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The Sims 3: Business Man / CEO of a Mega-Corporation Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this The Sims 3 character walkthrough, I'll be writing about a Sim who pursues the CEO job in the business career track. The business career track doesn't require special skills, but interoffice relationships help them succeed. For this reason, the Sim should be built a bit for socializing and making friends. As such, I've chosen the following traits:

Charisma will help him with his work relationships. This trait will increase the rate at which he learns the skill.

Schmoozers are amazing at making friends at work. Combined with a high charisma skill, my Sim will be the master of water cooler conversation.

Over Emotional
Mood and office relationships are the only metrics I need to worry about to make my CEO. The previous traits take care of the relationships. This trait will boost all moodlets by a percentage, giving him an overall higher mood.

He'll be able to work hard more often, and will gain promotions faster as a result. He can also work from home, good for getting some hours in over the weekend.

He'll get a boost to all happiness points to help him buy rewards faster. He'll also be good at asking for promotions and raises should I choose to do so.

Lifetime Wish: CEO of a Mega-Corporation
This Sim wants to make it to the eighth level in the business career track and become a CEO. Let's aim higher and pretend he wants to be a power broker (level 10).

My Business Sim off to work in the Sims 3It's the usual humble beginnings for this Sim. I buy my Sim a computer so that he can work from home, and have an easy outlet for fun. Otherwise, everything else is standard and with no stove, as he doesn't need to work on cooking for now and can find sustenance in autumn salad.

I immediately send him to join the business career, then send him to a charisma class. Afterward, he heads to the library to meet a few people. He meets three, and forms three relationships. He then studies the charisma skill and maximizes it at level 2. I send him to bed early, and he wakes up doing everything he can to put himself into a good mood.

My Sim doesn't earn a promotion his first day. Rather, I make him suck up to the boss the entire time. I want him to befriend her as quickly as possible. The next day, he spends meeting his co-workers because the promotion is inevitable. At the end of this day, he has earned the 5,000 lifetime happiness points required to purchase the Office Hero reward. This, in combination with his Schmoozer trait, will ensure he befriends all of his co-workers and his boss, swifly.

The next day he uses the power work style all day. This guarantees a promotion with his great mood and developing boss relationship. This promotion makes him a report processor, and co-workers are now a requirement for success. He chats at the water cooler to get the co-worker into the green, but not all the way just yet. He needs to meet more co-workers and do more cooler chats.

Even businessmen need to fix something around the house once in a whileThis leads to him desiring some friendships. He invites a co-worker over for focused friendship building, and it works. He becomes best friends with Nancy Landgraab. Next comes the boss.

He invites his boss, Iliana Langerak, over for lunch that weekend. He schmoozes her for hours, and makes her his best friend with a max relationship bar. Now the boss won't be a problem again. He met two more co-workers during the last business day, and now knows a total of four. This is four guaranteed friends. That sunday, he heads to the library to further his charisma pursuits.

The next week, he does so well socializing at work that the wish to befriend all co-workers appears. He's almost maximized all of their relationship bars, and now only needs keep his mood up to continue to receive promotions. The 8th level is not far from here. He even easily reaches charisma level 10. This lifetime wish isn't to reach the power broker position, but CEO, which is the eighth level job. Power Broker is so much better and affords much more flexibility with work schedules.

My Sim has reached the power broker job in the Sims 3's business career track.At the sixth level, business Sims need to begin holding meetings. They can be held during the day (8AM-6PM). Each meeting will give $750, which is more than the job itself makes (comparing hourly rate). Thus, holding a lot of meetings isn't a burden, it's an ability you'll want to use. Power brokers get to work fewer hours and are able to hold more meetings as a perk of their top level spot.

My business Sim spends his off hours holding meetings and amasses a small fortune. From here it's a couple fast promotions to CEO, then a short climb to Power Broker. As in life, the business career track is an awesome money-maker when you reach the top jobs.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

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Audrey says...
This is very good! Thank you for the assistance!
6th January 2014 8:24pm
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