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Master Mixologist Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

by Pam Marsden

This is a walkthrough for the Master Mixologist Lifetime Wish from Sims 3 Late Night. The requirements to fulfill this wish are:

1. Master Mixology skill
2. Own a bar

Some of you may recognize Bubblegum Dreamweaver from my Immortal Dynasty Challenge. Bubblegum was generation 7 and had a couple of great traits for this LTW, so I brought her out of retirement for this walkthrough. There aren't any particular traits that fire the Master Mixologist LTW, but there are some that will make it a bit easier.

Bubblegum's traits are:
Party Animal
Star Quality

Real estate is cheap in Bridgeport. I purchased the Crescent Bay Plaza unfurnished for $3,861. What a bargain! It's not a fancy place, but it has enough room for Bubblegum to be comfortable and also have space for a professional bar. I furnished it to suit her and upgraded the shower, refrigerator, and stove. She will be happier with the upgrades. After furnishing the apartment nicely enough to hopefully keep Bubblegum in good moods, I had $4,617 left in household funds.

Bubblegum will have to earn a living somehow because Mixology pays nothing unless your Sim is moonlighting at a bar, and even then it's just tips and not enough to make your Sim rich. So, Bubblegum will try her hand at piano. I thought it would go well with her desire to be a Mixologist. As long as she can make enough money to buy her own bar, she'll be great. Playing piano also increases fun.

Her first wish was to learn Mixology, so Bubblegum spent the rest of the first day at the library reading about the Mixology skill. There's only one book for Mixology, so she can only get to level 3 this way. Bridgeport's library doesn't have any skill books, so I used Edit Town and Build/Buy on the library to put some of the Book Corral bookcases in place. The Book Corral contains skill books when placed in a library.

Bubblegum also wanted to purchase a professional bar. It's necessary because this is the only way she can practice her Mixology skill. I bought the least expensive one, the Professional Bar Dive Edition for $1,700. It fit perfectly in the living room of her apartment.

At the beginning of the Mixologist skill, Bubblegum could only make Regular drinks. Some came out normal and a few turned out bad. Some were even foul. With more practice they got better. By level 3, she was making nice quality Regular drinks and bad quality Party drinks, the first of the Mood Drinks. They are harder to make than regular drinks, but Sims will have more fun when drinking them.

Bubblegum was also able to moonlight at Eugi's at level 3. The first drink she made was for Hyacinth Atkins. She made only $30 this first time because she cut it short when Tom Wordy came in and she really wanted to meet this 4 star celebrity. She tried for the longest time to impress him, but he got annoyed and wanted her to leave him alone.

The first Lifetime Happiness Reward I bought for Bubblegum was the Observant reward for 5,000 points. It's a good overall reward and helps Bubblegum get to know traits of other Sims much faster, which is always a good thing.

Bubblegum's first Mixology opportunity, Easy Theater Job, came after a couple of days. She had to help out serving drinks at the theater for $400 and increased Mixology skill. Afterward, outside the theater, she gained her first celebrity star by mixing with the crowd that had gathered.

Bubblegum spent time at the bars in order to find celebrities so that she could increase her own level of celebrity. She will need to be able to get into the high class bars and being a celebrity is the key. She snuck into The Brightmore and got an autograph from Matthew Hammer, a 4 star celebrity. She tried to impress him by talking about film, but he just got annoyed. And then! He reported her to the bouncers for sneaking in! The next morning the press released the news and poor Bubblegum had to endure a -20 moodlet for 3 days.

The results of Bubblegum's first Skill drinks weren't pleasant as they were of Putrid quality. They made her physically ill with a -25 Nauseous moodlet for 2 hours. She's not having a great time right now. Her technique is getting better, though.

One odd thing about Bridgeport is that random books often show up at the entrance to a Sim's apartment building. I sold one for over $1,500, so I'm not complaining. Bubblegum needs the money and I'm more than willing to take advantage of such a glitch in the game.

