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The Sims 3: Gardener / The Perfect Garden Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

In this Sims 3 character walkthrough, I'll be writing about my experiences playing a gardener Sim. This Sim will be a master of the art of gardening, and be able to cook perfect meals. She would make an awesome wife for another Sim, but can do just fine on her own. She'll be able to make a lot of money gardening, and pursue her lifetime wish of making The Perfect Garden.

For my gardener Sim, I chose the following traits:

Green Thumb:
Green Thumb will help my Sim in many ways. First, she'll raise the gardening skill faster. Secondly, she can revive dead plants (dead from neglect only, apparently), and finally, anything she plants will start out at a higher quality. So, if she plants an outstanding seed, it will usually be perfect once planted. This is a major boost that can take an entire generation of planting off the requirements to complete the Perfect Garden.

Natural Cook:
This was a natural choice. This trait will boost food quality for my Sim when she cooks. Since she'll also be cooking with high quality ingredients, the likelihood of a dish coming out perfect is boosted substantially. Additionally, there's no fear of burning down the kitchen making pancakes.

My Sim enjoys solitude. She loves being alone, and gets a boost to mood whenever she's by herself. By the lakeside, or indoors, she's getting this bonus to mood.

Over Emotional:
Over Emotional Sims will see a boost to both positive and negative moodlets in the range of 25%. So, if my Sim goes to the lake with her boombox, and has her loves the outdoors and solitude moodlets, she's seeing a 25% increase to all three.

Loves the Outdoors:
My Sim loves nature, and will be happiest while outside. She'll receive a moodlet when she's out of doors, enjoying mother earth.

Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden:
The Perfect Garden Lifetime wish requires 8 perfect plants to be present on the lot. With the traits I've chosen, this will be a cinch!

Building the Gardener's House
As I usually do in these guides, I built the house very standard with basic ameneties. My Sim will get most of her fun from playing in sprinklers after a hard day gardening. Her house isn't really fit for guests, except maybe one friend. She doesn't really need friends to be happy. After all, as a green thumb she can talk to her plants to fill that need. I take care to sit the house further back from the road so that she can have plenty of room out front for a large garden. It needn't be too huge, because this Sim will focus more on growing perfect plants than a large crop of poor quality produce.

Plant your crops in rows for efficiencyPlanting the First Crops
Instead of going out for seeds, my Sim heads to the supermarket to buy some plantable crops. I want a uniform quality throughout my garden, and don't want her to bother picking up poor quality seeds. She starts with tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, and apples. These are the only plants a level 1 gardener can grow, until gardening level 5 when they unlock the ability to plant uncommon seeds. My intentions here are to begin evolving all four of these plant types so that I can bring them closer to perfect while my Sim learns the fundamentals of gardening.

I also have my Sim buy some garlic to use as fertilizer. It's expensive, but it will give her plants a nice boost that lasts for six days. I elect to store the garlic in the refrigerator until the plants are close to making produce. I am already regretting taking over emotional over angler. She could raise fishing more quickly and catch vampire fish to use instead. I choose to go this route anyway, knowing that down the road she'll raise her fishing without the trait.

I plant six each of tomatoes, lettuce, grapes and apples. They're all placed into a small area, in rows, so that a lone sprinkler will handle all of them. My Sim only has 300 Simoleons left, and that's not a lot of money. However, it will be enough for her to live on until the plants have grown. My gardener gets plenty of gardening wishes strait out of the gate, and now wishes to take a class in gardening. She can't afford to do that just now, but she does complete the learn gardening wish. Also, a wish to 'grow something' is promised. After planting all 24 plants, my Sim has already made it to level 3 in gardening. It seems that planting gives much more skill experience than tending.

Upgrading sprinklers with auto-water allows your Sim to have a larger garden in the Sims 3Watching the Plants Grow
Rather than sit around the house after her first day of gardening, my Sim gives the plants a quick burst with the sprinkler to give them water, then heads to the library. I want her to learn a couple levels in the handiness skill so she can upgrade the sprinkler to auto water. On the first day, she makes it to the third level in handiness. The next morning, she wakes up at 5 o'clock sharp (the magical time that things change in the Sims 3). She tends her garden, then runs off to the library. I discover that if she reads her skill book on the second floor of the library, she tends to keep her enjoying solitude moodlet because Sims don't go up there as often.

Once she's reached level 4 in handiness, I stop reading the skill book and switch to cooking. She has a desire to learn cooking, no doubt spurred by natural cook. I'm happy to oblige, as the main reason I chose natural cook was so she could enjoy better mood boosts from quality meals. With that goal accomplished, she returns home once more.

