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The Sims 3: Criminal / Emperor of Evil Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

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This Sims 3 character walkthrough follows a Sim named Dierks whose lifetime wish is to be the Emperor of Evil. This evil genius will work his way up the Sims 3's criminal career track, then choose the evil branch to reach this job. I built his traits to reflect his evil nature. I feel these are some of the best traits for an Emperor of Evil:

Dierks is evil to the core. He loves when misfortune, especially death, strikes other Sims. He doesn't mind a dark, dreary lair either. This trait will also allow him to donate to evil charities, giving him a mood boost. Additionally, once he makes it to the Emperor of Evil job in the criminal career, he'll sometimes glow wicked red.

Dierks is physically fit. He'll have no trouble early in the criminal career track because of this. His athletic skill will raise faster and he won't get fatigued as quickly while working out.

Dierks is brilliant, perhaps too brilliant. He'll meet the mental requirements of the evil criminal branch easily. This trait will help him to build logic faster.

Dierks is neurotically neat. He can clean the entire house with a single command, and will clean things to a higher standard than other Sims. He orders his henchmen to kill Sims who don't use coasters.

Mean Spirited
Dierks doesn't mind making enemies. In fact, he loves to insult Sims and make new ones. The Sims who are stupid enough to start a fight will Dierks are always going to lose.

Emperor of Evil
Dierks wants to be the Emperor of Evil. To do this, he'll need to reach level 10 in the Sims 3's criminal career track evil branch.

The Sims 3 Emperor of Evil Killing Spree: Getting Smarter by raising logicBuilding the Evil Lair
Dierks won't need much to be happy. Computer games and the like don't interest him. He'd rather see Sims suffer, and pursue his chosen career. I build him a very basic home. He has a telescope to work on his logic skill, and a nice bed to help him have a good night's sleep every night. I make it look quite dark, but decide it's just too dark for me to enjoy playing without windows. His home will not be used much more than to suit his needs. He'll be gone most of the time, either working, or sweating at the gym to get a nice intimidating buff look. He'll need some muscles to hoist himself through windows, and kick down doors for home invasions.

The Sims 3 Emperor of Evil Killing Spree: Getting stronger by raising athleticTreading a Dark Path
Dierks joins the criminal career immediately, then hits the gym. He's able to learn the athletic skill on the first day, but gets tired quickly and has to go home. He eats a quick meal then uses the 'search for evil doings' action on his telescope. He can't search the galaxy for stars yet, but I'm hoping to get a head start on logic for him and hopefully find a meteor for some spare cash. He only has 700 simoleons and could use some decorations outside to make him happier. Pretty decorations aren't evil, but monumental exhibits of greed, wealth and power sure are.

Having reached level 2 in logic, and level 1 in athletic skills the first day, Dierks heads to work and uses the practice evil doings work style to raise his atheltic skill. He's not a workaholic, so I don't expect him to be able to easily get a promotion in one day at this point, especially with athletics not at green and mood not maxed. He manages to reach level 2 before he comes home. Another trip to the gym and a night spent looking through the telescope grants him more skill gains, ascending to logic level 4 and athletic level 3. He's not gaining many lifetime happiness points so I try to keep his mood up by watching the plasma screen at the gym.

The next day at work he hits the mark and manages to get promoted, and complete an opportunity to work late. It will help with his relationship with the boss, which should help later. I know that accomplices are a job performance factor for lower level criminals, but Dierks would rather please the boss for the evil branch job performance. He's promoted to the second level criminal job, cutpurse and hits the fourth level in athletics by practicing evil doings.

The Sims 3 Emperor of Evil Killing Spree: Greeting the Grim ReaperHis first day off is welcome, so that he can get further ahead of the game in skill gains. I want him to be able to have more fun without worrying about his skills. He's held a wish, since the day he went to the warehouse to apply, to see his boss dead. Claire Ursine's ghost must be seen to fulfill this wish. I intend to make that happen. The easiest way to accomplish this seems to get Claire into a room and starve her to death. That Thursday, his second day off, he'd try to make that happen.

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The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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