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The Sims 3 Musician: Hit Movie Composer Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

The Sims 3 Musician: Symphonic Branch

In this Sims 3 Character walkthrough, I'll be playing a Sim named Leon who pursues the Hit Movie Composer lifetime wish. He wants to make it to the 10th level job in the music career's symphonic branch. This will take talent in music as well as some wit. I've chosen the following traits to help him complete this lifetime wish:

This is chosen only because it will help Leon learn the guitar skill a bit faster.

Virtuoso will make him even better at guitar, and he can do very well playing for tips if I choose to do so.

Relationships with band members, or later, orchestra members is a part of the job performance for the music career. This will help him to build relationships with co-workers quickly.

He'll get less stressed from working with this trait, and in fact will see a minor mood boost when he's at work. Very useful since mood is an important metric for all careers in the Sims 3.

The upper levels of the symphonic branch require logic. This will help him to raise logic faster, because it's not needed until much later in the career, I'd prefer to spend as little time working on that skill as possible.

Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer
Leon will earn a lot of lifetime happiness points if he reaches level 10 in the music career's symphonic branch. It's a long climb to the top, so let's get started!

Starting a Home
Leon won't need much to stay happy, just a guitar. He's going to play until his fingers bleed. Otherwise, he gets a nice single bed and a better-than-average shower. A small dining table and chair are all he'll need other than the usual basic household furnishings. I build the home from scratch as I usually do, and pick a cheap, small lot on Sun Song avenue. It happens to be pretty close to the theater, so this will help him if he's running a little late for work. He also happens to get a nice +15 beautiful vista moodlet when at home, but he'll hardly be there so it's not that useful to him.

Taking the first job
He immediately heads to the theater and takes a job in the music career track, fulfilling his first wish. He has plenty of money left, so can afford a guitar class. This knocks out multiple wishes at once. Using the computer at the library, he's able to accomplish working from home for a while, then heads to the day spa for a treatment. It's expensive, at $3,000 simoleons, but I want him to be in a great mood for a week. This'll go a long way toward helping him gather promotions. He'll have +40 for a week for the relaxing rendezvous package.

Getting the first Promotions
His great mood, and guitar being at level 3 allow him to make a promotion the first day at work. He tried to meet some fellow musicians, but failed. I'll never understand how you can go an entire day at work and not meet a single co-worker. At any rate, he works on guitar a bit more that night after coming home, and reaches level 4. This is exactly where he needs to be. He's also earned enough happiness points to afford the office hero reward. This, combined with Schmoozer will make befriending all his co-workers a cinch, even without the charisma skill.

Having not worked from home before his second day at work, my Sim has to work hard all day to score a second promotion, and just barely makes it. He's now a Stagehand making $30 an hour. Band Members is now a performance metric. He has wednesday off, and I intend to use it productively.

Making Good Use of a Day Off
That night after work, he has a desire to buy something worth at least $100. I decide it's a worthy investment to buy him a cheap computer, desk and chair so he can work from home actually at home. He does that immediately after getting off work that tuesday, and works until he refuses do do any more. Then he's free to sleep. I need him to get as much progress toward the next promotion while he's at home so he can spend Thursday meeting co-workers and still manage to earn a promotion. He plays to level 5, and gets about 20% progress toward the next promotion.

I'm very pleased I bought him the computer. Playing guitar doesn't raise fun very quickly, when you're in a pinch. All that working from home has left him feeling a little stressed. He plays some computer games before bed, so that he'll have the 'having a blast' moodlet for work the next day. My plan fails, and he doesn't score the promotion but finally meets a co-worker at work. Only one, but it's a start. The co-workers metric is just too average, and guitar is one level from optimal. At least he can call the one co-worker to improve their relationship.

Promotions, Promotions....
Since he's so close to the next level of the music career, my Sim spends that Friday at work meeting co-workers all day because a promotion is guaranteed. I regret taking the opportunity that comes up before the end of work that day. It's to stay late, and get a job performance increase and a boost to relations with the other musicians. He didn't need the job boost, because the meter was full, and staying late causes the promotion to come later at night, meaning he can't work that Saturday! This is a very annoying dynamic of the game's job system that they just can't seem to get right.

Regardless, my Composer-to-be manages to use the day productively and get caught up on the guitar skill. He's now a band manager making $52 an hour. By that Sunday he's made it to level 7 in the guitar skill and picks up multi-tasker as well. This will help with job performance, yet again. He needs to start working on logic in his spare time now.

The Power of Multi-Tasking
With only 5 and a half hours to work with, my Sim manages to get a promotion even though he socializes with band members all day that Monday. He befriends all co-workers, which is a great +1500 boost to lifetime happiness points. Reaching level 5 is a great achievement, and he has $3,000+ on hand so I send him immediately after work for another relaxing rendezvous package at the day spa. This fills all his needs except energy, which is fixed when he gets home and makes it to his bed.

With the new promotion, he still only has a 5 and a half hour work shift. Now guitar is below optimal, so he works hard all day that tuesday. I don't want to waste time befriending co-workers again because I'm not sure that the band members will be the same as orchestra members. Because of a bug I sometimes experience with changing uniforms, he barely makes it to the sixth level. This lets him choose the symphonic career branch. At that, I also learn that band members and orchestra members are in fact the same. Your co-workers don't change.

The Composer Rising Up
It will be important for Leon to start working on logic as quickly as possible, and he still needs to raise guitar. Having the next two days off will go a long way toward making this easier to accomplish. He manages to make logic level 6 in those 2 days, but guitar is stuck at 7. Thankfully, with work hard he can still pull off a promotion a day if he works from home a little bit. Any days off are spent raising logic and guitar as best he can, all his co-workers are still his friends.

From here, it's a straight shot to level 10 and he completes the Hit Movie Composer Lifetime Wish.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (4)

Matthew Ward says...
My Sim is called Ben, and he is a level 10 Rock Star, his lifetime wish is Hit Movie Composer. Is there anything I have done wrong?
8th March 2014 5:07pm
Jessika De Lair says...
You chose the wrong career path. Inless you start from scratch (quit job and go back in) there is nothing you can do. But there is a cheat. Hold down Ctrl, Shift and C at the same time and a box will appear. Type in testingcheatsenabled true. Have your sim quit their job and go to your lot's mailbox and shift-click on it. There will be a option to set job. Click that, than choose Music. I suggest going to level 6, because you'll need to up logic to do so, and it gives time before you need level 10. Hope I have been some help, Jessika.
13th March 2014 12:34pm
Rhiannon says...
Hi, I'm having a hard time getting my orchestra members happy (my status with them is bad) and don't know what to do :c think you could give me a hand? My sim has the hopeless romantic, lucky, neat, virtuoso, and bookworm traits.

And she has a baby. If that means anything.. ANYWHOOZIES help would be very much appreciated.
29th May 2014 2:42pm
Rhiannon says...
Also my sim is a level 10 hit movie composer (I wanted this). I'm kinda just waiting for the next...anything. But I wanna max out my career with good terms.
29th May 2014 2:46pm
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