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The Sims 3 Kleptomaniac Gold Digger Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

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The Sims 3 Gold Digger: Getting caught... on purposeTaking Her Man
Geoffrey has the next day off, and Ruby makes her move. She asks him to leave Nancy, and then asks him to go out with her. She invites herself to stay over again, then goes to the couch in the living room. She calls Geoffrey in, has him sit next to her and calls for Nancy and Malcolm, their son. Nancy finds them making out on the couch. Geoffrey and Nancy still live together, but Geoffrey belongs to Ruby, who is now detested by Nancy. Looks like Nancy won't be the one to ask about sleeping over now!

WooHoo in the Mansion
Ruby and Geoffrey go at it in the master bedroom that night. The next morning, the game offers for Ruby to move in with Geoffrey. Apparently, Nancy doesn't matter any more. Poor thing. I accept this proposal. Here I thought my Gold Digger would be inviting Geoffrey to move into her trailer, but I was way off. Now she's living with someone who loves her, and someone who despises her. Oh yeah, there's the kid too. Ruby definitely doesn't want kids.

The Sims 3 Gold Digger: The Black Widow StrikesThe Proposal
My diabolical self, with Ruby, now have control over the Landgraab mansion. I force Nancy and Malcolm Landgraab to move out. Ruby's not in all this to cause strife directly, she primarily wants to live a good life on someone else's buck. Nancy should do fine on her own anyway, she is the Vice President of a Corporation.

Geoffrey proposes to Ruby, and she accepts. It wasn't easy with Ruby's commitment issues, but I made it happen. Geoffrey is very family oriented and it came natural for him to want to propose. Ruby accepts only on the condition that it be a huge wedding, and Nancy Landgraab be invited. One last little pleasure for her evil heart, without causing atrocious suffering.

The Sims 3 Gold Digger: The black widow in white purity, taking her victim.Who's This New Girl?
They get married that very day. Thankfully there's no Big Papa Landgraab to try and deter Geoffrey. Ruby has him under her thumb. They invite Nancy, and everyone Geoffrey knows. It must be awkward, none of these people have ever met Ruby, and Geoffrey threw away his wife and child for her. They all seem to have a good time, and Ruby and Geoffrey are wed.

The Will Signed, the Black Widow Strikes
Ruby immediately asks all the guests to leave, and Geoffrey goes for a swim. Ruby builds walls around the pool so he can't escape. Geoffrey Landgraab meets his demise in the swimming pool. His life was good, but ended in horror because of my black widow. Ruby heads to bed after his death. She wasn't able to see his ghost. His tombstone is now placed next to the swimming pool. Ruby heads to bed and finds it's amazingly easy to fulfill her needs in this huge house, all by herself.

The Sims 3 Gold Digger: Enjoying the view of her victim's ghostRuby spends time out on the patio after midnight, hoping to see the ghost of Geoffrey. After a few days, his ghost finally appears, finishing the Gold Digger lifetime wish. Ruby alone is now worth $300,000 Simoleons, and it only took a couple of weeks.

Previous: The Gold Digger

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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