help him get more out of workouts and raise the ahtletic skill faster. Athletics is heavily required in the military career track.

Handiness is required in the military career track. This will improve the rate at which he learns it. He'll also have an easier time upgrading objects in his house.

He's going to be an astronaut, so I want him to be brave. This also guarantees the become an astronaut lifetime wish will appear as a choice in create a sim in combination with the other traits.

He'll enjoy working, and be better at getting promotions because of it. It'll be much easier for him to stick with the work hard ethic. He should be able to nail a promotion every day when his mood is up.

The ambitious trait will help my Sim to ask for promotions and raises. He'll also get more lifetime happiness points when he completes a wish.

Become an Astronaut Lifetime Wish
This Sim's lifetime wish is to reach level 10 in the military career track and become an astronaut. This will be a cinch!

Getting Started
I give my Astronaut-to-be a large starting house, situated in a lot near the military base in Sunset Valley. It is almost completely empty, save for a bed, bathroom and basic kitchen gear. There is absolutely nothing for him to do for fun. I intend to stock his house with luxurious items as he rises in his career and earns promotion bonuses.

He joins the military career at the nearby base, and immediately hits the gym. I know that the lower levels of the military career track rely solely on his athletic ability and mood. I made my military recruit the skinniest Sim he could be. He's going to pump iron and get fit as he rises. On this first day, he manages to score nearly two levels in athletic ability. I want him to quickly get to be friends with his boss, so I figure a couple levels of charisma can't hurt.

He uses the mirror in the bathroom at the gym to learn the skill, then heads to the day spa for a little treatment. His mood should be awesome on his first day at work. He needs funds quickly, and the best way to do that is to earn a promotion on the first day.

He scores the promotion, and begins earning $44 an hour. This is a nice pay raise. A jog from work to the library satisfies multiple wishes at once. He's able to go for a jog, raise athletics, then learn handiness reading the book at the library. The next day earns him yet another promotion. Now, handiness has appeared as a skill requirement.

He's fallen behind in his athletic skill because of fatigue, and handiness is not yet in the green, so I'm worried he might not get another promotion. He has $1,000 so I send him to the day spa, where he takes the $1,000 vacation package. The package restores all of his needs and sends him to work in an incredible mood, and he becomes a Squad Leader, nearly doubling the pay rate from grunt to $94 an hour.

On his well-deserved first day off, my Sim studies handiness and works out until fatigued. He manages to work out for six hours straight, earning him some more lifetime happiness points. He doesn't manage to get the promotion at work, but I know he can spend the next work session sucking up to the boss, which is helpful for him to play catch up with that job metric.

He does a speech at the hospital and earns some quick cash, and spends the weekend working out and studying handiness. He invites the boss over, to improve his relationship with him further. He fails to get a promotion or raise. I believe they need to be very good friends for it to work, because his job performance bar was literally as close as it could possibly be to the top without getting a promotion.

He becomes a Flight Officer, then Wingman the next two days at work. Athletics and Handiness both stand at 6, and he wishes to move up from Good friends to Best friends with his boss. He also has a cooking opportunity to deliver some grilled hot dogs to someone, and it hapens to be Jack Bunch, his boss. He completes the opportunity, and makes best friends with Jack.

He fails to get promoted past Wingman in one day because the work day is so short. He has the weekend off. He does the usual routine, but this time invites the boss over for dinner on Sunday, after having "worked at home" from the computer in the library. my Sim manages to score the promotion to Fighter Pilot! After past failures, I now believe the promotion bar needs to be full for asking the boss. This makes working from home valuable, because you can earn promotions on off days.

The next workday is again too short for him to raise the promotion bar fully. Because of the Military career track's pattern of Monday, Wednesday, Friday work, he is able to get to about 80%+ of a promotion. After working out, he heads to the library and uses the work from home action on the computer there. He then invites the boss over. This time, he asks for a promotion first, then a raise. He's now making $217 per hour, $25 over the $192 base for Squadron Leaders.

The late night promotion causes his next work day to skip to Friday. This isn't desirable, so I spend some lifetime happiness points. He takes the Multi-Tasker and Fast Learner rewards. This will help him to raise the promotion bar faster, and catch up on his handiness skill level, which at level 6 is becoming a liability. He focuses his efforts on mastering athletics.

While handiness wants to be level 8 or higher at this point, and is a "frowney face" on the performance scale, he manages to get the promotion from Squadron Leader to Top Gun despite the 6 hour work day. This is all thanks to Multi-Tasker. It's nice, to prevent losing days of work by asking for a promotion too late in the day. He can instead use his time schmoozing the boss to ask for pay raises.

The following weekend gives my Top Gun the time he needs to raise handiness to level 8. From here, he's able to get promoted to Astronaut and completes the Become an Astronaut Lifetime Wish. He has an entire week before his next day of work. He can now pursue a hobby to make extra money during the week.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (5)

The Chocolate Reaper says...
Hey Carl! Can you make any female ones? Women work hard too, and then you can write about the stress of raising kids while working.
14th July 2014 4:05pm
Nitriex says...
My sim is at the last work tier (13:00 Monday to 11:00AM Tuesday), however when one of the 6 need bars depletes completely(like the energy bar) he quits the job and receives nothing for the work (he works for example, from 13:00 MON to 05:00 TUE, and when one of the need bars is full, he simply quits the job, whining about being sleep, and receives nothing for this work period! even if i try to go back to work, he receives the value only from the last half worked)

Also, the only workaround i found it was to "cancel" his work action when he is close to get 0% on one of the bars, and then send him back to work)

Does this happens with everyone or just me?
It sounds like you need a better routine right before work - make sure that energy is full, they can fulfill bladder and hunger while at work. You could try another work type to slack off or something else to make them take it easy, at least for part of the day.
25th August 2013 10:03pm
the ghost says...
Nope it doesnt matter how u do ur job..ur energy bar will deplete and even if it doesnt..he will automatically leave work...even if u pause the game right when he gets out..and click on "go to work" u lost all the money u made on the first half already..and u will only get u lose everything...i know because i never work hard...i "goaf off..." and i have wishlist boosters...i think u guys need to fix this..ive used resetsim does nothing to deal with tat..ive changed his "freewill" in option menu..same thing..i make his best meal, and drink coffee and full energy bar with other happy moods..he still leaves work..all the time..this has to be a bug..because tehre is nothing u can do about it..its's really disappointing..i bought the game too..and mine is up to date..its version 1.55
Sorry you are having such a hard time with Astronaut, but we're not able to 'fix' anything as far as the game, we only write about the product we have, which is the same as yours. We aren't associated with The Sims 3 development team and have no communication with them. This page was written for The Sims 3 before all the Expansions came out, so it's sure to be a bug that has struck since then.
1st September 2013 12:11am
nova says...
my sim keeps dying just before he reaches level 10 and ive brought him back to life twice now. He does not a have a good relationship with his boss, but has fully mastered handiness and is highly athletic. I don't know how to better his relationship and haven't seen a work from home option. help, this is very frustrating!
8th April 2014 1:18pm
The Chocolate Reaper says...
Why is your sim dying, pray tell?
14th July 2014 4:04pm
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