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Master Romancer and Superstar Actor Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

I approached Carl with a new article idea for the Guide—one article could serve as a walkthrough for two separate Lifetime Wishes. He was tired and his defenses were down, so I acted quickly. That's the thing about need to catch boss-man when he's groggy for the big ticket requests. "Carl, I have a great new article idea. Oh, and my family needs a bigger house." "(Yawn) Huh? Wha-? Oh, okay."

Stevie Beckaboo (formerly known as Stevie Wonder from my Visionary LTW Walkthrough) and Glondrah Beckaboo (sister, well...more like littermate to Glargo Beckaboo of the Leader of the Free World LTW walkthough) will serves as your hosts. Stevie will be pursuing the Superstar Actor Lifetime Wish and Glondrah will be tackling Master Romancer. I'll be playing myself and pursuing the Class Clown LTW.

"Hey, everybody. Stevie Beckaboo here with my housemate, Glondrah. Glondrah insisted that the household be named Beckaboo, otherwise Supreme Sim Entity would need to reformat me. She's so crazy! Ha ha ha."

Sometimes being blind is a good thing, Stevie.

The Sims 3 Late Night Superstar ActorStevie's Traits — Star Quality; Schmoozer; Friendly; Charismatic; Ambitious.
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Actor
All of the above traits are no-brainers for rising to the top of the Film Career.

The Sims 3 Late Night Master RomancerGlondrah's Traits — Flirty; Handy; Natural Cook; Friendly; Charismatic;
and Supreme Sim Entity's $%@+++.
LTW: Master Romancer
A mix of the standard "utility Sim" traits plus some traits to help Glondrah kick up the alien heat when the time comes for her to shift into alien predator mode. Oh, and think of the Supreme Sim Entity trait as kind of a flea collar on a dog. Kind of.

I've chosen the Powell House as the residence for several of my Late Night walkthrough Sims and this time is no different—it's the cheapest apartment in Bridgeport, and it's centrally located. I did my usual upgrades—nice beds (Stevie and Glondrah are only acquaintances, so there needed to be separate beds), shower, stove and fridge. Since Woohoo is not an option I got the two of them a nice TV plus video game system for some quick fun. It kicks up the social meter as well. After soundly defeating Glondrah in their first video game head-to-head competition, Stevie found himself completely naked and sitting in a garbage can outside the Cineplex. Now, he lets her win every game.

I wasted no time in moving things along for our hosts—Stevie went to the bookstore to buy a Charisma book to start skilling for the Film career he had just registered for, and Glondrah was making Great Spaghetti by the end of the first day—a super moodlet for Stevie when he punches the clock.

Stevie just barely got a promotion from Background Extra to Best Boy after his first day of work. Most of his needs bars were actually not too shabby so I then sent him over to the Bridgeport Public Library of No Skill Books to meet Johanna King, a 2-Star Celebrity. He hit her with 2 Impress socials (opting for bragging on his Charisma) and gained his first Celebrity level. With her friendship in his psuedo-sights, he then asked about her career and rapid-fired Enthuse About Journalism to gain her friendship.

Johanna: "I'm in the Journalism career."
Stevie: "Fo' shizzle. I love football too!"

It was time to get Glondrah moving a bit on her Lifetime Wish which requires her to Woohoo with 5 different Sims in 5 different locations. She put on her nicest outfit she owned and headed to the park. Who's this dashing young Sim? Matthew Hamming, a 5-Star Celebrity! OMG! OMG! Glondrah put her bony alien butt into gear and headed to the park.

Matthew: "Here you go, Glondrah. I also wrote down the number of my psychiatrist for you."

>There was no stopping Glondrah now. She was a galactic tsunami crashing right into Matthew who became helpless under her onslaught...
Stevie: "Hey, guys. I see you're enjoying this beautiful sunny day."