Bubblegum had much better luck impressing Renee Littler with talk of Journalism and Logic. Between Renee and Jeffrey Cook, Bubblegum made it all the way to 3 star celebrity status. Her celebrity doesn't do any good when the wants to moonlight at The Grind, however. She has to get her Mixology skill up first.

After completing a few celebrity opportunities, Bubblegum made it to 4 star celebrity status at the start of her second week in Bridgeport and had a limousine at her service instead of a taxi. Of course, she still took the subway whenever possible, but it's much nicer riding to the subway station in a limo.

The first item Bubblegum was sent for being a celebrity was a Deluxe Agile Grill when she reached 4 star celebrity status. She has no place to use it, so I sold it and will put the money toward her future bar.

It was on day 3 of week 2 that Bubblegum reached level 5 in Mixology while moonlighting at Eugi's. This let her start making Romantic drinks, which are supposed ease relationship problems for the imbiber. Bubblegum may need to try one for herself because she's developed a crush on Kai Leiko and I'm not sure he's interested in her yet. Just as she got a wish to kiss him, he left her party. She did get to Woo! him, though.

All of Bubblegum's money has been made from opportunities and books left on the sidewalk. Household funds sit at a dismal $7,600. She's at level 4 on her piano skill and hasn't made any tips yet, and her recent night at Eugi's brought in a pitiful $42. She needs to focus on piano and start earning some money or she'll never be able to buy her bar. It would also be nice to move to a fancier apartment. The building she lives in doesn't even have a trash chute! Bubblegum has to carry down the trash and put it in the can that sits next to where the catering truck parks.

Once Bubblegum reached level 5 in Piano, she was able to play for tips and make a little money. She played at the subway station first and did quite well. She was able to earn $499 in about 3 to 4 hours and still had time to go moonlight. Now the money is in sight. Once she starts performing compositions, her tip amount will increase dramatically. Bubblegum is 8 days from aging to Adult and is on Week 2, Day 5.

After a date at Waylon's Haunt, Bubblegum finally got some interest out of Kai. Until then, he had refused every advance she made even though they were Best Friends. Even though he responded to her flirting, he rejected her first kiss. I don't know what the problem is. They've got a very high relationship bar. She knows 3 of his traits: Family Oriented, Absent Minded, and Can't Stand Art. I'll let her try one more date with him and if he's still not interested, she'll move on. Maybe Ritchie Striker would like her. Matthew Hamming has moved away, so the handsome eligible bachelors in town aren't as great as they could be.

Bubblegum headed to the book store to purchase a new song. She bought the level 5 song for piano called Summer Hayrides. Once she's learned it, she'll be able to perform it multiple times to increase the value of her tips. She made herself a Skill Gain drink beforehand, which may help her increase her piano skill faster. I also bought her the Fast Learner Lifetime Happiness Reward for 15,000 points.

At last! Bubblegum ran into Kai outside the theater and took him to dinner at the restaurant. After eating, she put some romantic moves on him and finally got a first kiss! All of her wishes are about this guy. She'll need to visit him at home to see if he's got a double bed. Hers is too small for the woohoo wish.

Bubblegum's Mixology skill is high enough now that she can moonlight at higher class bars. Patrons at places like Eugi's don't appreciate her skill as much as patrons at Aquarius do. Ok, well... it would probably help if she didn't serve Foul quality drinks. She is not, however, good enough to work at Plasma 101.

It was time to get busy with earning money from tips for playing the piano. Bubblegum had performed Summer Hayrides 21 times when she went back to the subway station to play for tips. This time her tips ranged from $250 to $350 for each tip. She earned a total of $11,242 in tips in one night. Upon reaching level 6, she purchased and learned the song Nicholas's Fresco Impromptu.

When Bubblegum was a couple of days away from her Adult birthday, she moved to a nicer apartment at The Glass Pillar. She bought it for $31,609. It's quite a step up from the shabby building where she started. This left her with $55,461 in household funds. She won't have any problem purchasing a bar when she's ready. The least expensive starts at a little over $40,000 and she can make that much in a few days of playing for tips in the subway station.

