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The Sims 3 Kleptomaniac Gold Digger Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

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In this Sims 3 Character Walkthrough, I'll be writing about a Sim who will complete the Gold Digger Lifetime Wish. I chose to use one of the avatars of Rubythefuzzled as my pre-designed Sim. She doesn't look the same as she was designed, because of my lack of custom hair, but she's still pretty. She's a diabolical plotter, who seeks to find a rich, married Sim, convince him into a relationship, then kill or outlive him. I built her traits as follows:

Evil: Of course she's evil. She's going to off a guy and take everything he owns.

Kleptomaniac: This will help her to make money, but probably won't matter. Still, a little Klepto undertone highlights her grand larceny aspirations.

Charismatic: She's got to be a smooth talker to do all she does. This will help boost charisma and improve social interactions, helping her to seduce her prey.

Commitment Issues: Long term relationship? No way! Ruby's going to tactically employ, destroy and enjoy.

Hates the Outdoors: Ruby wants to be inside her mansion for the rest of her life. I can totally get this.

Gold Digger Lifetime Wish:
From my perspective, it should be called 'Black Widow Lifetime Wish'. Ruby's going to seduce and kill a man, to take his fortune. Gold Diggers in the real world might go for a guy in his 70s and wait him out. Ruby's going to take action.

Selecting the Gold Digger's Den
This was an easy choice. Ruby has no intention of living in her initial home for a long time. She buys the cheapest home in town, completely furnished. She has 3,000 simoleons left over. She probably won't need to spend it on charisma classes, because of her kleptomaniac tendencies. I also doubt that she'll have much luck making friends on her way to wooing the target.

Finding a TargetThe Sims 3 Gold Digger: The Black Widow greets her prey.
I look to the mansions in town for my target. I have had Sims who destroyed Nancy Landgraab's life in the past, so I thought it might be fun to pick Geoffrey Landgraab as the target. Her first day in town, she heads to his house and meets him outside by his pool. She repeatedly uses the get to know interaction. Geoffrey is rich and loves the outdoors. Ruby now knows if she can get him outside, he'll be in a better mood. They spend the entire day talking by the pool.

Robbing Him BlindThe Sims 3 Gold Digger: Sleeping his and her's bed with him!
Ruby has befriended Geoffrey on the first day. She asks him if she can stay over in his nice mansion, and he obliges. She immediately heads inside to use his facilities. She takes a nice bath, has herself some evil bread and jam and watches some High-Def TV. She needs to kill some time, so she heads to one of the bedrooms. She has several to pick from. I was hoping no one would come and kick her out. Suprisingly, instead of sleeping in the master bedroom, Geoffrey Landgraab comes into the room and plops right into bed with Ruby.

The Sims 3 Gold Digger: Sucking up to the wife.Ruby gets a partial night of sleep, and heads to the bathroom she used earlier, leaving Geoffrey in bed. She steals the huge statue in there, and it's valued at nearly $1000 Simoleons. She then returns to bed with Geoffrey. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds Nancy in the kitchen downstairs. She spends most of the day chatting with her, getting to know her weaknesses and learning how to manipulate her. They become "good friends". That night, she speaks to Geoffrey for a bit then, yet again, asks him to spend the night. She's allowed. Looks like the Landgraabs have a new permanent houseguest.

Cold, Calculating and Manipulative
That night, Ruby sleeps in the "master bedroom", and Geoffrey and Nancy actually sleep together in the guest bed. Ruby makes another hit that night, and steals the Landgraabs' plasma television and two of the chairs from their home theater. After a couple more hours of beauty rest, Ruby wakes to talk to Geoffrey and Nancy before they both head to work. She has the house to herself! Too bad she can't steal during the daytime.

The Sims 3 Gold Digger: Studying charisma to strike deadly blowsRuby has a wonderful afternoon to herself, and actually spends it training her charisma skill. She manages to reach charisma level 2 before Geoffrey gets home. She then puts the moves on him in the kitchen, while Nancy is in the house. She scores an amorous hug and Nancy doesn't see. Their relationship is going well, and Nancy is none the wiser. She invites herself to stay over yet again. She's got to be more careful about what entertaiment items she steals, because she's really just hurting herself at the moment. That plasma TV is nice, but it does her no good at the moment in her family inventory. As night falls once again, she waits for Geoffrey to go to bed. He actually goes to sleep before Nancy, and Ruby scores the spot next to him.

Next: Taking Geoffrey Landgraab

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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