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The Sims 3: The Mad Scientist / Chess Legend Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

The Science career track of the The Sims 3 can be quite demanding. While you won't need many friends to ascend to the top, you will need multiple skills. I further escalated the skill juggling necessary for this career by choosing to be a 'logical' scientist. Once upon a time, Logic was the governing skill for the Science career paths in the Sims 1 and 2. I would consider a Mad Scientist to be a genius, so I chose to make my Sim a grand master in chess and master of the logic skill for his lifetime wish. Chess Legend is thankfully not very difficult to achieve, but I found myself routinely juggling skills to try to keep up with my Sim's ambitions.

Good Traits for a Scientist

Scientists require gardening, fishing and handiness to climb the ladder. I elected to take skills that improve logic, as such:

I'm starting to like this skill after playing this Sim. Workaholic gives your Sim a mood boost while at work, and they can work at home from the computer. No, they won't make money directly from this per se, but they will raise their performance bars, making promotions much easier to achieve. Keep in mind that your mood still matters, and the work at home function on computers will improve your skill faster with a positive attitude.

This is again my go-to skill. It's nice to be safer working on a computer without fear of being shocked. Also, my Sim will rise in skill faster from doing routine things like repairs and I won't need to study this skill as much.

Becoming a Chess Grand Master in the Sims 3 is easy, you only need focus your efforts on the Logic skill.Genius
The backbone of this Sim, as it makes logic improve faster, and the Sim is more likely to win at chess. There are other perks as well, such as having an easier go at solving the unsolvable. Additionally, while the logic skill doesn't assist performance in the scientific career track, this trait does.

After a good night's rest, my Sim may wake up feeling lucky. He's also more likely to win at games, like chess!

Computer Whiz
My Sim will not have much time for entertainment due to all the studying he's going to have to do. With this, the computer will raise Fun much faster while playing games.

Chess Legend
My Sim's lifetime wish is to be a Chess Grand Master and also master the logic skill.

Joining the Science Career Track

I make a pretty average, if tiny house for my Sim, that has a telescope, chess board with two horrible chairs, and computer as the only non-essentials. My Sim won't need luxuries. He enjoys playing on the computer and will be spending most of his time in the Library and playing chess. My Sim reads the logic book in his inventory as his first action. After a while, he gets hungry and tries to make Waffles. First try, first fire. My Sim burns down the kitchen and I lose a stove, counter and food processor. I'm immediately in the hole! I'm just glad he didn't die like the gardener.

The first night, my Sim is in a rotten mood but uses his telescope for the first time. He's very lucky and spots a meteorite. I head to the map view where the meteorite can be seen in one of my neighbors' yards. He inspects the meteorite, which initially posessed a value of $100. The inspection reveals it's actually carbnoaceous chondrite, worth $500. I learn that you can sell practically any item in your inventory by dragging it to the simoleon icon just to the left of the box. What a great feature, and collecting is fun too!

This cop kicked my Sim's butt in chess the first time around, but it was great practice.Playing Ranked Chess
A day later, I decide my Sim should try to play a ranked opponent because he has just had a wish to do so. To invite another Sim over to a ranked chess match, I use my Sim's cell phone to 'Call', Invite over Ranked Chess Opponent. The first opponent is a cop, and he stomps my Sim at chess. I take a loss just to know how it's done later. My Sim had a desire to play anyway, and it was an easy wish to fulfill. My Sim also makes it to level two in logic.

Getting a Job
The first level of Science is easy to pass, as it only requires a bit of gardening skill to get promoted. My Sim has a desire to read a book on logic. I decide to go to the library and study with a good mood, and the skill experience bonus that being in the library provides. I satisfy the desire, but switch to reading about gardening. This will help my Sim get off on the right foot at work the next day. It works, and the bar raises halfway. My Sim also wants to work at home, so I do this by having him use the computer. He raises the bar quite a lot, which means the next day he gets his promotion even though he's relaxing in the specimen closet over half the day.

Advancing in Science
My Sim looks at the stars a lot, and names ten stars pretty quickly. This results in some much-needed cash for my Sim. I buy some decorations for the home to give him a mood boost. Yep, you can make money in the Sims 3 just searching the galaxy through a telescope all night. With the third level of the science career, my Sim needs handiness. Thankfully some home repairs have led him to already have a proficiency in handiness, partially thanks to the handy trait. A career opportunity comes up in which my Sim must wash five dishes. I do this by clicking the dishes while he's at home. The next day, he gets an entire half a bar toward the next level in Science. All that for five plates?!

Packing a Lunch
My Sim could really stand to have some food during his time at the library, so I plant an apple tree outside his front door. When he's leaving to study, he harvests some and goes off to the library.

Scientific Discoveries
I am quite impressed with the neat things that can happen with the Science career. I'm not sure what happened to cause it, be it a random event or from the fact that my Sim was doing independent research at the time, but he got a death flower, completely free. He keeps it in his inventory, hoping to never need it to keep the Reaper from taking him away.

Winning his first Chess match
My Sim makes a fateful phone call to invite the cop over for another go. All that searching the galaxy has paid off, as he scores a victory. My Sim really rubs it in, by cooking his famous mac and cheese, but only one serving. He then eats it in front of the cop and goes to bed without saying goodbye. The cop gets revenge, as he stays until 2am and clogs my Sim's toilet then finally leaves.


Yet another Skill to Juggle

At the sixth level in Science in the Sims 3, one must being pursuing fishing in addition to the gardening and handiness skills. I'm a bit annoyed, but decide my Sim could make things much easier on himself. I choose the lifetime reward, "Fast Learner". This will really help him go up in skill levels quickly, especially when he's in a good mood and at the library.

My Sim has some cash laying around, and two days off in a row. I get him into a supreme mood, use some of the money he has laying around and buy a portable stereo. He takes it with him to the pond (along with a pair of apples) to listen to music, keeping him in a good mood.

Because of Fast Learner, he makes it to level 4 fishing in one day. He also catches a mysterious mister gnome. This is awesome! Also, the requirements of the other three skills for the next level are relaxed and quite easy to achieve. My Sim can finally see his lifetime wish on the horizon, along with a position as Mad Scientist

Becoming the Chess Grand Master

My Sim studies hard, and manages to get a green face in all the skills that benefit his level seven Science career. I find a sweet spot, at around 7 or 8 for each skill, which means I can focus on mastering logic with him. He begins going crazy every day after work, inviting over two Sims each day while he's feeling great, and beating them in chess. Another random event occurs in my Scientist's favor by giving me a free flame fruit that boosts his mood by +5, always!

The Mysterious Mister Gnome in the Sims 3. Kicking him does nothing for Sims, but once you've moved him back where he belongs over and over, you'll still want to.My Sim has only one friend, his boss. He takes out his frustrations by kicking the mysterious mister gnome who has somehow moved himself inside the house.

At the ninth level in Science, my Sim finally ascends to the rank of Chess Grand Master. Within a week of that wonderful event, he's also finally hit level 10 in logic (completing the Chess Legend lifetime wish) and made it to the Mad Scientist position.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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