On her Adult birthday, Bubblegum threw a nice little party in the new apartment. Kai didn't show up, but her three gal pals were there to help her celebrate. I bought her the Better Mixologist Lifetime Happiness Reward. Then, my goodness, Kai did show up just as the girls were leaving. Happy birthday, Bubblegum!

One of the opportunities Bubblegum got for Mixology was Better Than Working Fast Food. She was needed to moonlight for 6 hours at the Bridgeport Sports Zone and would receive Simoleons and an increase in Mixology skill. I've let her take all the Mixology opportunities, and some celebrity opportunities, too. They all help Bubblegum toward her Lifetime Wish of Master Mixologist. The next one was Mixin' and Clubbin' which needed her to work for 6 hours at Aquarius.

It took awhile, but Bubblegum made it to level 6 in Mixology. She can now create her own drinks. Four more levels to go and she'll be done. She's got plenty of money in the bank to purchase her bar, so she needs to focus primarily on Mixology. She reached level 7 while creating new drinks. She can now make Energy drinks and she's also got the skill to work at some of the higher class establishments and earn bigger tips. She needs to practice all the drinks so that if a customer orders a specific kind, she'll be able to make a good quality drink. She's got a pretty good technique now, too, but she still drops an occasional bottle.

Bubblegum was unable to complete a special opportunity for celebrity points at Plasma 101 because the elevator was bugged. It never came and a group of Sims were standing there waiting for a long time. I cancelled the opportunity and moved on.

I bought the Steel Bladder Lifetime Happiness Reward for 10,000 points. Bubblegum never had trouble finding a bathroom, but it's one less thing to worry about as she pushes toward her goal. She has 12 days until aging to Elder. Really, she could have already had her LTW by now if I'd pushed her a little more, but she likes to party and spends time with her friends a lot when she could be practicing her Mixology skill. I also bought the Legendary Host Lifetime Happiness Reward so there's no excuse for her friends not to come to her parties. She can manage the bar in her own apartment during a party and improve her Mixology skill.

After a nice party and a Mixologist opportunity, Bubblegum reached level 8! She can now make a new mood drink called Sorrow Annihilators, which cure certain bad moodlets and shorten or weaken the nastier ones.

Bubblegum wanted a tattoo, so she went to the salon and picked out a bright pink rose and had it tattooed onto her upper arm. It looks really good and it suits her. There's also a glitch with the tattoos that sets the Sim's age back to the beginning of her current life stage, so Bubblegum got a great deal for $150. She now has 19 days until she ages to Elder. While she was at the salon, she ran into Kai. I had finally discovered why Kai wasn't very receptive to Bubblegum's advances. Turns out he was engaged to Lola Belle. How did that happen? I thought he was single when Bubblegum met him, but maybe she never asked. Well, she got the option to ask him to break up with Lola and he did. This made Lola and Bubblegum enemies, which was uncomfortable because Lola was part of the band Me and My Gal Pals. Bubblegum had to kick her out and get a replacement. Not that they ever really do anything as a band. Anyway, Kai was at the salon and Lola was there and they were arguing. Kai looked very nice in his new suit, though. Maybe they should get a little more serious.

After a fun night out on the town, Bubblegun reached level 9. Now she can make the Crazy mood drink, which makes imbibers just go crazy. She mixed some drinks at home and moonlighted a couple of nights. But it was the custom drink she made for the restaurant that brought her all the way to level 10. Now, just a quick phone call to pick out her bar and she'll be done. The least expensive was Eugi's, so she bought it and changed the name to Bubblegum's Place. And just like that, on Week 6, Day 1, Bubblegum achieved her Lifetime Wish of being a Master Mixologist.

Maybe now it's time to settle down with Kai and let him have his family. Thanks, Bubblegum, for showing us how it's done!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (2)

liz says...
I always thought own a professional bar meant purchasing one of the Late Night bars! Oh how was I wrong! And I wondered why it wasn't working! Thanks for the tips!
2nd January 2014 9:52am
Speedy says...
That was very helpful. I got Nightlife a few days ago and the mixology skill amazed me for some reason. Thanks!
22nd May 2014 11:21am
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