Things are really beginning to click. Both Stevie and Glondrah are falling into a nice routine. Stevie was able to pick up the Office Hero reward right before going to work on Wednesday of Week 1. Combined with his Schmoozer trait I set Wednesday's entire work shift tone to "Hang with the Cast." Wowza! All his co-workers were Best Friends by the end of the day and he was just a few ticks away from hitting the 5th Celebrity level! Talk about the easy road to that work metric. Hey, why not just push it all the way to level 5 and just be done with it, right? Renee Littler, a Level 5 Celeb happened to be in the nearby park when Stevie got off work, so he had her in his pseudo-sights. Stevie blindsided Renee with his maximus charismus and within a couple hours she was his Good Friend and Stevie achieved Level 5 Celebrity status.

To be honest, for Stevie to achieve that level of fame so quickly was a surprise to me. So, the good news is I simply ignored all of the million ensuing agent phone calls that came over the next two weeks as opportunities for Stevie to gain more fame. By the end of Stevie's first work week, he hit the 4th career level and the Charisma metric was then added. It was sweet that it was already Outstanding and was going to stay that way with no more effort on his part.

Time for Glondrah to go predator. She decided her first Woohoo encounter might as well be Matthew Hamming from the park. She called him up and they met at the Cineplex. So, they toured the Cineplex together as a date, but I decided to make it a "hot date" by clicking on the Cineplex while the tour was going on and cueing the option to "Woohoo backstage." Oh, so nasty, girlfriend! Supreme Sim Entity's Alien Predator Heat Index: Caution.

Reuben Littler was next in line in Glondrah's little green book. She met up with him at the studio for another tour. Again, I gave Glondrah the option for additional physical activity while the tour was going on. Check out the new "strut" animation from Glondrah as she exits the tour. "That's right. Oh, yeah. I'm bad." Supreme Sim Entity's Alien Predator Heat Index: Extreme Caution. "You're one ugly moth-..."

Within a couple hours of game time I get the pink-shaded boohoo notice that "Major scandal has been reported that Glondrah Beckaboo was seen Woohooing in public." Yeah, right. Like Glondrah's going to sue for slander for a whopping $2437. It's her job to Woohoo in public! As far as I'm concerned the paparazzi should be paying Glondrah $2437 to get future ringside seats.

Two days later even more scandal for the Beckaboos. "Someone around town has spread rumors that Stevie has peed on himself in public." Well, I honestly do not remember seeing this. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. But, Stevie did a nice sincere Jim Baker dog and pony show to smooth things out: "Yeah, guilt as charged, everybody. At least it wasn't a big 'ol #2!" (reporters all laugh...then throw up).

Cornell Michel was #3 in line for Glondrah. They had a nice date of touring the Science Center, then the hand of Metro put them into a test chamber for some Woohoo. When they finished and exited the Science Center Cornell saw Godzilla and decided to run to the nearest dive bar for some heavy drinking. Supreme Sim Entity's Alien Predator Heat Index: Mildly Dangerous. "Payback time!"

The end is in sight for Glondrah (too bad the end will never be in sight for Stevie). Contestant #4 on the Who's Brave Enough to Say No to Glondrah Show? was Johnny Jones. As in...Johnny the elevator...with his revolver. Supreme Sim Entity's Alien Predator Heat Index: Very Dangerous. "C'mon. C'mon! I'm here. Kill me now!"

By mid-week 2 our hosts are inching their way closer to fulfilling their Lifetime Wishes. Swamp Thing Glondrah has just one more Sim to Woohoo with. Stevie was promoted again and took the Acting Branch of the Film career and now sits at level 6. Glondrah was so proud of Stevie's progress she went for all the marbles when Stevie got home. Bada-boom bada bing...

So, Glondrah completed her lifetime wish by Woohooing with Stevie in his bed. Supreme Sim Entity's Alien Predator Heat Index: Life Threatening. "Get to the Choppa!"

Since She-Hulk finished her LTW, I basically let her do whatever she wanted to do in the apartment while Stevie worked on maxing Charisma. Getting from level 9 to level 10 Charisma takes a huge number of socials, so I opted to just have Stevie max it out at the Bridgeport Public No Charisma Books Library. Glondrah did tag along and enjoyed reading the original script from Pinocchio.

