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The Sims 3 Fisherman: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium Lifetime Wish Walkthrough

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The Perfect Private Aquarium in the Sims 3

In this Sims 3 walkthrough, I'll be writing about my experiences playing a fisherman Sim in Riverview. Her lifetime wish will be to create the Perfect Private Aquarium. I built her traits around this goal, which you can see below. Inside this guide, you'll find tips to starting your Sim's Perfect Aquarium, and the method I used to find all the perfect fish required to put it all together and complete the lifetime wish.

Angler Sims will have a great time fishing. It's their passion in life. Also, they catch fish faster than other Sims. This will give an immediate boost to the amount of money your Sim can make with the fishing skill. Add to this the fact that fishing raises the skill faster, and you've got the single best trait for a fisherman.

Sims 3 Fishing in RiverviewLoner:
My Sim likes to be alone, plain and simple. She'll have a nice mood boost while at the river by herself. In Riverview, fishermen have plenty of opportunity to catch some solitude.

I want my Sim to get better at repairing things quickly. She can save time by upgrading her objects to unbreakable or self-cleaning later. Any time she saves not repairing household objects can be used fishing to make money.

Loves the Outdoors:
Since my Sim will spend so much time outdoors, this is a great trait! It will boost her mood when outdoors. She'll always have this boost, and usually the loner mood boost when she's fishing.

Natural Cook:
I chose Lobster Thermidor as my Sim's favorite dish. Later, I want her to be able to easily make perfect lobster thermidor and love the meal. This will help early on to prevent kitchen fires, and improve meal quality. Also, less time needs to be spent raising the skill as she'll learn it faster.

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium:
My fisherman Sim desires to assemble an aquarium consisting of 13 perfect fish. They must be different types of fish, so this will be a bit of a time consuming task. She'll have to round them all up, put them in fish bowls, and care for the fish every day so they don't die while her collection is being assembled.

Learning Fishing
Fishing at the park in the Sims 3's RiverviewOne of my Sim's first wishes was to take a class in fishing. She also wants to learn the fishing skill. I decide to go ahead and let her fish for the first couple levels, then attend the class. I love where my Sim's house is in Riverview. A river fishing spot is practically in her back yard! She literally walks to the river from her house. This is awesome, and will make it easier to get started fishing every day quickly.

On the first day, after building her small house, I have her go fishing while the needs bars are full. She stays at the spot by her house for now, because it is most convenient. After fishing up to level 2, I send her out to the supermarket to sell the measley $22 worth of fish she caught. She also attends a class in fishing at the supermarket. Afterward, she wished to learn a recipe requiring fish, and a book on the bait for minnows. I guess I was a touch lazy here, because I know that the bait for minnows is apples. She only wanted to discover the bait, and fishing with apples at her spot would have accomplished that objective.

At any rate, she does read those two skill books and fulfills the desire to learn the cooking skill, all in the first day. On the second, she fishes from dusk till dawn. She's not catching perfect fish, but does fulfill a wish to catch excellent fish. When she desires something like catching ten goldfish, I have her use that fish's bait. This goes a long way toward speeding up the process. Early level fishermen should grab some apples and lettuce to take for catching nice, better-valued goldfish and minnows. This can really help to rack up the lifetime happiness points from completing wishes.

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The strategy used in this Lifetime Wish walkthrough is not the only way to complete it. Share your tips for finishing this LTW with other players below!


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