Preparations for the Future Garden
When my Sim gets the wish to find seeds, I decide it would be smart of me to start collecting special seeds near the graveyard. No other seed matters to me, as i know that the others can all be bought at the supermarket. Still I pick them up. Special seeds can't be sold, but uncommons and rares sure can. Seeds don't decay inventory, so she can start harvesting a nice stack of unknown special seeds early on. Later, she'll plant them at level 7 gardening. Everything else she finds is sold by dragging it to the simoleon icon in the inventory tab.

Now that my goals with handiness are satisfied, I decide I'll wait for cooking wishes rather than forcing cooking on her. This will net her more lifetime happiness points in the long run, because the simple early desires to raise a level can be fulfilled. My gardener heads to the park to learn fishing at the pond there. Loving the outdoors, and being in the beautiful park, really boosts her mood so that she's happy even though she's catching gold fish. She makes it to the third level in fishing on this day.

Take a boombox while fishing in the Sims 3 to boost your Sim's mood.Raising Fishing for Future Fertilizer
My Sim wants to fertilize something. Although I know it doesn't matter at this stage of plant development, I fertilize a plant anyway with a spare goldfish in her inventory. She wants to go fishing before 6am, and I think that's a great idea. Since i know she'll only need to pay 1 bill before her plants start producing crops, I decide I should buy her a portable stereo (the cheapest one) to take fishing. She gets up at 1am, fulfills her needs then heads to the lake. I put the boom box on the ground and turn on the pop music (her favorite) so she can enjoy it while fishing. With over emotional, she's getting a +25% boost to all positive moodlets, and she has seven of them going on as she begins fishing. She's not even having a blast and her mood bar is through the roof. As the nice shower and good night's sleep moodlets disappear, they're replaced by having a blast and her mood bar stays solid green.

Because of her long day fishing, my Sim neglected her garden. However, because I know that 5am is the magical time in the Sims 3 in which plants grow, I decide she will get up at 1am and tend her garden before it has a chance to roll over. With the weeds gone, she can again tend the garden when 5am hits. This time, however, there will finally be fruit and vegetables to pick. After four days, these fast-growing plants are ready for harvest and their produce sold for cash. The apples, lettuce, and tomatoes anyway. Grapes take longer. My Sim harvests the first crop, then fertilizes the entire garden with garlic so she can get higher quality produce to re-plant. She sells the harvest, bringing in 300 simoleons. She can do this every day after only 4 days of effort.

Pushing Toward Planting Special Seeds
At the sixth level of gardening, my Sim wants to read a book on gardening. I agree! Special seeds are only a level away. That morning, my Sim harvests all her fruits and vegetables and finds the 'Great' quality plants she's grown and plants one of each of the four types in a row. I plan to make a section of garden dedicated to the high quality plants. This means my Sim will now get by without fertilizing the rest of her garden. This is good because it takes so much time on my part, and the Sim's in order to fertilize all 24 of the plants. I'm now faced with the problem of how to fertilize all of these. I decide she should continue to raise her fishing skill until she can go fishing at the graveyard for vampire fish with garlic as bait.

The next morning, I find out that she already can catch vampire fish. At level 5 fishing, using garlic as bait, she has caught 5 vampire fish the next morning. She has a desire to grow garlic, so this steers my gardening efforts in a particular direction. Now that she can catch vampire fish, I head to the supermarket and buy six more species of plant: Garlic, lime tree, watermelon, potato, onion and bell pepper. These six will join my other four 'Great' quality plants in the special section of her garden. She'll fertilize these plants, and only these plants, but only when they're bigger and able to produce fruits and vegetables. For now, she stockpiles the vampire fish in her refrigerator. Later, I'll sort through them and find the best specimens to use as fertilizer.

I plan to not go for the bare minimum, but seek a perfect garden with all types of produce that Sims can grow from the supermarket. She'll have one perfect plant of every 'normal', 'uncommon' and 'rare' type. I allow these plants to grow, while fishing for vampire fish and stockpiling them in the refrigerator for fertilizer. I use the highest quality versions of the fish to fertilize the garden when it grows to mature state. My Sim's green thumb trait gives a boost to the plant quality on this first replanting, and has several perfect quality plants growing. At this point, she needs only repeat the process one more time, while fertilizing with high quality vampire fish, to create a full row of perfect plants.

The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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