After Stevie maxed his Charisma what else could I throw at him? There just wasn't anything for him to do and it was Saturday morning of week 2. Stevie had nothing to do for two days until he went back to work. Or maybe he did. What's this in Family Inventory? Ah, yes. The grand piano he received as a perk for being a 5-star Celeb. No sense in that just collecting dust and never being used, right? So, Stevie had the extra happiness points to allow me to give him a Mid-Life Crisis. I swapped out Charismatic and Star Quality for Artistic and Virtuoso. I keep reading on the forum about some great tip amounts from playing for tips in the subways, so I had Stevie go on a mad tear to skill up the piano skill as quickly as possible.

Stevie maxed piano over several days and I pushed his performance number to 50. It was time for him to find out exactly how crazy good playing for tips in a subway can be. I bought Stevie an electric piano and stuffed it in his right front pocket and he made tracks for the nearest subway.! By the power of Grayskull...I HAVE THE POWER!!! Like...the power to get 300k in tips over two and a half days. And again, that's with only 50 compositions performed. What in the world would it be with 100? 500? 1000! Me likely. Me see boom boom killer band challenge in 2011.

Key Lifetime Rewards
For Glondrah, the Master of Seduction reward was golden because 3 of the 5 Sims she Woohoo'd with had partners when it was go time. Without that trait she would have had to jump through the extra hoops of asking the targets to break up, etc. So, it definitely made things quicker for Glondrah. Opportunistic was another good reward for Glondrah. She had much more free time than Stevie, so I took advantage of that and had her acomplish some profitable Opportunities—the Authorized Biography was a biggie and paid 10k simoleans.

For Stevie, my main concern was quick promotions and that meant Office Hero and Multi-Tasker were priority #1. Attractive came next. Fast Learner was helpful for Stevie maxing Charisma as well as piano in short order.

This is it: Stevie's big day. It's a well-known fact that any potential Bridgeport Superstar Actor is personally met by Stevie Spielberg and Martin Scorsese before beginning their last day. Stevie was so excited for this monumental honor. He rushed to the studio with all bars green...

"Mr. Spielberg? Mr. Scorsese? Let me just say that the honor is all mine to meet both of you. Please...let me shake your hands."

After straightening out that little wrong turn, Stevie made it to the studio and did a bang up job for his last day and achieved Superstar Actor on Tuesday of the 4th week. Well done, Stevie!

I hope you enjoyed this brief time with the Beckaboos. Glondrah received a message from Supreme Sim Entity that she needed to return to the hive. Stevie was sad and asked to join the hive. As a thank you to Stevie for assisting Glondrah with her Lifetime Wish, Supreme Sim Entity agreed! Stevie was also informed that within moments of joining the hive that his sight would be completely restored. Well, Stevie, I hope you're sitting down when that happens!

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!

Comments (2)

TnT-Terry says...
OMG this was by far the most hysterical and entertaining walkthrough ever, thanks for making my day. Now I have a question, or rather a can't figure out what I've done wrong thing :P
I woohooed with 3 in MH, bed, shower and whirlpool, then went to the future and woohhooed with 3 more, theater tour, Townhall tour and igloo and still didn't get my LTW, came back to MH and woohooed with another in the hotair balloon and still no LTW (now I kept getting bad reps along the way and had plenty of LHP's so used the clean slate a few times to cool things down). I tried the phone booth, photo booth, tent, time machine, and Jetpac and either didn't get any option for my date to go with, or I didn't get the option to woohoo at all. And each and everytime my victim found me extremely irrisistible :( So what am I doing wrong for this to not work? Please I've been at this for 3 days now allday play and it's driving me mad :P
7th November 2013 10:19am
Carl says...
Other folks have had trouble with this LTW. You can view the thread here:

Ricalynn pointed out travel causing counters to be reset, which seems to be the case given you've done some travel (by going to the Future or any other World).
7th November 2013 2:27pm
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